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Y'all........ WEEK 16 post op was LIT 🔥!!!!! I went on my first RUN 🏃.......... Did my first BOX 📦 JUMPS ......... and killed my first DOUBLE UNDERS!!!!!! I did all of year move in a workout prior to even recording not realizing that doing the movement would be a success even though I was cleared to do them!!!👏🏽 #postop #aclsurgery #aclreconstruction #aclrecovery #BrittanyTyshe ' #futurebsn #futurenp #futurednp #nursing #nurse #girlpower #blackexcellence #phlebotomist #knowledgeispower #futurern #nursingstudent #nursingschool #goaldigger #blackgirlrocks #blackgirlmagic #model #fitness #girlsinsports #girlswholift #inspiration #melanininmedicine #herowod #crossfit
ACL tears are a common sports injury. This animation shows one method of surgically treating a torn ACL- ACL reconstruction using a bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft. Animation provided by Understood LLC #sportsmedicine #aclreconstruction #sportsinjury #injuryrehabilitation #prehab #physicaltherapy #orthopedicsurgery #orthopedicsurgeon #ligamentreconstruction #minimallyinvasivesurgery
Three weeks since surgery and back in the gym at @equilibrium_uk #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction
Old video of me at Bodypower 💪 Can't wait to get on the platform in 2019! Focus, hunger and drive is 100%. Just try and stop me!!! #instafit #fitfam #fitinspo #bodypowerexpo #bodyshocker #britishweightlifting #strengthandconditioning #eleiko #powerlifting #fitnessmotivation #deadlift #tattoo #lightweightbaby #nevergiveup #aclreconstruction #powerbuilding
Post op day 61 : I am increasing weight, last week I could barely lift 5 kg, now I can do 3 series of 10x5kg+ 5x9kg+ 2x14kg+ 5x9kg+ 10x5kg, my gait is improving but is still difficult to go down stairs or to walk when the street has a even slight slope ... I hope it will become easier soon! #comebackstronger #nevergiveup 💪 #nevergiveup #roadtorecovery #rehabilitation #rehab #ACL #aclrecovery #aclroadtorecovery #aclrecoveryclub #aclsurgery #aclreconstruction
Repost dr. @jafreehaz : 1. Positive Lachman + Anterior drawer test 2. Pivot Shift test ACL rupture Performed by dr.Erick #aclreconstruction @ RS Tarakan Jakarta
💥Early Quad Strength💥 - 💥After learning to activate your quads again, you need to start to strengthen them as soon as possible to prevent atrophy - 📌You can perform both "open chain" (foot free to move) and "closed chain" (foot fixed to floor) strengthening exercises to accomplish this - 📚Historically, studies have shown the greatest strain to the ACL occurs during the last 30 degrees of open-chain knee extension. As a result, many rehab pros avoid open chain strengthening all together! - 🚨This is likely sub-optimal for quadriceps strengthening, as closed-chain exercises may not sufficiently overload the quads since we can compensate through the hip/ankle during closed-chain multi-joint movements - 💯To play it safe during initial open-chain quad strengthening, however, you can work on ISOMETRIC maximal contractions from 90 to 45 degrees of knee flexion (at whatever angle is most comfortable for you) to strengthen the quads while avoiding the last 30 degrees towards full knee extension. - 📌Closed-chain exercises will help more w/ coordination and proprioception (balance/joint position awareness), while open-chain exercises will help more w/ isolated muscle strength of the quads, so BOTH are important. - 📹 Shown here: - 1) Open chain knee extension isometric 🔹How long you hold depends on how long you can maintain a quality contraction of the quads 🔹If you can only hold around 10 sec, perform 20 reps. If you can hold 20 seconds or more, perform about 10 reps - 2) Wall sits (double leg) 🔹Make sure to avoid shifting more weight on the uninvolved leg. Keep weight distribution even 🔹Hold for up to 30 seconds or UNTIL FORM FAILS. 10-20 reps. Lower reps = longer holds, higher reps = shorter holds - 3) Wall sits (single leg) 🔹Start higher and progress to lower as you improve or feel more confident - 4) Swiss ball squats 🔹Helps to add stability/confidence before standard squats 🔹Go down to parallel if good form and symmetrical side to side 🔹Perform quad set at top of motion of each rep. 2-3 sets, 10-20 reps - 🚨 Stop or modify if any exercise causes moderate to severe knee pain (some mild pain is okay)
