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Yay it’s Friday night - who’s throwing on some heals, lick of gloss and heading out with their bestie to celebrate? Comment below and tag one skincare loving friend and I’ll choose one entry below to each receive a sample of Active Hydration Serum - this baby will ensure your glow last not only all day long but until the wee hours of last drinks 🍸🍸 . . . #freebiefriday #bestfriendsforever #activehydrationserum #dryskin #sensitiveskin #dullness #radiantskincare #glowingskincare #skincarematters #skincarejunkie #sportsmum #wintertime #dryskinproble #momlifestyle #joyfulmamas #bestofmom #mybeautifulmess #cabincrew #flightattendants #inbeautyandchaos #howyouglow #skincareroutine #skinessentials #officework #marykay #arbonne #rodanandfields #switchupyourroutine #yourkeytogreatskin
I have to give a huge shoutout to all of you Rodan & Fields beautiful ladies out there, that were confidant enough to post your pictures today without any makeup 💄 This was a strong statement about how well your products work! Congratulations 🎉 God Bless you 🙏🏻❤️
💦💦ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM💦💦 Q: But I already use a moisturizer...Do I need Active Hydration Serum? A: YES... Q: But, why? A: Hydration and moisturizers address dryness differently. While moisturizers work to form a barrier on top of the skin to prevent moisture loss, hydration actually ADDS water to the skin AND keeps you 200% more hydrated!! ALL skin types need hydration, just like all need moisture. Hydration helps nourish the skin from within, and a moisturizer helps seal in what is already there. 💦Balance Oily Skin 💦Plump Wrinkles 💦Reduce Fine Lines 💦Visible Firmness 💦Added Brightness Want to find out more, message me or comment below if your interested and we can chat!!! 💦💦💦💦💦 #lifechangingskincare #ahs #activehydrationserum #randf #randfaustralia #rodanandfields #rodanandfieldsaustralia #loveyourskin
Today is #rfgonaked day, so here’s my makeup free selfie! Thanks to all of my Rodan+Fields skin care products, I still get asked if I am in college. I also thank my mom for good genes😂 🙌🏼 #rfgonaked #reverse #lashboost #activehydrationserum #empoweredwomenempowerwomen
FLASH SALE!!! 20% off through this Sunday. My favorite Rodan+Fields product❤️🙋‍♀️ Message me #Rodan +Fields #20off #flashsale #activehydrationserum #plumpyourskin
“Does it scare you to think of posting a make-up free selfie for the world to see? The good news is that it’s definitely an option, meaning you have the freedom to choose whether you will do it or not. Spoiler alert: feeling the fear and then doing it anyway is what defines courage and what molds you into a better version of yourself. My advice? Run the option. Say yes. Do it scared. Today only, every bare faced selfie posted publicly on social media with the hashtag #RFGoNaked will garner a $1 donation from R+F to the Prescription For Change Foundation to fund programs in the US, Canada and Australia for at-risk youth. Our goal is ONE MILLION selfies for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Tag me in your post and I will match that dollar donation AND you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a free full size regimen of choice to aide you in baring your beautiful skin more confidently and more often. So what’s it gonna be?” - Ellie Mae Miller
No filter, no make-up, no problem because when you use the best in skincare you don’t need it AND better yet, It’s #RFGoNaked Day! One of my proudest days do represent this #1 brand. When you post your own makeup free selfie and tag it with #RFGoNaked , Rodan and Fields will donate $1 per selfie — up to $1 million USD in total — to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation to fund life-changing educational and leadership programs for young people! . #RFGoNaked Https://JenniferLBall.myrandf.com Https://JenniferLBall.myrandf.biz #RodanAndFields #R +F #RodanAndFieldsConsultant #Redefine #Reverse #Soothe #Unblemish #LashBoost #ActiveHydrationSerum #BeyondTheShave #Essentials #AmpMD #retinAlrevolution #eyebrighteningcomplex #BeTheCEOofYou #LifeChangingSkinCare #BeYourOwnBoss #LeadTheWay #Entrepreneur #BossBabe #rfjourney #TheFirm
