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Day 431 - Casual days feel like the longest ones. So what am I doing these kind of days? I either work (as a mailman), study or watch a lot of old fragments of Last Week Tonight. Since my days are getting busier by these things I noticed I'm posting less frequently about them. I don't feel like there's anything interesting to share about them, but I consider it normal. Casual is... well... casual... Although those regular days aren't forever, I then feel like I miss something energizing (maybe a creative outlet). So what energizes you on a regular day? Just looking for ideas right now! . . . . #travel #swiss #erstfeld #Zwitserland #fotografie #photography #amateurphotography #livingindoorwerth #graphic #graphicphotography #graphicdesign #graphicshot #mweh #personal #blog #writing #psycology #askingforhelp #interest #energy #creative #creativity #empty #depressed #depression #help #life #exploring #exploration #lifestyle
Have you ever faced an obstacle you felt was too overwhelming? Too big to conquer? Are you still facing it? How did you overcome it? It's never a failure to seek the help of others! (Yes, another gem of wisdom I've recently absorbed). As someone who never wanted to be a burden on others, asking for help has always been a struggle for me. But when one is attempting to grow, you sometimes have to seek the help of others. #awomansagenda #itshertimetoshine #askingforhelp #learningnewlessons #selfdiscovery
This is good. . Thanks @stacieswift
✨POSITIVE PREGNANCY AFFIRMATION✨ Let’s be grateful for all the hard work your body is doing to keep your baby healthy and happy. Your body is going to prioritise your growing and developing baby above your own needs. . So, ask your loved ones to make some nice delicious meals for you 🍽 😋, treat you to a massage 💆🏻‍♀️, help out with older children so you can put your feet up and take a 🛁 or just 😴 etc etc and say YES PLEASE when they offer to support you with anything! . . . #positiveaffirmation #beingthankfuleveryday #askingforhelp #theyogamidwife #rebeccaspregnancytips #pregnancytips #theyogamidwifetips
Please read! So Friday my fiancé truck was stolen along with two other neighbors trucks as well. He just recently quit his job and was promised a new job that involved using his truck. We called the insurance and the police already. Haven’t heard back from them. He doesn’t know I am doing this, but I opened a GoFundMe page. I would like to buy him a used truck so he can get the job. Here is the link. https://www.gofundme.com/a-truck-is-needed #gofundme #stolen #stolentruck #pleaseread #askingforhelp #formyfiance #help #helpme #helpplease #pleasehelp #forlove
Putting yourself out there, asking for help or advice can be so intimidating! Yes, you just might be ignored, or dismissed. The #vulnerability hangover that follows, will make you want to stop reaching out for sure! Yet, one of those times could change your life forever! One #connection that you create, could be the springboard of opportunity you so desperately need. I'm with you! I've been the helper and the one needing helping; I #encourage you to press in too❤️
#illbethefirsttoadmit #trustinghimalways is an area I continue to grow in. It’s easy for us to #beselfrelient and try to #doityourself . #weliveinasociety where #askingforhelp is looked down on but #pleaseremember that #godspromises are #yesandamen . #keepit100 #loveyoufam #realtalk #prayingforyou
Guys, so we're all familiar with the chaos and destruction in Florida by now. Those that have family, may know a bit more. I spoke with my grandmother today and the news is nothing but "ALL BAD" for the people of Panama City. I pray for those people and I hope ya'll can say a quick one for me. I'll spare the details but youtube and the news will give u and idea of how serious this hurricane was and the amount of damage that was done. IF you could do 1 thing for me .... I ask that if you happen to see ANY type of advertisement via television, facebook, instagram, snapchat, a sign somewhere, red cross, a friend tells you, or wherever ... offering assistance, and so on for the people of Florida, PLEASE write down the info, screenshot it, take a pic or whatever u can do, please send to me via text, or whichever social media platform is easiest for you. This is serious, and I promised to help. It means alot guys and THANK YOU! ❤😔 . #PrayForFlorida #HurricaneMichael #Hurricane #PrayersForThePanhandle #PanamaCity #PanamaCityBeach #AmericanRedCross #Fema #PanamaCityDamage #AskingForHelp #Help #InstaFlorida #
Edit: Thank you, everyone. All of your responses and advise has been a great help. I have several options now to look at and I feel much better about finding what I need. Original: The unfortunate truth.. I'm at a complete and utter loss for how to get the right parts to install our #cubicminiwoodstove I don't know what to look for or where and I don't really even know what all I need.. if someone could help me, know I feel very silly running our #mrheater #helpinghand #askingforhelp #skoolie #conversion #buslife #vanlife