A year ago I could barely walk but now the boots are back out!! 🏉#aclreconstruction #recovery #fitness #rugbygirls #rugby
REDEFINING YOUR LIMITS and MAKING THE JUMP! Give her some love y’all ✨✨✨ ———————————————————————— Rehab can be one of the most challenging times for someone that is injured. You not only have to adjust to a new baseline of what you CAN do, but have to shift out of a mindset of what you CAN’T do. And sometimes it’s the latter - of what you CAN”T do - that can be the most challenging😨 It’s kind of like assuming a new identity. As you heal, and get stronger, leaving behind that new identity you’ve assumed can be so difficult. As your body starts showing up in ways you may have forgotten, it’s hard to see that you can NOW do what was off limits . A year ago😯 3 months ago😲 a week ago😬 And make the JUMP!🤩 The patients that I find are super successful in recovering quickly are the ones that allow their mind to be fluid to expand and contract with those limits. They adapt to the lines, and are willing to blur the lines and then jump OVER the lines - when the time is right. 🥰 ———————————————————————— I am so proud of this young dancer here! She was able to not only put in the work after a difficult surgery, but to make the JUMP and successfully complete her first performance. 💥🔥🔥💥 Congrats Jessica!! Excited for you to make the NEXT JUMP! Give her some love y’all! 💪🏽💪🏽💫💫✨
The infrapatellar fat pad plays a crucial role in efficient patellofemoral mobility. There needs to be emphasis on post-operative tissue mobility to improve joint function. ➖ 📹: @chicagosportsdoc : Patellofemoral joint motion... The role of the fat pad. Afternoon dissection with Adam Yanke, MD, PhD #sportsmedicine #medicine #sportssurgery #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #sportsrehab #acl #aclreconstruction #aclrehab
Had to dig into the archives for this content from early season 2016 🙈 been sick with the flu and a cold since last weekend so I haven’t gotten to play in the snow or workout like usual, but this girl is FINALLY on the mend! 👍🏻 . . . If you know me, you know I’m always on the go 💯 so it was super challenging to force myself to rest even when I started feeling better. But it’s crucial to listen to your body, rest and recharge when needed. Excited to get back on my snowboard and back in the gym this week 💪🏻 . . . #restandrecharge #beboulder #resilience #honoryourself #twosevout #comingbackstronger #bigboulderpark #eastcoastbeastcoast #watchmerise #positivity #soulshred #progress #ilovesnowboarding #womensfitness #healthybodyhealthymind #sheshredscocrew #goodforthesoul #aclreconstruction #goodvibesonly #grateful #perspectivism #livewhatyoulove 🎥 @jaysquatchman
Went on a walk this morning and was able to ditch the crutches for a few steps! My goal was to get off them in less than a week and it feels so good to be so close to ditching them for good 🤩
Last session before Christmas break. Dynamic stability and power with acceleration work. Unstable resistance works really well especially with high #performance #athletes after #aclreconstruction . After that we used Force Treadmill to transfer this skill and practice "pushing of the ground" using anaerobic system #strenghtandconditioningcoach #aclrehab #football #footballfitness #fitness
...squats...that is all! #aclrupture #aclreconstruction #squats
