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12 year old #Philadelphia native @mattox says y’all WILL NOT pull up on him... y’all just internet clout chasers. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #ZayyPromotions #BlackExcellence #Radio #RadioHead #InternetRadio #Houston #Texas #Fubu #ForUsByUs #RevoltTV #MTV #BET #VH1 #Miami #Atlanta #NewOrleans #HipHopNews #BlackHistoryMonth [ Via - @saycheesedigital ]
(From Wikipedia) Born and raised in Texas, in 1959 Scott became the first African-American to receive a degree in zoology from Indiana University. She also received a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Indiana in 1965. She was president of the Girl Scouts from 1975 to 1978 and remains on the Board of Directors. She was president of Bennett College, serving from 1987 until in 2001. #blackhistorymonth #africanamericanmonth #girlscouthistory #peoplewhoinspire
Best of the Best! I will see you there for sure! #congrats #blackhistorymonth #friday #philly
Hidden Talent - #BlackHistoryMonth at #Octagongallery Albert Depas-A CaseAnalysis4 #RI
#DYK REALTIST NAREB (The National Association of Real Estate Brokers), the nation’s oldest minority real estate trade association was founded in 1947 with a #FairHousing mission to ensure democracy in housing and equality in the #RealEstate profession? Learn more about how you can work with your local NAREB Chapter today!http://bit.ly/2FmLXPh #BlackHistoryMonth #REALTORParty
Some of the many to be thankful to for impacting our history and making great change ❤️🎉 #blackhistorymonth
✊🏽 “Working with my hands gave me a sense of pride and ‘you go girl’ fortitude..." - Judaline Cassidy via @lifetimetv #blackhistorymonth #skilledcontributions 💪🏽
Sonia Sanchez ✍🏾📚 #writer #poet #ShakeLooseMySkin #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory Come see Dr Sanchez tonight at the Brooklyn Museum
Celebrating Black History Month with a quote from one of the most prolific black female writers of the Harlem Renaissance. #bookstagram #reading #booknerd #harlem #zoranealehurston #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth #black #writer #author #nyc
Palestra em comemoração ao Mês da História Negra (Black History Month), evento celebrado nos Estados Unidos no mês de Fevereiro. Tema: O movimento negro estadunidense no contexto de lutas por direitos civis Palestrantes: Fulvio Garcia Severino Cinthia de Cássia Catoia Vagas Limitadas Certificado de participação Incrições somente pelo telefone (16) 3625-4449 #ribeiraopreto #blackhistorymonth
The Torrey House in Montrose, Pennsylvania was an underground railroad safe house for slaves escaping to freedom during the Civil War. The ironic dual use: Built by slaves and used to aid in their freedom. Share your homes' photos and stories today at BrickStory.com. #BrickStory , #storystylesoul , #architecture , #historicpreservation #househistory#americanhistory , #oldhouselove , #vintage , #preservation , #historichome , #history , #americanhome , #victorian , #americandream #montrose , #pennsylvania #undergroundrailroad #freedom #safehouse #blackhistorymonth #americanhome #americanflag (Via thetimestribune.com)
(My 4th Cousin on my Paternal Side) REVEREND LENUS TURLEY APRIL 27, 1904 -- NOVEMBER 8, 1969 "If I have helped someone along life's way then my living has not been in vain. Born in Brookport, Illinois Rev. Turley was a man interested in all facets of life. He always liked to build, loved the positive approach to problems, glorified in encouraging people and was always an inspiration. He was one of those rare persons who exemplified honesty, integrity, energy, determination and true greatness. Rev. Turley was active in the following civic and community organizations: First President of the Human Relations Commission of Carbondale, & member of the Carbondale Citizens Advisory Commission, Senior Citizens Committee, Chairman of the Carbondale Police Community Relations Board, Chairman of the Jackson County Housing Project and a member of the Jackson County Mental Health Board. He was the first Black Chaplain of the Illinois State Senate, member of the State Family and Child Welfare Bureau and District Chairman of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Rev. Turley received the following awards: National Champion of Open Occupancy Award, 1965; A Citation from the Negro Emancipation Centennial Commission; Golden Keys to the City of Mt. Vernon in 1963 at the Mount Olive