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Wonderful design and render👌 Via / Design lab architects . 📐 Follow @architecture.c for more amazing architecture content! . Check out our Archi-Playlist on Spotify! Link in Bio!🔥
a little closer ... • :| • ;/ • [••.••] 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 #dream #architecture #architecturestudent #keepswimming #onestepcloser #oneday #coyotehillsregionalpark #mother #coyotehill
Via arterial. ✍🏽🌳
Figure Ground Theory- land planning project complete✨ #architecture #landplanning #architecturestudent #architectinthemaking
Museo Internacional del Barroco Architects: Toyo Ito & Associates Photographer: Patricia Lopez Jaimes / Danstek Area: 18149.0 m2 ——————————————————— Follow @archcollector Tag #archcollector for feature
Синий цвет меня марозит с нутри и я тону в красоте архитектуры.🖤
The calling.
I’m building this house on the moon, like a lost astronaut, looking at you like a star from a place the world forgot.
Never in my wildest dreams.
Dramatic house.
Change is a powerful thing, people are powerful bein's Tryin' to find the power in me to be faithful.
Are we human? Or are we dancers?
Rojo antiguo.
Shadow puppets.
You had this picture of me And now I have shattered your dreams I know the drill and I know the truth And it kills me.
Rumor Has It.
Losing touch.
I miss you.
...Ready for it?
“I'm building this house on the moon Like a lost astronaut Lookin' at you like a star From a place the world forgot And there's nothing that I can do Except bury my love for you.”
Lovers on the sun.
This is my space.
He buscado mucho tiempo para encontrarte fui a la deriva a través del universo, solo para estar a tu lado.
Run that race.
Up in the air.
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