• DAY 180 POST-OP • This morning’s plan was to go for a gentle 2 mile walk in the crisp, sunny air. However, as soon as my trainers hit the road it turned in to a jog. We went across the field and along the icy, untreated road. I ran most of the 5km, but I did stop to walk carefully across the black ice and mud with respect as I don’t want to go and screw up my knee. . #kneeinjury #ligaments #aclrupture #kneedamage #skiaccident #kneerecovery #medialligament #theaclclub #aclrepair #hamstringgraft #aclrecovery #acldamage #medialplicaexcision #chlondroplasty #kneeprobs #kneeproblems #rupturedACL #aclreconstruction #acloperation #aclop #aclrecon #grade3tearMCL #MCLtear #prehab #physiotherapy #kneephysio #swelling #aclwarrior #needtolooseafewpounds #fatrolls
🔴ПАССИВНОЕ СГИБАНИЕ И РАЗГИБАНИЕ КОЛЕННОГО СУСТАВА (1-2 НЕДЕЛИ ПОСЛЕ ОПЕРАЦИИ)🔴 ⠀ 👉👉👉 Листай!👉👉👉 ⠀ 🔉Смотреть со звуком, но не громким😁 ⠀ Монтажник видео из меня так себе🙈 но я только начала, строго не судите🤗 ⠀ ℹНачните с 10-12 повторений каждого упражнения и 2-3 подхода всего блока в течении дня💪 ⠀ 🔶️1. Разгибание коленного сустава с валиком (полотенце, подушка) под коленом. ⠀ 🔶️2. Разгибание коленного сустава при помощи полотенца или эластичной ленты (ленту купите обязательно, она еще пригодиться в дальнейшем) ⠀ 🔷️3. Сгибание с фиксацией сустава руками. Следите, чтобы надколенник смотрел вверх!!! ⠀ 🔷️4. Сгибание и разгибание, скользя стопой по стене. ❗Обязательно больную ножку придерживаем здоровой, чтобы не было резких движений❗ ⠀ ➕КО ВСЕМУ ЭТОМУ - МОБИЛИЗАЦИЯ НАДКОЛЕННИКА ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО (пост был ранее) ⠀⠀ 🔴ВАЖНО!🔴 ⠀ СОБЛЮДАЙТЕ РЕКОМЕНДОВАННЫЕ ВРАЧОМ градусы для сгибагия и разгибания. ОПЕРАЦИИ ПРОВОДЯТСЯ ПО-РАЗНОМУ, поэтому и диапазон разрешенных движений тоже разный ☝️ ⠀ 🆘️Если Вы не знаете свой допустимый обьем движений, проконсультируйтесь с лечащим врачом!!! ⠀ Сохраняйте, чтобы не забыть, отправляйте друзьями и ставьте 💗, чтобы увидели как можно больше людей🤗 Спасибо🤗🤗🤗 ⠀ #фмба #спортивнаяреабилитация #реабилитационныйцентр #центрвосстановительноймедицины #ореховыйбульвар #фмбароссии #хирургическоелечение #ранниесроки #стационар #амбулаторий #центрспортивнойтравмы #упражненияпослеоперации #травмыколенногосустава #вывихнадколенника #пкс #реабилитолог #коленныйсустав #sporttravmaorg #эндопротезирование #упражнения #скандинавскаяходьба #лфк #послеоперации #москва #россия #knee #aclreconstruction #acl
Thanks for all the warm wishes, gonna be back stronger💪🏽. #aclreconstruction #letthegainzbegin #makanbanyakbanyak #melantok #idontrecoverlikezlatan #coyg #biaselahremaje
After another successful physiotherapy session. Step by step I’m getting closer to 100%. Love trains in Singapore. Spacious and clean! #postacl #aclreconstruction #injury #comeback #athlete #fighter #Singapore #mrt
ACL tamiri sonrası dizin valgusa gitmesini önlemek ve doğru propriyoseptif bilgi vermek için egzersizleri dinamik tape ile doğru pozisyona alıp yapalım 💪 #dynamictape #bicycle #exercise #aclreconstruction #rehabilitation #athlete #returntosport #volleyballplayer #healthofathletes #gaziuniversity
“I cannot denyyyyyy” that I love when you keep your chest up 😉 . . Loving this #highsongoftheweek It might be my favorite barre track to date ❤️. . . . #vasafitness #vasafitnessriverton #whyivasa #highfitness #aerobicsisback #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction #fitnessgirl #rivertonvasa @high.fitness
Last few weeks have been a little nuts to say the least! Started a new job, tons of activities happening with the kids and trying to manage everything has been hectic. But - I’ve still managed to fit my workouts in. Getting up very early to exercise has NEVER been my favourite thing, however I NEED that time to myself - so I make it work! And I’m getting used to it again 😜 You really can do anything you put your mind to!!! Even if it sucks at first 😏 #madlovefitness #aclreconstruction #fitnessmom #trustyourgut #injuredrunner #triathlontraining #onedayatatime