District Association. He received an award from the City of Carbondale for meritorious service in 1969-An award for being a member of the official board of inquiry- A certificate of achievement from the Chicago Baptist Institute, and an award from the Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission, Springfield, Illinois. Rev. Turley was a coordinator in the Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C., in 1963 and was a participant in the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. He was a Black Warrior, a drum major for right and justice. #blackhistorymonth #history #turley #family #history #historybuff #civilrightsmovement #blackhistory #melanin #truestory #americanhistory
Charles Bibbs New "RED LOKS" ORIGINAL FINE ART Available Now On www.BibbsArt.com An Unique & Stunning Mixed Media Painting in RED! To inquire by phone, call BIBBS Studio B at 951-682-8185 #CharlesBibbsOriginal #CharlesBibbs #Red #wakandaforever #BlackHistoryMonth #blackpanther #FineArt #SupportArt #DopeBlackArt #HBCU #Locs
Medal of Honor Recipient Melvin Morris is one of only 87 African American to receive the Medal of Honor. He's speaking in Tampa today about his time in the military. #BlackHistoryMonth #MilitaryHistory
The future is female, just incase you need some mid week #motivation #TheMLabel #africanprint #blackhistorymonth #styleinspiration #melanin
Day 22...we still celebrating and honoring our heritage! #365Black #blackhistorymonth #iotaphitheta #houstoniotas
Day 22 of #BlackHistoryMonth honoring Black Women and Young Black Girls in rodeo. Today we take you to Texas to showcase a young lady that is a fourth generation cowgirl. Rodeo is part of her destiny. She is very competitive and loves to win. Let us introduce you to DeShauna Loud and here is her story. DeShauna Renea Loud is the 17 year old daughter of Lendol "Brother" Loud and NaTasha Caldwell. She is a 4th generation Cowgirl that knew horses before she knew her name which would lead to her absolute love for them. DeShauna is the only girl out of a total of 5 children between her father and mother so to be tough and rough is a complete understanding. Fresh out of her mother's womb, DeShauna would begin traveling up and down the road with her parents to various rodeos. She then began rodeoing herself at the early age of 3. Her first love was running barrels. As she got older and began competing in various youth rodeo associations, she broadened her scope to include goat tying, pole bending, ribbon roping and breakaway roping. A member of many open rodeo circuits, her fondest memory was making it to the Bill Pickett Rodeo Finals and performing under the lights in Las Vegas, Nevada. What an honor and privilege that was and a memory that will last a lifetime. When she entered the 8th grade her interests shifted a little. Basketball became her priority and the horses/rodeoing were put on the back burner. She went into a rigorous training program and played AAU basketball which aided in earning her a position on her High School's Varsity squad her Freshman year. It wouldn't be long before she found her way back to the arena where her heart always was. After going through 4 different barrel horses within a 2 year period, unable to get her groove back, she traded the barrel saddle and barrel horses in and picked up a rope as well as shifted to Bull Dogging horses. Her focus then, and remains today, is in the Breakaway and Ladies' Steer Undecorating Events. She has done very well for herself in her 14 years of competition winning 8 saddles, numerous buckles, memorabilia and monetary awards.
"Success for me is achieving what you set out to do in your work, daily, one word at a time." - Edwidge Danticat ✏️💕 #WellReadBlackGirl #BlackHistoryMonth #WRBG #Icon #tbt
Today for #BlackHistoryMonth I celebrate the FUTURE!!! Happy Birthday to my baby cousin Jaire "Jah-Jah" @scoe00 Eastmond!!! You have no idea the love and pride I have for you kid!!! Keep grinding! Keep shining! You are #BlackHistory in the making!!! Don't you EVER forget it!!!
During #BlackHistoryMonth , we recognize Lewis Latimer and his contributions to electric #innovation and modernization. This electrical engineering whiz not only worked with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell to improve their inventions, but also contributed to the industry through his own creations. He invented an early air-conditioned unit and an improved railroad car bathroom.
