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✨It's not about what you want right now, its about what you want MOST.✨ #teamliveinlove #tuesdaymood #workforit
Birthday shoutout to my Mentor, sifu, teacher, and brother from another. Happy 26th Sifu! I look forward to growing with you and learning from you. You’ll be seeing me for a long time sifu. Family is forever. Happy birthday brother and God bless. #Godisgood #westcoastathletics #westcoastbestcoast #family #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness #letstrain #foreveryoung #26yearsyoung #leo #leader #mentor #sifu #thisisntevenmyfinalform #ultrainstinct #princeofallsaiyans
His reaction 😭😍😂. #whatthefluffchallenge
I just turned 26 I'm at the prime of my life and it's going to to help my open my eyes and see what's really around me, Like the people in my life who actually care and are true ,being open to new opportunities that come my way, and most importantly learning about myself finding my real purpose on what I was meant to do.
My first fur baby, Luna. . . . 2 1/2 years ago my dad helped me rescue this girl from a co worker that had found her, but didn’t have want to keep her. . . . At the time, I was still living in Atlanta with one of my best friends and the only real responsibility was a few bills and to take care of myself and whatever I wanted to do. . . . The first few weeks and honestly months of having Luna were tough. I wasn’t use to being responsible for someone else. Now I had to worry about her, if she was healthy and taking her to the vet, getting her food and toys, making sure I got home to take her to potty and exercise her. When I got Luna, I grew up. Now 2 1/2 years later, I could not imagine my life without this crazy, looney, sweet girl of mine.
My sister is my best friend, which is what started my relationship with my nephew. I was never a baby person until this little guy made his debut into the world. Everyone told me that I’d love being an aunt, and I didnt quite understand the magnitude of that until he was actually here. Now, he makes my days happier, my mood a little brighter, and my life a little better. 💙 #maverickgreyinnis
Popped out this beauty 26 years ago today. @kayleywaye you’ve grown up to be such a kind, caring and strong woman. Keep loving and living life to its fullest! Enjoy your special day. #daughter #bday #26yearsyoung #allthat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! #26yearsyoung 🤪
My brother and sister law that my life cool that greaful for my birthday in yesterday 08/13/18 #mybirthday #cool #greaful #nice #great #beautiful #excellente #wow #26yearsyoung #mybrother #sisterlaw #prectect #damn
Yesterday my birthday old man lol.. I'm young man that my life cool it... ❤❤ #birthday #fun #cool #greaful #nice #oldman #young #man #wow #beautiful #excellente #26yearsyoung
Happiest of 26th birthdays to my one and only. Thanks for starting 26 off with me. Looking forward to everything we’ll do together 😍😍😘😘⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #birthdayboy #babe #happybirthday #26yearsyoung #youdabest #latergram #capecodcanal #newenglandsummer #summer2018 #memorieswithyou #vacationmode #😎
✨The greatest gift you can give yourself is letting go of other people's expectations for your life.✨ // @msrachelhollis // Taking one of my top Live In Love coaches @ambertcb to Rachel Hollis Presents Made For More tonight 📽👯‍♀️🍿 Who else read & LOVED her book "Girl Wash Your Face"? Anyone else seeing this movie tonight?? #RachelHollis #MadeForMore #GirlWashYourFace
Happy 26th. BDay To U Our Beautiful Daughter!! We Wanna Wish U All The Best On Ur Special Day!! Enjoy Ur BDay Week Like Only U Know How!! We Love U So Much!! Cheers Baby!! 🎂🎁🎈🎉🍻🍷🍹🍸😍😘💕 #HappyBirthdayYeka #BDayGirl #Cheers #26YearsYoung #UChangedOurLife #WeLoveU
Today was my birthday! I celebrated 26 pretty well, without counting calories or feeling guilty about the food I ate ❤️ Back in the normal grind tomorrow!!
