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There’s a ton of reasons we don’t ask for help. 🤨 . But the truth is - When we ask for help we build community and affirm our humanness. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️⬇️ . Help me build Parenting You. I can’t do it with You. . #parentingyou #askingforhelp #parenting #needcommunity #stickingtogether #parentleadership #beingvulnerable
My craft closet is starting to fill up again with completed pieces, so I’m looking for new ways to market them on Etsy, Instagram, and locally in Greenville/Greer/Spartanburg shops. . Does anyone have tips or tricks to share that have worked well for you? . If so, I’d love if you could share them with me in the comments below so other makers can also benefit from your advice! . . . . #askforhelp #askingforhelp #tipsandtricks #makerlife #etsyshophelp #etsyshop #shareyourwisdom #shoplocalsc #shophandmade #yeahthatgreenville #shoplocal #smallshop #fullcloset #tipsneeded #mentorship #mentor #artmentor #businessmentor #weaving #woven #wovenwallhangings #homedecor #bohohome #bohohomedecor #artistfriends #community
Dear strong lady, don't be afraid to ask for help. It won't diminish you. It won't reduce your strength. Tag a strong lady you know.
I really love how people are so willing to help when you give them a chance. Yesterday I asked the person in front of me at the checkout to help me carry something quite heavy out to the car and he was more than happy to assist me. When you need help with something do you ask for help straight away? It's actually a win-win situation when you think about it. Like receiving a gift, the giver feels good and the receiver does also. Both parties share in the release of those feel good hormones...so remember to ask for some help today. You may just make someone's day!
COMMENT LAUGHING EMOJIS 💀💀😂 !💛 Regrann from @funnymike - I’m never asking for directions again 😂😂😂 @funnycam @travisbadass @holygxd - #regrann #famous #10toesdownchallenge #askingforhelp #help #directions #funnymemes #meme #funnymike #repost #wednesday #like #comment #cool #asking
Only $500 away from more of me being an absolute weirdo! One of the best things about working on @historywebs is that @jmtracyii never tells me no, he lets me try every wacky, absurd choice that my crazy brain comes up with. So close! And every bit helps🙏💕 LINK IN BIO . . . . #actor #actorslife #actingchoices #absurdity #goofy #webseries #originalwebseries #originalcontent #lgbtq #lgbtwebseries #lgbtactors #nycactors #nycwebseries #nychk #nyhellskitchen #crowdfunding #askingforhelp
This looks great: Being the parent you want to be. #MummyMatters
Hello Loves! I hope you are doing well and that you survived and/or are surviving the eclipse season. They say she’s done but I’m still feeling her.. In healing work it’s important to ask for help. Some of us who came from trauma may have a hard time doing this as early needs weren’t always met. So to protect ourselves we stop asking for help. We learn to be independent, self sufficient and to do everything on our own. While it may feel good to be strong and not need anybody or anything it’s not really real. It’s an illusion. We all need help. All of us at different times in our lives will need help. We are all in this together. Healing happens in community. It’s healing to ask for help. It’s healing to receive. We heal and we grow together. So, practicing my own medicine I’d like to ask for some help. These renovations have been challenging. Slow, expensive, complicated. It can be hard to expand. It feels there are obstacles to expanding. I feel stretched in many directions personally. In the past when we renovated Maha Rose I was able to dive in fully myself to build walls and hang sheetrock. That felt really good. I love physical work. But I’m at a different place in life now with a child who needs me and a business that needs me too so I can’t dive in and get as dirty as I’d like to, and help and hurry the process along. So perhaps there is some helplessness in there too for me; I can’t just do it all myself and have it be done and ready. Sigh. More surrendering. So please send some love and prayers our way. If you know any painters and carpenters send them our way too. If you are a painter or carpenter come on over our way. While we aren’t doing a crowdfunding campaign (yet?) we do appreciate your signing up for workshops, retreats, and sessions and buying crystals and gift cards and tie-dyed magic. All of these things are funding this expansion. Your healing session or workshop or necklace will translate into saunas and lights and rugs and magical spaces for us all to enjoy. Praying for grace and surrender and action! We can have both right? I think so. Love to you all. I hope your August is restful. Lisa & Maha Rose ps. we will be closed Aug 20-26th!
