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$10,000+ was stolen from my dad. • Last night, some lame excuse for a person broke into my dads work. For anyone that doesn’t know, he works on and sells cars, therefore his shop is FULL of expensive equipment. I’ve been nothing but lucky from the day I turned 16 to now with not having to pay for any mechanical issues, #blessup ! • For whom also doesn’t know, my dad is absolutely amazing. All dads are amazing, obviously, but if you know Mike Berube, you know he is more than average. This man will literally sacrifice anything for someone else’s happiness. He will take the shirt off his back for anyone in need, doesn’t matter if he knows them or not. • Without my dad, nothing would’ve been possible for me. Financially, I am a lucky daughter. I am so fortunate for everything I’ve been gifted over this lifetime so far. If you knew me growing up, he was “Bank of Dad” lol! Which I’m not bragged about what so ever! I’m very blessed for the life i was given. Words cannot express how thankful I am. • I’m trying to sit here and figure out why someone would do this to him... for the 100th time. If I know anything at all about my dad, I know he will still smile and provide whatever he can. And that’s a fricken good person. • Money is not an object what so ever... but i seriously cannot wait to write my parents a blank check one day. That is one of my biggest goals. For everything they have ever done for me to reach today, it’s necessary. • Karma will get who ever did this to my dad. • #dadappreciation #familyfirst #fatherlikedaughter #family #mydadmyhero #brave #myinspiration #myhero #motivated #fitness #fitfam #fittip #healthylifestyle #lifewillgoon #lifehappens #familyfitness #muscle #bumpintheroad #dbfit #thriveforsuccess
Life update ~ An IBD flare followed by the influenza I’m not saying flu because that sounds like something men get this was full blow INFLUENZA 😢 😆. On top of this just general year 2 of uni stress 🤯. My training has not been consistent whatsoever . Im back now and easing in with some full body workouts until my strength is back to split them up 🤗🤩😎 #dbfit
These EMOMs are doin the body GOOD! So happy with this progress! Eating semi intuitively and still eating desserts and I’m so comfortable with my body right now! @taychayy you are a genius with these workouts!
Nic v tom nehledej. Na to není žádný talent. Je to jenom dřina, disciplína a odříkání. #biceps #triceps #chestday #chestworkout #pullover #workout #benchpress #gymtime #sport #czechgirl #dbfit #girlwholift #nopainnogain #delts #fitness #fitnessgirl #czechvirus
⭐️LOSE FAT & GAIN MUSCLE⭐️ • 💛S H O W L O V E💛 LIKE - SAVE - TAG A FRIEND • H.I.I.T. is defined as high intensity interval training. This is when you alternate between high intensity + low intensity exercises. This is great for fat loss and muscle gain because bouts of high intensity exercise primarily burns carbohydrates, while lower intensity exercises primarily target fat for fuel! • Benefits of HIIT: ~burn a lot of calories quick ~epoc = burn more calories post workout ~can help with fat loss ~can help with muscle gain ~can improve oxygen consumption ~may reduce heart rate & blood pressure ~may reduce high blood sugar • THE WORKOUT: 10-12 MIN of LISS cardio on the bike ⭐️ Activation: -20 band walks -20 fire hydrants -20 donkey kicks -20 glute bridge -20 glute bridge hold butterflies (not shown - can be found on my YouTube or previous insta posts) ⭐️ Circuit 1: -10 RDLS -10 bent over rows -10 abs roll outs 4 sets ⭐️ Circuit 2: -5 squats -5 standing shoulder press -10 spider crunches 4 sets ⭐️ Circuit 3: -10 hip thrusts -10 floor presses -10 butt ups 4 sets ⭐️ Circuit 4: -10 hex bar squat to shoulder shrug -8 jumping burpees 4 sets ⭐️ • #fit #fitness #workoutvideos #workoutvideotips #hiitworkout #hiit #bootyworkout #losefat #weighloss #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #fittip #muscle #growth #workouts #legday #armday #absworkout #dbfit #thriveforsuccess #fitspo #fitnessinspiration #motivation #gymshark #lifting #gymsharkwomen #adidas #bodybuilding