Dating 101: Find someone who looks at you like the way your dog looks at you 💙 #MyOtherHalf
Our lovely EDT visited today. Everyone was on their best behaviour, and Cassie was the most cooperative she has ever been. Bee was especially pleased with how this little man is looking. He no longer has any hay/haylage, but with his buckets of slop and short grass he has put on condition since she last saw him. Not bad for a 26 year old with Cushings, melanomas and not many teeth!! 💖🦄💖 #milligan #equinedentistry #equinedentist #veteranpony #26yearsyoung #welshpony
Happy 26th birthday to my best friend, my PIC. I love you @valenciacarlosmichel #happybirthday #26yearsyoung #mypartnerincrime #babyboy
This morning has been so fun. I got to mail out NINETEEN little gifts to my coaches for hitting their goals last month. They each helped at least 3 people on their fitness journey. How freaking dope is that? And snail mail should never go out of style- it makes me sad that it’s becoming less of a thing. Plus, I LOVE buying gifts for my coaches- it’s truly a love language for me. Happy Monday, friends! • Headband: @maventhread
Loving myself all year was one of the best decisions I ever made. #26yearsyoung #iloveme #all2018 #blackbeauty #haitian #shorthairstyles #cutlife #facebeat
Happy birthday sister !!! I had a great weekend with you, hope you enjoyed it !!! Love you and wishing you an amazing 26th bday year keep working on achieving all your goals, you are smart and can do anything as long as you set your mind to it!! You are an amazing tia to our nephews and nieces... love you !!! #happybday #26yearsyoung #leo #sisters #loveya 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my love ❤ #26yearsyoung #mybirthdayboy #loveofmyheart
Sunday night puzzle to celebrate the only day of the year we are the same age! #26yearsyoung #dateweekend #shesgorgeous @emileekn
Happy birthday to me 😊 I love my fall scents! I love that having a birthday in August means I can bug the family to buy me all the fall stuff too 😂 #26yearsyoung
26 💓 Thank You to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday 🎉 #BirthdayGirl #26YearsYoung
#lomotifvideo #photogrid #26yearsyoung #singlepost #livingmylifetothefullest #snapchatsawitfirst 👻 #makeuponpoint #makeuponpoint 👌 #makeuponfleek #yourislandgirl #mixedchick #🇦🇸🇫🇷🇨🇳 I don't always wear makeup but today I feel like wearing it #😘💖
One of my favorite parts of our trip was when Adam and I walked the beach. Something so simple, yet so appreciated. Being long distance last year (with a 3-hour time difference) and then finishing my masters in January, we haven’t had much time to “destress.” He is in optometry school and studying constantly. I work probably 50 hours a week. Our “destressed” moments are pretty rare, but we just were blessed with a full week of them. His next true break is for a few days at Christmas, so until then, I’ll be appreciating the walks on the beach 🦄💕 #itsthelittlethings
Honestly, the Photopass photographer that did this round was really good! MaxPass worth it just for the pictures #DCA #birthday #26yearsyoung #21plus5birthday #Disneylandresort #latergram
In just 4 weeks, I have learned this about myself: I am a bored eater (when I was bored, I snacked mostly on chips and salsa), I am addicted to sugar (I was always eating chocolate chips or adding sprinkles), and I hate raw veggies lol (I never ate nearly enough veggies). I’ve gained 4 lbs of muscle. This plan has my body in a healthy reset. I have been 95-97% perfect with nutrition the last few weeks, even with being in Aruba. I’ve also only worked out 4x a week with at-home workouts. Oh, and get this. I’ve also had a cheat day each week, which has included a burger with fries, a cinnamon roll, drinks and cookies. It’s actually amazing to get results like these even while getting to eat my favorite foods once a week. It’s my new favorite program and I’m only halfway done. If you want to start part 1 while I finish part 2, comment below or private message me (must not be working with a coach!) This is a program you’d purchase, but i can tell you first hand that it WORKS. I cant wait to help you feel the way I feel now 💕 time to crush the next 4 weeks! HAPPY SUNDAY!
