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WE ARE SPARTANS! Respect to our group for killing it and giving their very best. I placed 2nd in my age division. Can’t wait to conquer it next year 🙋🏽‍♀️ #sweatlife #leapbodies #spartanrace
Client Spotlight 💡 goes to @goldenlittlethings who’s current in Bali comfortably rockin a bikini (picture on the right) She’s in school, spends time studying, works, family life, you name it. BUT she still finds the time to make her fitness goals a priority. NO EXCUSES! So, whatever your goal is YOU can accomplish it, with the right guidance. • • If you’re interested, I’d love to help guide you along the way. Just hit the email link on my page or drop me a DM. • • #clientspotlight #noexcuses #hardwork #consistency #dedication #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnesstrainer #transformation #gym #igtrainer #clientprogress #progressnotperfection #nogivingup #focused #dreamchaser #onlinetrainer #trainer #motivation #photooftheday #fitlife
#Clientspotlight Happy to see my clients focus still on the weekends! #watchorjoin #onlinecoaching
Not fair to all my other clients but I must highlight this one on her 21st birthday! Happy 21st birthday to my curvy khaleesi!!! Sophia is young pistol of a client with the sweetest heart but feisty and fiery personality! Love her hope you have a magical birthday. Here is a tip Gatorade or pedialyte before bed helps with hydration😉😉😂😂 🎁🎉🎂💕💕💕 #pilatesreformer #pilatesisforeverybody #pilates #wellness #welife #clientspotlight #myclients #myclientsrock #wellnesscoach #happy21stbirthday #clientlove #fitfam #welifeliving #fitness
Client spotlight!!!! @thesecurityfella smashing his training session today @solanfitnessofficial 💪💪 💪, always comes in and puts 110% effort into every session, fantastic work!!!!! Keep up the hard work Pete and we will absolutely smash your goals 🏋️🏋️🏋️!!!!!! #solanfitness #ampt #gainz #commitement #personaltrainer #clientspotlight #workhard #playhard #eastgrinstead #gym #fitness #werunthistown #progress #stronger
✨Saturday Client Spotlight: Teresa 📷 Picture: Teresa performs a single-leg, glute bridge during her session this morning. This is a great challenge exercise to do at home this weekend! 👉🏼Start with a set of regular glute bridges to warm up. Then raise one leg up, and squeeze your glutes as you raise your hips up. Go as high as you can and really squeeze! 💪🏼 We are so proud of Teresa’s dedication and progress from following our personalized program for her! She’s killing it! 👏🏼
#ClientSpotlight We hope you enjoy your new ride! Looking for your next car? Let SDT Cars find it for you!🚩 . . . #saturday #Autosusadosmiami #newcar #hialeah #toyota #Hyundai #Nissan #Kian #Miami #dealership #miamidealer #volkswagen #dodge #usedtoyota #usedcardealer #UsedCarforSale
💥 HIGHLIGHT 💥 • • Milford Prep WR #6 @asmiklejr_1 stacking the defensive back to create more separation at the top of his route! Speed and athleticism on full display to keep his feet inbounds and finish the catch! • • #theathletesblueprint #clientspotlight #highlight #football #collegefootball #WR #speed #athleticism #stack #separation #catch
Norval Foundation celebrates Heritage Day with free admission on the 24th. Enjoy SA’s rich art heritage by visiting the Helen Sebidi exhibition in Gallery 1 ✨
Tonight’s dinner was this yummy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl! 🍗🥗 #brianakeats - Ingredients: 4 oz chicken Mixed rice Mixed veggies
“After seeing all the before and after pics of you ladies I decided to take a new picture to see a difference and wow! I'm so motivated to keep going, thank you so much @brianakfitness ! I've been feeling uncomfortable in my own skin since giving birth last year, and I'm still far from my goal weight but I am happy to see results.” #brianaktransformations - SO proud of this client! This was her progress after using our 4 Week Weight Loss & Tone guide Pt. 1! (Link in bio to shop.) 🤗 - PSST! Have you heard about our Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be a NEW workout guide, video courses, AND macro-based meal plan! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates
Want those boulder shoulders, too? Try Front Dumbbell Raises! They work your shoulders, triceps, and traps. 💪🏻 #brianakworkouts - PSST! Have you heard about our NEW Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be VIDEO courses with this one! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates!
