Sophia Rivka Rossi

co-founder of @hellogiggles & processed emotions!

Legit love the gloom before the bloom
We just look good in this picture @welocol @womenofwatts
@womenofwatts her first boomerang & HER FIRST BOOK!!! Lydia Friend, I love you and all the ways you heal and boss me around!!
Just visited @ellenmariebennett @hedleyandbennett BAD ASS APRON HQ ! Feeling the love and inspiration of new friends and new worlds ! Also, should I wear an apron every day? Feels like I could make this dope
My manifesting mint plant is growing these cute little purple flowers out of nowhere and personal proof of blooming season in all the ways!
@hellogiggles being cute on a Monday
Just what the shaman ordered
AFTER THE PARTY IT'S THE MATCHA PARTY @pressedjuicery new matcha 🍵 flavors
Let her in @nicolerichie @joyceazria @aveclesfilles happy launch to my ride and ride @joyceazria
Felt like I needed a new companion for the summer! The petite Alice in honor of my Grandmother Alice! @clarevivier you are a simple genius and make being French even cooler!
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