MOTIVATION… Lots of you slide in my DMs about this so I’ll slide into your timeline with the answer👋🏽: ‘How do you stay motivated to workout/exercise/train?’ (whatever you wanna refer to it as) Truthfully? I don’t wake up and jump out of bed everyday like YAAS exercise🤩. My motivation peaks and dips a lot, like yours, like everyone else’s - even the most dedicated gym-goers and athletes🤷🏽‍♀️ . ☝🏽1. My numero uno tip is: ‘just KEEP showing up’. Unless you’re sick or your body genuinely needs rest, actually showing up is half the battle. Once you’re there, you might as well DO something (make it count) & after you have, you’ll feel 100x better that you did. Humans like habits. Something that at first seems like #effort can turn into something that you wouldn’t miss for the world (quite extreme, you get my drift🌚). . ⏰2. SCHEDULE your workouts. Plan when you’re going, pre-pack your gym kit the night before, make it non-negotiable and get yo’ ass there. . 🏋🏽‍♀️3. PLAN your workout. Having a plan to follow will not only keep you motivated, but you’ll get better results & you’re not just wandering round wondering what machine to use or exercise to copy next 🌚 . 👯‍♀️4. FRIENDS! Grab a mate. Working out with someone will make you a lot more likely to show up, bc nobody likes a bailer. And neither of you will admit to the other that you CBA today until you finish the workout and one of you says ‘I almost snoozed my alarm and cancelled’ 🤣 . 👟5. GYM GEAR - it’s a bit shallow and I wouldn’t recommend doing it often unless you wanna spend a bomb & own as many pairs of leggings as me, but fresh new gym gear or trainers are always gonna be a bit of a motivator 💁🏽‍♀️ . ❤️6. WHY? Remember why you’re working out in the first place. It doesn’t just improve your physical health; your mental health & wellbeing, your energy, confidence & life in general⭐️ . ✨7. Be GRATEFUL. I had to say it. There are people out there who will never be able to exercise & there are people who have lost limbs still getting it done. So if you’re lucky e have a healthy functioning body that moves and can do amazing stuff quit moaning and get sh*t done🙃. Love u happy Monday👑✨ #dbfit
All the food and drinks at the Renaissance Fair today because #yolo and #balance 🤷🏼‍♀️
I haven’t REALLY worked out in a couple days if I’m going to be really honest. This week was ROUGH. Like 12 hour days everyday. Always standing, moving or lifting equipment. I was also dealing with a bunch of children which is not always the greatest experience. • • • The LAST thing I wanted to do this week was workout. I managed to sneak in a couple things but nothing what my body needed. My job is very taxing on the body and I need to make sure I work out in order to keep my body up to speed with what I’m doing! • • • Today I made NO excuses and got my butt to the gym! • • • I feel incredible and I’m so glad this coming week will be much less hectic! ❤️
The shit talked about me, and yes I hear all of your nonsense about my headbands, about my spandex, about my brand and about my boys.. it doesn’t phase me like it did when I was younger. Unfortunately for you, it only makes me dive deeper into the darkness 😈 I wore a headband once to the gym as a fun little thing with my then girlfriend and I was ridiculed by anonymous people, so I said okay... and I started to wear them every, damn, day 😈 That’s the thing about me.. I love who I am, and I love who I am becoming. I am comfortable enough in my own skin to not only embrace your hate and criticism.. I am willing to flip it on its ear. I’m only the monster you made me 😈 . . #TheLoneWolfConquers #CreatedWithMyOwnTwoHands #OutOfTheDarknessWeShallRise #ThoseWhoHateAreFans #AllNatural #JackedTanAndTatted #Bodybuilding #Powerbuilding #MensBodybuildingAmateur #DuesPaid #LegionOfBoom #DsDirtyTraining #UnstableMindset #UnbreakableSpirit #UnstoppableForce #DemandGreatness #ExcellenceIsWithinYou #MostDontIWill #BoggsMovement #DDT #DBFit #BrotherhoodOfIron #ForgedThroughPain #PioneerBelts #NoJuiceNoBullShit
Knowledge is power💪 . . Our mission when we started DB was to help as many people with their health and fitness as we could. We are extremely grateful to be where we are today helping over 100’s of people. . . We have built a trusting community at DB. Our clients trust us and we have faith in our clients. Your overall health isn’t a quick stop, a quick 6-8 week challenge, or some fat burning program you saw online. It’s an commitment to overall health. You invest for retirement to be comfortable financially. Commit to your health in order to be comfortable physically. Because if you can’t enjoy everything you work hard for in this life, what is the point? Humans strive for a purpose and meaning. We all have a purpose and we all have meaning. Find the value in yourself and commit to it! Be the best version of you. Financially, mentally, and physically! . . Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey and made DB what it is today🙏 #db #dbfit #dbfitness #dbfitnessinc #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitfam #fitlife #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #gym #gymlife #sweat #personaltrainer #weights #weighttraining #cardio #gymtime #getstrong #health #healthy #healthylife