“Go makeup-free like me for #RFGoNaked Day. For every makeup-free selfie publicly posted with #RFGoNaked , Rodan + Fields will donate $1 to the Prescription for Change Foundation, for up to $1 million USD in total donations” #rfgonaked #rodanandfields #redefineregimen #reversebrighteningregimen #activehydrationserum #microdermabrasionpaste #redefineampmd
⬇️FREEBIE! ⬇️ ☀️Happy 1st Day of Summer!☀️ The weather is finally getting (and staying!) warmer, so as you head outside every day, don’t forget about the brutal damage that the sun’s harmful rays can cause to your skin. You need a total protection sunscreen that will keep you safe and not scorched....R + F ESSENTIALS Broad Spectrum Body Sunscreen w/ SPF 30, will do just that! From now until June 30th, any NEW PC who orders $80 worth of product will receive a FREE Sunscreen. Message me today to get yours! ☀️product details: -lightweight, non-greasy, broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 -water-resistant for up to 40 minutes -defends against harmful UVA and UVB rays -Vitamins C and E scavenge free radicals, while -Dimethicone helps maintain your skin's delicate natural moisture barrier -Emollients help condition the skin to protect against environmental stress -Safe for the whole family! • • • • • #skincare #safesun #rodanandfields #reverseregimen #essentials #ampmdroller #brighteyecomplex #multifunctioneyecream #activehydrationserum #unblemishregimen #sootheregimen #redefineregimen #lashboost #broadspectrumsunscreen
Y’ALL. You can get my favorite product for FREE!🙌 ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM 💧Balances oily skin 💧Hydrates dry skin 💧Plumps the skin 💧Improves skin’s radiance 💧Reduces fine lines 💧Increases visible firmness Hydrated skin looks, feels and acts younger! Full size bottle free right now! and no you don’t have to join as a consultant to get this deal... (although you should😉) Message me to grab yours! #rodanandfields #activehydrationserum #hydrate #glowingskin #radiantskin #healthyskin #youthfulskin #forfree #freebies #freeproduct #dontmissout #tulsamoms #sahm #wahm #mompreneur
My favorite job this year🌟🌟🌟🌟. My daughter booking me for a 6.45am start to braid her and her friends hair for the Lauriston school dance concert. #happydaughterhappylife #motherslove #onlocation #earlybird #hairstylist #braids thank goodness for #redefine and #activehydrationserum #rodanandfieldsau
Getting ready to BOOST and HYDRATE! Who's with me? #lashboost #activehydrationserum
Active Hydration Serum is a winner. Try it and instantly feel the difference! . . #rodanandfields #activehydrationserum #realresults
Alright...here’s my makeup free #RFGoNaked selfie. If I can do it, you can too! It’s for a good cause! 😁 . ⭐️ Join me and post a make-up free selfie today, June 21st, using the hashtag #RFGoNaked . For every publicly posted makeup-free photo of yourself (with the hashtag #RFGoNaked ) R+F will give $1 to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation, up to $1 MILLION USD in total donations. . ⭐️ The Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation funds organizations that provide young people with life-changing educational and leadership programs in the United States, Canada and Australia. . SEE THE IMPACT The Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation proudly provides funding to: . 🇺🇸 United States ➰ buildOn ➰ Breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education . 🇨🇦 Canada ➰ We ➰ Working to empower all students and their influencers to change the world locally and globally . 🇦🇺 Australia ➰ The Smith Family ➰ Creating opportunities for youth in need by providing long-term support for their participation in education. . Get ready to DO GOOD Naked!
