I still try to find words to describe you in my life. You are pain for not having you here and at the same time, you are the painkiller for this pain. You are a free fall and at the same time the one for falls that saves my life. You are the thorn of the rose that I took in your hand without looking at the same time, the scent and the beauty that it offers. You are cold and cold of winter at its peak and at the same time the sun, the heat. You are the hurricane that leaves me homeless and at the same time, a cover that protects me. You are the gale that spreads the leaves through the streets of the city and at the same time, the calm of a Sunday in the field. You are a storm in the ocean and at the same time, the safe harbor that saves me. You confuse me, you turn your head, you turn me inside out. you consume me in a way that neither the best of comparisons and able to explain, you keep the flame of my life access, and this flame only you can erase. You have control over me that even the experts can not explain, you make me feel, think things involuntarily, it even seems like I'm a human puppet with no strings and living on the other side of the ocean. I could stay here writing about it for hours, until the words that are in my mind cease, but I see no better way to finish more of this text by saying that: I feel as if every part of my body is a Lego piece, and you the assembler, who rides and dismounts, and in the middle of it all, you can always fit me perfectly. 🤞🏻💗 @lparrilla

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