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Nama : four sweater #2 Harga : 57 rb Bahan : fleace Ukuran : allsize Berat : 320 gram
Oh you know.. The Homie Adam just putting in an order lol for reals though, hella koo n down to earth peeps. Gave him a price and he pays more, than after I accept his order he sends me a tip. Laughed when I was asked if I heard of him. I may not brush my hair n wear make up but yes I know you lol. Told my #2 he wants to meet me just cuz he's so grateful I took his order, she told me I better dress up and look good lol I'm gonna be me girl lol
2ND RAFFLE Because of the success of the 1st raffe we held last year, and due to insistent demand, we're doing another one. But this time, there will be 4 winners to increase your chances of winning! Here are the prizes to be won: Package #1 : 1 Sunblock Gel 1 Berry Rosehip Soap Package #2 : 1 Argan-Keratin Hair Mask 1 Herbal Insect Repellent 50ml Package #3 : 1 Acne Cure Pro Set Package #4 : 1 Detox Lip Scrub 1 Ex Zit Gel MECHANICS (Please read carefully!): 1. Follow @houseoforganicsph @houseoforganicsphfeedback and @markoalexanderpinos and make sure to click "Turn On Notifications" 2. You can buy one raffle entry for only 50 PESOS! We will have only 60 slots, from numbers 1-60. 3. Only 24-hour-reservation for the slots. If not paid in 24 hours, your reserved slots will be made available to others. 4. Once all slots have been taken and paid, payments have been sent, we will have the draw via fish bowl method. It will be streamed live to guarantee complete transparency. NOTES: 1. Maximum of 5 slots per person. 2. Winners will shoulder the shipping fee. Thank you!
2.5号鉢をリメイクෆ̈ 汚し方とか難しい…(*ノω<*) #リメ鉢 #リメイク鉢 #リメ鉢販売検討中 #ステンシル #2 .5号鉢
Day #2 progress (or “night after kids go to bed #2 ☺️). It will be hard to let this one go eventually. 🖤 #ARdesignsArt #magnoliasonmymind #magnoliablossoms #floralart #calledtocreate
The vintage The 2018 performer humm! What’s next! Son #2 surprise #GTBicycles #gtbmx
Encontraron a Pito#2 en Florida 😂😂😂
Ayan na #2 !
Продолжаем листать каталог фаберлик #2 . Помада - губам отрада, Это известно. В текущем каталоге есть очень хорошие предложения. Например, вот эти наборы за 299 руб. Закажите у меня, живу в центре, около Липок #доброеутро #саратов
Blusa size M $200 Jeans #2 . $350
HeyHey It's Emvy 💜 . Here with an OTA . #1#2#3#4 ✔ . Most to least wanted . 💜DApts. (30pts+) 💜Paypal (50¢+) 💜oc's 💙art 🖤chibi 🖤paw,tail, muzzle shots . Also expect stuff for when we hit 1k 😄 .
