EVERYONE FREAKING SLEEPS ON THIS SHOW AND IT IS ONE OF THE BEST CREATIONS OF THIS GENERATION UGH ITS SO GOOD!!!! this season combats: mental illness, toxic masculinity, sexual assault, ace relationships, pronouns, non binary people, consent, addiction, and so much more in literally 13 episodes less than half an hour long. I cannot recommend it more. P. S. if you do end up watching it please let me know so we can freak out about it together

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  • ohgreatfuu.af
    Of course peoples should focus on rapist to send them to jail but is it bad to try to protect woman to tell them how they could prevent agression?? - 3 days ago
  • thiscouldbesarah
    I liked it but I think it was problematic that they continued to refer to Elena as a lesbian even though Syd is non binary - 4 days ago
  • petra_la_mexicana
    @petra_la_mexicana they were no older than 8 too. - 4 days ago
  • petra_la_mexicana
    @petra_la_mexicana *and - 4 days ago
  • petra_la_mexicana
    Teach men consent becuase there are parents who enable their kids to behave this way w/o consequence. When my mom wand her twin were little they were with my grandma AT SCHOOL and this Dad was whistling at her and catcalling her amd teaching his sons to do the same thing. Disgusting. - 4 days ago
  • iam_miamartinez
    I just finished it and oh my I love it - 6 days ago
  • dalilu.her
    I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive for this show ❤️ Need it like the air I breath. May it go on forever. - 6 days ago
  • raeginbattle
    Or hey girls don’t rape. Men get raped just like women and sometimes by women. All though I know in some places it’s just called sexual harassment or sodomy. I feel like while yes we should focus more on not blaming women for being raped because of their clothes or anything else we also don’t speak on how many men are raped. If we really want things to be equal and fail how about we said for people not to rape not “how about men don’t rape” because they aren’t the only ones. Yes the statistics will show it happens to women more but that’s probably because men are put down if they say something about it. A large percentage of male victim cases go unreported. Call bad people out for being bad people don’t target one gender it only causes more of a divide. - 7 days ago
  • gaby_navarro56
  • twisted_kismet_
    I love this show can't wait for the 4th season it's amazing 💖💖 - 7 days ago
  • mkaynext
    i love them all but elena is annoying she’s literally the definition of the feminism no one wants here and it’s terrible she pushes her beliefs on everyone way too much. let people believe their own thing - 7 days ago
  • war.ho
    @ae_kayla I would argue otherwise - 7 days ago
  • arianasrosales
    it’s literally the best show ever - 7 days ago
  • ae_kayla
    @war.ho the show in itself is kind of a political statement tbh - 7 days ago
  • war.ho
    @ae_kayla she’s a character not a political statement and it pisses me off because she won’t be taken seriously - 7 days ago
  • ae_kayla
    @war.ho idk how u grew up but coming from someone who has never been listened to- people listen when you're loud & obnoxious - 7 days ago
  • war.ho
    @ae_kayla no her purpose as a character is to develop and further the story. She can speak about these things, but the idea that she must be annoying to be heard seems to be a misconception. - 7 days ago
  • moriah_.ann
    Okay but the acting is horrible - 7 days ago
  • bored_foreveer
    I cried every episode 😭❤️ - 7 days ago
  • ughkarah
    psa: men experience rape as well - 7 days ago
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