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- ____________________ 📸 #NikonD3400 ____________________ Makar Sankranti (6/6) ____________________ Last pic of the Series..😎 Hope you guys liked it all..😊 A great start with D3400..😍 ____________________ . . #KiteFestival #Ujjain #MadhyaPradesh #TravelIndia #Nikon_Photography
Eyes on what you’re after, decide on what you’re going to do and not what others want. 🍊
3 5 0 - S P L Y
Jujur. Aku hanya seorang lelaki yang terkadang taklepas dari godaan wkwk
This third photo is me taking the time to thank those that have helped me and shared the experiences with me. First thanks goes to @kraig29 (@pruspektives ). He was the first person I connected with after I got my camera. He too only had his camera for a short time so we spent a lot of time together learning about them and he was actually the one that recommended I go Nikon. From there we had a couple of times where we sat down and hashed out video ideas and things like that, but unfortunately none of those came to fruition. But, those ideas are still there, and now that we have become so much better with our camera skills I hope to revisit that idea and make it a reality. I also owe him a lot for letting me come to help him with 11 weddings last summer. That was a great experience! Second thanks goes to @joshuadavis2015 (@daviscinematics )for also being around as a creative partner of mine. It’s always nice to have friends that are into the same things as you are, and we have that only child connection. I’ve had a great time getting to hang and just create things. Thirdly, my friends that are in the same town as I am, @meganmorse and @taymarie_ They have been gracious enough to include me in hiking adventures and many other good times here in Eugene. It’s great to have people so close that share the same hobbies as you do. . . . #photograpylover #justgoshoot #top_portraits #picoftheday #selfportrait #photography #500px #instadaily #composition #all_shots #pose #model #friends #cheesin #lol #instacool #upperleftusa #pnwonderland #oregonexplored #exploregon #westcoastbestcoast #photographylife #thatoregonlife #letmetakeyourpicture #photographerforhire #nikon #ig_captures #staypositive
First time shooting in snow. Definitely loved the look of it.
Take me back to the desert
when nobody else is up
Continuing my introduction, I wanted to talk more about my experience with photography and the reason I decided to do it. It has always been on my mind to be a jack of all trades when it comes to my skills in graphic design, and by choosing media studies as my minor it gives me a practical outlet for my degree, rather than being the cliché student that graduates with an art degree and doesn’t do anything with it. And with media studies, advertisement is the biggest outlet for my degree, and I wanted to become skilled in working a camera, learning about audio, and lighting. So, by buying my camera it makes me more of a swiss army knife when it comes to job skills. Now, this thinking is all well and good, but not that many people know that the second half of the saying, “a jack of all trades,” is, “and a master of none.” This is always in the back of my head and motivates me to increase my skills in photography and my designs. Currently I have been focusing more on photography skills and would like to get back into doing 3D renders and stuff. Also speaking about my experience, the reason behind my self-conscious feeling towards photography was that I didn’t want to be seen as joining the fad. I wasn’t trying to sell myself as a photographer. I loved to take pictures, and I still love it now. I’m not going to sit here and justify that, “Oh, I had a digital camera when I was 12 and used it all the time to take macro shots of flowers and print them out,” and somehow that makes you better than other people who do photography because you found the passion earlier than them. I’m not sure if this feeling happens in other fields of work, but it seems to me that many “photographers” I come across are arrogant and pompous with huge egos. I understand wanting to share content with people and receiving praise, but many want the likes and followers. I don’t think that’s the way to approach things, and it annoys me to see people who seem fake and just slap an “original preset” on a photo and think they’re the shit, and you get an inflection in their captions when they are just trying too hard.
Ain’t worried bout nothing
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Hello, my name is Trenton Marquart, and I am the founder of Thrill Productions. In this next series of three photos I will be introducing myself. This idea came about after I went to take a nice self-portrait. It will also give me ideas for something to write in my “About me” tab in an upcoming website where I will be posting portfolio work. I also struggle with speaking about myself because I don’t want to come off as bragging and arrogant, but here it goes. I’m currently a junior at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in art and technology, accompanied by a media studies minor. Going into college I tried to go for a computer science degree but that was cut short after I soon found myself getting frustrated with debugging and faulty code. After that door closed I decided to pursue my hobby which was graphic design. Now I am taking a bunch of art design classes and am enjoying it a lot. What I like to do is make vectors, illustrations, and 3D rendering, but I’ve learned a lot of other skills along the way that have to do with basic forms. Then, about a year and a half ago I decided to invest in a camera. After purchasing it I was very self-conscious about letting others know I had a camera. At that time photography was a fad and many folks had also gotten cameras. Eventually I got around to making an Instagram account and sharing content with friends. Now I’ve become successful in wedding photography and have been filling a portfolio with personal projects and shoots. . . . . . #photograpylover #justgoshoot #top_portraits #picoftheday #selfportrait #photography #500px #instadaily #composition #all_shots #pose #model #friends #cheesin #lol #instacool #upperleftusa #pnwonderland #oregonexplored #exploregon #westcoastbestcoast #photographylife #thatoregonlife #letmetakeyourpicture #photographerforhire #nikon #ig_captures #staypositive
This..was just an interesting play of light and shades with the absolutely fascinating straws and the #randomness of a makeshift ladder across the frame.. the idea for the composition belongs originally to @aartisshenoy .. ==================== #_soi #artofvisuals #culture #wanderlust #travel #photography #street #500px #natgeotraveller #lonelyplanetindia #magnumphotos #lonelyplanet #mypixeldiary #passionpassport #yourshot_india #MoodyGrams #worldbestgram #ourplanetdaily #VisualsOfLife #traveldiaries #huffpostgram #sunsetsniper #sunset_stream #bestnatureshot #snaphippos #followme #instahimachal #himachaltourism
2 More working days left before Vacation!!! Getting Pumped!!! Only bad part is I have over 3,000 photos too sort through about a 15% of that needs to be editied and uploaded!!! I might die! So please pray for me! Only thing that might keep me going is getting more badass and gorgeous pictures of this bombshell! 2,999 to go...... . . Model: @thebonebitch
“You’re the best person to hang out with because if I ask a ridiculous question like ‘A hippo is chasing you, what do you do?’ You’ll say something like ‘How big is the hippo?’ And that shows that you’re taking the question seriously and I appreciate that.” #friends #whereisguz • • • • • • • #travel #aroundtheworld #wanderlust #getlost #discover #igtravel #worldshotz #portrait #IamATraveler #travelphotography #travelogue #travelgram #backpacker #traveltheworld #blogger #travelersnotebook #solofetravel #travelmore #travelwithme #traveldiary #travelnow #travelwriter #fujifilm #xt2 #whereisguz #portrait #girlswhotravel #solotravel
Beauty in the unknown - @alberthaleem is a photographer and visual artist based out of Los Angeles. He empowers people to use their gifts beyond their fullest potential by capturing his subjects’ most profound moments through a camera lens. See more of his work at AlbertHalim.co
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