2 weeks post op and I got to go back to the gym today! A pretty light workout focusing on upper body with mostly seated exercises on machines due to the limited use of my leg. Followed it up with some rehab and mobility work for my lower body. It felt so good to be back exercising and to use my muscles again! • • • • #workout #gymmotivation #nolegday #chestworkout #postop #2weeks #upperbodyworkout #backatit #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclreconstruction #noexcuses #personaltrainer #ptbre #eastcoastlifestyle
Another triathlon completed. Proud of my husband who conquered his hate for swimming and completed his first tri. #ACLreconstruction #triathlon #womeninsports #swim #bike #run #challangeyourself
Let the healing begin! Finished up my first day of at home Physical Therapy and it felt great to get the brace and wraps off, and let it breath. Hopefully with hard work I can get my knee to 90 degrees by this time next week. That’s the goal!! #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclcomeback #aclreconstruction #acl #acltear #physicaltherapy #physicalexercise #physicalhealth
Spotted this while I was paying for my PT session the other day 😍 seriously a little recognition goes a long way especially in ACL rehab, where the process can be very long winded and progress is not linear. . I can’t thank the @healthfix_ team enough. Everyone provides awesome services, from PT, EP to massage, but more importantly I love going there because of the people. Everyone cares and treats you like a friend. I pretty much always look forward to my sessions with them because they make it FUN!
Notice how you rarely see a BOSU ball being used in the gym? Well, there's a reason for that 🤣... I haven't been able to trust my left knee for the last 8 years through fear of it buckling and I am struggling to overcome the mental block and trust it post surgery. My left leg is so weak compared to the right leg and this is much more difficult than it looks!! Aiming for 1 minute but can only manage 20s (@ 18 weeks post acl reconstruction and meniscus repair) #aclrehab #aclrupture #aclrecovery #acltear #aclreconstruction #aclsurgery #ramplesion #meniscustear #meniscusrepair #physiotherapy #BOSUball #BOSUballworkout #proprioception
Check out @helenewolson skiing for the 1st time since completing her rehab with us after #aclreconstruction ! We are so happy that you are back enjoying the sport you love and feeling stronger than ever! Keep up the great work and thanks for representing COAST Rehab on the slopes! ⛷💯💪🏼 . . . . . #COASTrehab #physicaltherapy #orthoPT #rehabilitation #manasquannj #injuryrecovery #injuryprevention #returntosport #returntoskiing #aclreconstruction #aclrehab #skiinjury #DPT #acupuncture #PT
Working on my quad and hamstring. #aclreconstruction #football 🏈#workout #therapy
Day five post op. Last night I slept almost all through the night instead of waking up every three hours to take the meds, that was a mistake. I thought I was in pain before, well todays pain is almost unbearable. I guess that’ll teach me to sleep through the night... 🤦🏼‍♀️ The bruising is starting to show up. Day four (yesterday) was my first physical therapy apt, my quad is quivering so I gotta work on that, and I’m about 5 degrees off from being able to go completely straight and bending at 74 degrees. So my range of motion is pretty good for 4 days after surgery. #aclreconstruction #acltear #aclinjury #aclrehab #aclrecovery
We specialize in ACL an ACL revision reconstructions. DM or call us today for an appointment. #acl #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction #jennactive #oneoakmedical #kneepain #kneesurgery #kneesurgeryrecovery
I wear the bionic leg (actually an Ossur Rebound brace, locked into full extension) 24/7, except when I shower. It’s uncomfortable, but less uncomfortable than not wearing it. I sleep in it, I watch tv in it, I yell at dogs who get into a fight with the coatrack in it. _ He’s very sorry about the coat rack. This is not the first time he’s tangled with the coat rack, though, so I’m sure we’ll revisit this later.