Eleanor wont start. Batteries are brand new, we dont know what's up. Shes a 1990 3800 international school bus. #skoolie friends help, please! #askingforhelp #afriendinneed #busmechanic #buspeople #lendahand #skoolie #busconversion #tinyliving #buslife #homeonwheels #tinyhome #tinyliving #schoolbus
Having help around a mum is a great thing, but in my opinion having the right kind of help is the best. Generally people are very enthusiastic to give a hand and be around the new family, but sometimes their ideas of help are not meeting the help needed by the new mum. Do you agree? Have you thought about what kind of help would be the best for you today? Have you asked for help? . #rightkindofhelp #askingforhelp #askingforhelpisnotaweakness #supportingmothers #fridayreminders #dailyselfcare #assertivecommunication #letthemknowwhatsup #selfcareforparents #newparentslife #parenthoodjourney #journeytomommyhood #newmamalife
So I was already to post the following *shop talk* but after adding 1 new product this morning my till has lost 80% of my shortcuts😵 urgent action required so pretty please fellow shopkeepers..... *shop talk* In the spirit of it being ok/actively encouraged for your well being to ask for help these days I have question for my fellow retailers: Would anyone have a recommendation for an affordable PC based till/stock control software (epos system)? We're in need of an upgrade so I can keep an eye on stock remotely. (We have been getting by on an very old system we inherited) Any suggestions would be very gratefully received #askingforhelp #thanks #offtodosomeyogabreaths 🙏
Ugh I miss being skinny 😂😂😂 I NEED SOME TIPS. I feel like my metabolism stopped! #workout #babyweight #tips #needhealthtips #healthylifestyle #needhelp #askingforhelp #tiredofbeingfat
Don’t expect or demand perfection of yourself. Doing your best is always good enough! CHERYL THE SLEEP COACH www.cherylthesleepcoach.com #sleep #sleeptraining #parenting #staypositive #newborn #babies #family #makingpositivechanges #tired #help #askingforhelp
Nobody likes to openly talk about the ugliness that follows divorce... especially when one party doesn’t want it. But it’s heartbreaking. It’s stressful. & someone always comes out “losing.” Trying to do what I feel is right for me & being told I’m ruining my children; trying to adjust to single parenthood HAS hurt my children. Deciding to work in a very high stress work environment has been hard for me. Trying to find an amenable solution for me & my ex husband has proven difficult. We merged our entire lives together, we created a home & debt & so much more. Nobody tells you what it’s like to try & untangle all those things. Everything is beginning to feel heavy & I’m not sure I can hold it alone anymore... #confessions #stress #lifeafterdivorce #singlemom #adult #breakingdown #askingforhelp #alone #lost #help #heavy #anxiety
Okay teachers, Special Ed teachers, and parents. I am looking for math apps and websites that are Chromebook compatible for some students who are struggling with basic number sense. We are working on counting and comparing numbers, and I’m looking for something they can work on independently before I meet with their group. . . . . . #mathclass #mathteacher #teachermom #specialeducation #specialeducationteacher #askingforhelp #sixthgrade
This is my message to myself today and anyone feeling like just curling up and crying. Financial difficulties are so stressful. My blood pressure is ⬆️ today again. This is definitely not what I want to do as far as sharing my journey. Not what I have in mind at all. For right now though I’m trying to deal with a very urgent matter that has me in danger of losing my electric and gas on the 16th. The situation is described in better detail on the actual campaign. If you feel inclined to help that would be great- if not I could use all the prayers and positive energy I can get right now. If you’d like to help share my campaign that would be great too. #gofundme #GoFundMe donations#gofundmecampaign #struggling #askingforhelp #praying https://www.gofundme.com/uw9my-struggling-to-get-caught-up?pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=8fa4c9dd6d704e398ff77a0b3414867f
It takes one step at a time. With help those steps can seem less scary. #worldmentalhealthday
I share this with clients often; how lack of communication in a relationship (any relationship!) will negatively impact the connection. People shut down, people become angry but there’s no sense letting it impact your life in a way it doesn’t have to. Sometimes, conversations are best to be had with a professional - think about reaching out to a life coach or counsellor to help get through those hard times. You need to know where your angry lies and who it’s directed to and why you are feeling the way that you are. The flip side is that even the positive feelings you may have for someone isn’t communicated. affectively. Your love, or care for somebody that has impacted you positively, now that’s worth sharing. Be a big girl and share away! #communication #opencommunication #askingforhelp