So simple: Add this wonderful word after the words "may I" ....people will be more likely to grant your request. #watchyourwords #askingforhelp #mannersmatter #serving #beinganexampleforchrist #nationaleadership
🎙NEW MICROPHONE 🎙 Anyone out there use a #RodeVideoMicGo before? It just came in the mail today and I’d love some #tips or personal experiences from using this #mic . #nikond3300 #rode #rodemic #rodevideomic #new #mic #hmu #askingforhelp #photographer #filmography #newbie #vlog #makeuptutorial #musicvideo #tocome
Hey babes :::: is anyone going by the food coop today and could tell me what the cutting root stock is looking like there? Holler if you can count the tinctures for me. It’s just a lil section in the bulk herb isle. Then you can stop by the booth on Saturday and get some goodies for yourself! 6158040064 #communityfavors #askingforhelp #toomuchtodo #burningout #august #cuttingroot
The CBT model demonstrates the approach used within therapy as a method for identifying triggers associated with mental illness and specific day to day situations. An example of this within anxiety and/or panic disorder could include; attending a social event packed full of people.. a concert, for example. Thoughts could involve believing that you may be trapped, “there’s no where to escape to, people will notice, I will have a panic attack, I’ll be sick, I’ll be embarrassed”... begin to trigger the vicious cycle. These thoughts then tend to trigger symptoms such as lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness... the anxiety and panic then tends to encourage attention to these symptoms, making you believe that you may be ‘severely unwell, will need to seek immediate medical help, etc’. Each of these components within the model tie in together, resulting in negative behaviours, commonly avoidance of similar and future situations. The more you find yourself avoiding situations, the more this vicious cycle tends to take control of your life, encouraging the anxiety and panic to rapidly progress further. Our site features a page in full detail regarding the CBT model and what it is. Each day, we are constantly adding brand new resources which we cannot wait to share with you all💚 #healthymindworkstherapy #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #askingforhelp #stopthestigma #mentalillness #mentalhealthmatters
Pra evitar um aperto no exterior, aqui vão 11 maneiras de pedir ajuda educadamente em inglês se você precisar 👇🏻 1️⃣ Can you give me a hand with this, please? (Você pode me dar uma mão com isso, por favor?) 2️⃣ Is there any chance you have time to help me with this? (Há uma chance que você tenha tempo para me ajudar com isso?) 3️⃣ Could you help me for a second? (Você poderia me ajudar por um segundo?) 4️⃣ Could you please help me out with this? (Você poderia me ajudar com isso?) 5️⃣ Can I ask you to do me a favor? (Eu posso te pedir pra me fazer um favor?) 6️⃣ I am having a problem with this. Do you think you can help me? (Estou tendo problemas com isso. Você acha que pode me ajudar?) 7️⃣ I wonder if you could help me with this. (Eu me pergunto se você poderia me ajudar com isso.) 8️⃣ If you don't mind, I could really use your assistance with this. (Se você não se importa, eu poderia muito usar sua ajuda com isso.) 9️⃣ I could do with some help, please. (Eu poderia usar alguma ajuda, por favor.) 🔟 I can't manage to do it. Could you help me, please? (Eu não consigo dar um jeito de fazer isso. Você poderia me ajudar, por favor?) 1️⃣1️⃣ I need your help. Could you spare a moment? (Eu preciso da sua ajuda. Você poderia ceder um momento?) ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Da próxima vez não se acanhe em pedir ajuda, ok? 😏 Deixe seu comentário se este post é útil para você 👇🏻
After spending a couple of days doing some research to support my blog post I have sat down and written about my online shopping addiction. Link is in my bio. #onlineshoppingaddiction #onlineshoppingaddict #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #askingforhelp #askingforhelpisnotaweakness #projectendstigma
I have a bunch of tinctures I updated on my Etsy (link in bio) and will be adding more (including blends) over the next few weeks! You can always request a custom blend at no extra charge! Thanks for everyone who has placed orders so far. When you buy tinctures and other medicine from small growers you are actively resisting big pharma!! Please ask me any questions about my practices - transparency is important to me and I want people to be informed about what they are consuming. 😌 I am going to change my labels so they don't say "ethically harvested." I want to be transparent that this is a concept I take seriously in terms of harvesting consciously and attempting to be as ethical as possible. Being a settler on native land, I am unsure if I can ever truly ethically harvest. All the new tinctures in this next round will be all home-grown, a direction I am taking that I really appreciate and can feel a lot better about. I post these photos to be real about all this and am thinking of changing labels to say "sustainably harvested," and would love to get more input. Any recommendations for succinctly expressing thoughtful harvesting that takes into account the complications of harvesting on native land?
