EVERYONE FREAKING SLEEPS ON THIS SHOW AND IT IS ONE OF THE BEST CREATIONS OF THIS GENERATION UGH ITS SO GOOD!!!! this season combats: mental illness, toxic masculinity, sexual assault, ace relationships, pronouns, non binary people, consent, addiction, and so much more in literally 13 episodes less than half an hour long. I cannot recommend it more. P. S. if you do end up watching it please let me know so we can freak out about it together

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  • notharms26
    @harmony.wortham - 2 months ago
  • roro_finstaspam
    Are you gonna teach women to rape men? - 7 months ago
  • itsalitpig
    @itsalitpig like i watched the first 3 episodes and the whole time my face was like ๐Ÿ˜ - 8 months ago
  • itsalitpig
    i really, REALLY want to watch the show and enjoy it but iโ€™ve tried like 3 times and every single time i was looking at the time stamp every 20 seconds bc it wasnโ€™t funny and it was too political... i think bojack horseman/brooklyn 99 and a few other comedies i canโ€™t name atm do a better job of including politics in their comedy bc itโ€™s not treated as the main premise. - 8 months ago
  • lollipopgirlxoxoxo
    @lornamckernan pmsl - 9 months ago
  • kayleighhudson13
    @lornamckernan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - 9 months ago
  • xlornamckernanx
    @kayleighhudson13 @emmmmaaamc @chloequinn04 how about don't put the basketball there? - 9 months ago
  • milacrichtonx
    dm rn i freaking love this show - 9 months ago
  • calli.espam
    I LOVE THIS SHOW - 9 months ago
  • izzys19
    I LOVE IT - 9 months ago
  • 15ive_tb
    Men can get raped too so donโ€™t say men donโ€™t rape - 9 months ago
  • nenexonene
    Another good suggestion: The Fosters (especially Seasons 4&5( - 9 months ago
  • yikesque
    i wish they had more afro latinas though ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜” - 9 months ago
  • __lilme0wme0w__
    My mom and I watched separately and we loved it! It's such a good show, it even inspire me to talk to her about how I feel a little confused about my sexuality, so yes, if you can, watch this show! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• - 9 months ago
  • myfreddiedarling
    what show is this?โค๏ธ - 9 months ago
  • talia.rai
    @jenniferr_eidd HAHAHAHHA - 9 months ago
  • jenniferr_eidd
    @talia.rai - 9 months ago
  • ohgreatfuu.af
    Of course peoples should focus on rapist to send them to jail but is it bad to try to protect woman to tell them how they could prevent agression?? - 9 months ago
  • ratlingsarah
    I liked it but I think it was problematic that they continued to refer to Elena as a lesbian even though Syd is non binary - 9 months ago
  • petra_mexicana_cosplays
    @petra_la_mexicana they were no older than 8 too. - 9 months ago
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