Em tempos de agressividade e fascismo, um #tbt com energia positiva e amor. Damos o que temos de melhor, amor... A sabedoria está em lutar silenciosamente e transmitir a mensagem de amor e esperança... Embora meu coração está um desespero só..... #amor #sabedoria #oração #meditação #positividade #esperança #positivity #hope #meditation #wisdom #love #democracy #askingforhelp #heartbreak #saddness #throwbackthursday
Donal's Mountain by Fionnbar Walsh. 'Sixteen-year-old Donal Walsh came to national attention when he spoke out about suicide in young people in an RTÉ television interview and, later, in an article which appeared in a national newspaper. At the time, Donal was dying of cancer. He wanted others to see that death is never an answer. A few short weeks later, on 12 May 2013, Donal sadly passed away. Here, in this heart-breaking but ultimately inspirational memoir - written by his father and including Donal's own words - we are given an insight into an extraordinary young man who, in coming to terms with his own death, became determined to open people's eyes to the beauty that surrounds them in life. All Donal asked before he died was that his parents continue to spread the message of living life. This is Donal's legacy.' - @Goodreads #donalsmountain #suicideprevention #askingforhelp
#psa For those out there struggling with depression, anxiety, or maybe another mood disorder that holds a lot of stigma, and are hearing to reach out and ask for help but are not sure where to go from there. I have been through the wringer and back with this and have a bit of advice if you’d like it. I have made and seen tremendous progress through a Group therapy program, specializing in DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) and mindfulness. I have also seen people succeed with CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing). Group taught me healthy coping skills so I could function in society again, helped me track and correct toxic behaviours, and offered invaluable perspectives from fellow members.Take your first step by visiting your General Physician, and get a referral to the programs in your community. #mentalhealthawareness #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #selfcare #mentalillness #mindfulness #recovery #askingforhelp #bestrong #therapy
😍 THANK YOU to the @cybersmilefoundation for their words of encouragement & what they stand for! All while helping others be, believe in, & achieve themselves! • • • 🎵 In honor of #worldmentalhealthday & the lyrics to one of my fav songs to listen & dance to - @jessiej "Who you are" 💕 I encourage you to go listen to this song, the lyrics, and its message! • • • 💪⭐❤🎶❤⭐💪 Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars. Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing. It's okay not to be okay! • • • #Repost @cybersmilefoundation #imacybersmiler ・・・ This #WorldMentalHealthDay we want to remind everyone that it is ok not to be ok. Mental health is equally as important as physical health so be mindful of the way you feel and don’t be ashamed or scared to reach out for help. People care about you ❤️ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #awareness #ask #help #askingforhelp #weakness #strength #mentalillness #loveyourself #care #people #important
The word HELP isn’t as hard to say as you think... don’t suffer in silence. There’s nobody more important than you... #loveyourself #worldmentalhealthday #worldmentalhealthday2018 #askingforhelp #mentalhealth #important #youmatter #itshardbeforeitseasy #dontgiveup #please
Every day should be a daily reminder that our #mentalhealth is very connected to our #physicalhealth and just as important; we have been fighting years to break this stigma, and this data hightlights the importance of getting this message across. October 10 is World Mental Health day, just a reminder to pay attention to your mood, your feelings, your thoughts, your physical health, your body, your diet and your sleep. They all speak one language. #worldmentalhealthday2018 #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #counselling #help #askingforhelp #therapy #wellness #vancouver #britishcolumbia #burnaby
