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15 minute sketches, colored.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 🏁
"so ...come here often ?" - Omoi
Paingang in the Moon's light.
Church of whoo ?
Insouciant; Free from worry, concern or anxiety. . . From posing to off guard in 0.5 seconds. Golden hour is my favourite hour
"With will & ability I offer fertility. For those I cherish I'll only perish, if vanquished by my own tranquility." 🌞 - pain
Poem: Idol by Pain "He doesn't trifle about his bible, he'll grab a rifle . My survival is vital, and he became my rival,  So I Burried my idol and took his title. 💀 He was a worthy opponent who doesn't need a revival . My Agenda was final before your movements went viral.  To you no credit's entitled, the idea was recital .🌙 There's no denial I face a trial with no one to dial, All alone in my aisle, one step feels like a mile. Asking "God why?" his reply always takes a while.  Is this juvenile even worthwhile? His heart's big but he's hostile." - Pain
chillin killin
Booty gawdess
baby you're an angel, how bout we turn this into a fatal.
Hood Witches .
I am . .
Ninja prnda .
Watermelon 🍉.
Tb tattooing 😈 .
Angel 💙 .
“Martins I remember through the cinder Kept me warm in December”.
I Dyed .
Are you carrying the fire 🔥?
Kawaii asf 💀.
A Barbie Bat 🦇 🖤 .
Photography with kiko 😁💙 .
“I don’t worship. I just serve” 🔮 ft. Neighbors’ mother .
Gothpain witch doctor gang 🖤. .
RIP Jes . .
Dead asf on the inside.
My photography
Eskimo kiko 🎟 .
black magic 🖤
Daddio shirt I made👀 wonder where I put it.
She “Ain 4 Nun” 🗽.
Black & White, by night We UNITE 🌙.
Wickedwearworldwide .
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