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🎶Como la flor 💐 🌺
Late night dubs
Thready Longline Paint Pocket Tee... Cop yours today!! ... #treadyandco
Now I'm pissed
Is it ok if I post this forever?? Cuz I will 🤗 I’ve come to find out that I don’t like pictures of myself unless I’m smiling. And who doesn’t like to see happiness?!? I know I do. So make friends with yourself and your life and be grateful that you are alive!!!
jammin for jesus
🖕🖕🖕 Give no Fucks🖕🖕🖕 and be true to yourself.
Summer evenings wouldn’t be complete without the scent of freshly cut alfalfa in the air. Boyd 7.11.2018
Taking a good portrait has to be one of the hardest things for me to do as a photographer. ⠀ ⠀ Not only do you, the photographer, need to account for so many different conditions (lighting, depth of field, flattering angles) but you also need to make sure your subject is comfortable while providing immediate and actionable feedback.⠀ ⠀ That requires creating a rapport with them from the start even if you just met. Get them to relax, take a few stupid shots to get the jitters out and always show them a dynamite shot of themselves to boost that confidence.⠀ ⠀ With all this being said, @simplicxty made it super easy to do. What a stud. On to the next one.
Boo, @jasminecerise 🌈
I need to get my camera back out and start snapping again. My baby girl has her 6th birthday this week. How is this even possible?!
There are people who have authority over us, but we would not follow them. I know many people in the lower rungs of a social structure, who are willing to sacrifice for the person next to them. Those are the true leaders. https://youtu.be/qp0HIF3SfI4 . . . . ... #2instagoodportraitlove #travel #vignette #ruleofthirds #vscocam #southcarolina #leadinglines #travelblogger #throughthelens   #urbanphoto #reflection_shotz #earthpix #100 #summer #lovefitness #fitlifestyle #workout #gainz #charleston #portrait #galaxys9plus #samsung
Esto es de hechos, no de palabras🤟🏼⚡️ @eckoyg
“What's another broken heart girl? I'll risk it all tonight. I know they say that love is dangerous but girl I'll pay that price.” On a side note, it bothers me a lot that I didn’t draw in her left arm. 😭 #626shots . . . . . . . . #instagoodmyphoto #2instagood #2instagoodportraitlove #justgoshoot #peoplescreative #exploretocreate #passion #passionpassport #theoutbound #livefolk #bestvacations #worldtraveler #worldtravel #music #singapore #sing #hype #dark #light #sg #photography #photo #photographer #photoshoot #canonasia #canonsg #viewbug #follow #canon
Thunder Bay Views. #summer #waterfalls #explore
ADDICTION - The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. - Special thanks to @railwaykid & @antek_29
Two happy souls🙃
FIT ME IN YOUR CAGE // spontaneous work with my film boyz @tiagomcdesousa @jospay_
Jangan lupa ngopi gaes, biar hari senin tidak ngantuk saat beraktivitas . . . .
We had a good time at church this morning and then getting some ice cream at The Plush Horse. They had Harry Potter Butterbeer flavored ice cream! What are some of your favorite ice creams?
Juan Carlos Muñoz. Feliz cumple viejito. 22 de julio, 2018. Hoy fue un día bastante lindo y renovador. Algunos fantasmas siguen rondando en mi cabeza pero hoy no me importo mas nada que el loco de la foto. Arrancamos tipo 11:30 yendo a buscar al cumpleañero para ir a lo de mi vieja, el lugar elegido para festejarle el día al mejor viejito del universo. Llegamos y con Ivan (quien todavía no quiere salir en el proyecto) empezamos el asado para el agasajado. Le dimos clase de como prender un fuego logicamente jaja. Lo que nos reímos hoy gastandonos entre todos fue genial. Mi hermano fue el encargado de la parrilla y se portó con un asadazo 10mil puntos, felicitado, carita felíz. Post almuerzo, vi una luz que me gustó y supe que en ese momento tenía que hacer la foto del día. Tire algunos más a Gio y a Vicky que los voy a subir a la historia porque me gustaron fuertisimo. De media tarde, tomamos un rico cafesito con algunas cosas dulces que hiceron en casa, como pastafrola, torta cabsha y al rato nos volvimos cada uno a su casa ya que mañana vuelven las clases y teniamos que dejar listo al pequeñito de la casa. Espero que te haya gustado la comida y que hayas pasado un lindo día en tu cumple viejito. Gracias por todo siempre y espero que hayas aprendido a hacer asados 😂. Te amamos! - - - - #nikond5300   #nikonistasig #portrait #portraitmood #portrait_ig #mendoza #portraitphotography #mendozapormedocinos #fotografodemendoza #desafío #retofotografico #picoftheday #photooftheday #2instagoodportraitlove #retrato #fotografosmendocinos #retratosmendocinos #dad
'When you put clothes on, you immediately put a character on. Clothes are adjectives... When you don't have any clothes on, it's just you, raw, and you can't hide.' . 0% Photoshop, 100% raw beauty.
Mayonnaise #jaguar #35mm
P E R L A 🔮 Teasure of the world. ' G: @gimena____
∆ In the fire, how I wish you could just learn I need understandings, the symmetry of a shell, the applause of an ego who knew I was right all along the fight... (Birds In Row - 15-38) ∆
Of course as soon as I got to Titanic Quarter to start taking photos, the rain poured down 😂 just my luck. Made for some cool photos in the car though.. . . . --------------------------------------- Location: Titanic Quarter, Belfast📍 Camera: Canon 200D Lens: 10-18mm --------------------------------------- . . .
The way I look at the choices I made 😈
Siri.. remove my makeup 🤪
Grow through what u go through 🖤
We out here mate.. let me do my thing 🕊 . . . . . . . Top: @mariabofficial Plazo: @bonanzaofficial
My face when i found out @justinbieber proposed @haileybaldwin ... it just doesn’t feel right 😐
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