Knowledge is power💪 . . Our mission when we started DB was to help as many people with their health and fitness as we could. We are extremely grateful to be where we are today helping over 100’s of people. . . We have built a trusting community at DB. Our clients trust us and we have faith in our clients. Your overall health isn’t a quick stop, a quick 6-8 week challenge, or some fat burning program you saw online. It’s an commitment to overall health. You invest for retirement to be comfortable financially. Commit to your health in order to be comfortable physically as well. Because if you can’t enjoy everything you work hard for in this life, what is the point? Humans strive for a purpose and meaning. We all have a purpose and we all have meaning. Find the value in yourself and commit to it! Be the best version of you. Financially, mentally, and physically! . . Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey and made DB what it is today🙏 #db #dbfit #dbfitness #dbfitnessinc #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitfam #fitlife #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #gym #gymlife #sweat #personaltrainer #weights #weighttraining #cardio #gymtime #getstrong #health #healthy #healthylife
Day 4 Week 1 of ‘’Timeless’’ by @desb___ is done. CHEST AND TRICEPS. 💀💀💀 Had to shorten my workout due to time this morning and how sore I am from this split 😢🍑😛 #worthitthough The third picture is the warm-up which I completed 2 rounds total, absolutely death cause my triceps pushups are real weak 😿😿 Try this workout and feel my pain lol 💪🏻🔥👏 #chesttriceps #dbfit #dbfitguide #workoutmotivation #fitness #workout #weightloss #deathbydesb
Day 3 of @desb___ ‘’Timeless’’ Quads and Back - absolutely crushed it and so 💀💀💀 had to modify and swap some things around due to time and equipment available but feeling stronger every time I make it through another workout. These workouts push me and are SUPER hard! I highly recommend this guide to everyone! 💪🏻 Finisher for tonight is 10 minutes of jump rope intervals 30 seconds work / 30 rest #workoutmotivation #dbfitguide #desb #dbfit #workout #fitness #weightloss
YOU GUYS. I cannot even express how much my feet after working today. I did not even eat lunch or have one second to breathe today. I felt with 1200 middle schoolers and their attitudes. My brain is literal mush right now and I don’t even know how I’m still awake honestly. • • • Some days are just like that though. I am lucky that I haven’t had a day like today in a LONG time. But I was tested today and I’m proud to say I came out alive. • • Now time for some wine LOL 🤪
So, you want your arms to look ‘toned’? Well, ya better start working on those shoulders gal 💁🏽‍♀️. One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting out training was neglecting my shoulders but training ‘arms’ (biceps + triceps) 🙄😂 I know I wish I could go back and ‘av a word with my younger self too. Shoulders are often a weak/unstable bodypart for us ladies bc, they don’t get much day to day action 🤷🏽‍♀️. Having shapely (and strong💪🏽) shoulders will make your arms have that ‘toned’ appearance and they’re pretty handy when it comes to doing fun stuff like handstands 🤸🏻‍♀️ & help improve your posture lots too 💁🏽‍♀️. Give this all-round shoulder workout which hits all 3 parts of your shoulder (front/medial/rear deltoid) a whirl on your next upper body day👇🏽 . *NOTE* I always do a good mobility routine & warm up my shoulders beforehand to prevent injury🙏🏽 . A) 3-Way Raise (side to front to press to front to side = 1 rep): 3x10 reps 💪🏽*go light with these, it’s a warm up movement) . B) Standing Barbell Shoulder Press: 3x8-10 reps💪🏽 . C) Seated DB Arnold Press (my forever fave): 3x8-12 reps💪🏽 . Superset: D1) Alternating Seated Supinated (palms up) Side Raises: 3x10 reps each side🔥 D2) Standing DB Front Raise: 3x12 reps each side 💪🏽 . E1) Bent Over Rear Delt Flye: 3x15 reps🦇 E2) Rope Facepull: 3x15-20 reps 💪🏽 . As a rule of thumb: some heavier pressing, some lighter accessory movements and different planes of movement = a staple shoulder workout 🤓. My main tips: don’t let your rib cage flare and back arch (no banana back tings 🍌) & keep your core tight💁🏽‍♀️. Save, love, enjoy & embrace the burn and you’re welcome 😚❤️ #DBFit #workout #health #fitness #lifestyle #workdemshoulders
