Incredibly inspiring day spent at @apricotlanefarms aka @thebiggestlittlefarm. If you have not yet seen the documentary, I recommend it with my whole heart. A story of profound inclusion, bravery and love masking as a film about regenerative farming. We fell in love with John and Molly and their mission. You will too.

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  • charlotteverwaest
    @cinemien_be - 10 hours ago
  • pastelartangel
    I’m loving your show on Netflix gwyneth! - 1 day ago
  • luxeandfound
    Love them - 2 days ago
  • misty1216
    Now I can’t wait to watch it. Still on the big screen?? - 2 days ago
  • jamawill
    💕 - 3 days ago
  • tammyquinelle
    I cried the entire documentary. This documentary gave me more hope in an hour and a half than Ive had in 20 years. It is incredible and so important. - 4 days ago
  • drwillcole
    So good!!! Watched it on a flight recently❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - 4 days ago
  • zoeschaeffer
    Obsessed with this little film and little farm! - 5 days ago
  • osprey_sweden
    💙👌🏼🙏🏼 - 6 days ago
  • 1rene.gugl1
    Beautiful photos 😍❤️ - 6 days ago
  • michelejamesart
    SO jealous! Favorite documentary maybe ever!!! 🐖 🐓 🌸 - 6 days ago
  • merciermarieeve
    Agreed! We loved it and our kids too, aged 4 to 6 right now and I keep thinking how much more they probably will understand and they watch and grow. - 6 days ago
  • mb1921
    @jennyparksy and on @delta - 6 days ago
  • jennyparksy
    @apricotlanefarms aww no I’m on vacation in Vegas on that date hopefully watch it when I’m back 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - 6 days ago
  • katieoselvidge
    @cremebrands OK, I may or may not have watched it on a trip too and bawled my eyes out—also, it makes me beyond happy that it made you think of me! ☺️ - 6 days ago
  • cremebrands
    @katieoselvidge this movie made me cry and think of you! Watched it on a flight recently. - 6 days ago
  • tracyziemer
    @judy.kim Same! - 6 days ago
  • tania11202
    Very good!!!🤩 - 6 days ago
  • charliewardendgame
    Your amazing 😉 - 6 days ago
  • ligadesuperheroesyvillanos
    Hi Gwyneth!! How are you? I invite you to know what we do in our group. We are Liga de Superhéroes y Villanos Solidarios and our mission is to visit children's hospitals and bring joy to the little ones who fight it day by day, that's why last September 22 we did our event in Buenos Aires, Argentina and everything we collect It will be destined to buy toys that we will take to hospitals and children's homes. I invite you to be part of the dissemination of our missions! Thank you very much for your time. Huge hugs! - 6 days ago
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