Thus far my entry into my 26th year has been incredible! The 2nd Annual Hearty Party 🎈 was a good time . . #dapper #leogang #83 #26yearsyoung #broneedsaninstagram #mellwoodartcenter #louisville
Happy birthday my love ❤️ @diegoviteri_boxing 🎉 To say I love you to the moon and back is an understatement 💫 Felices #26
Я блондинка до мозга костей, и не вижу в этом ничего плохого 👩🏼 ⠀ И даже если меня воспринимают поверхностной дурочкой - мне это только на руку 😉👌🏼 ⠀ Обожаю свой цвет волос 💛 и мне не кажется, что он меня как-то простит, делает легкомысленнее или тупее. Ведь у стереотипного мышления - на всё один ответ)) Для людей определенного склада не будет играть роли: кто ты и что ты. Пусть ты кандидат наук или инстаграмная фитоняшка, первая леди страны или кассир в метро - если ты блондинка, тебе об этом напомнят при любом удобном случае. ⠀ И я никогда на это не обижаюсь)) «Шутки за 300» про блондинок настолько бородаты как анекдоты про Штирлица или Вовочку, оставшиеся глубоко в XX веке. Они быстро выдают «древность» собеседника 😂😂 ⠀ Конечно, я шучу) Потому что люблю все цвета волос, и уверенна в том, что все девушки, женщины, бабушки - красивы 😍 У каждого возраста своя особенная красота) ⠀ Когда-то Софи Лорен сказала: «Не бывает некрасивых женщин, бывают женщины ленивые» 👍 И тут я согласна на все💯 👌🏼 ⠀ Мои любимые блондинки на фото - тому подтверждение)) 😍 Сразу видно, что дамы рядом со мной не ленивые, наполненные женской энергией, позитивом и добром. Спасибо, что вы рядом! Вы мой ориентир ❤️ ⠀
Part two birthday celebration!🎉🎊🎂🎈🎈🎈 Last week was diamonds this week pearls ! Living my life there's no ring on my finger so I can do Watever tha f😲😲😲 I want! Pay my own bills and gets my own checks 💵💼💰💰💰👌👌 sooo when u hoes check for me just make sure your as happy as IAM and your account can amount to mine! 😛😛😜😎😙😙😙 basic chicks worry about your health and most importantly wealth! 😂😂😂 #26yearsyoung #stayonmygrind #alwaysfly
On This Day 26 years ago I was Born As Alexandra/Alejandra Andrea Alfaro an Only daughter and child to my Parent's on August 12th 5 minutes to 8 o clock in the morning. Man my life has been quite a crazy and interesting journey over the years. When I turned 25 I delt with a lot that I didn't expect that was going to happen to me that would affect me in various ways that was going to test me as an individual putting me in stressful situations that was very overwhelming for me to deal with. This year I learned how to deal with loosing people, gaining new freindships in my life , I learned how practice self care , being self aware and taking care of my Mental Health issues since I've been Depressed& Having Anxiety , Venting my problems out , being able to be my self , being able to help others when I started helping my self slowy with progess. Time heals all wounds & I still have fresh deep wounds that need to be healed and ones that have been reopened. All I want while I'm 26 and beyond is to be find that sense of peace within my self that I've been searching for constantly over the years & live my best life possible. I'm pretty blessed to make it to another Year Ov life and thankful for all the people who been there for me when I needed them the most...Though thick & thin. Truly the up most respect to all Ov you. I May not be the best person at times but I try to be and I give it my all in what I do and fight for what I want. I'm lucky to say that I have some Guardian Angels on Earth watching out for me and one in heaven. "Bless thee for Granting me Pain For blinding my eyes And cleansing my mind... immortalize my soul" Oh Bring it on life Me turning 26 I'm ready to see what life will bring me... I'm ready to Fight and become stronger. Sólo quiero estar felíz en mi vida y estar orgulloso de me. Felíz cumpleaños Alejandra Andrea eres especial... Y Recuerda eso para toda la vida. To another Year Ov Life...Cheers
