Why? How? Why not call for emergency services?? What type of value was placed on her life and the life of her INNOCENT CHILD?? I’m telling you... The Flintstones VS The Jetsons and The Flintstones are running the country trying to make it “Great Again”. I would say they treated her like an animal... but even animals in the shelter get medical attention when they cry out for help. This is despicable. @afroscoop with @get_repost
This is just shameful. Is her life and that of her child less valuable because of her mental condition? Or is it because of her ethnicity or both? I never understood why the mentally ill are imprisoned anyway. If someone is of unsound mind shouldn't they be held at a mental illness facility so that professional treatment can be administered? In my view, this defies logic. Re-post and share if you agree and follow @afroscoop for more great videos.⠀

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  • beautifulamb7
    The baby was giving to the " appropriate caretaker" where's that child? - 7 months ago
  • syreetabmft
    This one got me @realdlhughley 😢 - 8 months ago
  • lawlesslizz
    #prayforflorida - 8 months ago
  • positivevibration26
    Guilty until proved innocent!!!! - 8 months ago
  • everlasteneblossom
    💯🙏❤️ - 8 months ago
  • whatevs122863540
  • pilarmillhollen
    @brittneyngriffin this made my blood boil when I read this - my husband spotted the article first and started reading it to me and the FIRST thing I said was, was it Florida? And the SECOND was, is she a person of color? And then to top it, as @realdlhughley points out, she is mentally ill. The United States has one of the MOST retributive and degrading “justice” systems IN. THE. WORLD. This country is only as moral as how it treats the disenfranchised and this...THIS...I am WAITING for a statement from these damn republicans about this. They’ll ignore it while they crusade against abortion though while more women of color and babies die because of their genocide. - 8 months ago
  • bajanbyrd
    Dear God no - 8 months ago
  • lilygc43
    Disturbing - 8 months ago
  • mjj71179
    @naijagirl07 🤬 - 8 months ago
  • poss2387
    In VA people in jail needing medical assistance or care and the outcome is negative. They or their families have sued and won. Once the tax payer start protesting I’m sure things will change positively - 8 months ago
  • iamfanc
    n they always posting bad mugshots of blacks but post innocent looking white people when they get arrested racism at its finest - 8 months ago
  • iamfanc
    👏🏽i’m grateful to have known such a strong black woman 👩🏽 it’s amazing what she did and god bless her baby. everyone on deck need to be fired this is ridiculous. n hell i don’t know how to deliver a baby i’m not no doctor but common sense tells you to say push n hold her hand n try to have a towel or something baby can fall on when they come out nobody could do that they all sat there knowing n didn’t try to assists y’all can’t be that dumb working in prison 🤔 - 8 months ago
  • shakitathompson
    Just unspeakable!!!! - 8 months ago
  • happyhourchamp
    A lot of people don’t care about black women and if you look different forget about it. I firmly believe we have to love and value each other first in order to get an ounce of respect from others. Please continue to take care of each other. - 8 months ago
  • biggirlanewlife3
    She needs legal help and I hope she receives what is owed to her. Thank GOD HE was there and her Angels to help her deliver. - 8 months ago
  • ericjhenderson
    @msbkb - 8 months ago
  • ericjhenderson
    @ericjhenderson pardon: #miangelcody - 8 months ago
  • ericjhenderson
    If #brittanykbarnett and #miangelacody just freed 17 men from death sentences after being turned away by the ostensible left and nice people of the country's biggest foundations - only to have @kimkardashian come in to fund their work - then this cannot be a #Maga phenomenon. This is what black people LIVE from the right and the left. When given a choice between a #klansman and a polite, highly educated progressive witting and unwitting racist, then brother you leave me still with no choice. #JohnHenrikClarke said it best: "Black people! you have NO friends." (See his discourse with that title on YouTube) - 8 months ago
  • dutchess17112
    Smfh - 8 months ago
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