Empowering independence. Empowering confidence. Empowering change. We're just getting started, are you?" #WeAreRF #RF10Years
LEFT:- This is what 6 years of being a tanning bed addict can do for you! 😱👎 RIGHT:- This is what Rodan+Fields skincare can do for you 😍👍 Sun damage, UV rays, heat, cold, wind etc., no matter what you go through, or how long you have gone without protecting your skin, you can REVERSE the damage and bring your skin back to how it should be. It’s under there somewhere! There is no one miracle cream I’m sorry to say. What you have to have is the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order. You can REVERSE all the years of damage and start ageing backwards! Are you ready to talk to me yet? I’m ready to talk to you! 😍
Make these Rodan + Fields add-ons part of your selfcare ritual. 🚿 If you love hydrated skin all day long grab #ActiveHydrationSerum powered with glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Your skin’s personal water source for instant and continuous hydration. 💧 And if you need dark circles and puffiness gone for good stock up on #BrightEyeComplex . Revitalize your tired eyes. 👁 #team2k #TeAm2kletsflamingle
Winter is here and there is no saving grace other than our Active Hydration Serum..👌.. No dry skin any longer, only a natural glow and moisture locked in for 8hours! #activehydrationserum #dryskincare #thisshitsreal #antiagingskincare #serums #giveyourselfaglow #hydrationnation #hydrate #lookinggreat
The R+F foundation products. 😄💕💕 The Regimens: Soothe for sensitive skin, Reverse for dullness or discolouration and Redefine for fine lines, pores & loss of firmness. 💫 Packed full of actives and peptides 💥💥 and minus irritants like emulsifiers and surfactants (Soothe) these groupings of quality product will see you on your way to new & improved skin. I am not kidding! 😄💃💃 Best news ever - 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. How good is that?!! It’s a no risk purchase. 🙌 Do the solution tool here: https://gabbyh.myrandf.com/au/skin-solution-tool Have a great Friyay everyone! ✋ AND for every PC (preferred customer) purchase of a Regimen in June I am giving away a 💥💥 FREE 💥💥 EYE 👀 cream, valued at $84! It’s packed with Vit E & C & peptides & it’s a beauty! Yay!! 💕👏👏
• • Did y’all know that moisturizers don’t do what it sounds like they do?! 🤔💦💦 • Moisturizing creams don’t actually add moisture to your skin, they just create a barrier to keep moisture from escaping!! • But what about something that actually adds moisture to the skin making it more visibly radiant, softer, and smoother? • Such a thing exists! It’s R+F’s Active Hydration Serum. 😀 • It instantly boosts skins hydration 200% and is NOT GREASY! #nooil #vegetableglycerinforthewin • Think other products that claim to be “moisture/hydration serums” can do the same and get this much attention? • Think again! This product uses innovative technology that is exclusive to Rodan and Fields. • Secret being👉🏼our patent-pending 3D3P Molecular Matrix 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 • 😀🤔what even!? Haha.👩🏼‍🔬 • Thankfully, I’m not the scientist, they are. I’m just here to share the good news that this product really works. 😩🙌🏼🙌🏼 #activehydrationserum #rodanandfields #randf #hydrationnation
Yey it’s FRIDAY... That means giveaways! Hands up who wants a free sample of the Active Hydration Serum 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Well I have 3 to give away 💌💌💌 I’ll pop them in the post to the first three people to take my solution tool - link in my bio. Our Solution Tool is a fast, 4 step questionnaire that will help you identify your skin concerns and then recommend what regimen and products are suitable for your skin type! AHS is a super serum and it’s my best selling product - 💧This super-serum raises skin's hydration level by 200% after just one use. 💧Saturated with an unprecedented 30% Glycerin, Active Hydration Serum immediately hydrates skin to its optimal hydration level, maintains it throughout the day and continues to build over time with ongoing use. Other brands contain generally 5-10% - that’s why our serum is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types! 💧It's created with Rodan + Fields proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix Technology that acts as your skin's personal water reservoir, drawing and locking in moisture from the air as your skin needs it. . . . #freebiefriday #soulutions #linkinbio #activehydrationserum #dryskin #sensitiveskin #dullness #radiantskincare #glowingskincare #skincarematters #skincarejunkie #sportsmum #wintertime #dryskinproble #momlifestyle #joyfulmamas #bestofmom #mybeautifulmess #inbeautyandchaos #howyouglow #skincareroutine #skinessentials #officework #marykay #arbonne #rodanandfields #switchupyourroutine #yourkeytogreatskin
