YEAR FIVE: The year of Trevor
⭐️APRIL: Another Marathon. We knew we wanted to get married by our second date, the second time around. So really we were just waiting on my ring to make it official.
⭐️MAY: We traveled Europe with my family & learned a lot of good, hard, real lessons. The steep hills in Salzburg were not wheelchair friendly (as you’ll see in the video 😂).
⭐️JUNE: I moved into our first apartment & kept busy with wedding prep, meanwhile Trevor continued his Masters program and was busy with classes.
⭐️JULY: Wedding mania month♥️almost all of our favorite people in one place!
⭐️AUGUST: We has a little play time before Trevor’s final school year started & I started teaching 2nd grade! ⭐️SEPTEMBER: We lived a normal, busy life. I didn’t do PT anymore. Mountain boarded with Cooper a lot after school, while Trevor continued his classes & started studying for his CPA exams.
⭐️OCTOBER: Trevor was swamped with school and CPA exams so I’d force him to take outdoors breaks on the weekend. While I continued to teach and mtn board with Cooper.
⭐️NOVEMBER: REPEAT of October.
⭐️DECEMBER: School, teaching, studying, Cooper & weekend adventures.
⭐️JANUARY: Had some SNOW DAYS & started XC ski and taking Cooper up the canyon after school.
⭐️FEBRUARY: Left Trevor to his studies & took a girls weekend and escaped all the snow.
⭐️MARCH: Took the day off for my accident. But continued living such a beautiful, normal, busy life with my boys 👱🏼‍♂️🐶

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    For whatever reason, one your pictures captured my attention on the insta discovery page. It’s early and my bf is snoozing still so I was entertaining myself. I ended up going through your 7 years of recovery posts and was just amazed by all you’ve accomplished and been through. I can relate to those dark days and the secret desire to give up. But we push through and “find the joy”. You’re an inspiration and while I know those little insta boxes can be deceiving, I get the sense that you are truly happy in how things have developed over the last 7 years. Thank you for being brave enough to share the good and the bad with the world. -Amy - 9 months ago
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