Day 2 Week 1 of ‘’Timeless’’ Biceps and Shoulders by @desb___ is done and crushed. Cool-down was some jump rope because I was 💀 I’m still recovering from my workout yesterday (SOO Sore 💀🔥😿🍑) so I didn’t focus on calories today instead just getting my workout done. It was hard. These workouts definitely push me and I’m obsessed with them so far. Tomorrow I don’t get to workout until the evening because I start my first day of working 2 jobs - goodbye free time lol 😆 can’t wait to get to the gym tomorrow evening! 💪🏻💪🏻#workoutmotivation #dbfitguide #dbfit #timeless #biceps #shoulders #fitness #weightloss
Good afternoon ya’ll! I wish I was southern so that word would feel less awkward coming out of my mouth. But it just makes so much sense.. you all - all of ya - ya’ll... MOVING FORWARD... ⭐️ This Tuesday afternoon I’m feeling super duper sick, but still happy and GENEROUS ~ as if gifting the fall into fitness challenge winner $100 next week is enough😉 ⭐️ Guess what that means....? ~G I V E A W A Y~ ⭐️ Okay so what’s in it for you? ⭐️ Well considering I have a new found love for gymshark.... I wanna make you fall in love too! ⭐️ WINNER PICKS A SET OF CHOICE & mailed straight to your door! (top & bottom) ⭐️ How to win: 1: MUST BE FOLLOWING ME 2: LIKE THIS PICTURE 3: TAG YO PALS (1 tag = 1 entry) Person with the M O S T tags will W I N ! ! ! ⭐️ Winner will be announced on FRIYAY ⭐️ #gymsharkgiveaway #fitnessgiveaway #giveaway #tagforentry #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #squatsquatsquat #bootybootybooty #fitspo #muscle #workoutvids #fittip #fitfam #fitlife #legday #legworkout #legdayworkout #gymtime #liftlikeagirl #bandworkouts #dbfit #giveawaycontest #gymsharkfit
Y E S. to that 👊🏼 - One of the quotes that I took away (and will always remember) from @victorianiamh ‘s amazing talk yesterday 🙌🏼 - Just try and remind yourself of this ☝🏼 when you’re next worrying or feeling anxious about what someone may think about you, your actions, plans... if they’re being negative, they are mostly going to be irrelevant to your life and your happiness 🤷🏼‍♀️ #quoteoftheweek #dbfit #dbfitwithbeth
Absolutely 💀 after Day 1 Week 1 of the Timeless Fit Guide by @desb___ @dbftfitguide today was GLUTES and HAMMY focus and it straight up killed me. My backside is on 🔥 and I feel stronger than EVER after completing day 1. I didn’t think I was gonna make it I had to give myself multiple pep talks to finish this LOL 😂👏 I couldn’t recommend this guide enough if you need to change up your workouts and get out of a plateau! Thank you Des ❤️💜❤️ #dbfitguide #dbfit #desb #fitness #weightloss #workoutmotivation #legday #glutes #hamstrings #timeless
What Women Want 💓 - What a fabulous day yesterday was for @dominiquebinns first #WWW event 🥰 Many amazing women speaking throughout the day which lifted and inspired the whole room! And I was lucky to be a part of it, taking a Back To Basics Workshop with Dom where we covered everything you need to do before you start training 🏋🏼‍♀️ - It is ever so fabulous to be surrounded by a group of women who ALL support, uplift and encourage one another 👭 - There will be another event in January, so if you missed out on this one, there will be lots more chances to get involved and feel the love too 🤗🥰 - Thank you Dom & @roxanne_cherryroe for organising such a wonderful day 👸🏼👸🏽 #dbfit #whatwomenwant #dbfitqueens #dbfitwithbeth
Ive spent most of my life inside of a bubble. Constantly worrying about what others would think of me. Scared to take chances because i didn’t want to do something wrong. Worried that I would hurt someone else because of my choices. So, I just stayed home. Did what I needed to get by and wasn’t really living. • • • Recently, I’ve come out of my shell. I’ve become outgojng. I’m being my true self and if someone doesn’t like that they don’t have to hang out with me 🤷🏼‍♀️ simple as that!! I’ve made more friends in the past 3 months than I did in 5 years. The difference? Not my location but what is going on in between my ears. I’ve become a literal different person! • • • I like myself a whole lot more now. I’m not a party pooper like i once was. That part of my life is over and I will never go back to being that person. I’m thankful my friends get this side of me!