GO NAKED WITH ME!! Want to win a free regimen, contribute to an incredible cause AND see naked photos? 😳 Today is ‘#NationalSelfieDay ’. That alone blows my mind, but let’s make something good out of it. Did you know that average millennial will take 25,700 selfies during their lifetime 🤦🏽‍♀️? Sounds like a case of selfie-itis, but if we can make a difference while doing it…BAM. 💥 Today, for every makeup free selfie you post on your wall with the hashtag #RFgonaked , Rodan + Fields will give 💲1 to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation- goal is to raise 💲1 million USD in total donations.🙌 Be sure to set the post to "public" so they can find it. You could light the way for an underprivileged youth to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. Additionally, if you tag me, you have the chance to win a $200 gift on me! 🎁 Makeup off. Game on 👊🏼 💋 #RFgonaked #makeadifference #letsraise1000000dollarstoday #buildOn #nomakeup #nofilterneeded
Because I can’t take a selfie without my 3 yr old... 💙 TODAY is the day to post your make-up free selfie with the #rfgonaked and Rodan + Fields will donate $1 for each selfie posted to the Prescription for Change Foundation. 💙 Anyone who posts a make-up free selfie with the hashtag #rfgonaked and tags me today, you’ll receive a free mini facial! Make sure your profile is public so it will count! 💙 #rodanandfields #loveyourskin #prescriptionforchange #makeupfree #reversebrightening #redefine #lashboost #activehydrationserum #eyebrightener
It’s #RFGoNaked day!!! Show off your fresh, make-up free face and take a selfie! 📷 For every selfie posted with the hashtag #RFGoNaked , Rodan + Fields will donate $1 to the Prescription for Change Foundation that funds programs for young adults! Start by taking a photo of yourself without ANY makeup, post the photo on your social media page with the hashtag and THATS IT!!! (Just be sure your post is public so corporate can see it!) You don’t even need to be a current R + F product user to participate! So go take that selfie and if you tag me in your post, I’ll give you consultant pricing on any product you choose!!
Here's my make up free selfie! 💁🏼 I love feeling confident in my own skin without makeup, and empowering one another to do the same! --->>> TODAY for every makeup free selfie with the hashtag #RFgonaked $1 will be donated to the prescription for change foundation which helps fund programs to build self esteem and leadership. <<<------ 🛍To enter to win a free regimen of choice simply post your makeup free selfie with the hashtag #rfgonaked and don't forget to tag me!! Pictures must be made public for the donation to work! #theradiantmama #rfgonaked #marirose #selfieday #microdermabrasionpaste #activehydrationserum #getyourglowon
#scalppsoriasas sucks! This is my sons 48 hour results from using #rodanandfields #sootheregimen step 2 and #activehydrationserum . When it’s not inflamed he’s not picking at it and if he’s not picking at it gives it time to heal. #psoriasis #dermatology
Margarita in honor of the #firstdayofsummer 🍹no makeup in honor of #RFgoNAKED 💁🏼‍♀️