#TOPUP with DIGICEL! Regrann from @mpr.consulting - As international #Reggae recording artist @realioctane gears up for the release of his #LoveAndLife album on 3/30/18 paired with an worldwide tour, #Ioctane will stay up to date with DIGICEL #NuffDataMoreTalk  ! Stay social with #Digicel #Facebook  .com/DigicelTopUp #Instagram @digiceltopup #DigicelTopUp #ReggaeMonth #BlackHistoryMonth #Ioctane - #regrann
Regrann from @dyamondentpr - As time is closely approaching it's not to late to be apart of this powerful and anticipated release "From Jim to James Crow" docu-series. Tickets available @ Eventbrite: fromjimtojamescrow Also, this is the final call for Media Access at pr@dyamondentpr.com @cyruswebbpresents @memekeeys @sunny_kelley @greglock56 @afmmedia1922 #film #television #release #redcarpet #media #movie #moviepremiere #history #blackhistorymonth #news #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory - #regrann
As time is closely approaching it's not to late to be apart of this powerful and anticipated release "From Jim to James Crow" docu-series. Tickets available @ Eventbrite: fromjimtojamescrow Also, this is the final call for Media Access at pr@dyamondentpr.com @cyruswebbpresents @dyamondentpr @sunny_kelley @greglock56 @afmmedia1922 #film #television #release #redcarpet #media #movie #moviepremiere #history #blackhistorymonth #news #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory
In celebration of Black History Month, the Career Center honors all black professionals, past and present. #BlackHistoryMonth #STATEYourCareer
WAKANDA FOREVER! ______________________________________ #forwardtimes #news #houston #blacknews #moviepremiere #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth
Support the culture 🌍. Support the black panther movement ✌🏼🌍. Get one Dashiki for just $25. Free shipping Canada and US wide. Receive yours in less than 7 days. . . . . . . . #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth #blackpanthermovie #blackexcellence #dashikiskirt #dashikis #culture #blackculture #canada #usa #love #one #together #buy #sale
Black & White photography is what I love to wear and embrace in authentic beauty of feelings. Why not add something is so glamour a bit by bit? I can be dreamy sometimes but not just forever to sit by and dream on. I love music in which is what I glance in for a moment. Move my dreams into music creates me to be so creative in anything. And I am here to work to bring them to be reality. This ideal is likely my vision board that I can make it happen in a long run. 🚶🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️💃🏾 @paparazziaccessories really makes a huge difference in my life through God's plan. I never thought myself would go into to this business. I always wanted to learn how to make my own jewelry. And to this reason, I come to see @earlineblumhagen in the business. I see me in her to every word that speaks out loud. So, I did not want it to be in the wrong place and time, you see? 💃🏾🚶🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ I was in my own business long ago with Mary Kay Cosmetics and Skin Care. I succeeded to be a star consultant. I enjoyed a lot, believe me. Unfortunately, my dream in Mary Kay was not meant for me to reach to be a director. And, that is alright. It is a part of my life as a journey. No regrets. Then I tried in Avon, and I fell in a wrong path. Cancelled and moved on. 🚶🏾‍♀️💃🏾🏃🏾‍♀️ As the story of my life presses to go fast-forwarding, I received my BA degree in Social Work while contiuning to minister to Deaf women in DIVAS, Walking Thru Bible. This moment succeeds my goals since last year in May! Through my mentor, partner, and sister Earline, Paparazzi Accessories reveals me to so much wonderful ideas. Those great ideas are what I work in a long race. And I am ready to step and dedicate to God as much as I can. 🏃🏾‍♀️🌱🦋 So, no more sitting by the window dreaming for me! I go out there making those great dreams to be reality and alive!💃🏾🦋🌱 ~2018AvaDaisy💋🌼 #paparazziaccessories #independentconsultant #selfadvocate #selfmotivation #wearandembrace #visionboard #livinginpositivity #testimony #deafwoman #DeafBHM2018 #deafministry #payforward #deafadvocate #lovetobecreative #creativewriting #fashionblogger #blogger #blackgirlmagic #blackhistorymonth #blessed
What does it mean to be a black person in America? Step out of your comfort zone and be apart of this discussion on Monday night! #LambdaTauOmega #BlackHistoryMonth #BMK
My baby at her Black History Program! Thanks granny for the picture‼️#blackhistorymonth ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊
We were so excited to have model and Brand Ambassador for Ankara Miami, Adoch, as she demonstrates the head wrapping techniques. And check out our little video clip of her live head wrapping in these selections. #blackhistorymonth #fashion #leadership #influencer Adorn Your Crown!
