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Laughing because we are about to get our asses handed to us in this LIVE workout by @joelfreemanfitness. It’s the first time EVER that this workout is taught. It’s launching in July and we will be doing it then. My girls and I got to EARN this workout by working together to help people on health and fitness. So awesome to do this WITH them and now I get to sweat next to them for the next 45 minutes 😍🙌👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
#happybirthday to my one and only little bro! May year 26 be everything you’ve dreamed of, and more. Love you bunches!! ❤️🎉🎁 🍰 #26yearsyoung #trickcandles #getthatcake
Happy 26th Birthday to my sister @bkrai Love you to the moon and back! #26yearsold #26thbirthday #26yearsyoung #shabisaal #26neverlookedsogood #chardikala #tgn #wmk
Thank you thank you thank you to all of my family and friends ✨ your thoughtful birthday wishes are simply a reminder of how blessed I am to have met some of you 🙏🏼 to be able to call you family/friends, to be able to connect with you whether it’s every day, or if it was just for a few minutes. . At first I was freaking out because... let’s face it - who likes getting older?! BUT - your well wishes was a blessing incognito. To keep it moving, to keep it pushing, to look forward to every year. Because really and truly, we’re all so blessed to be alive right now! . If you don’t feel that way, you have the power and capability to change that, and live the life you want to live 🥂 #cheerstome #cheersto26 #26thbirthday #26yearsold #26yearsyoung #26andfabulous #FingerLakes
Did you know we have Hair Services at Atlantis Day Spa? Christie has been in the Hair industry for 26 years! Christie’s specialty is highlights, she listens to what you want and gets it done for you. Her other favorite service is updos, she will make you look your best. Ask clients what they love about her and they would tell you it’s her personality, she loves to get to know her clients and loves making them feel their best! Call Atlantis Day Spa to book your appointment. #atlantisdayspa #atlantisresults #hairstyles #hair #haircolor #highlights #christiescreations #bestspa #relax #tsawwassen #vancouver #relaxing #ladner #southsurrey #sunnytsawwassen #sunnydays #26yearsyoung #iloveithere
Feeling blessed to be able to wish my favorite big sister a happy birthday today ❤️ No one deserves a happier birthday than you, Sister #topshelf #a1sinceday1 #bestbigsister #26yearsyoung #cancergeminicusp #summersolstice #birthdaybitch #myfavorite #shewillneverreadthis #noinstagramhavinass
Treated some of my coaches to breakfast and it was such a great way to start this event. Can’t wait to meet more of our team today and then I have a special LIVE workout tonight with the program that’s being launched in July 😍 so excited. All the feels today ⚡️
Soooo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hands down the most incredible best friend a girl could ask for! Your my rock throught the bullshit, my partner in crime for the shenanigans, my girlfriend when guys are creeps at the bar and most importantly the best person in my life! I Love you kimbercorn❤#happybirthdayboo #26yearsyoung #partnerincrime 😈 #mybestfriendisbetterthanyours
Thank you to everyone for the birthday love ❤️ I had the most amazing day and was spoilt to death 😍 #26yearsyoung #sospoiled #gifts #mocktails #guess #nike #collingwood #versace #excitedbyappliances #vouchers #masksfordays
When your friends know exactly what you need 💕So lucky to have the loveliest & kindest people in my life. #friends #gin #smallbatch #fancychocolate #greenpresents #edible #drinkable #bonsai #plantsmakemehappy 🍃 #presents #26yearsyoung
#justanotherday #lovinglife in #losalamos #california taking an incredible #arabian #stallion #showkayce on a walk. Still a #dragon #horse at #26yearsyoung #love 📸: Brandon Bessey
One of my TOP coaches, @jessicakristinfitness , is my +1 to our exclusive ELITE party tonight. She has been working her ass off as a coach and has become one of my leaders FASTER than anyone else. She is another California girl, dog mom, and go getter. She gets incredible results herself and others as well. I love doing this with her. Watch out Insta, this one is doing big things this year 🔥💕👯‍♀️. So ready to celebrate this with you sista. You’re the best.
Elite night (aka an exclusive party) to celebrate my team successes this year. Shoutout to @bschantzy for crushing my hair and makeup game. All the feels tonight 💕🙌 so thankful for coaching and my fit family.
