Since I live in Tokyo, Japan, for sure I can’t join this rally.

BUT, if you’re in Atlanta, GA, and love @21savage , please join the rally to free him. I beg you. Please.

If you can’t join the rally, please sign the petition (link in bio). It is true that he overstayed his visa for more than a decade, but he deserves to stay as he’s not a harm to the society.
This man grew up in Atlanta and has 3 kids with US-citizens. His kids and his family depend on him. Freeing 21 Savage means saving his kids and his family too.

He’s been trying to legalize his residency since years ago, but apparently his U visa is still pending.

If you think that once he was a bad guy, then let’s stop talking about his dark past, and see what he’s been doing at least for these last 3 years. He’s been giving back to the communities, and if you want to know more, go download his songs from iTunes, Spotify, LINE Music, or whatever, and listen to his verses. Compare the songs in his old mixtapes and albums with the songs in his latest album, I AM > I WAS, and there, you can see his spiritual growth and personal development.

Also, don’t ask me why I really care about this case though I’m not black, because music is borderless and has no race. I’d support my favorite singers, rappers, and musicians, no matter what races they are, because their races have nothing to do with their music.

Last but not least, if you can’t join, please repost this to spread the word. Every repost matters.

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