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Caged in 🌃 . . Here's a shot from this underrated caged in bridge walkway by Barrio logan looking over the 5 freeway. I always see this spot and have seen a few photos from it but have never stopped to take photos at it until yesterday and totally glad I did because the views are pretty epic and different from all the usual ones I've been to. This was what i think was the best view or composition I could get because I was able to get all of the highway in the shot a little bit of the walkway / cage and the buildings perfectly centered! 🤓. I was at this spot for quite a while and never had any problems because I was the only one up there the whole time but I do definitely stick out to all the cars passing by although that never bothers me. I hope eveyone enjoys this shot! 🌃🙇‍♂️🔥😃 Nikon D3200 x Tokina 11-16 • • #ig_skyvibes #SanDiego .city #Ig_unitedStates #10news #TeamTokina #Theimaged #Citykillerz #Ig_color #MoodyGrams #Createcommune #Loaded_lenses #SymmetricalMonsters #AGameOfTones #Shotzdelight #Way2Ill #Ig_underdogz #Streets_vision #Tokina1116 #sunsetstream_westside #Aov5k #AllthingsSd #ig_killerz #SanDiegoPhotos #Caliinviteyou #skyaddic #Night_owlz   #USA_primeshot #Caliinviteyou #MySdPhoto #SOsandiego
Paradise 🌴
Traveled down Highway 1 the other day with the homie @davidmonicalphotography. We stopped in Big Sur and Santa Cruz, to spend a day at each. As you can tell, the dog hit us pretty hard but it made a very moody, and introducing touch to our photos. Here’s one of mine shot in the morning, what emotion does this evoke from you? Have you been to the Big Sur area before? Lmk in the comments and tag a friend you’d like to go here with. #bigsur #visitcalifornia #bigsurcoast #mcwayfalls
The fading glow of the summer sun. I love our summers in Edmonton.
Vietnam, you were the best adventure I could have asked for. ♥️ ___________ Currently sitting at the airport in Manila, munching on a cinnabon, waiting for my indefinitely delayed flight to Coron.
today, on a walk #vibewithcars
A tall order 🏙 • Sometimes looking at architecture is one of the most inspiring mediums for me. Seeing so many leading lines really helps get my creative juices flowing. What helps you get yours moving?
I was recently asked about how I go about taking the pictures the way I do and how I see things. Well I have learned to see the world differently through a lens, and I can almost sometimes say that I do see the beauty in anything . When I do take pictures, I want to capture the essence of where I was, I want to capture the mood and how the weather was , but also I want to be creative and express it my own way and that’s how I want my final image to look. I want to give people the feels, I want to hear and see peoples reaction. We do the things we love because it makes us feel good, right? If we can include people with our own happiness, it just means so much more. As much as I do photography for myself, I get so much pleasure and happiness when I can share it with people who mean so much to me and to me that means everything. It took this picture a few days ago and it took me some time to really go through them. I scrolled passed this particular picture and I just didn’t feel. It wasn’t that great. I think you either feel it or you don’t. There’s no in between. I came back to this picture tonight and for some reason I just seen something different this time. Taking some time away from editing any new pictures I had even for awhile, gave me time to reassess everything and come back to it and seen the beauty in it when I couldn’t see it before. Step back once in awhile and take a break, and maybe you’ll see things in a whole new perspective. Life is in colour but black & white is more realistic
Flip your screen upside down. 💦
Que lindo es sentir que todos mis prejuicios se van día a día descartando acerca de mi concepción del mundo. Ogilvy representa lo cosmopolita que tiene NY. Una agencia donde se respiran todas los aires. Incluso nuestros directores son Rioplatenses y despues te cruzas algún profe Hindú o un compañero de Kazakhstan. Y así se va forjando un locro de creatividad para chuparse los dedos.
Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.