✨My girl Tara at the start of peak week last Saturday ✨ _ Tomorrow Tara competes in her 3rd ever NFF show, but first this season in both the bikini & fitness divisions. _ The NFF is a natural federation & the desired look is a bit different than the NPC. Same general idea for shape, symmetry, & muscularity: full glutes, round shoulders, defined mid-section, but a little softer overall. _ We’ve spent the last few days carbing up, adding some sodium, keeping water relatively the same & just letting her body do the work. I’m excited to see what she brings to the stage tomorrow as shes been tightening up day by day 😎 _ Peak week is going to be different for everyone. The same principles & approach can apply, but the execution for each competitor will vary to get the desired result. And the important thing to remember....weight does not matter come show day! The judges don’t choose a winner based on who weighs the least. _ In fact, if you’re carbing up, drinking your water, eating your given sodium...just following your protocol in general...it’s very likely your weigh ins during peak week will fluctuate up & down depending on the day before. Filling out the muscles can & will often cause an upward fluctuation. _ At the end of the day the physique & stage presence you bring is what matters most. Not the number on the scale. 👍🏽 _ 🏋🏽‍♀️online training - apply w/the link in my bio 🍑Glute Guide - link in my bio, build a booty with me! (: 👙posing sessions - mgoodwinfit@gmail.com 📲www.determinedphysiques.com
We know it's not fall yet. We know not everyone is as crazy about soup as we are. We also know that sometimes, after a long, trying week you just need to burn away the bad with some some adult-oriented chili. The dumplings are there to fill up that which you have lost in the purge. Today's edition of DISHES WE LOVE offers up a piping hot cauldron of Korean Kimchi Mandu Guk...Spicy Kimchi Dumpling Soup.
Prep for tomorrow’s 2018 @rockymountainemmy show is coming together nicely at @chateau_luxe today. Good luck to all the nominees tomorrow! #emmys2018 #lighting #awardshows #clientspotlight #setdesign #eventprofs
Susan and her trainer Sam flexin’ this Friday! 💪🏽 - - - Our members are our family! Post a picture with your friends, trainer or front desk staff during your time here @crunchdivision 🏃🏽‍♂️🏋🏼‍♀️ Be sure to tag #CRUNCHTV and #CRUNCHDIVISION to be featured on the newest social media platform found on some of our TV’s, UpShow! - - - #crunchfitness #crunchtv #crunchdivision #nojudgments #family #community #gymmotivation #health #motivation #friendsandfamily #training #personaltrainer #clientspotlight
Spotted some @ericandchristopher merch at the @pearlsbuckintl gift shop the last time we were there. Two great local organizations! #fridayfeature #clientspotlight #handtowels #ericandchristopher #pearlsbuckinternational
This is a tribute to my beautiful client Valynn who has not only made a beautiful transformation but has continued to maintain and improve in the 5 years she has worked with me. I'm so proud and honored to have Valynn as my client, not just because she is so dedicated but because she has become a great friend and has also made me a better person. My job gives me the opportunity to serve other phenomenal,  beautiful women, manifest their health goals, and help them transform, not just on the outside but also on the inside. Being a fitness coach is a gift of sharing my knowledge to empower, teach and also learn from others. . See full video on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/FGz2sfBdsS8 . . #client #clientspotlight #workoutmotivation #transformation #exercises #exercisemotivation #personaltrainer #onlinetrainer #fitandageless #bodybysandy #sandyhancock #goalsetting
My client Jared and I have been working together for the last month and he has been absolutely crushing it! We are going to get him shredded this year!! -Samm #anytimefitnesswarman #personaltraining #clientspotlight #proudcoach
Mountain Climbers w/Sliders strengthen the entire core and burn fat. So if you want to have strong, flat abs, you should include these in your routine! 👏🏻 #brianakworkouts - Have you heard about our NEW Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be VIDEO courses with this one! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates!
“Hey guys! I had a couple days earlier this week where I was feeling super discouraged and thinking that my body didn’t even look different from when I started. Results take time and that SUCKS! I put these together last night. My journey started around August 20th and the last photo was taken earlier this week. It’s freaking insane how much it has changed. I’m slightly fangirling over myself. Haha! Much love giiiirls, and stay workin’!🌸💗🖤”. #brianaktransformations - Yasss, girl! This client followed our Weight Loss & Tone guide Pt. 1! ALL of our workout guides are ONLY $9.99 right now!(Link in bio to shop.) 🤗 - PSST! Have you heard about our Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be a NEW workout guide, video courses, AND macro-based meal plan! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates!