Today is #RFGoNaked day ✨ Small gesture. BIG impact. - Join us in doing good! Post a makeup-free selfie (make it public if posted on FB 🌎) with #RFGoNaked and Rodan+Fields will donate $1 on your behalf to support students in need through our #PrescriptionforChange movement. R+F’s goal is to donate $1 MILLION dollars this year. - You do NOT have to be an R+F consultant or customer to participate for this amazing cause! 👉🏼EXTRA👈🏼 Tag me (again, make sure it’s public!) and I'll make an extra donation on your behalf AND put you into a drawing to win #activehydrationserum - R+F’s #PFC partnership is with @BuildOn , and I encourage you to check them out and see all of the amazing work they're doing. For two decades, their mission has been to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. They empower urban youth to transform their neighborhoods through intensive community service and to change the world by building schools in some of the economically poorest countries on the planet. - So help us make a difference today all by your #selfie #rodanandfields #pfc #giveback #RFGoNaked #selfieforacause #dogoodfeelgood #dogoodnaked #hairbychrissy #hairbybrittah #freshfaced #rflashboost #ohheymamas #postthepeople #lettherebelove #lettherebelove #momselfie #smashtessgirl
💧ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM 💧 If you’re not quite ready to start a full skincare routine, then the Active Hydration Serum is for you! Check out Cassie’s result after only 8 days! Benefits: 💦Balances oily skin 💦Plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles 💦Reduces fine lines 💦Increases visible firmness and 💦Improves radiance Elle Australia did an article on it [unpaid of course] and they agree...it’s the best on the market! When you literally CREATE a NEW MOLECULE in order to deliver more hydration than ANY other product on the market, it gets the beauty editors excited. Message me to find out how you can get this product 💙💦 #hydrationnation #activehydrationserum #rodanandfields
#rfgonaked Huge shoutout to my girl @kelscbonner for being an amazing #rodanandfields rep and getting me hooked on the #activehydrationserum ! Off to lunch with @jameejurecki makeup-free ☺️
Haven’t tried our Active Hydration Serum yet? Order today and I’ll send you $20...it’s that simple! Offer good June 21-26th for existing and new PCs only (you can join me today!) #rodanandfields #activehydrationserum #loveyourskin
Let's get NAKED!! #RFGoNaked Day is TODAY!! 💕 For every makeup-free selfie posted today with the hashtag #RFGoNaked , Rodan + Fields will donate $1 to BuildOn, up to $1 million USD. This is an amazing non-profit doing so much good for our youth, and I am super proud to be partnered with a company that gives back in such a big way! Tell your friends, husbands, boyfriends, cousins, grandmas WHOEVER to spread the word! TAG me in your "Go Naked" post and I will match the donation!🙌 Join the movement- make a change. Do good. GET NAKED! #buildon #pfc #makeadifference #nofilter #redefine #reverse #activehydrationserum #brighteyecomplex #liprenewingserum #teamempower
#RFGoNaked // I couldn't put make up on today even if I tried. Baby had a ridiculously short nap and I spilled my ice coffee every where. We're not off to a great start but not all is lost... • • With every make up free selfie today Rodan + Fields will donate $1 dollar to Build On organization to help families break the cycle of poverty. • Our goal is $1 Million and you can help! Just take a make up free selfie with the hashtag #RFgonaked and make it public. You dont need to be an R+F customer to participate! • Now more than ever we need to speak up and help families in anyway we can. 💕
Gosh, it's hot. Where I'm from, it would be 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity 🔥 Thank goodness we don't have the humidity here in central Texas! Because of that, though, my skin need some extra moisture 💦 ESPECIALLY after having a baby (postpartumness is so weird)! Active Hydration Serum by Rodan + Fields increases the moisture in your skin by 200%, and it is oil-free! 🌸 I have been using it alongside my Unblemish, and my skin has never looked or felt better. I cannot recommend this stuff enough, y'all, and I'd love to see how much it does for you! ✨Contact me if you're interested in Active Hydration Serum, saving money, and free shipping!✨ #RodanandFields #ActiveHydrationSerum #longhotsummerdays #moisturize #oilfree
