Masha Allah and Alhamdulillah. lot of prayers for you @glamworldbydua

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The most EMOTIONAL & BEAUTIFUL moment of my life —————————————————
Above picture is my first ever professional MAKEUP CLASS held in LAHORE with 40 students MashAllah AlhumduiAllah.
This journey has never been so easy for me , I had to face loads of discouragement by many people , no support was given , my mind was full of doubts but I kept going and going until I reached to my goal.
I am extremely thankful to all my amazing students , who trusted me and gave me chance..All of the Students were awesome and I love you all so so so much
My family and my mama 🥰who supported me , encouraged me , helped me I love them more than anything ❤. Last but not the least , Thank you very much to OUR SPONSORS for amazing goodies for my students You guys are very close to my heart I swear ❤

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