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Pre-jumping into Walden Pond fully clothed πŸ€— I love #BUASB & these fine humans. Only one we're missing is @quesadia21 !!! πŸ’ƒπŸ½
#BUASB has taken me across the country to beautiful places, taught me more about myself & the world, and has introduced me to new friends who have passion & heart. Don't miss about on your opportunity for ASB leadership! Apply through tomorrow at http://www.bu.edu/csc/asb-2018-leadership-application/ & pls pls ask me questions I would love to chat about this transformative opportunity !!!
I know FYSOP is tomorrow but don't forget to rush ASB #buasb 🌚🌝
We look like complete goobers in this picture but if we're being honest that is EXACTLY what we are. It's my partner in crimes birthday y'all! I can't believe I've only known you since March but I cannot thank #buasb enough for bringing us together. Thanks for laughing at my terrible jokes and always being down for adventures. I'll miss you while I'm abroad but I'll be back! So no crying allowed!!! All my love on your special day beautiful ❀️😊
Throw back to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with some really awesome people. #buasb
palm trees + ocean breeze
the only "pilot" we could selfie with this week #buasb #asbmacon #asbpilot
perks of early morning navigating #asbmacon #buasb #asbwater
giant slides for some 5 year olds #buasb #asbmacon #asbrelax
making co-co ask for directions to the giant cement slides #buasb #asbmacon #asbdirections
co-co reading the article about our work in macon!!! #buasb #asbmacon #asblocal
I wish we could do this week all over again #asbmacon #buasb #ASBwelcome
remember when @caitlinfisherrr spelled Mississippi as Missippi on her snapchat story bc I do #buasb
staying groundedπŸ˜‰ #buasb #asbmacon #ASBsign
using modern art appropriately #buasb #asbmacon #ASBfits
Thank you to parents, family members & friends for hosting our BU students on Alternative Service Breaks across the country #buasb
When you're stuck at your desk but dreaming of goats #buasb
Can't believe that this amazing group of people dropped a mixtape in between doing amazing work for and learning amazing things about the LGBTQ+ community in MontrΓ©al! Thank you for inspiring me to be better every single day πŸ’•#buasb #gobeyond #asbmontreal
I look possessed, but nothing the Jesus shuffle won't cure #buasb #gobeyond #asbdesmoines #asbtree
at the beginning of this week, we all set individual goals that we aimed to accomplish by the end of our trip. with the help of each other and through service, compassion, education, and engagement, we were able to go above and beyond those goals and form lasting relationships amongst ourselves and the natural world. 🌱β™₯️#asbshawnee #buasb #asbeyond
We just had to stop and smell all the flowers, metaphorical and literal #BUasb #asbsanjuan #asbpuertorico #ASBlooms
I am honored, as always, to be part of the BU Community Service Center's ASB program, this time in a different capacity as a chaperone (surprise, I'm back!). I spent the past week volunteering with the most amazing, passionate, hard-working, insightful, genuine, and truly hilarious folks on a livestock rescue in Paris, VA. Amongst all the laughs and fond memories, I was reminded the value of a hard days work, the rewards of physical labor, the rejuvenating power of time spent outdoors, and the wonder and awe you feel when connecting with animal souls. Thank you all for letting me be the cool aunt. #buasb #GoBeyond
props to us four for not looking like we've been on a plane for the past 4 hrs and s/o to this @delta pilot for being so down for a selfie! Also i may have told him he was worth five (jk he's actually worth 4, but minor detail!) points??? πŸ˜‚ #BUASB #gobeyond #asbison #ASBpilot
Repost @animalbookgirl ・・・ #BuASB #ASBNola #ASBfits I promise we were good.
#BuASB #ASBNola #ASBfits I promise we were good.
y'all probably hate me rn for posting so much but #asbison is in it to win the #BUASB instagram challenge. #ASBreflection #gobeyond
we ~herd~ you were great but we didn't know how much you'd ~round up~ our hearts. Thank you Jolene and Antelope Island State Park for giving us an incredible spring break filled with Bison, planting, and amazing scenery. Thank you Erin for being the most amazing coco- I couldn't have done it without you. And thank you to every one of my volunteers for stepping outside of yourselves, making me laugh harder than I have in a long time, and encouraging my passion for puns. ALSO FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL. Okay that's it. Love you all to little bits and pieces. πŸ’• #buasb #asbison
So thankful for all of these beautiful, strong, and intelligent women. You made this one of the most memorable trips of my life. Love you all to the moon and back. #ASelfieB #asbison #BUASB #gobeyond
Repost @melissa.inge ・・・ Jumping for joy over having such a wonderful week in Milwaukee! πŸŒƒ #BUasb #GoBeyond #asbmilwaukee #ASBjump
agata loves cookie chips !!!! thanks @cookiechips !!!! #asbcookie #asbshawnee #buasb
Don't stop retrievin' 🐾 #buasb
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