Let's talk about how weak I am now.. 90lbs felt like struggle city. Probably could have went to 100. However, I have screws in one knee, torn ACL in the other and is currently raining in December. All of my old broken friends can understand that I'm not down for that kind of joint pain today. 70lbs was more comfortable, but I still feel was too much. #aclreconstruction #aclprehab
⠀ ВСЕМ ПРИВЕТ🤗 ⠀ Тут вам посыл добра и помощи во все 32😁 так что поставьте 💗 мне будет приятно🤗 ⠀ Вы же помните, что можно обратиться с любым вопросом, касаемо реабилитации? ⠀ Если Вы не нашли ответ интернете и стесняетесь спросить в комментарии, можете смело написать мне лично в DIRECT или на телефон, он указан в шапке профиля👆👆👆 ⠀ А вообще, я тут подумала, снимать всю свою работу, сравнительные результаты восстановления пациентов после операции и к выписке из стационара, а так же некоторые блоки упражнений с разбором техники на разные случаи😎 теперь главное, чтобы времени на все это хватило🙈 можете так же написать, что бы вам было интересно увидеть! ⠀ Так же вопросы, касаемо медикаментозного и хирургического лечения, тоже приветствуются, направлю на консультацию к лучшим врачам 😉 ⠀ Ознакомиться со всем отделением и профилем работы, можете перейдя на наш сайт, он так же в шапке профиля👆👆👆 ⠀ Хороших выходных и ЖДУ ВАШИ ВОПРОСЫ🤗 ⠀ P. S.  Вы за улыбчивый персонал в больницах или все равно?) ⠀ #фмба #спортивнаяреабилитация #реабилитационныйцентр #центрвосстановительноймедицины #ореховыйбульвар #фмбароссии #спортсмены #хирургическоелечение #ранниесроки #стационар #амбулаторий #центрспортивнойтравмы #травмыколенногосустава #вывихнадколенника #пкс #реабилитолог #коленныйсустав #sporttravmaorg #эндопротезирование #скандинавскаяходьба #лфк #послеоперации #москва #россия ##knee #aclreconstruction #acl #sporttrauma
ACL Rehab - Stress Management ——- In my opinion, stress management is one of the most overlooked areas of ACL rehab. Stress management is a pivotal component of rehab that must be monitored. We need to be asking the right questions about that athletes are doing outside of the clinic such as how much running they’re doing. If patients aren’t monitored, they can over stress the knee causing pain which ends up slowing down rehab. It’s important to ask how much they’re doing outside of the clinic and have scheduled days off. ——- I’ve worked with many patients that come from other PT facilities or from rehabbing at school. I can not tell you how many stories I’ve heard of athletes getting mismanaged such as running/jumping on their own because their PT/trainer told them the protocol said they could. The most common issue I’ve run into is over stressing the knee because they were “cleared” for jogging, running, jumping, cutting, etc. Every patient should be monitored during each session and not just told to “go run for 10 minutes.” After months of rehab, any patient is going to be excited to run. Patients aren’t going to know what’s normal and running on a knee that’s not ready can lead to set backs. ——- What do I recommend? 1️⃣ Strengthening should always be a priority during treatments. I’ve seen strengthening take a back seat once people start running, cutting and performing plyos. 2️⃣ Make sure to GRADUALLY reintroduce jogging, running, plyos, cutting, etc. I don’t allow patients to get carried away with these tasks but to keep the bigger picture in mind which is preparing them for their sport. 3️⃣ Monitor the amount of stress the patient is putting on their body. How much running are they going outside of the clinic? Rest is important! 4️⃣ Its OK not to jog at a specific time period. Everyone heals differently and not jogging at (insert protocol weeks here) is not what’s important. ——- 🙌🏼 Tag someone who would appreciate this message! 👍 Like and save if you found it helpful! 🤷🏼‍♂️ Post questions or comments below!👇
I am as excited as I can be. I am back to the saddle. Future looks promising. #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction
My goal is to be able to jump from end to end of the couch. I’m not there, but so darn close!! #goals #run #rundc #running #training #marathon #workout #exercise #rainyday #dc #justdoit #overcome #acl #aclclub #aclreconstruction
Pierwsze, od operacji, czyli od 4 tygodni, wyjście z domu, którego celem nie jest wizyta w szpitalu lub rehabilitacja. Nadal jednak "o czterech nogach". Emocje sięgają zenitu! 🙃 #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction #atflreconstruction #aclsurvivor #kneesurgery #meniscus #meniscusrehab #anklesurgery #crutches #kneebrace #bracesgirl #polishgirl
