Just found this photo and realized how much I miss doing hair!! This is the longest I haven’t touched hair in almost 20 years! But during a period that we don’t have much control over I’ve been trying to make the most of it.. Doing the things that I really wanted to do but used to designate myself too busy to do.. I just started a book club with a couple of my friends (should we review the books on my IGTV?), been doing hour long meditations (life-changing/worry-cleansing), Ive spent time working on future projects, organizing my closet, going for long walks (heaven), so many beautiful things that I hope to continue to do once Miss Rona is just a memory.. Also, something I do if I feel anxious is, if I have a negative or overwhelming thought about something I cannot control, I recognize it, say “NO” out loud and then do something constructive for 5 minutes.. The more I do it, the better I get at it. And soon my thought process becomes constructive instead of catastrophizing.. We’re put on earth to learn lessons. This period can seem scary but it is a giant, universal opportunity to take stock, reset, and move forward in the way YOU chose.. You are strong AND creative, that’s all you need, I promise.. We WILL get through this and come out stronger and wiser!! ♥️ AF 😘😇✨ PS, stay the fuck home!!

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