🚨How does accountability pertain to nursing?🚨
🧔🏻First let’s discuss the importance of accountability for registered nurses because we are accountable both legally and professionally for our practice, that is, for the decisions we make by utilizing our “Nursing Process” and the consequences of those decisions.
🧔🏻Nursing is also being able to give our account of our nursing judgements, actions and even our omissions too by our individual critical thinking choices.
🧔🏻During this process we maintain high standards of competency quality patient care with successful outcomes & high standards of our nursing profession through evidenced based practice.
🧔🏻Nursing is not for the weak or for the faint of heart. Nursing for example is overall a dynamic field scope of practice that continues to evolve with higher standards of care and continuing education due to an increase of sophisticated and critically ill patients with intense co-morbidities.
🧔🏻So what do we do? Well in order to offer the highest competent direct care as I mentioned before we have to follow the “Nursing Process”, which is being able to rationalize independently and observe sudden changes in condition.
🧔🏻The nursing process ensures that we follow the acronym “ADPIE” Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement and then Evaluate. The Nursing process goes hand in hand with accountabilty to provide patient safety, comfort, disease prevention and restorative measures through medications, therapeutic agents to implement my patient’s treatment or disease prevention and or rehabilitative regimen ordered by the MD through their evidenced based practice. -NurseMendoza❤️💪🏽
Written by @NurseMendoza 2/12/19 all rights reserved my fellow CardiacStrong Nurses.
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