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@svayambhu_tatu pushing his core extra hard in these movements. You need a good mix of both strength and flexibility to do this so smoothly. #core #bars #dips #lsit #veganathlete #tattoo #tattooist #vegan #guyswithtattoos #compressioncore #marbella #theflowacademy @compressioncore
#Repost @compressioncore • • • Poetry in Motion 👌 _ Who spices up their cardio routine with some shadow boxing ? 🥊🥊 _ @nas_shmoney #CompressionCore
Rate 1-10 🔥🔥 _ @callisthenics_nation #CompressionCore
How long can you do this workout ? _ @alexia_clark #CompressionCore
This looks fun 🔥 _ @richfroning #CompressionCore
Can you balance on a weight ? _ @juliandaigre #CompressionCore
TAG your workout buddy! _ @sergio_streetworkout_ #CompressionCore
Flying 🕊🕊 _ @dexton4 #CompressionCore
This man is insane!! RATE the difficulty 1-10 _ @ruslan_jaguar #CompressionCore
Can you do this with ease? 🤔 _ @max_true #CompressionCore
Whoa this has to be some kind of record 🤯 _ @fit_athletes_ig #CompressionCore
What is your excuse ? _ @pitbullruhl #CompressionCore
Awesome Clip 🔥🔥🔥 TAG one friend to try this move ! _ @leo.moves #CompressionCore
Flip City !! 🔥🔥 Use one word to describe this move! _ @flips2update #CompressionCore
Creative! Who would try this? 🤔 _ @ephillips13 #CompressionCore
What true body control looks like 🔥🔥 RATE the difficulty from 1-10! _ @dominik_sky #CompressionCore
NAME this move ! _ @1upnutrition #CompressionCore
Let's Fly 🕊🕊 USE one emoji to describe this move _ @swaggylee_fitness #CompressionCore
Wow!! Rate the level of difficulty from 1-10! _ @nicole_ifbb_fitness_pro #CompressionCore
Sometimes you need to just workout outdoors 💯 _ @olcalisthenics_91 #CompressionCore
You know, nothing out of the ordinary 👀 _ TAG someone who can pull of this move! _ @paradigmofperfection #CompressionCore
Whoa that was high!! 🤯 how high of a vertical do you think that was ? _ @jacobhorst69kg #CompressionCore
He made this move look too easy!! 🔥🔥🔥 _ NAME this move ! _ @simonsterstrength #CompressionCore
Who said humans cannot fly? _ @lsutrackfield #CompressionCore
Look at that body control!! 🔥🔥 tag someone with alien like control! _ @calisthenics_gram #CompressionCore
Dynamic Move !! RATE level of difficulty from 1-10! _ @sarahacarter #CompressionCore
Poetry in Motion! How many muscle ups can you do? _ @bidjievdiyas #CompressionCore
In the zone 🗝🗝 _ @jhunt.fitness #CompressionCore
Easier OR Harder than it looks? 🤔 _ @alizou2b #CompressionCore
Dope Move 🔥🔥 NAME this move! _ @acrowithjon @teenie29 #CompressionCore
This looks fun! Freestyle Time _ @katiemcdonnell #CompressionCore
An amazing move right here !! USE one emoji to describe this move! _ @pmpfortes #CompressionCore
Future stud athlete?? 🔥🔥 _ @bestfootballworkouts #CompressionCore
RATE the difficulty from 1-10! _ @jessiegraffpwr #CompressionCore
How many flips did you count? 🤔🤔 with the hat on too _ @ozellwilliams #CompressionCore
TAG someone you would destroy in this challenge! 👇👇 _ @houseofhighlights #CompressionCore
NAME this pushup! 👇 _ @ampathleticsofficial #CompressionCore
The travel down dip 👀 who can pull off this move? _ @nickurankar #CompressionCore
Call that a Double Whammy 💥 Abs & Arms for the win! _ If you can pull this move off, share the clip with us! We will feature the first tagged post on our page 🔥 _ @jesus_builds_strength #CompressionCore
🔥🔥🔥 NAME this move! _ @jaybrown_fitness #CompressionCore
Core King 👑👑 who else uses the exercise ball? _ @alexander1official #CompressionCore
Mega Man Status! 🔥 how much weight can you curl with this device on? _ @lifting_with_ben #CompressionCore
Assemble your squad!! 👇👇 _ @getfitwithgiddy #CompressionCore
Signals stop line...sure. But it doesn't signal stopping the workout 💪💪 _ TAG someone who can pull off this move! _ @2jpantoja pantoja #CompressionCore
What's more impressive : _ The guts required to pull off this move OR the alien like flexibility? 🤔👽👇 _ @sofiedossi #CompressionCore
1 Arm Muscle Up!! 🔥 Does he land it? _ @calisthenics_nation_ #CompressionCore
When Focus meets Outdoors! ⛰🌍 NAME this move! _ @alwayzgowiide #CompressionCore
Killing the Ring Pushups! 👀 _ Do you incorporate ring pushups into your training? 🤔 _ @misskyriee #CompressionCore
🙂 🙌 #ExtremeExercise . Fitness tips & inspiration ➡ @extremeexercise . . NAME this move !! 🤯🤯 _ @lexa_merin #CompressionCore Credits: @compressioncore
Abs on point! 🔥👏 Would you try this workout? _ @lupa_40 #CompressionCore
NAME this move !! 🤯🤯 _ @lexa_merin #CompressionCore
Tricep Dip Hitman 🔥 How much weight do you think this is? _ @slidismode #CompressionCore
Alternate way to cross a street 🤣😂 RATE the creativity from 1-10! _ @alexomidvar @brettconti.nyc #CompressionCore
Working out on top of the world 🌍 TAG someone who would try this! _ @insane_workouttt #CompressionCore
Team NO Excuse 💯💯💯 USE one emoji to describe this clip ! _ @jedidiahsnelson #CompressionCore
Remix mode 🔥🔥 _ @leo.moves @petair.official #CompressionCore
Made this look too easy!! 🔥 _ Guess the vertical ! 👇👇 _ @mas__daddy #CompressionCore
Who has the upper body strength to knock out this move? 🤔 _ @showtime_gp #CompressionCore
Pushing the Power!! ☀️☀️ _ @bjgaddour #CompressionCore
Body Control at its finest!! 💯 - RATE the control 1-10!! _ @cirquegram #CompressionCore
Neck strength on point! 🤯 _ RATE this move 1-10 👇 _ @michaelcvazquez @scott_mathison_ #CompressionCore
This is what true friendship is about 💯 when the gym is closed , find creative ways to stay active 😎 _ USE one word to describe this workout! _ @z1t0_workout @maksymriznyk #CompressionCore
Backflip syncronization on point!! 🔥 how many tries do you think this took? _ @beastugis #CompressionCore
This beats a lat pulldown any day! Agree OR Disagree? 🤔 _ @boxingroyalty #CompressionCore
TAG someone you'd play this Trust Game with! 👇👇 _ @thekiryalife @lizzy__isaeva #CompressionCore
😂😂 had to watch this whole clip to see how this machine worked _ NAME this machine! _ @liefiasaurus #CompressionCore
This is so sweet!! While your partner is getting work done, accompany them by doing some relaxing yoga 💯 _ Who is a fan of yoga❓❔ _ @chelseasyoga #CompressionCore
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