Oh man was I in for a ride. 12/15/15. Oh my way in ACL Reconstruction surgery. This was such a hard recovery. Having to learn to physically walk again and 3 months of physical therapy 3 times a week was at times really awful and I felt defeated.By the end of it and at about 2 months in to PT I was running for 7min straight which was a long way frkm@being able to bend my leg at all and legit FALLING OFF THE TABLE THE FIRST DAY OF THERAPY. . But for the most part I can do everything I could do before but certain positions can hurt after a short time but I have my full (beyond flexible af) range back. But wow was I in for a surprise. . . I remember jiggling my calf on Christmas and bawling because there was just goo because my muscular has atrophied and there being literally NOTHING there. Now I got muh thighs and calves back, maybe not in the muscular way they used to be but they are here!! . #ACL #ACLRecovery #ACLReconstruction #ACLSurgery #Athlete #Soccer #Acting #Actor #Surgery #SportsInjury
I've finally got a great #trainingprogram for my legs, so my knee can get better and #backinshape . It's now 6 months since my #kneesurgery and finally I can do #legcurls - what a fab day 🤩 I still have to be very patient, cause there's still long time ahead before I'm back at 100%. But as I've said before - I'll never stop fighting, I know my vision and now I shall trust my path 💪 ________________________________________________ #kneeinjury #kneeluxation #pclreconstruction #aclreconstruction #mclreconstruction #rehabilitation #physiotherapy #stronggirl #toughgirl #toughfight #myfight #reachinggoals #practisedaily #practicemakesperfect #mylife #legtraining #buildingstrength #muscleatrophy #fitfam #fitfamdk #keepsmiling #staypositive #bethebestyou #knowyourvision #nevergiveup #strongashell
Happy Saturdayyyyy . This stuff is Legit how I start my day and is also my mid afternoon pick me up . Love you #Momcrack . You should totally try it! Much safer than an energy drink Promotes focus Good steady level of energy..not jittery Andddd it’s only 15 Calories! . What do ya say?! Wanna sample?! Drop an emoji below and I’ll put you on the list for samples!
Day 4 post-op. I am bored. Things are moving a little slower than I’d hoped for, swelling and range of motion is slightly better today but still nowhere near 90 degrees. Weight bearing is good and quad flexion is getting stronger. Looking forward to starting Physio on Monday! #aclrecoveryclub #aclreconstruction #rehab #recovery #wwe #wweuk #nxtuk #nxt #motivation
ACL Return to Running ——————————————— For years, athletes would reach a certain point in their ACL rehab and start running. Whether it was how they felt or a certain point in the timeline of their rehab, they would start a return to running progression. One of the issues with this approach is that there was never a test or series of tests for the athlete to perform to see if they were physically capable, from a strength and balance perspective, to be able to handle the demands of running. ——————————————— After reading and learning more up-to-date info, I've started incorporating more "criteria based" return to running testing after an ACL reconstruction. ——————————————— Another test I like to incorporate is the Single Leg Bridge Test. Have the athlete lie on their back and place one leg up on a box. The box we used in this test was 18 inches in height. Then, instruct the athlete to use one leg and lift their hips up off the ground or table. Ideally, we like to see the athlete be able to perform a minimum of 15 reps per side. ——————————————— We like to see full hip extension, good pelvis position and no dropping of the non-involved side down. This test looks to see if the athlete has the trunk control as well as the lower body strength and endurance to be able to consider returning to running. ——————————————— If an athlete can't perform this test or they are compensating, we want to look at their strength and conditioning program to make sure we are incorporating core strength and stability exercises as well as single leg hip and knee dominant movements such as single leg deadlifts and lunge variations. ——————————————— If you work with or treat athletes who are looking to return to running after an ACL reconstruction, make sure to perform this test prior to returning to running. #acl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction
Day 3: Slept through the whole night!! Whoo hoo! Icing my knee after waking up and doing an hour on my CPM machine and got to 50 degrees! Pretty sore this morning.
