Mannn, I fell a little under weather on thanksgiving and in general I have felt kind of somber about the holidays this year. They feel so different as I get older. However I think it made a way for me to truly see how grateful I am for my family. Their support was much needed and it epitomized what the holiday is becoming for me. What was once just about eating and playing outside is about reconnecting, refueling and leaning on your loved ones from all you may have endured that year. My dad even took us to one of the places he and my mom had their first date!! Then he took us to a musical that they starred in before I was born(my mom was pregnant with my older sister towards the end of her run)! They originated their characters in the musical titled “The OTHER Cinderella”. If you’re in Chicago, check it out at the Black Ensemble Theater! It was truly magnificent to finally see the musical they told us about all our lives. God bless you guys, how was your holiday?❣️

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    I love this! ❤️🙌🏾 - 14 hours ago
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    Family first - 16 hours ago
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    @keke your family is so inspirational ! You all support each other and love each other . It is so beautiful ❤️ - 1 day ago
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    Family and the little things to be Truly Thankful for tend to get lost in all the hype and commercialization of the holiday. We all strive to have Things but then we get to a point in our lives for whatever reason (time, age, trial, illness etc...) that these achieved Things can't replace the simple joy of Family and True friends and being Thankful. Glad you are feeling better and apologize for the long text. Just embraced what you were feeling 💗😊💗 - 1 day ago
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    @ladyschrute right??? - 1 day ago
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    I love that even as you flourish you remain so grounded and connected to your roots is what comes thru in the moments you share with us. You have a beautiful family and such a bright light within you. - 1 day ago
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    ~ Wow very Powerful Enlighten Testimony ~ Thank you for sharing ~ Sad to hear that you’re not feeling well🤕🤒💐~ However you 💯% so correct it’s about family reconnecting even with ourselves and I’m so glad to hear that you have such a beautiful support and it sounds like they likewise have a great support from you as well.🥰🥳
    I got a Chance to cook for my family and I had not got a chance to do in a while and I loved seeing them happy and enjoying themselves#Laughing #PlayingCardGames #WatchingTV Sothank you For asking🎉💕🥒🥬🌽🍋🍠🧅🧄🥔🥗🍚🍲🥧🦃 📺 - 1 day ago
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    Dressing look goodt! - 1 day ago
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    Natural beauty, love it!!!!💪🏿🤓 - 1 day ago
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    @bbe5hank appreciate you bro - 2 days ago
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    Just got to see this about 2 weeks ago with family and friends!! It was really great!✨ - 2 days ago
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