I don’t always share these but this is closer to home than any. It is about my “other mom.” Her daughter, Aly, has been my best friend since 5th grade. I’ve been inside their home (yes, they’ve had it all this time) and it’s not accessible at all for someone with mobility issues.....which is the problem that both of her parents currently face. Read up on their story on the funds page and anything you feel you can donate, I know, would be GREATLY appreciated. 💕 copy the link from here or follow through the clickable link in my bio!!! https://www.gofundme.com/danyshhouse . . . #houserenovation #housereno #parentsupport #parents #homerenovation #askforhelp #askingforafriend #askingforhelp #navyvet #usveteran #usveterans #sahm #handicapaccessible #handicap #mobilityissues #wheelchairlife #wheelchair #spinalsurgery #braintumorsurvivor
Hey LA! I need help tonight! Normally Asher does the floors but has a last minute situation and I need help laying them down. If you want to come early (like 630) to help move racks tonight and lay down the floors and stack them back up after class I will happily give you class for free! If you can't tonight but want to be in my bat signal group for other opportunities to help in exchange for a free class DM me your email! (I'm also down for other kinds of help in exchange for Saturday park classes, etc, I'm building a new fitness paradigm and it takes a lot of work.) 🌠 Regulars if you can come a smidge early tonight (class is at 715 we are doing Thriller) and do a many hands make light work situation and help me/us get the floor down I'd appreciate it! 🎉 Modeling this "I need help" shot is @mybigfatblondemusical #fatkiddanceparty #highfiveforselfcare #askingforhelp #askingforhelpisasignofstrength
Please ask for help if you need it! Talk to someone, you are loved! #WorldMentalHealthDay #imaCybersmiler #Repost @cybersmilefoundation • • • • • This #WorldMentalHealthDay we want to remind everyone that it is ok not to be ok. Mental health is equally as important as physical health so be mindful of the way you feel and don’t be ashamed or scared to reach out for help. People care about you ❤️ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #awareness #ask #help #askingforhelp #weakness #strength #mentalillness #loveyourself #care #people #important
Happy #worldmentalhealthday to all you wonderful people out there. Take time out to know your mind-tank! Explore it and discover what makes you happier, more you. You never have to go it alone, talk to your loved ones, talk to a professional! There is no shame in asking for a little help, getting a new perspective. This year has been all about asking for help for me. It's a learning curve, get comfortable learning! #mentalhealthawareness #askingforhelp #loveyourself
I Need Help. How hard is it for you to say that? - I. NEED. HELP. Maybe for you its a reflection of weakness? Maybe for you it means you failed? Maybe mom or dad taught you to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and just keep going....you should be able to do it on your own! Except..... You cant. And you don’t need to. Read More Here: http://backpocketlifecoach.com/blog/wellness-blog/i-need-help • • • #wellness #wellnessblog #blog #blogpost #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #healthandwellness #help #askforhelp #delegate #askingforhelpisnotaweakness #askingforhelp #weallneedhelp #helpeachother #livethelifeyoulove #survival #socialmedia #depression #anxiety #stress #strength #knowwhentoaskforhelp #bebrave #introspection #coach #lifecoach #backpocketlifecoach
Sometimes it is worth asking for help and changing your perception perspective of duties. I'm learning, still and still ... #perspective #duties #learning #askingforhelp #mytime #relaxation #relaks #mójczas #książka #czytam #book #reading #mytime 💚
This #WorldMentalHealthDay we want to remind everyone that it is ok not to be ok. Mental health is equally as important as physical health so be mindful of the way you feel and don’t be ashamed or scared to reach out for help. People care about you ❤️ #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #awareness #ask #help #askingforhelp #weakness #strength #mentalillness #loveyourself #care #people #important
Today and all other days are days to be kind to yourself and others. Just because you can’t see the pain or struggle doesn’t mean it’s not there. Failure is okay. Being sad is okay. Crying is okay. Life can be hard sometimes. Today is #mentalhealthday2018 and I want everyone and anyone to feel that they are loved and are important to the world. I have good days and bad days but if you’re having a bad day, I am here if you need to talk. ❤️❤️❤️ #worldmentalhealthday2018 #mentalhealth #bekind #human #love #friendship #help #askingforhelp #itsokay #nooneisalone
It’s World Mental Health day today - this wonderful illustration says it beautifully #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #askingforhelp #healthfirst #loveyourmind #london #life #love