Je staat er niet alleen voor. Dit betekent niet dat je het niet anders kan voelen. Soms voel je je machteloos, radeloos en weet je niet hoe je je burn-out, stress of gerelateerde problemen kan oplossen. Weet dan dat het niet raar is om hulp te vragen. Het is juist een teken van kracht. Wanneer je vraagt om hulp, betekent dat je je openstelt om jouw problemen samen op te lossen. Als dat geen teken van kracht is.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #askingforhelp #help #power #kracht #loveyourself #signofstrenght #quote #motivationalquote #quoteoftheday #problem #stress #stressstudent #burnout #burnedout #yourenotalone
Asking for help can be hard, especially after giving birth. Finding yourself being unable to do all that you did before can be frustrating! During your first few weeks postpartum, you should really be queen of the castle. But for some, not being able to handle things on your own and giving responsibilities over to another person is difficult. Devoting your new existence to a tiny human being who is completely dependent upon you is incredible, but also exhausting! Remember that it is ok to ask for help! Look at your foundation and the people who surround you - lean on them. Invest in a postpartum doula! It’s ok to ask for support when you need it. The help you get will let you to be able to care for yourself so you can care for your newborn - and that is the most important part! . . . . . . . . #askingforhelp #askingforhelpisasignofstrength #postpartum #fourthtrimester #postpartumsupport #postpartumdoula #mightymamas #roanokedoula #doulaservices #doulalife #doula #birthwork #birthservices #smallbusiness #birthsupport #roanokemoms #doulalove #doulasupport #empoweredwomen #rawmotherhood #realmotherhood #doulasdothat #doulasofinstagram #womensupportingwomen #lovewhatyoudoula
First time in my life my dad let me use his oil painting kit and well... work in progress. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish it but I'm so unsure about whether I am doing this technique right or completely fucking it up 😅 Any tips?  Constructive critics are welcome ☺️ Btw, this is an old wooden box we found in the attic, now I repainted it with a chalkboard paint base and hoping to create a victorianesque cameo and some baroque ornaments on top... So far, maybe it's not complete shit 💩 #oil #oilpainting #oilonwood #painting #paint #woodenbox #diy #hobby #art #workinprogress #vintage #critics #askingforhelp #baroque #ornaments #cameo #victorian #victorianesque #black #chalkboardpaint #weird #whatamidoing #firsttime #dontjudge #unsure
$2,920!!!!! 😮😮😮🎉🎉🎉🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 We are over the moon at the realization that our needs are actively being met and our dreams are going to be realized. It is a funny thing, I am finding, to be both more hopeful and healed than ever, and also more destitute and in need of help than ever. Talk about a life situation full of humbling, important lessons. I still accept.🦋 This is my daily share of our GoFundMe campaign, which was created to help us finish our bus and move into it before it gets too cold to camp outside. We are beyond grateful to those who have already given, but we still need more. Thank you for helping us get there. Your compassion is changing our lives!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ((Link is in the comments)) Wesley and I love you all dearly!!!!