Lane Apparel is dedicating today to: Be_YOU_tyful You Boutique offers customized afrocentric jewelry and homemade body products, such as body oils, body butters, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, massage oils, beard oils, and after shaves. Even customized baskets and Be_YOU_ty Bags are available! The founder and owner is Ra'Nisha a Cincinnati, OH native. She started het business almost a year ago to supplement her income. She realized she had a love for uplifting the black men and women of the world! Her fragrances and jewelry are made to help boost self confidence! You can follow her on Instagram @Be_YOU_tyfulyou and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BeYOUtyful513/ Check out her website www.beyoutyfulyou513.com When asked if she had any advice for someone starting a business she replied "[the] advice I would give is, it's hard out here! But that doesn't mean give up! Nothing worth having comes easy it means you put your all and then some into it and make it happen. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, GRIND". Such wonderful advice! Lets continue to #support #blackownbusinesses this #BlackHistoryMonth and beyond! #jewelry #afrocentric #bodybutter #aftershave #massageoil #fragrance #SugarScrub #LaneApparel
Seth Pearson is a lawyer who spends much of his free time working with youth from low income and marginalized populations. While in law school at Duke University he served as President of OUTLaw, President of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, member of the President's Council on Black Affairs, and more. He also served at the pleasure of the President as a White House Intern in the Executive Office of the President under the Obama Administration. Pearson was named as one of ‘2016's Best and Brightest’ by Tipping the Scales and was recently named one of ‘2018's 40 under 40 LGBTQ Business Leaders in America’ by Business Equality Magazine (@bizpridepiper ). #BlackHistoryMonth ***** [Image: Pearson holding a mic onstage speaking from behind a podium.]
As time is closely approaching it's not to late to be apart of this powerful and anticipated release "From Jim to James Crow" docu-series. Tickets available @ Eventbrite: fromjimtojamescrow Also, this is the final call for Media Access at pr@dyamondentpr.com @cyruswebbpresents @memekeeys @sunny_kelley @greglock56 @afmmedia1922 #film #television #release #redcarpet #media #movie #moviepremiere #history #blackhistorymonth #news #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory
One year after Massachusetts ratified its constitution, Mum Bett became the first person in the state to successfully sue for her freedom. Her victory laid the groundwork for the emancipation of enslaved people across the Commonwealth. #BlackHistoryMonth
#Repost @blackgirlscode with @get_repost ・・・ Tremendous gratitude to the entire @goodmorningamerica team today Robin, Michael, Danielle!! Thank you for making our girls feel like real life Princess Shuris!!! 🙌🏾#blackgirlscode #wakandaforever #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth
"I'm not a real person. I'm a legend." - #JeanMichelBasquiat . Learn more about our Paint like Basquiat classes for Black History Month. http://ow.ly/oHoh30iyuqI
Read this great story about Pee Wee Hayes' epic & terrifying journey from Tennessee to Racine, WI that led to the #blues #music he plays today // LINK IN BIO TO READ // #BlackHistoryMonth #Culture #GreatMigration #theGreatMigration #BlackHistory #Music #ChicagoBlues
For this #TBT , we honor Dr. William Edward Allen Jr.’s legacy in radiology. In 1935, he became the first African-American certified as an x-ray technician and then set up a residency to help other minorities looking to get in the field of radiology. His research played a key role in shaping radiology and radiation therapy, and he served as the first chairman of the National Medical Association’s radiology section. Dr. Allen also served as surgeon and radiologist for the U.S. Army during World War II. He rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel and became the chief of x-ray service at a military hospital where he trained other medical officers in radiology.
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