Even though I was full of cold and felt not fully with it, I made it to the What Women Want event and I’m sooooo glad I did!!! . . Really lovely to meet new people and surround myself with like minded people who are into health, fitness, mindset, growth and wellbeing 😊🙌👌 . . The day involved workshops, guest speakers, all things health, fitness and wellbeing, lots of snacks (which makes me happy 😃) and a grown up goodie bag to take home!! The whole day was inspiring and empowering and listening to @phelanwelll and @victorianiamh really resonated with me 💞 . . Learnt lots of valuable things and feel more positive and determined to achieved my goals 💪👊 it’s true what they say surround yourself with those who uplift you 😃 . . #fitnessevent #www #women #WhatWomenWant #empowerment
Y A Y today’s the day 👯‍♀️🎉❤️ I’m super excited to be hosting the best #WhatWomenWant event I’ve planned yet with a day full of amazing guest speakers, a panel of incredible ladies, pop up shops, workshops, and of course an endless amount of food & snacks, love, hugs and girlpower 💥❤️ . I’ve literally been so overwhelmed with the amount of love & support I’ve had thank you all so much 😭❤️... and the only thing I’m currently stressed about is the fact I’m not stressed or running round like a headless chicken bc we all know timekeeping is not my forte 🌚 #newdomwhodis #theresstilltimeyet . If you’re coming I can’t waittttt to see your faces 😍& if you couldn’t make this one there are plenty more planned in future ❤️🙏🏽 . #dbfit #health #fitness #wellbeing #girlpower #womenempowerment
It’s about to get really real. 🤫 • • It’s hair wash day. I’m tearing down this ugly wallpaper in my bathroom. I need to fold laundry. My sink area is a mess. So pretty much the only thing clean is my hair lol. Well, and the laundry. • • • I spend my weekends cleaning up my life because during the week I’m either too tired or working 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • I also have made it a point to put myself first lately. I need to make a point to take care of myself. So far, I’m much happier! • • • Hope everyone has a great day. I’ll just be here for the next 10 hours drying my hair 🤦🏼‍♀️
#Repost @gwwic with @get_repost ・・・ We at WIC usually spend our lunch doing a quick workout 🏋🏼‍♀️ but today’s workout was extra special because we picked up some awesome gifts for the women and children at Marianne’s Place! Thank you Brittany & Dustin of @dbfitnessinc and everyone who contributed to this donation! . . Thank you to all the members who donated to this awesome cause. You guys are what make this DB community so GREAT! #guelph #guelphontario #women #gwwic #community #giving #local #dbproud #dbfit #dbfitness #dbfitnessinc
Happy Friday Friends!! + I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday so far. If you decide to spend it at the bar (like the gym bar), here’s a fire upper body workout! + Everything was 12reps 4 sets!!! + SAVE AND LIKE💛 + #armworkout #arm #armday #armdayworkout #lifting #strongissexy #beindependent #muscle #fitnessmotivation #fitnessvideos #gymlife #workoutvids #workouts #dbfit #bestrong #fit #freeworkouts #lululemon #nike #jaja #justaspirejustachieve #justaspire #startingsomething #empireathletics #gymtime
I am the worst at stretching so I’m sharing this photo of me doing it because of there’s no photo did it actually happen? 🤷🏼‍♀️
DB fitness has lots of exciting things happening this month,for the entire month of November our members and any new members are welcome to join us in DB FIT BINGO🎉! All bingo cards can be picked up in the front office, prizes will be given out for anyone who completes a full line and there will be a GRAND PRIZE for the first member to complete a full card! Let the games begin!🎲💪 ° ° 🌎www.dbfitnessinc.ca ☎️(226) 820 6583 📧info@dbfitnessinc.ca #dbfitness #dbcommunity #dbfit #bingo #fitness #guelph #guelphlife #guelphfitness #fitness #motivation #fit #fitnessmotivation #bootcamp #bootcampfitness #bootcamps #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #workout #workouts #exercise #healthandfitness #yoga #games #dbfitgames
November 1st means.......CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!!💗☃️❄️🎄 Today’s workout was from the #dbfitguide 2.0 Chest/Back day! I felt pretty dang strong and can’t wait to see where I am in 8 weeks!! 🤔😬 #desbfitguide #desbfit #dbfit #dbfitguide #fitness #strongerthanyesterday
I PRed 225 POUNDS!!!!!! 💀 Spoooky lift had me PRing!!!! 🎃 I almost bailed on the gym and I’m so HAPPY I didn’t. Everything truly happens for a reason. If I would have went out for drinks, I would have never PRed 4reps for 2 box squats at 225lbs. I feel so good and so proud. 👻 Thrive for success! 🍫 T H E W O R K O U T : 🎃4x2 heavy box squats 👻12x3 overhead squat ss step ups 🍫12x3 hex squat ss DB RDL 💀15x2 cable ham curl ss side kickbacks 🧡 #legworkout #gluteworkout #squatsquatsquat #squat #girlswholift #fitness #fit #fitnessgirl #workoutvideos #workoutmotivation #bootyworkout #lifting #halloween #spooky #liftlikeagirl #dbfit #bandworkouts #workoutvids #bootybootybooty #motivated #pr #goals
Bodybuilding is not for the feint of heart. This life is not for those who don’t know exactly what they want.. if you’re not willing to sacrifice the “perks of life” and if you’re not willing to suffer through some hard times.. this life, it’s not for you. But me, I’m a different breed. I enjoy the struggle, I thrive throughout adversity, I am... Forged. Through. Pain. . . #TheLoneWolfConquers #CreatedWithMyOwnTwoHands #OutOfTheDarknessWeShallRise #ThoseWhoHateAreFans #AllNatural #JackedTanAndTatted #Bodybuilding #Powerbuilding #MensBodybuildingAmateur #DuesPaid #LegionOfBoom #DsDirtyTraining #UnstableMindset #UnbreakableSpirit #UnstoppableForce #DemandGreatness #ExcellenceIsWithinYou #MostDontIWill #BoggsMovement #DDT #DBFit #BrotherhoodOfIron #ForgedThroughPain #PioneerBelts #NoJuiceNoBullShit
ITS 75 DEGREES IN CLT!!! AND...Today is day 10 of the @1stphorm #transphormationchallenge and honestly you guys...I feel amazing. My energy is high, I’m waking up without having to snooze my alarm 20 times - now it’s only 10 cuz let’s be honest who likes to wake up at 4/5am for work?! • • • If you don’t already know by my millions of posts about it, I’m following @taychayy ‘s 8 week EMOM guide for the challenge. My job consists of an inconsistent schedule. Which means I can be working 14 hours one day and 5 hours the next. Therefore, I need something that is short but effective and THIS IS IT! You have one body and that’s it for your WHOLE LIFE! I cannot just sit around and let it go to waste 😜 • • • Happy hump day and have a great Halloween!