Don't forget! We are still having a life crisis sale at my shop! You can follow the link in my bio to be direct to my shop. Every sale really helps go a long way! ⬡ Also you can see my Kickstarter in the link in my bio! 💖, 🌸🐝🎨 ⬡ ⬡ ⬡ #teruterubozu #teruterubozupin #rain #rainpin #japan #japaneseculture #rainbow #rainbowpin #yandereuterus #yandere #uterus #endometriosis #polycysticovariansyndrome #enamelpin #enamelpins #Lapelpin #lapelpins #pincollector #pinsofinstagram #pinsofig #pingamestrong #pingame #askingforhelp
The plan so far is to get my GJ tube back, since my J caused such agonizing pain. I also have to get my labs corrected in order to be transferred to the eating disorder unit. I am not too sure how long I will be here, but most likely through the weekend. Everyone is in agreement this has gone on too long, and for now I am somewhere safe, so that is where I will stay. Thank you everyone for everything. I will update when I can, since I am not feeling the best at the moment. I did get notice of losing my SSI, so sharing, or donating to my gofundme would be greatly apperciated. I don't want to ask for money, but I have no other way to get around, besides uber, and I also need to pay for my medical supplies. Thank you all for the support. I apperciate it beyond words. 💕💜💌 https://www.gofundme.com/courtneysfightingchance #eatingdisorderrecovery #chronicillness #gastroparesis #feedingtube #help #gofundme #donations #sharing #gjtube #jtube #support #friends #medicalsupplies #uber #lyft #anorexia #recovery #exhausted #askingforhelp #doctors #thankanurse #lovenurses #update
Just in case yall ever wanna slide me some money on the Cash app! Goodnight all! 😉😋🤗😏🤑 #justsaying #money #cashapp #yallknowwhereiwork #donate #gooddeed #askingforhelp #sometimesyouneedalittlehelp #nottooproud #instagram #instapic
I asked my partner to take me to the store last night so I could get the supplies I needed for my speech therapy homework because I was excited. ✂️ It was easy to pick out the stickers, but after that I was a tad fuzzy. My calendar choice would have created a ton of extra work and he persuaded me to get this one instead. By the time we got to the dividers, I was overwhelmed. The row and prices confused me; I reached for a set I thought was $0.50, but was actually in the wrong place. I wanted to get the cheapest and it turned out the cutest were that, but I probably would have ended up with the pricier, ugly ones without him. 🚗 I probably could have managed paying just fine, but I was dizzy and fuzzy enough that driving home would have been dangerous. If I’d gone myself, it would have been this afternoon. Heat, noise and fluorescent lights make my symptoms worse, so I wouldn’t have been able to find a place to rest until I felt better. 🤢 This is my life with a head injury. It’s not thinking things through, impulsively doing something and then realizing it’s a mistake. It’s needing help doing basic shit and needing someone to gently guide me through decisions. It’s needing someone to tell me to lie down, get off my screen, drink water, put on sunglasses. 😎 I’ll learn how to manage better, I’m told, so even if this is me now, it won’t always be so bad. But, for now, it’s frustrating as hell.
I'm incredibly proud of the first four episodes, and would love to finish the season. We've had an outpouring of love from the queer community, asking when we're making more. The indiegogo link is in my bio. Anything you can contribute would mean the world. Thank you. * * * #tpk #tpkseries #rpg #scifi #fantasy #horrorcomedy #creator #actor #writer #crowdfund #crowdfunding #askingforhelp #indiefilm #indieseries #makethething
#bohoberrychallenge Day 8: Asking for help. (Posting late as we are camping with spotty internet access.) Asking for help makes me no less capable or valuable; it simply acknowledges my limitations so that I can continue to be productive. #bohoberrychallengeaugust #easiersaidthandone #selfcare #askingforhelp #iamonlyhuman #limitations #wontstopme #pridegetsintheway
Can I be real for a minute ? Okay, hold onto your potato’s. I’ve been through a lot in my life. Just like anyone else , just like you. I’ve had post partum depression, antenatal depression, and anxiety, I’m fairly certain I have PTSD and RAD although I’ve never had a dr say those things to me. I’ve been fine on my own, I’ve needed homeopathy, I’ve needed counseling, I’ve needed a good cry, I’ve needed to lean on the Lord, I’ve needed to lean on my husband , I’ve needed it all, even electro-shock therapy #justkidding #youprobablyshouldntdothat AND I’ve needed medicine. There is #NOSHAME in #ASKINGFORHELP . If you are struggling and you feel like you can’t get your head above water , if you can’t get out of bed, all you want to do is sleep , or scream, or yell, if you feel like you’re walking around with a perpetual frown on your face. Ask 👏 for 👏 help 👏. Today it took some prompting from my #orcamama ‘s, you know , those mamas who swim alongside you and help you carry your load to give you a minute to breath? Those women. And a five second text to my dr. Asking for her guidance and for her to reply “I just faxed it in”. We cannot do it all on our own. God wants us to lean on him, to ask for wisdom, for Him to guide us. But then, ask for help and take the medicine ! #neededsomehelp #gotsomehelp #depression #anxiety #meanerthanasnake #notreally #wellkinda #justaskmykids #helpisontheway #giveitacoupleadays #askforhelp #nomorestigmatomentalhealth #nomorestigma #ifthishelpsoneperson #worthit #bearingmysoul #youreusedtothat #imdonenow