Client Spotlight: Expy Health Our client @ExpyHealth helps orthopedic patients prepare for and recover from surgery. We work with Expy Health on all marketing and advertising. Here are some of the work we've done for them: 1. Logo Design 2. Website Design & Development 3. Marketing Materials (Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures) 4. Facebook Ads 5. Videography (explainer & interview style) 6. Newsletter Design We love working with Expy Health and we see them as a long-term partner that we will growth with and scale together.
Nope. It's not photoshopped. That's real. We looked once, we looked twice then we all did a group high-five. This rhubarb tart is the sort of thing you order two of: one to eat, one to preserve so you can show your grandchildren. Shout out to our pals @flourcraft for pointing us to @thida.bevington , who mixed in a pinch of geometry and a tablespoon of graphic design to this beauty.
Our Client Carol is all smiles today showing off the newly organized pantry we set up for her on move in day. 😍🙌🌟 who needs a pantry reorganization? Double tap if you do! #wurthorganizing #homeorganization #clientspotlight #arizonabased #shoplocal
Life is best with balance, in and out of the gym! Have fun this weekend but always keep your goals in mind! Thanks to @katsasscushions for being my model 👌🏻 Also check out her page for your meditation cushion/pet beds needs! #cookconditioning #onelifemakeitcount #selfcare #makeyourselfapriority #edmonton #yeg #personaltrainer #clientspotlight #supportsmallbusiness #supporteachother #lifebalance #balance #fatloss #weightloss #fitfam #yegfit #yegfitness
FACT: You do not have to spend hours in the gym to get results🤚When we have this mindset it usually goes one or two ways: .. ⚡We get overwhelmed thinking we have to workout everyday and don’t do anything, then stress over not going, feel shame and guilt. .. ⚡We spend large amounts of time on cardio machines/lifting, over stress the body, create too much cortisol (stress hormone) and not enough endorphins (happy hormone), cause fatigue, reduce recovery and lower mood. .. 🌞Solution: doing short effective workouts 3 times per week no more than 30minutes🌞 .. This theory was proven when @megsgreenie came to training yesterday and told me her energy is elevated, her clothes are fitting better and she feels back to herself. These results have happened in just over 2 weeks!! All she has been doing is exercising 3 times a week for less than 30-40mins, doing the exercises I have showed her and not stressing about it🤷🏼‍♀️ Today I am celebrating for you meg🎊🎉🏅 . . . . . . . #confidence #stressfree #transformation #weightloss #strengthtrain #personaltrainer #strongwomen #sandiego #flexfriday #tgif #fitness #officeviews #weekendvibes #flexfriday #sandiegofitness #hiitworkout #clientspotlight #clientsuccess #sandiegococh #missionvalley #officeview #fitspo #exercisemotivation #workout #gymmotivation #flexfriday #exercisedaily #fatloss #gymtime #workoutvideos
Friday fun! Well 😂 not sure if she thought it was fun but WELL DONE @tharu_ll 😃🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 While the gym was being refurbished (now all done!) we adapted the session with various equipment 😁 Also used a move on the Battle ropes I saw from @jmarfit 😀👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 it’s good to switch things and not be repetitive! Have a great weekend everybody stay blessed and keep building a better you! 😃🙏🏾💚 #clientspotlight #kingdomhealth #christian #lovejesus #personaltrainer #veganpersonaltrainer #vegan #sportsmassagetherapist #boxerciseinstructor #2018goals #hardwork #gymlife #gymrat #fitover40 #fitmommotivator #instafit #fitfam #ukfitfam #girlswholift #stronggirlsrock #pilatesrocks #fitmum #fitmom #competewithyourself #youcandoit #thefitgirls
#clientspotlight Today we are featuring one of our clients, Ellie! #featurefridays * How long have you been taking Pure Barre? I’ve been taking Pure Barre for almost two years. *What motivates you to get to class? I am motivated by all us women, at different stages of our fitness journey, taking 50 minutes out of our day to work it out, and focus on ourselves. *What is your favorite section of Pure barre and why? My favorite section right now is abs. After giving birth to a watermelon, I have zero core. I am so excited with each class, I feel stronger and stronger! Thank you, Ellie! Stay tuned for next week’s #featurefriday #purebarrefamily