• SÅRBART • 💧 I dag er jeg mega dårlig. Jeg kan mærke krisen nærme sig. Krop og sind er i oprør. Jeg har kraftig hovedpine, muskelsmerter, kvalme, er udmattet og tårerne løber let. Alt sammen tegn på begyndende addisonkrise. Jeg forsøger at trappe ned i den kunstige kortisol, men nu må jeg tage ekstra for kroppen kan ikke klare det. Om det er virus (måske fra Livas opkastdøgn fx), influenza, andet pres eller måske en kombi ved jeg ikke. Det føles som nederlag at tage ekstra, men jeg ved, at det er vist. Det er til gengæld uvist at gå i krise og skulle indlægges... . . Manden må vist lade være med at deltage i sent møde på jobbet og hente Liva i stedet. Suk! Det var ikke det, jeg ville eller havde planlagt... Hvis du lever med kronisk sygdom og/eller smerter kender du det sikkert♥️ . . Jeg reagerer da på signalerne - måske senere end jeg kunne have, men forhåbentlig tids nok. Jeg ringer til manden, og han vil tjekke op på mig. Jeg prøver ikke at klare det hele selv. Ikke i dag... #lifewithchronicillness #vulnerability #beingreal #cushingssurvivor #adrenalinsufficiency #mybattle #mindandbody #honesty #askingforhelp #sofiessofa
#worldmentalhealthday2018 🌎💞 • • I have always struggled with my mental health & last year it all got too much & I asked for help. I am now on medication to help me manage my depression. It’s helped me so much. I do still have down days but that’s when I have my friends & family there for support. It really does show who is really there for you & who truly loves you, I have asked people for help before during tough times & had it thrown back in my face, lesson learnt about who really cares. Most my family & friends are battling their own demons too & I like to try be there for them to return the support they give me through hard times. No matter what happens, even when you feel your world is crumbling down there is always a way to get through - whether it’s medication, therapy, talking to a friend, a change in lifestyle, escaping toxic people etc. Ending it all is NEVER the only option. There is always a way to get through it & there ARE better days to come 💞 Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it all gets too much. Take care, be kind & put you first 💕 • • #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #worldmentalhealthawarenessday #love #heartbreak #depression #suicidalthoughts #suicide #anxiety #sadness #askingforhelp #friends #family #bekind #alwaysananswer #help #support #care #helpothers #treatothershowyouwanttobetreated
My car is broken down :( and it has made me feel extremely vulnerable I spent half a day on the side of a country rd waiting for roadside assistance and then a tow truck .. Lots of time to meditate. What has been most confronting is having to ask for help 😱 ( and negotiating with mechanic ) Hello issues with asking for help! 💫I feel shame for not being better prepared to weather such storms like have a network of helpers and family close by. And a pot of gold to finance top notch repairs 🤔 I mostly have a fear of asking for help for fear of rejection , but I must say I'm great to have about when in crisis I can give it 💕but it's the receiving I find difficult.. Any advice on how to break through this blockage ? #askingforhelp #askingforhelpishard #asking #giving #receiving home now to my happy place of Eco printing and botanicals 💕#botanicalssavedmylife #craftahappyplace #artistlife
It’s World Mental Health Day today. A day to raise awareness and help to tackle social stigma around mental health. Talking about mental health isn’t always easy, the fear of what others would think of me kept me in denial of my own depression for a long time. I believed that if I didn’t acknowledge there was a problem that it would eventually go away. I was frightened that by accepting it that I wouldn’t be able to let go of the label again. I was wrong, the moment I stopped running and faced my depression was the start of my recovery. Nutrition has become the foundation of my recovery, I feel incredibly empowered that I can positively contribute to the way I feel by making nourishing choices. Alongside nutrition I now have a toolbox of self-care that I can positively access to keep me on my upward spiral. I now take positive action, nutritious food, good sleep, exercise and connection with people and nature. Talking about mental health isn’t easy but hiding it won’t make it go away. Tackling it head on with support was the best thing I ever did but that only happened when I accepted it and shared that with someone else. At the time I only spoke to my husband and my sister but that was enough for me to feel supported and to give me the space to create my tool kit and start using it. I am sharing my story in the hope that I can help reduce the social stigma around mental health so that others can take the step towards their own recovery. 📷 @lydiaboothphotography #worldmentalhealthday #smashingstigma #weallhaveastory #goodmoodfood #mentalhealth #beheretomorrow #askingforhelp #itsokaynottobeokay #nourishingchoices #selfcare #holistichealing #recovery #torchlight #blurtfoundation #nutrition #naturopathicnutrition #nature