Day 8: #bohoberrychallenge I have no issues about asking for help when it comes to my career. I ask for guidance and insight a LOT and that’s ok. Most of my peers have been doing what they do for an entire lifetime longer than me. Asking for help in everything else is trickier LOL #bohoberrychallenge #day8 #askingforhelp #selfcare
So... Yesterday's #bohoberrychallenge prompt was "Asking for help" • This was asking to hire a wheelchair at my local shopping centre today so that I would be able to enjoy a shopping trip with a friend instead of sitting at home... I got a couple of things to celebrate yesterday.. but because of the immense stress that I went through, I didn't have the energy to post anything yesterday. • I won't need a wheelchair all the time, however when fatigue is bad and legs don't want to work but I want to get out of the house.. it enables me to have a lovely time and enjoy myself and enjoy being a 28 year old... And I'm already feeling a lot better ☺️🙂 • Work tomorrow, so bed now... I hope you all have a great sleep.. also I will be writing my blog post about my experience yesterday.. love you all loads! 💖💖 ___ #happinessblogger #happiness #gratefullness #grateful #reflecting #askingforhelp #retailtherapy #multiplesclerosis #mslife #mslifestyle #livinglife #livingmybestlife #lovinglife #thisisms #msfatigue #mslife #mslifestyle #lifewithms #lifestyleblogger #bloggingwithms #blogginglife #positivequotes #positivity #positiveblogger
With my mobility difficulties not improving, I took my dad's advice (he's always advising me to let go of my stubborn tendencies) and decided to ask my doc about a disabled parking permit. She agreed that I needed one, so now it's legit. I hope this will help me get out of the house without pushing myself so hard. This experience cemented for me that asking for help isn't weakness, it's actually an act of strength. #chronicpainwarrior #lymewarrior #invisibleillnessawareness #lyme #lymie #lymedisability #lymeawareness #surrender #noneedforstubborness #askingforhelp #spoonielife #disabledparking
Sorry, we've been MIA recently! We've had a really busy week and have had no time to cook. There is #noshame in #askingforhelp when you need it. That's why we've been leeching off the mothers this week 🙈 But that's ok. We've learnt to #notfeelguilty and have accepted that #wearentperfect and cannot do everything everyday. . . Anyhoo, it's the weekend! #entertainingathome ? Want to serve up something delicious yet healthy and super easy to make? . . Try these #chickenjunglee #toasties . They are #superquick to prepare and #packedwithflavour . We make our topping in hung curd and not mayonnaise. The celery, parsley and springonion pack in a punch! . . We always keep our refrigerator stocked with #hummus #pesto or #guacomole . Very versatile foods and can be used as #dips #spreads #saladdressings and #pastes . We'll do a post on hummus, guacamole and pesto some day! . . Until then, #itsalmosttheweekend #friyay #friyayvibes #hanginthere . . #quickandeasy #quickandeasymeals #healthy #healthymeals #quickeasyhealthydelicious #healthynotwealthybutwise
Friends!! Please copy and paste the link below to read my blog post about a great need we currently have! Thank you for considering helping us!! https://natalierose-livewithpassion.blogspot.com/2018/08/my-hour-of-need.html?m=1 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️ #gofundme #askingforhelp #thefarleyfund
Friends!! Please copy and paste the link below to read my blog post about a great need we currently have! Thank you for considering helping us!! https://natalierose-livewithpassion.blogspot.com/2018/08/my-hour-of-need.html?m=1 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️ #gofundme #askingforhelp #thefarleyfund
