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#9 Iv always had this urge to work for social welfare and joining FAST CARE was just another opportunity for me that time. But working for Care has been so much more. Joining societies during university life can help you adjust but what differs FastCare is that it has taught me how to be a better person. It has helped me develop a better view towards the less privlidged in the society and taught me how a simple act of kindness can help change ones life. I used to wake up everyday thinking what to wear, spent my day thinking what to eat and spent the nights thinking where to go. But one day i got the opportunity to investigate a student just like me who was in need of funds. When i asked where he lives he replied " I am unsure of where to sleep today ". And it was then when i realised to stop thinking and deciding, and start thanking. This really sums up Fast Care. Its way more than just being there to collect funds or spread awareness.. It has helped me find the good in me, helped me become a better human. It has been quoted as a hadith " A mans true wealth is the the good he does in this world " Seeing care grow and celebrate its 2nd birthday is a celebration for all those who have been benifited through this amazing society. Im lucky to have worked for the past years and am privlidged to help it grow even more in the comming years IA. Bigger and better times to come still ! Happy Birthday Fast Care 🙂 -Zain Naveed Assistant Vice President #CareTurns2 #CareBirthday #BehindTheScenes #KnowYourCare #2YearsAndForever #KahaniHamariZubaani
@17z5 متسابق رقم #9
!NUEVO! LUZ LED MSC 300 LÚMENES PRECIOS e INFORMACIÓN👇🏻 ☎Tel: 5730930- 📲 Whatssap 3003554474 📍Avenida 10 #9 -40 Centro - Cúcuta Envios Locales y Nacionales🇨🇴 #mtb #roadbike #crosscountrymtb #downhill #enduromtb #cyclocross #cycling #fixie
前回に比べたら赤ちゃんの成長が凄い😂 こんな一気になるもんなん? 職場の人からはお腹でた?とか聞かれるけど 当の本人は全く自覚ないんよね😅 太ったの間違いとやないんかなて思ったり 🤣 #Baby #9w4d #9 /24誕生予定
New contest Best serious face Entry #9 1 like=1 vote Promoting=10 votes Shoutouts=10 votes No hate 👊🏻
巨人が好きです。 #ジャイアンツ #亀井善行 #9
Guys! You may not be able to tell from this picture, BUT since starting the 80 day obsession program...ive lost 9.8 lbs! Weight loss has also been a struggle for me since having my son 3 1/2 yrs ago..so for me to see the numbers on the scale going down..it's amazing! #thisprogramworks #lovebeachbody #thenumbersaregoingdown #9 .8lbsinalmost6weeks
***NOVIDADES*** O Tênis Asics Gel-Equation 9 A .Com o cabedal renovado em tecido mesh mais respirável, este modelo oferece excelente calce. O sistema de amortecimento em gel proporciona maior sensação de impulso e leveza durante a corrida, mais conforto e absorção de impactos. O amortecimento em gel traseiro e dianteiro aliado ao Trusstic System oferecem maior estabilidade e desempenho na passada dos corredores. #ApoloEsportes #ComVocenoEsporteenaModa #VemparaApolo #Asics #Tenis #Novidades #Gel #Equation #9 #A #Conforto
быстрый конкурс #9 , напоминаю что такие подарки мы будем дарить каждый день , сегодня разыграем приз от нашего спонсора @hairstylist_kaziza.zhussupova : 🎁любая прическа к вашему мероприятию совершенно бесплатно 🎁 Условия: 📍Подписаться на нашу страницу и на всех наших спонсоров, ищите их в разделе подписки↗️ 📍отметить любой профиль в комментариях под этим фото и поставьте любой смайлик🤗 можно писать несколько комментариев , что увеличит шансы на победу😉. Выиграет тот , чей комментарий окажется перед моим комментарием 🔴СТОП🔴 написать могу в любую минуту до 00:00. Победителя обязательно укажу в сториз. Поехали 🚀