I can picture it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk at the middle school where I teach. The school year was underway, I had a three-year-old and a six-month-old at home. I was tired. I was sad. I had no energy for anything. I didn’t want to be sitting at the desk. I wanted to be home. The stresses of work, being a two-time mama, nursing my son, and everything else that life brings had brought me to a point.⠀ ⠀ Sitting at that desk I listened to the wonka wonka of my pump knowing that if it was anything like yesterday, I would only have a few ounces, not enough for what my son would need to eat for the next day. I cried.⠀ ⠀ I cried at my desk because I couldn’t do it. I wanted to do it. I wanted to be the best teacher I could be. I wanted to be the best mom I could be. But I wasn’t. I felt like I was failing at both. ⠀ ⠀ I knew something needed to change, but what was I to do? I thought about the things that I could change, that I could control, and I decided it was the working through my lunch. ⠀ ⠀ I still needed to work during my lunch time in order to not spend my evenings at school, but kipping lunch because I didn’t have time to eat was having a detrimental effect on my milk supply.⠀ ⠀ Although I said I would never drink one of “those shakes,” I messaged a friend. I didn’t care the price as long as it could get me out of my current situation. I bought those shakes, joined an online fitness community, and my life was forever changed.⠀ ⠀ My milk supply was up. I started exercising and felt happier. I was focusing on me just a bit throughout the day, but it had a major impact on my own personal worth, my performance at work, and how I felt about life in general.⠀ ⠀ This is why I invite you to join my own online community. Why I share in my Instagram stories every day about this shake. My life is not ONLY the shake and exercising. It is about the way it makes me feel and the way that it can change how we live our life.⠀ ⠀ Today I am momming and teaching with a little more grace. It’s not perfect. It won’t be for you either, but take my advice: start here. Dry the tears and make some time for yourself, for your health. We owe it to ourselves. ❤️
EP 7: Rage is Power! Link is in bio 💫I share my lifelong struggle with anger and how I manage it now, and also use it to fuel action, including keeping myself alive in our medical system. It’s a non-political episode! Just want to address the anger rumbling in our country...important for our #mentalhealth #anger #emotions #angermanagement #pain #emotionalpain #sharing #therapy #suicide #suicideawareness #grouptherapy #reachingout #askingforhelp #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthrecovery #keepgoing #nevergiveup 🤘🏼❤️
If you weren’t interested in sex would you allow your partner to search for someone else on Tinder? The podcast that is live today is my take on this delicate situation that a listener shared at somethingbetterpodcast@gmail.com . . . #growandchange #leaveyourcomfortzone #uncomfortableconversation #willingtochange #relationshipadvice #askingforhelp #selfcare #thinkitthrough #solutionscanbeworsethanproblems #nojudgementzone #sharefreely #somethingbetter
Hey guys! 👋🏼 I am so excited to announce that Points of Measure will be going through some big changes for 2019. I need your help, what do you want more of? More educational resources? More giveaways? More services or products to choose from? Let me know below, I’m all ears! . . . #askingforhelp #seattlesmallbusiness #seattlegirlbosses #seattleentrepreneur #techpacks #illustratortutorial
Let’s talk about mental health awareness week. I know I talk about it a lot but mental health is seriously important.. it’s not weak to say you need help or you are not okay even the strongest people might be going through the hardest of times. When I was going through a really hard time in my life and was suffering from horrible anxiety I kept a smile on my face everyday and never let on how I was really feeling or what kind of mental and physical abuse I was going through. My friends would come to me with issues and I would listen help and give advice but never let on my feelings they would respond “you give the best advice Gen” or “ you are the strongest person I know” little did they know what was going on in the inside and how I was feeling... this is how good I was at hiding it until one day I couldn’t hide it anymore I needed help and I needed out of the relationship I was in .. I asked my best friends family and work mates for help and you know what they did ... everything they possibly could to help they were there they supported me and they understood.. I still wonder why I didn’t ask for help sooner or tell someone but I wish I had. Now my anxiety doesn’t show so much I’m happy and when I say happy I mean HAPPY!! It’s taken time it’s taken talks and long walks it’s taken healthy eating and the gym and wines and dancing to 90s tunes in the living room ... but it all started with telling the people I love how I was feeling. @mhfnz