Just under 4 years ago I was chatting with this babe via email about joining one of my monthly fitness challenges. She had tried all of quick fixes, fad diets and spending hours at the gym. At the time Amber was a FT hair stylist + single mom who was one of the hardest workers I've ever met. . In her first month that she committed to my group she lost -7lbs, several inches and decided she wanted to continue to see results so she became a coach on my team to help other women while she continued on her journey. That is a full proof plan if you ask me + the best accountability 👌🏻 I'll never forget when we talked on the phone about her becoming a coach she said "I love doing hair so I have don't have any intention of doing this full time like you do. And if it gets sketchy I'm out" I laughed and said okay 😉 . Here we are almost 4 years later, she is now a FT coach as well, fired her boss last year so I guess it never got sketchy 😂🙌🏻 . But for real I can't tell you how much I love this lady 💓 She is a leader on TEAM LIVE IN LOVE also a very dear friend 👯‍♀️✨ We have been on 8 trips together, traveled all over, she is still one of the hardest workers I have ever met. It has been so rad to see all shes accomplished already this year, her income continuing to grow. Proud mentor over here! AND the things on this horizon for the rest of this year is gonna be HUGE. This is our year 🔥🔥 Building a successful business takes a lot hard work, GRIT, passion and a strong work ethic. BUT I will say its all worth it when you get to do it along side of so many amazing, driven, inspiring women. Love you long time @ambertcb 💕 Grateful AF to do this thing called life together. #TeamLiveInLove
Birthday vibes 💃🏻 • • • thanks to those who celebrated with me🍻 #26yearsyoung #birthdayweekend #Augustbaby
Today there was a voice in the #fittingroom told, "dude you are a #26yearsyoung #goodlooking #man " #mensfashion #young #confident #gratitude
I took him for a walk in the jump fields and let him walk over a few-look at those ears!!!!! He was SO happy and was like this is NOT how you get over a jump! 😂 and I was just going to casually walk him down the down bank.....but he had other plans!! This boy LOVES to jump!!!! I guess we will have to incorporate some ground poles into our rides now. He had a blast!!! Thanks @reath_farm_amy for capturing!! #ottb #downbank #26yearsyoung #eventer #lovestojump #downbanksareourfav
Happy birthday to my special girl! Love ya so much ❤️❤️❤️ #happybirthaday #bff #birthdaygirl #26yearsyoung #birthday #italiangirls #londoners #trieste #cute #instafriends #loveyou
Tiramisu and gelato for my birthday on the 8th. 🎂🎂🎂 25 was full of a lot of growing pains, my first full year sober and a lot of internal work, and still even more mistakes -ahem- experience! We're either rocketing towards life or death my friends....choose wisely! 😙🌈🎉🎁 #birthday #happybirthday #26 #26yearsyoung #chooselife #chooselove #livewithoutlimits #positivethinking #anewyear #opportunist #theglassishalffull #bekindalways #bekindtoyourself #loveisforever #becoolhoneybunny #gettingit #soberbirthday
Happy Birthday to this sexy ass “bich”! Love you so much @maluuuuuu_ you’re my favorite person. Hope you’re day is as goofy and crazy as you are. ❤️😘 #birthdaygirl #26yearsyoung
Happpiest birthday to the most caring, loving, humble and respectful man I’ve come across. You’ve made your sisters so proud with the amazing guy you’ve grown to become. I love you more than words can express #littlebro #thebestbrother #26yearsyoung #theydontgetmuchbetterthanthis #wegotlucky
Family birthday celebrations 🥂 #26yearsyoung #belfastbound #homecomforts #winetime
Love you long time! 😘🎉🎊💕 #26yearsyoung #littlebrother #birthdayboy #lovehim #birthdayweekend
Week 4, day 4 done and halfway through my lifting and HIIT program!!🙌🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ Feeling strong, but more than anything...this new routine couldn't have come at a better time.💗 . In the chaos of living in limbo, I CAN keep up with 30-40 mins of sweat 4x/week💦, eating healthy (ish) throughout the day🌮🥗, and having a superfood frappuchino for breakfast.🥤 And so can you!!🤸🏻‍♀️ . Miss out on the premiere in July? No sweat!! We start the Upliifted Community, round 2 on August 20th. Enrollment is open now through the 18th for 8 committed ladies!!💃🏻 . . Link in bio, email marilla.hurst@gmail.com , or DM me for details!!📲 . . . . . #fridaynights #fridayfeeling #nikerunning #nikeleggings #alwayshungry #hangryproblems #movingsucks #wifelife #wivesclub #youngandmarried #26goingon6 #26yearsyoung #newlywedlife #postgradlife #postpartumfitness #liift4 #liift4life #makeithappen #thisisboise
Happy Birthday my love! #26yearsyoung
✨Confidence isn't a destination, its a practice.✨ Today marks the HALFWAY point through my program. I feel strong, confident and proud of the work I've been putting in on myself 💪🏻 Also PROUD AF of all the women in our Test Group who have been doing this with me! Excited to help more women find their inner strength, confidence & healthiest self this month. Check my last post for all the deets on my upcoming group 👯‍♀️💕 Enrollment ends Sunday 💌 #SelfLoveAndHighStandards
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