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You, brave girl, are a warrior. And warriors are never ashamed to bleed - via @third_eye_guide • Babe - @kamala.lifestyle
teman akan datang dan pergi silih berganti seiring waktu berlalu namun yang terbaik hanyalah mereka-mereka yang menamparmu dari depan bukan yang mencekikmu dari belakang yang terbaik hanyalah mereka-mereka yang tetap merangkulmu meski se isi dunia memusuhimu akan ada banyak wujud dari wajah teman dan akan ada waktu dimana mereka tampakan aslinya. ✂----------------------------------------------------------------------- #instasunda #instasquare #shoot2kill #agameoftones #moodygrams #1200d #vscocam
Perhaps our dreams are there to be broken, & our plans are there to crumble, & our tomorrows are there to dissolve into today, & perhaps all of this is all a giant invitation to wake up from the dream of separation, to awaken from the mirage of control & embrace whole-heartedly what is present. Perhaps it is a call to compassion, to a deep embrace of this universe in all its bliss & pain & bittersweet glory. Perhaps we were never really in control of our lives, and perhaps we are constantly invited to remember this since we constantly forget it. - Jeff Foster
I had so much fun with minis this last Weekend that I’m opening up Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th for last chance fall family minis! Claim your spot now 🖤 35 mins, 15 images, $145. Rustic location close to downtown Spokane. Dm me for more info.
Flying over Ushuaia 🚁 What happened to me is absolutely surreal. I lost a drone in a pretty remote area in the mountains. I tried searching for it but considering it was over a forest and disconnected at 60 meters, I lost hope. Over a month goes by and a complete stranger approaches me on the street and asks me if I had lost a drone? Wait..... what?! I swear it even took me a second to connect the dots, there’s just no way 🤯 This absolute hero recognized me from reviewing the footage on the memory card. Turns out he was nearby the day I lost the drone and saw it go down but couldn’t get to it. He then went back the next day with a ladder to retrieve it from the tree it was stuck on. I still can’t believe it, what a legend. He is most definitely the real MVP 🏆 👏🏻
My first attempt at illustrator since 09 in graphic design class. I've been hella bored trying to find a new hobby ever since my accident. I've always had an interest in graphic design but since I'm a quadriplegic now I never thought in a million years id be able to get back into it due to my hand function. Luckily enough I have a really good friend who offered to help me out and loaned me the money so I could get a new iMac & so I decided why not at least give it a try now since I have the perfect machine for it now. I dunno how many times I gave up and tried again the next day. after a couple weeks I was finally starting to get the hang of it. This might sound cheesy to your and I know it's just a small example but if you really believe in your self and keep trying you can do anything you put your mind to. I know it's not the best but it's the best I could do being a quadriplegic. "Follow your dreams. Be a good person and fuck approval of others" - @logic . . . #motivation #logic #vector #vectorart #graphicdesign #art #artoftheday #artofvisuals #brushcalligraphy #cartoon #create #agameoftones #characterdesign #visionarymusicgroup #doodle #drawing #graphicart #fineart #handmade #illistrator #apple #sketchbook #inspiration #typegang #visualsgang #potd #creative #createcommune #photography #quadriplegic
The photos I took for another project of mine along with some others I for some reason didn’t use ~ ~ ~ ~ #portrait #goldenhour #agameoftones #portraitmood #artofvisuals
• Foss. Super rad human and heckin dope photographer👌 I’ve enjoyed shooting with him this past weekend in the good old PNW. Show him some love and check out his feed at @andrewfoss
Lighting up the sky. Woke up at 1 am to drive 2 hours up the volcano and above the clouds. At the summit, we were treated with the beautiful scene of a clear sky littered with the stars of the Milky Way. Of course, this picture does not do the experience any justice..
Live. ❤️. ALOHA 🏝🌊 | #ykwkis #hawaii2018
Hong Kong is one of those cities that really transforms into something else when the sun goes down
manifesting long term leather jacket weather 🍁 📸: @_alisaremi
👑 Visions I vandalize Cold in my Kingdom size 👑 @venetia.paradisis
Selfie Time
The heir is a little different on this side • #draecoe x #RespectheShooter Muse : @draecoe @yogitheshooter with the 📸
Wherever you go, don't look back
Angel face. Devil thoughts. 😇 😈🖤🌀
I like my girl gang how I like my coffee: strong! Will never want to (wash) away any memories we have had together since freshmen year hehe 💕 #feeling22
So epic 🤙
I'm always trialing behind my friends when we go anywhere. I'm either changing lens or taking photos of them. So antisocial 😂 . . . --------------------------------------- Location: Portstewart Strand 📍 Camera: Canon 200D Lens: 70-300mm --------------------------------------- . . .
Take a break. Enjoy the view. ------------- Когда я собиралась на Филиппины, мне совершенно не хотелось в туристические места. Ну что я, на Себу или Палаван не успею? - думала. Отдыхающих там уже много. Теперь годом позже, годом раньше - разницы не имеет. Хотелось попасть туда, где только я, природа и тишина. В Сагаде мне это почти удалось. ( photo by @julietruli ) . . .
wassap wassup master yoga approves lol
throwback to our unique ubud accommodation in bali! It’s amazing how we lived in an open space like there was even a point wherein a snake got in the living area and the caretakers were too casual about it! (but it was gone in a jiffy so, no worries) overall, it was definitely refreshing to be breathing fresh air 10/10 highly recommend staying some nights or so in ubud area as it is far from the hustle of the busy streets of denpasar and kuta
hop hoppity hop 👣
Atardeceres de pueblo ♥️
throwback to that monkey forest adventure at bali I wasn’t at all looking forward to haha🐒 wasn’t able to roam around the forest trail though as the monkeys were a little bit too aggressive. also, I shouldn’t have worn something flashy, oops. 10/10 would recommend y’all to read all warnings and brochures before embarking on the monkey adventure AND NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE QUEEN BITCH
Rasta Bird
Under the Bridge
Remember the Alamo!
Along the Medina River, Texas
Korean Kolors!
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