Twinning is my favorite kind of winning. This just about sums up our relationship. So proud of this person who always lifts me up- both literally and metaphorically👍 I love you Mary Amelia Murphy! Aka the best twin I ever had. ❤️ #strongissexy #familyreunion #26yearsyoung
Happy birthday to me 😁🍺🍻 where do the years go... —————————————- #happybirthdaytome #26yearsyoung #metalhead
Happy Birthday to my ride or die! A lot has changed over the years but our friendship has always remained the same 🖤 You make me laugh, push me to be a better person, and most of all I know I can always count on you. Love you so much and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you! #happybirthday #rideordie #bff #nofilter #26yearsyoung
You guys.... I’m about to board the plane to the event that changed my life. Yes, actually changed my LIFE. In 2015, I didnt plan on “actually” coaching. I strictly was doing it for the discount on workout programs and products. I went to this event only so I could workout with @shaunt and get my coach (aka my sister @jaimeinnis ) to stop asking me to go 😂 but really, #sisters am I right? This coaching thing really wasn’t on my plan. I was working at a dental office at the time. But, I went anyway and my eyes were opened to the POSITIVITY, ENCOURAGEMENT, and the HAPPINESS. I figured this “fitness” convention would be a bunch of fit people judging each other but it was so far from. There were people of all shapes and sizes motivating each other to push further, emotionally and physically. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it, and i also couldn’t turn away from it. I had TWO people on my team. That’s it. But i knew i needed to inspire more people at this point. So boom. Fast forward a year of hard work, and we have “Team Better for It” - inspired by the Better for It campaign by Nike to help women encourage each other not to be a certain size, but to be better than yesterday (sound familiar to this event 😇?). I had 4 coaches come with me to this event and we were a 1 Star Diamond Team with about 100 coaches in our fit family. Fast forward another year of love for what I do, and I had about 20 coaches with me for this event. We were a 4 Star Diamond Team, with about 250-300 coaches in our fit family. Now, I cant wait for the 2018 photo. There are about 40-45 coaches heading to this event. We have 600 coaches in my fit family and we will wake up tomorrow as a 6 Star Diamond Team- talk about INCREDIBLE timing right?! God works in mysterious ways and he was definitely working way before 2015 to start this movement. Insane. I cant wait to watch them transform like I did so long ago. Team Better for It, I’m coming for you!!! Be ready for some BIG ASS HUGS 🙏🔥🙌⚡️
#tb #birthday #26yearsyoung 🤗🎉🎈
My ethic is: ‘Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.’ You can be as careful as you want, but you’re going to die anyway, so why not have fun? Lemmy Kilmister 📸@mc_doodlez92 #yolo #thanksforthebirthdaywishes #happybirthday #johnnygrifo #lasvegas #26yearsyoung #lemmy #motorhead #family #jaimeclan #grifoweekends #love #rememberthatonetime #jagermeister #verga #nopossi
هاهية 26 عام ديال الضحك و البكية ، ديال خريان النار و ديال الراحة و السياحة ، ديال السعادة و ديال التعاسة ، ديال الخسارة و ديال النجاح ، ديال النشاط و ديال الملل القاتل ، ديال الحزقة و ديال الرفاهية. عشت كل نهار بحال غي هو اللي باقيلي ما نادم حتى على نهار و ما غاديش نندم ... عرفت الناس المزيانة و ناس المكلخة ، زرت شي بلايص ما كنتش كنحلم نشوفهوم ، خيطت المغرب طول و عرض . الحاصول اليوم عيد ميلاد ديالي #itsmybirthday #26yearsyoung
Let’s celebrate my b-day 🎂🍰🥂 Thank you father God for allo you done for me . I give you praise 🙏🏽💋♥️#bday #me #godgift #godplanscantbestopped #black #yellow #summer #ready #26yearsyoung 🎉🎁🎊
The horse that launched my dreams... I love you Kiz... please don’t ever leave me 🙏🏼💗 #26yearsyoung #mydreamboat #shedaone #lovespendingtimewithyou #thekeeperofmysecrets #ifhorsescouldtalk #ialwaysruntoyou #mylove
“Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.” @johncmaxwell couldn’t have said it better. I’m not going to grow INSIDE my comfort zone, so I might as well be vulnerable on here and share my life with you. I know my purpose is to inspire others so I hope I’m doing just that 🙏💕
I tried. It was my birthday 😁. #26yearsyoung
I'm feeling super grateful to have celebrated another year of life. I can only pray for another year of grace, love, peace, joy, and growth. Thank you all for showering me with love on my special day. It means a lot to me. Cheers to 26! #SubinaInspires #Chapter26 #26YearsYoung #CheersTo26
Hi I’m Meka, and it’s brand new Me! 👩🏻‍💼 . . . . #birthdaygirl #26yearsyoung #letsmeettheglobe #as #matureyounglady
June 19th 2006, you left us. After 12 years, I still can’t believe you’re gone. You were taking way too early from us. I firmly believe that you’re watching over me. - Still remember Vividly when we took those pics, little did I know 😞 - I hope you’re in a better place. I miss you so much. I miss you so much #RIP #BelemePaul #OlderBrother #26yearsyoung @marielaugustin @benengmekinda
Happy birthday to me 👑 #26yearsyoung
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