I’ve been staring at this for at least an hour. This is hard to post, even to a community of people that are mostly strangers. I have had the pictures lined up for most of the morning but the words are almost impossible to type. If I put it out here it’s out for good and (unless I chicken out and delete) it’s out forever. My name is Natalie Rudley and I have an online shopping addiction. Yesterday, because of this addiction, we were weeks away from being evicted. I had been hiding from the fact that I was in rent arrears and had I addressed it sooner I would have learned that an error in my payments had meant I was underpaying for months. I was too scared to face up to my problem and we nearly became homeless again as a result. I made things worse because I didn’t want to be a disappointment or a burden and I was too embarrassed to ask for help, too scared of what those closest to me would say. My partner didn’t blow his top, he was more angry that I didn’t say anything sooner. Next I had to speak to my mum. As soon as the words left my mouth, “Mum, I’ve been served with a notice of possession.” I felt lighter. She didn’t shout, she didn’t rant, she just sat down calmly and she sorted it out. I am far from out of the woods. Now that I have openly admitted that I have a problem I need to work really hard to stay on top of it. The thought of my problem affecting my children’s home makes me feel sick with shame. I will never let them suffer for my sins. #askingforhelp #askingforhelpisnotaweakness #addiction #addictionrecovery #onlineshoppingaddiction #onlineshoppingaddict
Post research meeting on a new project. I asked a lovely lawyer friend for some leads to develop some key characters and have been introduced to some truly amazing contacts. Lots of great backgrounds and backstories. I think it’s sometimes too easy to forget how powerful reaching out is. #writerslife #filmmaking . . #research #scriptwriting #characterbackstory #characterbackground #characterarc #askingforhelp #friendship #gratitude
How many of you can relate to this picture. An endless “to do” list of places you need to get to, things that need picking up, presents you need to buy....the list goes on and on, and underneath the weight of all of that is you in a state of struggle. I know that I watched my Nan and my Mum doing everything in the home when I was growing up, so that message was loud and proud from the beginning. I also know that most guys my age will have grown up in a home seeing that too. Therefore the message they have is that it’s not their domain. I’ve not yet met a woman that can’t relate to loudly banging cupboards in the kitchen and sighing repeatedly because of the frustration she feels. Yet when asked “what’s up?”, our reply is quite often “nothing, I’m fine”. It’s not my place to tell people how to show up in their relationships, but I do question why it is that we keep our mouths shut and just build up more and more layers of silent resentment? None of us are mind readers, right? How can we start to lighten our own mental load? By letting go of some of the external noise, by figuring out what’s really a priority, by loosening our grip on that “to do” list and by asking for help. The women I work with on a 1:1 basis will usually talk about how busy they are, how they are overwhelmed and burning out. Busy doesn’t always mean you’re being productive or effective. I’ve certainly been guilty of doing 8 things badly rather than 1 or 2 things well. We wear our “busy woman” persona like a badge of honour. I’m starting to think it’s more like a badge of dishonour. It’s a fact that excessive mental load will impact on your sleep, your brain simply can’t get to that place of regenerative sleep because there is too much going on. So not only are we super busy, we are also not getting adequate rest, and so the cycle continues. What needs to go? What’s the help you need to ask for? And what’s stopping you from doing that? Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way out from underneath it all? #mentalload #mindsetcoach #confidencecoaching #todolists #askingforhelp #coachingforwomen
I don’t know. First time I’ve touched a bunch of flowers in two months and I’m at a loss for what to do. I’ve lost my mojo, my inspiration and my purpose. This is my thinly vailed attempt at asking for help. I don’t know what to do now. With flowers and with life. #michelemakes #flowers #feelinglost #lostmymojo #askingforhelp #flowersmelbourne
~:: my sister had been living using this water for so many years now... They call it air boring. They use it when the water supply is cut off... However, looking at the picture, it is clearly dirty and cant be used for consumption... She has 5 kids. How can she prepare food for her kids? Nak beli kt luar? Kedai pun tutup sebab takde air. Despite the fact that tonnes of complaints had been lodged to the state government, no action were taken. Sedangkan setiap tahun negeri ni mesti banjir... dan bila banjir pulak, rumah dia antara yg terlibat dan terjejas... What can we do to help them? Please someone help! ::~ . #SheLivesInKelantan #AskingForHelp #PleaseSomeoneHelp
Haiku #84 I need business help. The first step is ask for help. I really need help. #haikusofinstagram #artistlife #artistnotbusinessman #askingforhelp #haikuforhelp #danecarderstudio
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