Current shape & a little girly chat about where I’m at ➡️ - I just wanted to share this compilation of the stories I put up the other day, as I had quite a lot of girls relating to it and I wanted to make sure everyone could see it so if they have/are experiencing something similar, they know they’re not the only one ☝🏼 - I wasn’t going to share much on Instagram about my experiences with my health/hormones as I thought it may be a little tmi 😬 But after the response to a poll I posted along with this story, I will be talking a little more about it on here 🐦🐝 - I will always pre-warn in the caption if that kinda chat is coming up so the boys and girls (who aren’t interested/find it tmi) can scroll on 😉 - It’s all well and good discussing being strong ass females and that 👸🏼 but we can’t forget the less enjoyable bits too 🤷🏼‍♀️💜 #dbfit #dbfitwithbeth
Happy Halloween! 🎃👻
Had ourselves a good lil lift today💛 • I can’t thank Bry enough for putting up with me. He stays calm cool and collected every time I have a hissy fit about videos or pics coming out weird. So tragic, I know. • But really, I am so fortunate to have this man. • Loving you is fun 💛 • #fitcouplegoals #gymbuddy #fitness #fitnesscouple #fitcouple #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #muscle #growth #lifting #relationshipgoals #workoutbuddy #loveyou #mans #bodybuilding #girlswholift #gains #workoutvideo #life #dbfit
If you think your happiness is going to be found in solely your physical appearance - like I did - then you’re going to get there and experience a lot of ‘is that it?’ moments🤷🏽‍♀️ . See, once I thought abs would make me happy. The abs didn’t make me happy so, I know what, having a bigger bum might. Then having more muscle and being super lean might be where the happiness is waiting for me. Nope, ah must be when I have a little more body fat and when I’m more curvy. Oh god, now I feel too big. Let’s diet again so I’m lean because at least if I’m not happy then everyone will think I am. See my point here? Never, ending, fxcking, cycle of never-good-enough-ness. . There comes a point when I think you really just have to wake up and 1. Smell the coffee and accept YOUR body - you’re not getting another one afterall *disclaimer* you can still work damn hard and eat well but the bonus here is, you’ll probably appreciate it. 2. Accept changes will happen to it. 3. Realise there is more to life - seriously🙄 . You are human. Your body will change constantly, sometimes you don’t have THAT much control over it - especially as a female. Women experience more change with their bodies and in fairness, probably feel a lot more pressure to look a certain way. We have puberty, pregnancy, hormones, ageing. And we are constantly exposed to the latest body trends & people who look amazing on social media that we compare ourselves to👀 (which we will always do, it just depends how we allow that to make us feel) . I’m not suggesting your physicality isn’t a reflection of good things, working out to look good is a NOT a bad thing, especially when done from a positive place - ie. exercising because you value and love your body & moving to feel good VS. working out to punish yourself or burn off guilty calories from food💀. But when your internal things are in the right place, your physical body will be a reflection of that anyway (and you’ll actually appreciate it😉). Happiness doesn’t exist over there, or there, or in a dress size, a scale weight, washboard abs, a planet sized ass or a trophy - that’s just stuff. It exists in your ❤️❤️❤️ #domsdailydose #dbfit #bali
When Tuesday feels like it should be Friday 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is a veryyyy long week for me! I’m scheduled to work 63 hours this week and I am just getting started! • • • Just goes to show that you can MAKE time for what you want to do! You can take the 30 minutes you use to watch tv or scroll your phone to workout or prep your meals or whatever you say you don’t have time for! • • I’ve recently made myself my top priority. And while that may make some people mad, I need to make sure I am good before I help anyone else or else I become unhappy. I used to stretch myself so thin that I was miserable. I’ve recently put other things aside to workout and do things that I want! I’m very much a happier person because of it! • • You must fill your cup before taking care of others or else you will not be giving them your 100%, which they deserve! Make it a great day!