Our final hint before we officially announce who our Guest Artist is next week!!! Hint #9 : They have been mentored by Cyrus Spencer from season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance!!! Put your puzzle pieces together and see if you figured it out next week!! :) #cyruspencer #soyouthinkyoucandance #bardavonoperahouse #ballet #modern #jazz #art #culture #education #classicaldance #classicalart #poughkeepsieny #hudsonvalley #dutchesscounty #newyorkacademyofballet
新ユニでユニバ◎ 次は馬場くんで!!! #阪神タイガース #若虎 #2 #9 #60
今年はコレ❗❗❗ 期待の意味を込めて✨ 今年は爆発を☸ヾ(´☉ ω ☉)ノ☸ 明日は楽しみだな〜🎵 今からワクワク.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚ #サンフレッチェ広島 #sanfreccehiroshima #工藤壮人 #9 #Jリーグ開幕 #勝ち星 #勝ちグセ
Mengingatkan untuk semua, deadline pengumpulan soft file karya Art Edu Care #9 kurang 3 hari lagi looooh. Jadii, bagi yang akan submit karya, yuk segera kirimkan softfile karya sesuai ketentuan yay! 🤗 . . . #arteducare9 #arteducare #arteducare #unssolo #agendasolo #soloevent @agendasolo
Jovén que vives en el área de Tampa¡Te esperamos! Hoy a las 7pm,ven y recibe una palabra que transformara tu vida. Lugar: Clipper Bay Building #9 apto 921 Anfitriones: Martin y Yulia
Just a few more days before this wonderful deal ends...... call us now and book an appointment or come in and purchase a gift Certificate before February 28 ❗️❗️❗️#Repost @thespa_bxb with @get_repost ・・・ 💕Treat yourself or your loved one to a relaxing day at the spa, for a facial and upper body massage in February! . × Call us at 648-7007-8/ 649-0142 to book appointments. × Opening hours: Mondays - Saturdays 9am-6pm. × Loshusan, Shop #9 , 29 East King's House Road
Contestants #9 @lovely_nene_24 GoodLuck 😘
2nd VGC Chanel small wallet black caviar #9 with box db holo card : IDR 5.3 jt
#10days #10things #10marriagetipseveryWIFEneedstohear #thehappyhousewife #thebarefootstepford #thebarefootstepfordsguidetolife #day9 #9 . #DONT , DO NOT, EVER, talk negatively about him. Not to ya parents. Not to ya best friends. Not to not one single person. If you need to vent, got to your pastor, priest, or maybe a therapist if need be but #never just #SPOUTOF #NEGATIVITY about YOUR husband... ya know the man YOU CHOSE TO MARRY. It makes ya look silly and it creates cracks in the marriage. Cracks in the foundation that your family is building upon. I LOVE MY HUSBAND. A lot of times, I am sure, people think I am lying or #talkinghimup but I will never change how I speak ABOUT my man. He is MY EVERYTHING. He has saved me and still saves me every day. He loves me with all my flaws and though he is undoubtedly a man and men do annoying shit sometimes, nothing he does is worth me bad mouthing the man of my dreams. @mmaxx_power I love you babe. Forever and for always.
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🎉 Bon anniversaire au plus gentil des grands garçons, mon ange, ma beauté, ma gentillesse, ma douceur, ma force, mon combat, mon Valentin 🎂 #myson #birthdayboy #mysweetlove #9 #arretedegrandirstp #timesflies #smile #love #sweetboy #usa #ralflauren #differentnotless #autism
В рамках изучения реалий современной школы 20.02.18 студенты 1 курса ФИЯ (направление подготовки Педагогическое образование) получили консультацию об особенностях оформления предметного кабинета в МБОУ гимназии #9 Коломенского г.о. Выражаем благодарность администрации школы за оказанную методическую помощь.
TRIPLES: #9 Pakkaan kassiani matkaa varten. Otan mukaan tietenkin Dinalta saaneen kaulakorun. Kun olen pakannut lähden alakertaan. Kiitän Adisonia ja puen ulkovaatteeni päälleni. Kun kuulen taxin ajavan pihaan otan matka laukun käteeni ja Heilutan Adille. Astun taxin sisään ja onkin matka lentokentälle. Skip>>>lento Astun lentokoneesta pois. Ystäväni odottaa autonsa kanssa vastassa. - Tervetuloa Lontooseen. Hän toivottaa ja avaa autonsa oven. - Kyytiin siitä. Hän sanoo ja nousee autoon. Hän ajaa minut kylpylälle. - Kiitos kyydistä ja nähään vielä. Sanon ja paiskaisen pienesti oven kiinni.
..บอกกับตัวเอง ชีวิตเธอดีอยู่แล้วว🍁😶😐🐽 #9 /02/61
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