Progress = no fear of taking turns you feared to take, dancing to songs u cried to. 1st ski on a new ligament 👍🏻 . . . . . . #skiseason #skigirl #alps #skiing #mountains #sunnyday #snowday #skiday #megeve #momentsofmine #winterwonderland #exited #goodstart #aclrecovery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #happy #exited #goodvibes #moretocome
Got to see my scar the day of surgery while the nurse changed the dressing on my knee! I previously used my patella as my graft but this time I am using my hamstring! The doc basically doubled the size of my previous scar which I think will look pretty bad ass😎
Actually..is struggling to survive..the coffee made my gloomy 😞 day #aclreconstruction #aclrecovery #theblendisthemagic #husm #secondoperation
M a d e I t t o a y e a r p o s t a c l r e c o ! 👊🏾 this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do I didn’t even think I’d make it through the next month when the results came in that I had completely torn my acl off but here I am 16 months on I am not where I hoped I’d be I was hoping that I would be back playing sport today but after a slow recovery afew set backs and a torn groin I’m not even training but I’m physically and mentally stronger than I’ve ever been and ever thought I would be I’ve had to do things that I never could or believed I could I’ve had to train myself to move differently than I have my whole life and I’ve had to train my head to believe. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an extremely active person, in love with sport and work a lot of hours which has been why this has been unbearable for me. People comparing me to others and asking why I’m not where they think I should be has not helped yeah I know I’m not where you think I should be and where I want to be but I’ve done everything to get there I am the only person who knows how hard I’ve worked and my Physio is the only person who has seen my progress so yeah I could have gone for a run at 4 months with my leg flopping around and hardly working but I waited til I got the all clear after having strength tests e.g leg press more than body weight with one leg and I bet these people didn’t completely tare their acl off or lay tiles for a living and have their own business. In saying that I’ve been so lucky to have family and friends there for me throughout checking in on me, nursing me when I was really bad, visiting me, presents and support and understanding that sometimes I don’t go to things because I’m doing my rehab. Let’s hope 2019 holds better days I know today was better than this time last year I went to work and then for a run ☺️☺️
Day 190- 🏃🏽‍♀️PARK RUN 🏃🏽‍♀️ First time running the 5km park run in Bushy Park with my sister and managed to do it in 29:34 with no stopping 💪🏼 I am very happy with that time and my knee coped well 🍾 I went to physio on Thursday and I got signed off to go Mountain walking ⛰ so I’m off to North wales next week for a couple of days ⭐️ #meniscustear #meniscusrecovery #aclreconstruction #comebackstronger #running #aclandmeniscussurgery
Little sneak peak of a different work out, other then the gym #rehab #aclreconstruction #bbg #tearoha #workoutroutine #steps #cardio
SATURDAY MORNING SPIN PB !! 🎉 Ever since I started spin classes after my second knee surgery I have been chasing the elusive 500 points. I get a whole array of stats after my spin class and they give you an overall score that considers both your speed and resistance throughout the class. There’s nothing particularly significant about getting 500 points other than I wanted it! I’ve been slowly progressing, having gone from getting 387 points for my first class to anywhere between 430-480 thereafter. But 500 seemed so impossible until today. Almost exactly 3 months after starting weekly spin classes I did it!! Bloody hell did I work hard for these points but it feels pretty damn good and it shows my cardio fitness is getting better! 😊 Swipe ⬅️ if you want to see what I’m banging on about! In the interest of full disclosure, many many people get a score higher than me but they probably haven’t had 2 major knee surgeries and so I think this is worth celebrating anyway! 🥳 💦 #aclwarrior #meniscectomy #kneeinjury #sportsinjury #surgery #physio #meniscustear #acl #aclreconstruction #aclsurgery #aclrecovery #aclfamily #kneeprobs #kneeproblems #physiotherapy #fitfam #training #aclclub #progression #fitness #healthylife #gymlife #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #activelife #sportsrehab #workout #comeback #londonfitness #spinning