💯 Kettlebell Single Leg DL 💯 Here is my insanely strong client Leo performing one of my favourites . Kettle Bell Single Leg Deadlifts are such a beautiful unilateral movement to isolate a single side of glutes and hamstrings . Start by placing a KB is one hand in a neutral standing position. Next slowly leaning forward, allow the hips to move backward and the same side knee to bend slightly while keep the chest up and the back straight. Be sure to make sure that before you begin the ascent of this movement that the same side hamstring is TIGHT! If you do not feel that stretch in the hamstring chances are you are bending that knee a little bit too much. To ascend the difficulty of this movement you can elevate your feet for a little extra range of motion . When performed correctly this movement will DESTROY your hamstrings and glutes I assure you . Give this movement a try and let me know what you think! 💪🏼
Client Spotlight on @blablakidsshop ! BlaBla Kids is a line of modern and eco-friendly children's toys. These handmade toys are known for being designed with love and made with respect for mankind and planet Earth. Check out their flagship store in the Virginia Highlands, otherwise known as the heart and soul of ATL! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #atlanta #georgia #blablakids #toys #handmade #ecofriendly #earth #love #respect #clientspotlight #clientlove #clientcrush #dreamclient #letsworktogether #workwithus #shopify #online #ecommerce #smallbusinesslife #webdesign #weloveourpartners
🔆Client spotlight moment🔆 Sela came to me a month ago wanting help with at home workouts. I’m so proud of her hard work I know at home workouts can be challenging. I was able to give her foods to try and stick to and show her timing is key when eating meals. I was able to help Sela loose 7lbs in a month!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Are you tired of being uncomfortable and being sluggish and want to start living a healthy life? Send me an email and let me help you achieve your goals I do online clients and in person. I will also be back home and am holding sessions while I’m back so send me an email or message and let’s get to work! #clientspotlight #clienttransformation #fitness #personaltrainer #workwithme #fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivation #bodytransformation #bodycomposition
#ClientSPOTLIGHT (1month Transformation) @papirri_1994 🌟 • It’s not easy putting on good quality ‘muscle.’ Most people do it wrong. But when you have an amazing program that offers customized meal plans from an Elite Nutritionist like @watchmegrow__219 , results are inevitable! Great job to our client ‘Resto’ who’s goal is to get to 195lbs. Despite his busy schedule working 16+ hrs a day, ‘Resto’ still finds time to hold himself accountable making it to his training sessions and getting the work done. Keep up the amazing progress! • 💥💥 Our 48hr Flash Sale Expires Saturday September 22nd @12 noon!! Only (4) slots remaining! Includes: 3 days a week semi-private training, UNLIMITED access to our FITx Team Training Classes & 2 meal plans. Bring a friend/family member and BOTH will receive a 15% discount on a $2,000 package valued at $923+ tax!!! Don’t miss out. #FITx #PersonalTrainers #FlexFriday #Lifestyle #MotivationForYouGoalChasers #MenLieWomenLieResultsDont #WhosNEXT
Text conversation with a client. After working with me, her @511tactical pants are baggy on her now lol These are the type of results you can expect when you work with a trainer that loves what he or she does and shows it. Congratulations Susan, you continue to make me so proud! P.S. @511tactical we could use a new pair of pants for this gal lol #clientspotlight #ilovemyclients #myclientsloveme #weeatobstaclesforbreakfast #new511pantsplease #OfferNoExcuses
Calling all dogs, families, walkers, runners, and anyone that wants to support and raise money for a GREAT cause!!! Our clients @construct_gb are having their annual walk in GB on Sunday. Check out their website for more details 🙌🏻
Client Spotlight • Meet Kelly! An amazing mother, grandmother, full time employee, & wifey! She knows what the word busy means! I cannot tell you how PROUD I am of her! Trusting the process, following the plan, & feeling better week to week!! _ Kelly, you are truly INSPIRING so many women!! _ #macros #iifym #mealprep #clientselfie #clientspotlight #nutrition #transformation #progresspic #thejourney #trusttheprocess #motivations #soproudofyou #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #healthymom