Who knew a selfie could do so much good? Today @rodanfields is donating $1 to #buildOn for every make-up free selfie posted using the #RFGoNaked . Last year 951,000 people posted, this year their goal is to raise $1,000,000! Make sure your post is public, add #RFGoNaked and tag me and I will donate another $1 on your behalf. #loveyourselfie #linkinbio ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #freckles #nationalselfieday #selfieday #selfie #randf #rodanandfields #rflife #randfconsultant #lifechangingskincare #wearerf #skincare #premiumskincare #skincare #skincareroutine #activehydrationserum #lashboost
#RFGoNaked ❗️ I have been using Rodan + Fields for almost a year now. And I am in love with these products. And now i can make a change. What about you? . Don’t forget those in Canada, or US to post your selfies and tag #RFGoNaked so $1 can be donated to PFC. See my last post for further details 🙌🏼 #RFGoNaked #selfie #rodanandfields #rodanandfieldsaustralia #rodanandfieldsconsultant #skincare #lifechangingskincare #makeupfree #regimen #soothe #reverse #redefine #ampmdsystem #mdpaste #eyecream #activehydrationserum
This is my morning selfie  with my cutie! Go makeup-free like me for #RFGoNaked  Day! When you do, R+F will donate $1 per selfie -- up to $1 million USD in total -- to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation to fund life-changing educational and leadership programs for young people. Join me and get in on a raffle for a FREE full sized product from ME: Take a photo of yourself without any makeup. Post it on at least one of your social media accounts, make it public, and tag me! Use #RFGoNaked  with your photo, so we can find it and count it http://bit.ly/rfgonakedday  Raffle drawing at midnight tonight! So you have time to do this after work/before bedtime! Not happy with a make-up free selfie? Time to change your skincare? Send me a message and i'll send you a free mini facial! #RFGoNaked #NoFilter   #MomLife   #Brighteyecomplex   #ActiveHydrationSerum   #LashBoost
Make up free selfie day! Post a pic with #rfgonaked and Rodan and Fields will donate $1 for every post to the RF Prescription for Change Foundation!! #juliarandf #rodanandfields #soothe #unblemish #redefine #reverse #lashboost #activehydrationserum #livinginwestonfl #livinginweston #whatareyouwaitingfor ?
Today is National Selfie Day! Let’s take a selfie for good! Use the hashtag #RFGoNaked and Rodan+Fields will donate $1 for each selfie up to $1,000,000!!! 😍🤩 Support our youth through the Prescription For Change Foundation just by taking a naked (no makeup!) selfie!!! 👌🏻 Tag me, @bebold_bebright ,too, and I’ll give away a Give It A Glow facial for every 10 selfies 👱🏻‍♀️🧔🏻 I’m tagged in! Help me reach 75 selfies 🙌🏻, and I’ll give away an Active Hydration Serum!!! 😱😍 #beboldbebrightbeyou #rfmama #rodanandfields #activehydrationserum #gonakedforagreatcause #prescriptionforchangefoundation #nationalselfieday
Alright my Dude's 😎 & Dude-ettes 👯‍♀️ If you want to help make a difference in the 🌍 TODAY, do this! 1. Without any makeup on, post a selfie and use the hashtag #RFGoNaked , make sure your post is PUBLIC & TAG me 😁 For every selfie today, $1 will be donated on your behalf to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation, up to $1 million USD in total donations!!! ***For every selfie I am tagged in: ✔ I will donate $2 to the American Cancer Society 💓 ✔ you will be placed into a drawing for a FREE Eye Cream 👀🙌🤳 #changinglives #changingskin #usa #canada #australia #rodanandfields #letmeseeyourselfie #students #community #love #helpingothers #education #mentors #rfgonake #PFC #BuildOn #ilovemyjob #teamdivine #leavealegacy #healthylashes #redefineregimen #reverseregimen #ampmdroller #activehydrationserum #microdermabrasionpaste #americancancersociety
#lunathecat and I are both make-up free for #rfgonaked day. She is not a fan of selfies. #rodanandfields #lashboost #redefineregimen #activehydrationserum
✅ SOOTHE TO THE RESCUE ✅ I love this regimen💚 Nadia & Ryan use it for their eczema💚 thankful to have steroid free options for their young skins! Look at these amazing results shared by a preferred customer! When your skin seems too delicate, irritated, red, chapped, or bumpy, #SOOTHE Regimen & #ActiveHydrationSerum can clear & comfort it. Shae added #LashBoost for fun, taking advantage of both our Preferred Customer PC Perks discount, & our promo for bundling a Regimen + Lash Boost together. #LifeChangingSkinCare #hydrationserum #sensitiveskin #radiantskin #1skincarebrand