1. Positive Lachman + Anterior drawer test 2. Pivot Shift test ACL rupture Performed by dr.Erick #aclreconstruction
Day 2: Day-to-day activities are very difficult. I’m not able to prepare meals by myself, so I’m fortunate and grateful to have my dad here to help me. Going to the toilet is a painful experience. I’d left my toothbrush in my bedroom and only realised it once I was in the bathroom. I can’t explain the immense dread I felt of having to get up and going to my bedroom to get the toothbrush. I’m still set up on the sofa in my living room and have kept most of the stuff I need around me for easy access. Regular icing and painkillers were continued. We went out briefly to buy something, and getting into and out of the car took me a considerable while. Getting some fresh air was a nice relief, but just having to move around with the crutches was taxing. You can probably see that the swelling on my right leg is quite considerable, and the muscular atrophy is evident. In terms of actual pain though, it was much better than yesterday and the night passed by okay without too much pain and waking up often. #aclsurgery #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction #acltear #aclinjury #aclrehab #acl #kneeinjury
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I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I'm a wife. I'm a mom. I'm a homeschool teacher. I'm a personal trainer. I'm a coach. I'm a friend. I'm hypothyroid. I'm ridiculously OCD. I have two reconstructed ACLs. I've overcome leaky gut. I've struggled with high cortisol and adrenal fatigue. But...do these things define me? Are they really who I am? In my opinion, no, they are simply titles I have or experiences that I've gone through. So what defines me? My tenacious nature defines me. My ability to allow each and every experience, both good and bad to add wisdom and clarity defines me. My driven tendencies to keep going, even when things seem to be worse than they are defines me. My ability to start over when I fail, learning from my mistakes defines me. My choice to look for the good in others and tough situations defines me. I wasn't always able to claim these definitions, but they were always my choices to make. For whatever reason, for the last few years, I've gained and lost weight, strength and focus. Today, I realized just how weak my core has become. Starting next Tuesday, and every following Tuesday, I'm going to be sharing my journey, bit by bit, beginning where I started, up to how I got here. Stay tuned!
Ankle Sprain Rehab ——- In the mid to late stages of ankle sprain rehab, jumping and landing can typically begin to be introduced. I believe it’s important to keep it pain free as I don’t want to over stress the joint. Stress management is a key to ankle sprain rehab as well. I make sure to gradually build up the tolerance to jumping and landing tasks as it does place more stress on the ankle. ——- Here are a few exercises I like to use for jumping, landing and continued strengthening when rehabbing an ankle sprain. In my opinion, regaining proprioceptive awareness is under emphasized in rehab and something I emphasize often. This is why you’ll notice a lot of these exercises focus on controlled landing. 1️⃣ Single leg landing with med ball slam - the med ball adds a dynamic component to the exercise and makes it more challenging. 2️⃣ Single leg forward jump - foundational neuromuscular control exercise I like to use. I want to see him exhibits good trunk, hip, knee and ankle control. What compensations do you see here? 3️⃣ Lateral bound - same as above 4️⃣ Slant board heel raises - continued strengthening is a must and adding a slant board increases range and makes it more challenging. ——- 🙌🏼 Tag someone who could use this exercises! 👍 Like and save if you found it helpful! 🤷🏼‍♂️ Post questions or comments below!👇
#NOCRUTCH Looks like I might beat that third surgery. #imguilty #aclrecovery #acl #aclreconstruction
Therapy work done. Sooooooo painful starting to get intense. #aclrecovery #aclreconstruction
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