EP 7: Rage is Power! Link is in bio 💫I share my lifelong struggle with anger and how I manage it now, and also use it to fuel action, including keeping myself alive in our medical system. It’s a non-political episode! Just want to address the anger rumbling in our country...important for our #mentalhealth #anger #emotions #angermanagement #pain #emotionalpain #sharing #therapy #suicide #suicideawareness #grouptherapy #reachingout #askingforhelp #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthrecovery #keepgoing #nevergiveup 🤘🏼❤️
HELP VS INDEPENDENCE Ever since becoming disabled I’ve found difficulty asking for help. I’ve always been the type of person who wants to do it my way and figure it out. When you become disabled you definitely give either some or all of that up. I remember when I used a wheelchair I couldn’t push myself. I felt so exposed and dependent. Anytime I wanted to go anywhere I needed someone to push me. I had to ask to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I wasn’t lucky enough to be with people who listened to my needs. When my POTS came to a head, it was ugly. I laid in a bed for months. All I thought about laying there was eventually being able to do more on my own. I slowly began to get up again and work towards that goal. As we speak, I’m the most independent I’ve been since illness/disability. Partly due to my own effort and partly due to Atlas’s help. I say the most and not completely because there are things I will never be able to do 100% alone. And that’s OKAY. I still ask for help every single day. This is something you must come to terms with during illness. I absolutely hated it at first. But I realize now it’s necessary and there’s no shame at all in needing it. There are varying levels of help someone with chronic illness might need. The amount doesn’t matter. What does is: learning to slowly accept and live with taking help from others🙇🏻‍♂️♿️👫👭👬. @kimberlyannphotographs
"Our Wounds are Often the opening onto the best and most beautiful part of us" I always share this with everyone. My healed wounds are a gift to others. That's why I am doing what I am doing. Helping women around the world change for a better. Change their story. Use their story as a msg to others. Are you ready to move away from your Victim story? Let go the shame, ego, pride and let's peel off one layer at a time???😍 How many of us a living a lie? Finding things that's hurting us, but trying to find comfort in what's hurting us. You deserve to be Free. Free from the burden of others, society's and expectations. Let's start the journey of Healing your wounds and living your truth not the lies that you have been complicating your life , and finally creating the life you are meant to live. http://womenslifestylecoaching.com . . . . . #ownyourstory #writeanewstory #rewriteyourstory #Leaders #womenleaders #Speakers #womenspeakers #speakersinoregon #publicspeaker #forgiveness #letgoyourpast #changeyourstory #changeyourlife #beingvocal #beingvulnerable #reachingout #askingforhelp #timetoheal #lifeisshortliveit #womenslifecoach #lifestylecoaching #oregonlife #familylife #forgivenesswins #motherdaughter #womenslifestylecoaching #helpingwomen
Hello, today when I tuned into the energy of my guides and angles and asked what was needed today, the came back - support. We all need supporting in life, in whatever shape or form this this takes, help with children, parenting, with work, coaching, learning to feed ourselves well, emotional, physical, spiritual, becoming calmer, more mindful and on and on. Are you getting enough of the right kind of support that you need this week? I used to struggle in asking for help and I learnt there is no point in struggling. There are masses of loving, supporting, helpful people in the world who we can call upon when we need to. My advice is to get clear on what you need and put it out into the world, (asking your guides as well as friends and professionals) and that help will come in all forms of shapes and sizes. I hope you all get the support you need this week. #askingforhelp #support #mindfulmoments #empowering #reachingout #beingsupported
Bijna de helft van Nederland heeft overgewicht. Balancebuddy is een organisatie die zich inzet voor kinderen met overgewicht. Dit doen wij door middel van het koppelen van een student aan een kind met overgewicht. Deze student helpt de levensstijl te veranderen van het kind op een duurzame manier. We groeien snel en zijn inmiddels actief in Wageningen, Utrecht en Amsterdam. Om zoveel mogelijk gezinnen te helpen is er echter geld nodig, en daarom staat onze crowdfunding nu online! Op deze website kun je meer lezen over het project en op welke manier wij dit geld gaan gebruiken: http://voorjebuurt.nl/balancebuddy. Op deze website kun je ook doneren. Alle donaties zijn heel erg welkom. De link van de crowdfunding website staat ook in onze bio. Bedankt! Namens ons team en de gezinnen die deze hulp hard nodig hebben.