Work my sisters and momma #2
"Ese último adiós" Clase fotoproducto #2
Hard rock #2 #latepost
24/365 Drawing #365 #2018 - #1 glasses #2 winter boy - #moleskine
4000тг #по000786 #1 .Сіз ҚР-ның қай жерінде болсанызда оп-оңай тапсырыс бере аласыз, доставка: 1500тг және почтаның ақша аударымы үшін ұстайтын жалпы соманың 4%-і. 📲 Тапсырыс үшін мына номерлерге ватсап арқылы жазыныз: 87071302033 87071506800 87478187111 87079801799 #2 .  Номер операторы: 87782635562 87762477290 87079924622 #3 . НАШ адрес: Рыскулова 103/8 уг. ул.Софья торговый центр Алатау второй блок второй этаж бутик 9 #4 . ЕСКЕРТУ: 18жасқа толмағандар заказ беруге болмайды! ! !  #алматыодежда #сумкиалматы #обувьалматы #женскаяодеждаалматы #стильныевещиалматы
#Repost @team_staymotivated ・・・ I Love this... PART 1 & PART #2 SWIPE LEFT 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾 @armyfresh @militaryboot @militarybadassery Soldiers helping Soldiers: Staff Sgt. Curtis Grogins Jr., 75th Field Artillery Brigade, used American Sign Language to interpret a recent graduation ceremony for Bravo Battery, 1-31 FA BCT so Pfc. Chad Fox's family could be a part of the celebration. (Closed captioning available.) Look for more coverage on this in The Fort Sill Tribune, Thursday. #ASL #DPANTV #ArmyExperiences #IETSoldier #TRADOC #armyfresh #iamarmyfresh #militaryfresh #militaryfreshnetwork #soldier #usarmy #usarmysoldier #hooah #leadership #armyteam #teamarmy #armystrong #signlanguage
Presale #2 #CradleoffilthJakarta is online now! Log on directly to www.thepointofsale.co.id
It's been a little over a year since I've started my baking page here on Instagram, and as a thank you to all my followers and supporters I'll be hosting a giveaway! I posted a while ago on my story what you all would want as the prize and the majority picked a sweets platter. The winner will get a 4 dozen treats of their choice, for whatever day they choose! I'll choose a winner February 15. To enter this local giveaway you must: #1 . Be following this page. #2 . Be able to pick up your prize. #3 . Comment the hashtag #bakemytreatsgiveaway #4 . Tag 5 friends in the same comment. Good luck everyone, and a big thanks to everyone for the support! It means a lot!❤❤
Истинные водителя part#2 😱
Excited to be jumping into day #2 @georgejacksonacademy and with @abtofficial outreach! Let’s dance boys.
Short rant #2 : Whenever someone tells me, “I’m ugly” I do not respond. I either stay quiet or I say “no comment.” I do not mean to be rude, there’s a reason I do this. I used to be super insecure about my image and how I did things and how it reflected as the person I was. Most of my childhood was spent worrying about what others thought of me and If they liked me or not. I became sad often because of these thoughts and i had very little friends because I distanced myself a lot. I met someone who I thought I could trust to stay with the rest of my years, but even destiny has plans for you (bear with me I know this part sounded a bit cheesy). In middle school, I was at a peak of loneliness and I was diagnosed with anxiety. It baffled me because I did not understand the reason. Why me? And why now? It was very difficult at first and I had trouble breathing. I soon learned how to control my fear and became stronger. Although I am still learning, I know now how to cope with it and find ways to calm myself. Until this year, I finally gained confidence to forget about what my peers think and focus on myself. Little by little, I gave myself compliments and tried to be positive. Comments such as “you really are beautiful” “my hair doesn’t look as bad as I thought” really made me understand that I am truly special. The key, I think, is to surround yourself with people that make you feel secure. But most importantly, to change things that make you feel unhappy. If your hair bothers you, try a new hairstyle. If you don’t like the coat you have, save up for one and treat yourself because you deserve it. Things such as weight loss, is difficult. I should know, I’ve been overweight my whole life. It was a constant battle wether to eat or skip a meal ending with me being unhappy. I soon learned that, I could choose to change something about myself that could bring me happiness without having to lose weight. I changed the way I dressed and my schedule to fit with my routine. I got a haircut and I instantly felt better about myself. I can say now, I am in a better state than I was back then. I have become more confident doing things that made me happy.
Snow day #2 is fun in the snow day❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️
Custom wedding paddle #2 of the set complete! #customdecor #paintedpaddle #villagesisters #etsy
#WansaTheFlowerfulFinale rates 29.1% and rank #2 as most watched last Sunday❤ #elnella #elmomagalona #janellasalvador ||©™@dreamscapeph @abscbnpr
Momma might be bloated but baby Pleasant #2 is showing off today. #11weekspregnant #baby2 #familyoffour
Aaaaah!!!! Diente #2 😎
#RachesJourney workout#2 . FIIT Evo class. Thanks coach Tev #fitnationrancho
As Bliss Cavendar said in Whip It the movie, "We're #2 ! We're #2 !" Our team got 2nd in trivia tonight 😅😊 Love my nursing fam, nights out keep us close and sane. The power of my Nerd shirt helped alot even though we didn't get the W #Scriptown #BlackstoneOmaha
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