She shoots..She SCORES!🏒🥅 . . Big congratulations to Brooke for scoring her 1st OUA Goal! All your hard work is paying off! Making Guelph and DB proud! . . Click on the link 👇below to check out the goal live and Brooke in action🙌 . . https://portal.stretchinternet.com/oua/portal.htm?eventId=483872&streamType=video&highlightId=7976&time=1540856636.355 . . #hockey #fitness #women #womenshockey #sport #guelph #dbfitness #dbfit #dbproud #guelphfitness #hardwork #motivation #goal #goals #workhard #lifestyle #health #fitness #hockeygirl #univeristy #workout #exercise #athlete #athletictraining #training #trainhard #hardworkpaysoffs
Lemme tell ya a funny story about these mirrors. + In high school, I had a personal trainer for lacrosse. I took progression pictures ever week because, well duh, I was gettin the gains. + One night I was wicked pumped for pics. My back muscles were lookin good and my guns were showing. + At the time, I didn’t have an Instagram for fitness, only a personal. So I took the picture, threw on a filter, wrote a long motivational caption, then hopped in the shower. + I strictly remember staying in the shower longer hoping for more likes when I came out. + HA!!! I came out to notifications alright. + I had about 50 calls & texts from my friends saying I posted a FRICKEN NUDE on Instagram. + Not so smart me took this picture shirtless. + Not so smart me ALSO didn’t realize there was a mirror reflecting my girls into the picture!!!! + Dude, my little bitties and I were E M B A R R A S S E D!! + Take away: always analyze pictures before posting😩!! + #fitnessjourney #fitnesstransformation #transformation #fit #fitgirls #fitgirl #fitnesslife #girlswholift #gym #embarrassingmoments #dobetter #bootybootybooty #squatsquatsquat #squatsquatsquat #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #gains #growth #lifting #dbfit
Happy Monday my friends! Make it a great day and week! 💪🏼
Happy Sunday! • • I took a rest day yesterday after riding rollercoasters all night Friday night because apparently I’m a grandma now and need a day to recover after staying up until 1 am 😂 • • • What’s everyone doing this Sunday?! 🤩
Do you workout for health or for physical appearance? 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • I used to want to be skinny, look a certain way, have no cellulite, have sculpted muscles, etc! What I now want is to be healthy. I want to be able to perform in the gym to the best of my ability. I want to train like an athlete. I no longer want to be skinny or have sculpted muscles or have super smooth skin. I want to be the best version of myself. I want to keep growing and challenging myself in and out of the gym. The way your body looks is not the end all be all. I want to be around people who stimulate my mind and are simply FUN to be around. I could care less what you look like honestly! If you are kind to me, I’ll be kind back! That’s truly what matters in life...not what your body looks like!
A girl in the toilets just told me I look ‘bad and boujee’, I’m not sure what it meant or if it was a compliment but I’ll take it and say thank you anyway 🌚.. and then someone else asked if I was going out or on tarmac duties 😑💁🏽‍♀️ Outfit details tagged anyway 😂 #whenyouhavedinnerat8andtarmacat10 #domthebuilder #dbfit #ootd #braids
Been wanting to go to Carowinds for two years and tonight I finally got to go with friends! SUCH a good time! Being a kid at heart is fun 👻🎃
Lalala complete leg & buttocks workout 🔥🍑 - it’s no secret that training lower body is my fave but HOW I train it has probably changed a lot over the years. I spend a lot more time focusing on my form/technique and quality of movement beeeecause if you’re not feeling it in all the right places, you ain’t workin all the right places either ☝🏽. So, yes ladies PLEASE lift heavy and try to lift heavier over a period of time (get stronger) but also focus on HOW you lift them weights 💁🏽‍♀️. Think about the muscles you’re working, how you’re breathing and the control you have over it. If you don’t skip this part (like I did when I thought ‘ego lifting’ was cool) then you won’t get injured and you’re likelier to get stronger quicker, in the areas you want AND maintain it 🙃. Anyway enough rambling, here’s the workout lowdown 👇🏽 minus the banded activation stuff because I may have forgot to film it 👀 . 🔥3 rounds - warm up/activation: • banded clamshell x10 each side • banded glute bridge x20 • tuck crunches x10 . ☝🏽3 sets - superset: • seated leg extension x12-15 (can you tell how much I love it😒) • single leg lying hamstring curl x10 each leg (flex up, point down) . ✌🏽3 sets: • banded leg press x8 followed by, 2 rounds: • leg press x10-12 (the same-ish weight but minus the bands) . 🤙🏽3 sets: • front foot elevated split squat (with alternating KB hold - my latest fave😍) x10-12 each leg . 🖖🏽3 sets - superset: • heel elevated goblet squat x10-12 • hip thrust x12-15 . ✋🏽1 set - finisher: • lie on the floor + waddle out the gym before attempting to make it down the stairs alive 🌚 . Screenshot, save (the little bookmark thing up there ☝🏽) & tag your gym pal to try it with in your next lower body session 🙋🏽‍♀️❤️ #dbfit #mylegshateme #andthestairs #fitness #workout #lulu #health #domsdailydose