I want to extend a huge, heartfelt thanks to everyone who answered the call last week by booking a massage! 💚🤗💚 I appreciate you more than you know! . We're not out of the woods just yet. The foundation repair will begin at some point this week and we will find out the results of the appeal we made to our insurance company. A week without rain has been an incredible blessing. ☀️ Keep sending those prayers and good vibes keeping the rain away and the 💰 flowing in so we can pay the bill. . I'm putting out the call one more time today. In faith, I know that we always have more than we need. I believe that when the repairs are complete and it's time to pay, every penny will be in the bank. I'm working proactively, because of my faith that this money will manifest itself, by sharing these details and verbalizing my request. . Here's a list of my available appointments for this week! Once again, please let me know what spot you would like to claim and if you'd enjoy a hot stone or massage cupping upgrade as a 'thank you'! We live in community of abundance! Thank you for sharing and spreading the word. 🎆 . #audreythelmt #twobirdswithonestone #stoptheflood #cucumberandmint #lovewhereiwork #loveaugusta #lovemyclients #lovemyjob #manifestingthemoney #askingforhelp #massagetherapy #massagecupping #hotstonemassage #lifeisntperfect #butitsbeautiful
Caught up with a friend the other day. The setting helped the mindset and while the struggle communicating is real, it is coming along. A fair bit of blunt talk as to how much is me in my way, vs the way not being as clear as I think, vs I am the way and with some assistance, I'm on track...vs...I'm just fucked. We made some progress in discussing the different methods of packing my parachute. India, Costa Rica and Mexico were mentioned. BD ° ° ° ° #hottublife #catchingup #advice #hottubtherapy #talktherapy #chronicpain #chronicillness #talking #mentalhealth #selfawareness #selfaware #consciousness #awakening #awakened #friendtherapy #goodchat #askingforhelp #askforhelp #makingaplan #overcomingpain #overcoming #depression #ptsd #anxiety #religioustraumasyndrome #religiousindoctrination #timeout
Pondering new Blog post. #blogs #bloggers #blogging #art #askingforhelp
New blog post. This week has been a new challenge for me terms of motherhood. Dealing with an awful cold and a poorly baby while being sleep deprived has brought me to (finally) ask for help. It’s a new thing for me as it makes me feel like a failure. Asking for help however is more of a sign of strength and has shown me that not only I benefit from it but J does too. #firsttimemum #firsttimemummy #firsttimemom #firsttimemommy #firsttimemama #newmum #newmummy #newmom #newmommy #cheltenhammummy #askingforhelp #needinghelp #poorlybaby #poorlymummy #coldseason #blogpost #newpost
This week is all about mental health awareness, so what better way to take the opportunity to openly talk to others about mental health?! 7/10/18–13/10/18💚💙 Use this week as a chance to take some well-deserved self-care to relax and reflect on how far you have come despite it all. I want to focus on the many positive things in life and ensure to keep my mind active to prevent becoming distracted from the things I most importantly need. Taking little walks, watching your favourite TV show, going out for lunch, listening to music, are all examples of techniques which you can use to ensure good self-care. If you wish to access support, always feel free to message us and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible💚💚 photo credit: @teentalkmb 📸 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #cbt #cognitivebehavioraltherapy #healthymindworkstherapy #mentalhealth #askingforhelp #stopthestigma #mentalhealthmatters
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