speaks on people who say she didn’t deserve to win the 🏆thoughts ???

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  • tajaythegreat
    https://youtu.be/Ko_dofMv_X8 - 8 months ago
  • hey_geni
    @iamcardib this is why we ❤️ you. Go awf sis, I get it 💪🏾 they can’t take what you’ve WORKED for. - 8 months ago
  • scottkemmie
    I love cardi for this reason - 8 months ago
  • ricanbrazil1
    🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😍 That’s all I can say - 8 months ago
  • hitmanwhaley
    Is why I respect her - 8 months ago
  • hollywood_swinging
    There’s a lot of haters in this world! Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ y’all can’t see nobody Shine oooooh but if it was you getting all that fame and Money you won’t open your trap anymore idk who gotta hear this but your rent car note and bills due soon and don’t forget to wake up early to your 9-5 on Monday. - 8 months ago
  • gucci01216
    Keeping going 🙏🙏🙏🙏 - 8 months ago
  • naabigh_allie_trd
    She didn't deserve it she's a wack ass rapper - 9 months ago
  • char_char_581
    @mds_takeover it does u clout chaser - 9 months ago
  • 81stakks
  • bribaeeeee
    She mad mad - 9 months ago
  • alejandra_floridense
    @buffynyc true and most of Latin America - 9 months ago
  • dawolflaboo
    @ardanzway ...right - 9 months ago
  • cheslynwilson
    @helentruglio I completely understand that. But Italians weren't enslaved. They weren't just made to think that sometimes they didn't have a name given to them at all. They were just nigger. So my thing is no one can tell people who were called this so much that that's all they knew bc that's the system whites built at that time. But I don't believe other people should go around saying it like they're too cool for school. In the end so many had a choice to come here and one nationality in particular didnt. So if brown skinned people wanna refer to anyone and anything as nigga then so be it. But for anyone else using it they need to stop and think. And these fucking immagrants coming in thinking bc they habe some hard times that they can use it bc they grew up around a couple of brown skinned people is pure shit to me. But I do understand where you're coming from - 9 months ago
  • helentruglio
    @cheslynwilson it's a negative word at your own people . Noone should have the write to say it , black ,brown, White ,yellow whatever.. But listen you have your opinion I have mine .. This world is going to shit anyways ..all people should respect others and themselves.. I'm tired of ignorance in all colors .. Good night.. - 9 months ago
  • cheslynwilson
    @helentruglio this is how I feel. If white peolle found it ok to say the word and paste it every where around this country for 400 plus years then brown skinned Americans get 400 plus years of using it the way they want. But I dont think it's cool at all the Hispanics think they are cool to say it. Shit is disgusting that they feel they are some how down enough to say that shit. Fuck outta here... get the fuck outta here haha - 9 months ago
  • helentruglio
    @cheslynwilson why is it OK for anyone to say it.. People think because they are of the color to say the word then it's ok, but the word is a negative ,and a degrading word I don't comprehend why it's said by anyone. - 9 months ago
  • buffynyc
    Dr is in Central America which and a large percent of their ancestors derive from Africa - 9 months ago
  • cheslynwilson
    Why is it cool for people who aren't black to say nigga. This woman isn't black - 9 months ago
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