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• Belphegor | Jolly Roger Festival, Austria • 🇦🇹
6cyclemind 01.13.2018 The Square, Lancaster New City Cavite . . #6cyclemind #soupstar #redlinesproductions @6cyclemindband
@pbsfm @chrispojama is hosting this years @progfest_ radio special TONIGHT from 10:00pm! Festival organizers & members from each of the bands including our @morganacolyte will be there to have a chat while music from each of the bands is given a spin! If ur at home or on the road & free, tune in! It's always a great show! PS: Very few tix are still available to this event. If u still need to grab ur tix, pick up discounted ones here 👉🏽 http://www.acolyte.com.au/store/tickets-progfest-2018 (linked in bio) You will receive ur tix in the mail with a free, signed, thank you pack from team A ✨👊🏼✨
Im letzten Winter haben wir @contrast_kollektiv bei ihrem Dreh zum Musikvideo „Aurora Borealis“ dokumentarisch, also aus dem Hintergrund, begleitet. Alle Bilder und das neue Video gibt’s auf unserer Webseite (Link im Profil) ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #bandphotography #videoshoot #musicvideo #photodocumentary #wintershoot #diyvideos #cooletypen #menwithbeards #bösartig #gelnhausen
Playing a Free concert in De Waal park this Sunday 😃 1st in a long time! Nervy - excites! If you're in Cape Town pull in 👌🔥❤
Imago 01.13.2018 The Square, Lancaster New City Cavite . . #imago #soupstar #redlinesproductions @imagomusic
LIGHTS!!! 20 more days till we see her in Frisco. Before we became serious hikers we traveled from Los Angeles all the way up to Seattle for concerts. Time to start sharing that part of our life... 📷aNdY . . . . #lights #music #concert #live #livemusic #stage #singing #singer #lighting #colors #vocals #lyrics #mic #photography #band #bandphotography #sanfrancisco #traveling #guitar #keyboard #amazing #frontrow #portrait #california #destination__nowhere #roadtrip #smoke #high #iamlights #tour
My first ever band promo shoot 👉🏻 Thanks to the @junior_danger legends for having so much faith in me! And on a bit of a personal note; this Festive Season was a difficult time for me and my family, so the JD gents giving me their company and this little project to take my mind off things for a bit was well-timed and appreciated more than they’ll ever know! Much love fellas!! Come and see them at the launch of their self-titled debut album at @newglobe on Saturday 3rd Feb! Amazing list of supports for this FREE event: @wakanphoenix @elkofields & @thedesertsea OMIGAWD it’s going to be killer!! 🤘🏼 #brisbanemusicscene #supportlivemusic #juniordanger #band #bandphotography #rock #rockandroll
Probably our fave pic from last Friday’s hit out. @xorooxo getting down n drty! 💋 Full album on our FB page. Back at ya with a 4 band banger this Friday feat. @zombiecreekband @regulargonzales @worseforwearband @semanticstheband GET SOME FOO’ 🔥 . #livemusic #brisbane #brisbanegigs #nundah #nundahvillage #punkrock #local #bandpics #bandphotography #vibin #fridaynight #ausmusic 📸 @tracemclean
Banda ni Kleggy 01.13.2018 The Square, Lancaster New City Cavite . . #bandanikleggy #soupstar #redlinesproductions @bandanikleggy
MAWD squad behind the scenes on our last mini tour • See what kind of shenanigans we will get up to at our show at @thesatellitela this Thursday at 10pm • Shoutout to our hilarious lead guitar player @aidanscrivensguitar & our drummer @paradiso_bombs for being sneaky camera dude 😂
Bungle in the Jungle # I liked this band in the first few songs they performed but when they did a Jethro Tull cover that sealed the deal. No not Bungle in the Jungle, but Teacher, still a Jethro Tull cover. The only thing missing was Ian Anderson on his flute. In addition to some great old and new covers, this band had plenty of their own stuff to keep me entertained as well. So check out Sourloon’s Facebook page to see when they next perform. I know I will be there! # I know it’s not a jungle, but Pennsylvania doesn’t have many jungles that I’ve discovered. I hope you enjoy the picture, but even if you don’t I know you will love the band.
Double Exposure Head Banging 🤘🏻 @xenobioticau • Contact / bookings at jedlyallphotography@gmail.com OR via my website 👆🏻
We cant wait to get back on stage. But until we do. GO BUMP OUR BRAND NEW EP. Link is in our bio 🎶🔥👀 @chrstnlwrnce . . . . . .
Initiate Jericho 🏅
Trivium back in November at the Trocadero . . Shot for @switchbitchrecords @triviumband @kiichichaos @coreytrivium @trocphilly
I never felt so close I never felt so all alone @davidrosslawn for @starsandscarsdotcom
@lomoon is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!! This band opened for @thewarondrugs at @soulkitchenmobile and I fell in love with their music🖤
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