КАК ВЫ ОТНОСИТЕСЬ К ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯМ В ОДИНОЧЕСТВЕ? ⠀ Во второй день в Монреале я одна отправилась исследовать город, потому что с раннего утра Антон был на конференции. Я бродила по улочкам Старого Квебека, где за каждым поворотом скрывалось что-нибудь удивительное: я практически не пользовалась картой и неожиданно для себя находила разные красоты - Нотр-Дам, набережную, знаменитый старый ресторан, квартал художников и наконец рождественский магазин. Честно, такой магазин я видела только однажды — во второй части фильма «Один Дома», когда герой Маколея Калкина оказывается в Нью-Йорке, помните, он заходит в невероятного размаха магазин с игрушками (в том числе рождественскими), а хозяин дарит ему двух фарфоровых голубей? Мне кажется, у детей, которые выросли на этом фильме, где-то на периферии сознания есть желание хоть раз оказаться в таком магазине 😂 И я бродила в доме французского Деда Мороза, как зачарованная, по меньшей мере полчаса. На прощание загадала желание, которое, как я узнала сегодня, уже сбылось 😌 Теперь придётся снова верить в Деда Мороза!😂 ⠀ Помню, как была вдохновлена и наполнена впечатлениями того дня и когда увиделась с Антоном, спешила скорее показать ему все места, которые нашла. Есть что-то неуловимо щемящее в том, чтобы разделить с любимым человеком свои радости, знания и ощущения, добытые самостоятельно.
This little town is hands down the most beautiful place in the Netherlands💕 There was also a shop called “Woltman Watersport” so it was pretty much meant to be.
The last light trail from this "shoot" back in March
__________ I swear I can taste it And I don’t wanna waste this Summer dancing on my own You shouldn’t be alone At all _________________ #alphacollective @sonyalpha
||”Let life be an adventure. Live your life to the fullest, unfettered by fear of the ghosts and goblins of what might occur. Calamity and death happen as well to those who hide from life as to those who squeeze every drop of zest from it.” - Jonathan Lockwood Huie|| #visualsoflife #montanamoment #natgeoyourshot #optoutside #aov5k
Soft cliff face. 👌
Catching those first rays of light at Hidden Lake. Seeing these peaks light up in the morning will forever be one of my favorite sights.
“My World is Not Yours to Have” ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————#alltheoceanblues postthepeople #aov5k #collectingportraits #loveofportraits #portraitmood #portraitsociety #discoverportrait #rsa_portraits #featuremeofh #somberbeings #snobshots #peoplegallery #moodyports #creativesontherise #seekingthestars #pulsefilm #seniormodelmagazine #alltheoceanblues Summer is for sunshine and happy days.....
“Eye Curved”
I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams. In Frame: @smeaghannas
ANTI WORLD PEACE. What I felt walking around Bethlehem and seeing the huge wall separating Palestine and Israel. I never realized how tall it was (more than 2x size of the Berlin Wall) with manned turrets every few hundred feet in the major cities. We seem as far as ever to finding a solution between these two...so complicated, so much history. So much pain, so much death, so much hate... Shot for @worldpeaceshop . Spreading love even in places where it can seem non-existent. . . . #worldpeace #love #goodvibes . . . #antiworldpeace #westbank #palestine #israel #challengerstreets #irimages #natgeoyourshot #natgeo #worldpeaceshop #streetleaks #aov5k #portraitpage #moodygrams #panospictures #sdmfeatures #sdmtravels #magnumphotos #worldpeacecampaign #bethlehem #timeoutsociety #thoughtcatalog #tlpicks #resourcemag #lensculture #lensonstreets #hope
Lmao this guy doesn’t look too happy I got a shot of him 🤣. On a side note “The surprising power of a smile” is a good online read... look it up if you’ve got a minute or two. #gamechanger 🧠
“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” ― Terry Pratchett // I decided to go with my first cut of this video. May have seen it on my stories and me claiming I’ll add more. But the new footage just didn’t flow well. So I went with the first cut. Let me know what you think. Any feed back is appreciated good or bad
Wish I could post this whole photo but @instagram hasn’t gotten with the program yet 🙄
#tbt January 2015 - Progress
I so badly want to be here with my feet up, hat on, and wind howling in my ears. Almost half way done with this class.
I hate tickles. Don’t ever tickle me.
Pardon my ways
Movie magic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios | #shotonmoment (no lenses)
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