I’M NAKED!!! #RFGoNaked Day is TODAY!! For every makeup-free selfie posted today with the hashtag #RFGoNaked , Rodan + Fields will donate $1 to BuildOn, up to $1 million USD. This is an amazing non-profit doing so much good, and I am super proud to be partnered with a company that gives back in such a big way. The world needs more love and kindness these days - and you can help! All you have to do is post a makeup-free selfie, use the hashtag, and set the privacy to "public." TAG me in your "Go Naked" post and I will match the donation! Join the movement- make a change. Do good. GET NAKED! No makeup, point, click and post. 👊🏼 It’s that easy. #buildon #pfc #makeadifference #nofilter #redefine #activehydrationserum #brighteyecomplex #lashboost #teamempower #thisis48andthreequarters #iwokeuplikethis
Rodan + Fields not only improves your make-up free selfie, but they also donate $ to the Prescription for Change Foundation for every #RFGoNaked selfie posted today!!! By posting a make-up free selfie you are helping to generate charitable money to fund education and scholarships. 👏🏼📚 If you take a fresh-faced selfie, use the hashtag #rfgonaked , and tag me— then you will be entered to win a free R+F sunscreen from me! #rfgonaked #rodanandfields #loveyourskin #reversebrightening #activehydrationserum
You’re never too old to try Rodan+Fields! Meet Mary who is 71!! Rodan+Fields has changed her life!! Mary's story: "I was born a fair-skinned, freckle-faced, redhead in 1946. Most of my childhood, I was teased and humiliated about my freckles and red hair. I actually thought I could get a tan at the lake or the beach. I never used sunscreen, but iodine and baby oil instead. That only made my skin burn! The sun would make more freckles pop out, too. Back in those days, I never thought about taking care of my skin. I used Ivory soap and Ponds cold cream. I tried lots of experiments to try and make those freckles go away...even scraping my skin😞. Nothing worked. So I gave up and just accepted the fact that I would have these freckles the rest of my life. As I got older, I did spend a lot of money trying products from the top consultant-selling & department store-counter brands, just to keep my face clean and moisturized. I also ordered products from one of the shopping channels on TV. I never had any skin consultant advise me on a regular basis. I would have a party, get advice, see no results, and try something else. When I started using a high-end department store brand, I thought for sure the products would slow down the wrinkles. I've spent a lot of money with no results for 40 years! During my journey, I was diagnosed with skin cancer twice on my face that required surgery, and now I have scars. My doctor encouraged me to use sunscreen every day and wear a hat. Well, I did for awhile, but eventually got out of the habit. I noticed as I got older that I was now getting “age spots” on top of the freckles. I just ignored them and used makeup to camouflage them. I pretty much gave up on finding a safe way to lighten my freckles & spots and reverse any sun damage. In January of 2017, my daughter-in-law became a Rodan + Fields Consultant. She asked me if I would be one of her “test faces” to see how these products worked on 70 year old skin. She was not willing to sell a product she didn’t believe in. So, in February 2017, I started with the Redefine Regimen & Multi-function Eye Cream. Wow, my sagging skin was tightening and I was now in a routine of was
⠀ Whether it’s your Summer or Winter... ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM is the liquid gold MUST for all dry skin— face, hands, cracked heels, etc! Hello sooty hands and cute sandals! I carry it with me in my purse for smoother and more radiant skin when meeting with clients. ⠀ Vogue & several other critics rave about this stuff too. https://www.vogue.com.au/beauty/skin/the-foolproof-trick-that-will-ensure-you-know-when-your-skincare-is-really-doing-what-it-promises/news-story/82b4ff70ce80222decbabc6c2ff7ab69 #activehydrationserum #rfnaked #hydration #skincare #glowing #hydrate #skin #beauty #glow #serums #summer #dryskin #softskin
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