*CLIENT SPOTLIGHT* Shout out to Hanna DL! Hanna started on her fitness journey years ago when she weighed in at 360 pounds and realized how unhealthy she was. There have been some ups and downs during her journey, but Hanna always returns to her fitness regiment and is such a great inspiration on how to live out a healthy lifestyle. During our monthly “check-up” sessions, we update her workouts and be sure that her nutrition is on track. Hanna does a lot of her workouts on her own: 30-45 minutes of cardio about 5 days a week, and 3 days of strength training which recently has included her new love...the TRX! Hanna also continued to make changes this past year...Some of her results include: losing 3.6% body fat, 25 pound loss on the scale, almost 12 inches lost, and over 13 pounds of fat melted away!! From Hanna: “I wanted to thankJoni @jofit75 for believing in me unconditionally.. It is possible to make a change despite hormonal changes. You got to believe in yourself and have a vision always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” You’re awesome, Hanna! Keep it up...and thanks for the inspiration! • • • • #fitness #health #weighloss #results #strength #strengthisbeauty #TRX #personaltraining #workout #fitmom #fitnessover40 #fitnessover50 #cardio #fitnessforhealth #consistency #clientspotlight #ilovefitness
Meet our client spotlight this week, Kailie! Kailie has been tucking with us for a month now! She had just moved to Tampa from Cleveland, Ohio and immediately immersed herself in our studio. Her favorite part of class? Seat, arms and the 90-second plank (what's not to love?!). When Kailie's not at the studio, she enjoys paddle boarding, snowboarding and practicing yoga. She is a licensed social worker and currently works for the Florida Autism Center. We've loved getting to know Kailie this past month and we're so glad she found our little corner of New Tampa! #clientspotlight #clientlove
#ClientSpotlight Harry Corry Ltd Interiors is a family run business which was established by Harry Corry in 1968 and over the last 50 years the company has established itself as a leading retailer of home furnishings. Harry Corry Interiors has 50 retail outlets throughout Ireland and Scotland and we now employ more than 500 staff.
✨ Gabi Garrett LimeLife ✨ makeup look: Foundation: Shinto No. 2 Brows: Brush No. 14 + Eye Color No. 40 + Oil Strike Spray Cheeks: bronzer + blush No. 4 Lips: Enduring Lip Color Cherry Pie LL mascara Translucent powder to set #limelifebyalcone #parabenfree #parabenfreemakeup #veganbeauty #alabamagirl #hannahreyeslimelife #LINKINBIO #blakelively #blakelivelymakeup #customerspotlight #clientselfie #clientspotlight
My amazing client !!!! She has been with me for 4 months and no strict meal Plan (just eating good food and watching her portions) , coming to training 3 times a week, a mom , a student and work women! She has lost 14kgs with me in the past 4months. Go girl your journey has jut began ! Good luck ! #gymjunkie #clientspotlight #gym #transformation #weightloss #goals #fitmom #fitness #personaltrainer #jozilife
⚠️Client Spotlight @casskrul ⚠️ . Kettlebell and core goodness! . 🎯 Challenge your strength, core, balance, stability, and endurance with these circuits: . . SL Deadlift to Clean and Press 10 reps each side Med Ball Toe Taps 30 reps . . KB Reverse Lunge to Press (bell up for added instability) 6 each side Russian Twist to Knee Tuck Med Ball Press 30 seconds each . . Box Jumps (no arm swing for pure leg explosiveness) 15 reps . 3 sets of each circuit. . You already know she murdered this workout.
This sweet girl came back from Dallas to get in a leg day with me! She said she missed me, but in a day or two her legs will be hating me 😈 I'm so grateful for all of my clients, but this girl right here was one of my very first clients ever, and she'll always be one of the favorites. Thanks, Vegas!
Bench Toe Taps are sooo easy and can be done just about anywhere! They really get your heart rate up and are great for strengthening your hammies and quads. 🙌🏻 - Tip: Keep your abs tight and shoulders back when doing them. 🤗 #brianakworkouts - PSST! Have you heard about our NEW Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be VIDEO courses with this one! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates!
BBQ Chicken Foil Packs. 😋🍗 Recipe courtesy of @eatwell101 #brianakeats - SWIPE 👉🏻 for the Instructions! - Ingredients: 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 2 cups pineapple chunks 1 red bell pepper, diced 1 green bell pepper, diced Coarse salt & pepper BBQ Sauce~ 1/2 cup of your favorite bbq sauce 3 cloves garlic, minced (or 2 tsp dried garlic) 1.5 tsp smoked paprika 2 tbsp olive oil 1 jalapeño, sliced 2 tbs fresh lemon juice 1 tsp dried oregano Chopped cilantro, for garnish - Have you heard about our NEW Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be a macro-based meal plan with this one! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates!
