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Have you used @calm before? #BABBs need their #beautysleep and relaxation to keep it πŸ’―. Sometimes a #dailyCalm is all ya need to refuel. (A great resource for your December #BABBchallenge , too. πŸ˜‰) Until next time. Xx. #TheBABBLife
Week ✌️! You (t)werkin on your December #BABBchallenge ? Share your go-to weekly self-care practices with your fellow #BABBs . Xx. #TheBABBLife #werkinonmyfitness [@eakinwale #repost , πŸ“·: @alicallie ]
Your action items for today: . 1. Accept our #BABBchallenge and get to #tWERK on your 4x a week #selfcare practices (share in your story each time and tag @thebabblife and #BABBchallenge ). . 2. Subscribe to our newsletter and share with your #BABB frands (calling all #badbitches ) before the next one comes out next week. 3. Go on wit ya bad self. #TheBABBLife .
Oh hey, #BABBs . Your next monthly #BABBchallenge is here. And remember...a #badass never turns down a challenge πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘. ARE WE RIGHT?! The holidays can come with a lil #stress as we're prepping for OOO, travels, buying all the babbiest gifts, the end of year (WUT) etc. SO...this month is about self-care habits and doin them #onthereg . Here's your challenge for December: 1. Practice #selfcare (or ya know, #babbcare ) 4x a week at least. Bonus points go to ya overachievers. 2. Share it to your Instagram story each time and tag @thebabblife with #BABBchallenge . Challenge ends as the ball drops to mark the #NewYear (holla!). A winner (or a few 😜) will be announced by EOD Wednesday, 1/2 (because ya know we'll need our #BABB rest on the first πŸ˜‚). We have more of the babbiest gifts for ya, so game on. Xx, bitches. #TheBABBLife [@laurentaylorperry #repost , πŸ“·@haleproductionstudios ]
Clink clink, bitches. Cheers to YOU. You finished your first #BABBchallenge . Don't forget to get your points: DM proof of all your #gratitudejournal entries and your bonus point tasks by EOD Monday, 12/3. On Tuesday, 12/4 a lucky #BABB will be selected as a winner for some #badass gifts. Way to crush the challenge, babes. We knew you could. #PROUD . Xx, #TheBABBLife . [πŸ“·: @traveling.mikey ]
PSA: FINAL week for your #BABBchallenge . Get πŸ‘ after πŸ‘ it πŸ‘. Xx. #TheBABBLife Oh, and it’s okay if you’re behind a day or so. We all play that catch up game sometimes. πŸ’‹
We're the little #BABB on your shoulder reminding you of our November #BABBchallenge , so get those #gratitude journals out. You don't want to miss out on a chance to win dope prizes do you?! Didn't think so. Keep it up, #BABBs ! Happy Friyay. Xx, bitches. #TheBABBLife
Oh hey, #BABB . Your first monthly #BABBchallenge is here. You up for the task? Good, because we never turn down a challenge... #amiright . We're practicing #gratitude this month, so what better way than with a gratitude journal? We always talk about the things we're thankful for, but we never actually write them down and reflect on them. SO...Your daily challenge for the rest of November: Write down 3 things you're thankful for that day or in that moment (or more...we do love overachievers). BONUS POINTS: Write at least 5 handwritten thank yous to people that have impacted you in the last year (+2 bonus points for each note over that limit). . You'll have until Monday, 12/3 to DM us a video of all your gratitude journal entries and photos of your bonus point tasks. On Tuesday, 12/4 a lucky BABB (maybe even a few 😜) will be selected as a winner. And TRUST US...we have some of the babbiest gifts for ya, so game on. Happy journaling! Xx, bitches. #TheBABBLife
coming soon #winterbehavior #babbchallenge #capricornseason β˜ƒβ„οΈπŸŽ„πŸ™ŽπŸ½