California wants to become the first state to provide full health benefits to undocumented immigrants.

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  • vlad_daddy_putin
    @the_caucasian_asian my plan is working - 7 days ago
  • sierraaaaathisbeatis
    @the_caucasian_asian completely agree - 7 days ago
  • hallie_pease
    Yasss - 7 days ago
  • mountains_please
    Well that’s not economical 😂 - 7 days ago
  • bumblebeen.png
    @the_caucasian_asian i don’t agree with this either :/ undocumented immigrants deserve more rights and respect than they are currently given, but this is too much. part of people’s argument for why undocumented immigrants should be allowed to peacefully stay in the US is because they pay taxes without getting the benefits of US citizenship like welfare. one could argue that they cost more to kick out of the country than they do to keep. (this is a generalization i have not actually checked the numbers) - 8 days ago
  • k_kaayyy_
    I think this ia great - 8 days ago
  • markxatool
    How about covering Americans first I mean this is still America why encourage illegals to come here by giving them free health care when so many can't afford it this is a horrible idea - 8 days ago
  • hankine
    Why? There are so many citizens who can’t afford health care, basic nutrition or even basic education so that they can have a decent life.. take care of your own first, then if there’s extra help the others. - 8 days ago
  • grayson_melton
    That’s dumb - 8 days ago
  • bosstheboxerr
    This is fantastic - 8 days ago
  • cameleondesigns
    Amazing! Your content is great, I follow you 🙌🏼 - 8 days ago
  • robert_picktons_pulled_pork
    We can’t take care of our own... - 8 days ago
  • therealterri
    @the_caucasian_asian say this!!!! It is ridiculous smh - 8 days ago
  • caleb.johnson654
    @jessssiica.rabb exactly... if California would just understand the concept of a competitive market then it would be so much cheaper - 8 days ago
  • keanureeves2.o
    That's bad wtf - 8 days ago
  • jesscangram
    @the_caucasian_asian exactly. - 8 days ago
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