“Just finished the 4 week HIIT and ab guide. Definitely helped with my back rolls lol under the bra and with my lower abdominal area. Over all feel slimmer. The results weren’t as drastic as I had hoped, but that’s also my own fault..The last week I ate poorly and missed a few workouts, but I am so happy with the guide itself. Thank you @brianakfitness for your workout guides! I for sure would not have worked out as consistently as I did if it wasn’t for you! Keeping those under 20 minutes made it easier to incorporate into my schedule.”. #brianaktransformations - So proud of you, girl! 🙌🏻👏🏻 This lovely lady followed our HIIT & Abs Challenge! It’s currently on sale for ONLY $9.99! (Link in bio to shop.) 🤗 - PSST! Have you heard about our Forever Fit guide coming out on Sept. 24th?! 🎉 There will be a NEW workout guide, video courses, AND macro-based meal plan! 🙌🏻 Follow @brianakfitness for more updates!
Please join us in wishing Sere a happy birthday! ⠀ She started with us after getting a referral to our small group training program from her Physical Therapist @tony.comella ⠀ She had knee pain with any loaded knee flexion (squatting, deadlifting, lunging—you name it!) ⠀ Today she spent part of her birth-a-versary with us, nailing a 126# farmer carry like it was a cake walk. ⠀ 🕺🎂💃 ⠀ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sere!! We are so proud of your accomplishments and love having you as part of our training fam. ⠀ #clientspotlight #toyourresilience #doANYthing #functionalrangeconditioning #frc #mamastrong
Ok, we waited till it was after work on both coasts. Thai Thursdays is still in full effect, even during cocktail hour. The mouthwatering Margarita you see here has been given the Ginger Lime heat treatment by the @yaisthai team and we are going to have another, thank you very much. Join us?
#clientspotlight @deedeemozee so much to be said. But you’ve come into our world @primeinstitute and really brought the family closer like a good family member will. Look at you 😍 proud of you and everything you represent
Can you feel it? Can you taste it in the air? It's Thai Thursday! (The TH. It's kind of a visual thing.) To celebrate, the Propeller Industries team wants to shout out a supporting player...The condiment. Too long have the chutneys, dips and sauces of 5-star dinners been overshadowed by the main course. Today we want to highlight the wingman of a solid dish. We submit for your eating pleasure: Spicy Thai Relish, courtesy of our friends at @yaisthai.
On tonight's installment of RESTAURANTS WE LOVE, the Propeller Team takes you to New York City. A city built on the backs of bagels, pizza, street-side hot dogs and the black-and-white cookie. Forget all that. Or get those tomorrow. When we hit the city, we head straight here: DO HWA on Carmine Street in the West Village. Homestyle Korean cooking and the best Dok Boki this side of the ole' Mississippi. Or that side too, actually. We don't want to tell you what to order because you cannnot go wrong...BUT, since you asked: Start with the kimchee pancake and the Kul Mandu dumplings. Order 2 Dok Boki, because if you're dining with other people, you'll get angry if they eat too many. After that, Go Bibimbap if you're feeling traditional, BBQ with the crew if you're feeling social, or get the Kimchi Chigae if you are all excited to be too full to go out after dinner.
Today. Tuesday. Tacos. Made with Tequila. ⠀ This is why @sirkensingtons was knighted.⠀ ⠀
Station to station...
Take the long way home...March is all about Travel here at Propeller Industries and we’ve got some incredible clients to inspire you’re next getaway. Stay tuned...
You can go anywhere...March is all about Travel here at Propeller Industries and we’ve got some incredible clients that will get you itching for your next adventure. Start packing...
Our kinda Valentine...
It’s Food February here at Propeller Industries. We’re showcasing some of our food and beverage clients for inspiration. We’ve got a question for you though...What’s for dinner?
It was Super Bowl Sunday...So we know what sort of spread you must have had while watching the game. We aren’t judging either. Us? Oh, We doubled down on these Korean tacos courtesy of @redduckfoods. Everyone’s a winner.
Propeller is in the kitchen all through of February. We’ll be showcasing some of our Food and Beverage clients...So get hungry.
Know what feels good? Knowing these shredded chicken enchiladas courtesy of @feelgoodfoods exist. That’s Friday night sorted...
Propeller Industries is revving up the food truck for Foodie February. We’ve got no idea if that’s an actual thing, but for the next month we’ll be showcasing some of our amazing clients in the food and beverage industry. We’ll post early so you can plan your meals accordingly! Note: we don’t have a company food truck...Yet.
@kitehillfoods takes cheese boards to a whole new level! . .
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