It’s Friday, it’s raining and I’m tired...if I’m going to be honest! Today I had about a -15 desire to workout. BUT I did the thing. It was VERY mentally challenging throughout the entire workout! I wanted to stop after round 1 of the EMOM but I kept going and it didn’t get easier but I knew I wasn’t going to die! • • • I may take tomorrow as rest day instead of Sunday because of how bad my body feels. Just goes to show you that not everyday is rainbows and butterflies! 🤪😜
It’s only 10am and iv already thrown up4 times & shattered my new 2 day old iphone xs 🤩 • Essentially, this would be a horrible start to the day. • ...but, NAH i’m still a lil happy camper! • Let me fill you in: • I went to orangetheory at 5am for a morning workout. Before the class I CHUGGED preworkout & water. Bad idea DB, bad idea. • Everything was ducky as i’m fricken going ham on the treadmill. Last 2 minutes of the tread block GOT ME! Luckily I was able to stomach the last 2 minutes. The coach said “treads shut it out” and ya girl SHUT IT DOWN and went straight to the bathroom! Sorry if this is TMI, but i’m laughing. • I do my thang yatta yatta. Since I lost electrolytes from yackin, I needed BCAA’s in order to not pass out during the rest of the class. Woooo okay, prepared me had BCAA’s in my bag. I go to the locker to get them, slide my purse out, SLAME!!!!! My phone was fricken under my bag, no case, no screen protector, straight free fall from like 4 feet up. • The front was completely fine but HA not the back!!! Spider screens are for me I guess! • Like I said, this would typically be a horrible start to the day. Like come on, it was only SIX AM and that all happened in the matter of 2 minutes! • After a 💩 ton of self development and positive mindset practice, this was NOT a big deal. Rewind 5 months and I would’ve thrown a b*tch fit and it would have ruined the rest of my fricken month. • A new day is not guaranteed, be thankful for another opportunity to thrive for success. • If you could benefit from self development practice, make sure to check out my free guide coming out soon. This will focus on creating a positive mindset. • #selfdevelopment #fitness #begrateful #livehappy #motivation #inspiration #guides #fitnessguides #apple #iphonexs #gymfails #positivevibes #happycamper #mindsetiseverything #manifest #happy #fitgirl #dbfit #startsomewhere #freeworkoutguide #freeisforme
Today’s a rest day and I’m working all day but my body NEEDS this rest! I started a new workout plan and it’s honestly the best thing that’s happened to me! Short but effective workouts are my jam! • • Do you guys plan your rest days or do you just take them whenever?? This program has planned rest days and I’m WAYYYY better at listening to someone else tell me what to do than allowing my brain to convince me I need zero rest days or I need 200! 😂 • • Happy Friday Eve!
Tak tedy prvni nahoře bez 👕 a svetru. Snad je ta proměna trochu znát. Váha přibližně stále stejná (74kg). Břicho zatim bez buchet - ty jsou uvnitř 😁 A jídelníček tak moc neresim- kachna s pěti, pečené koleno, svíčková a nekdy cela tabulka čokolády 🐷. Rozdíl fotek asi cca 7 měsíců. Tak a ted je řada na heštegy :D #foodporn #czechboy #photography #czech #fitness #fitnessboy #mamvpici #dbfit #happy #antistress #sevenmonths #change #yellow #muscle #gym #plugs #beard #feelsgood #feelsgreat
You know when people say “you look amazing” to someone who recently lost weight? Like they didn’t look amazing prior? Why do people automatically look “better” when they lose weight? Why is it a social construct to be “skinny” instead of “healthy”? Is it because healthy isn’t a “look”? Or is it 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • I guess it depends on your culture regarding what “looks” healthy or “good”. How about we just go around complimenting each other no matter what? Someone could be in the middle of their weight loss journey and not be “skinny” yet but still deserve a compliment. Moral of the story...you just never know where someone is at. Compliment someone today! It’ll make both of you feel better!💪🏼
I’m a senior in college who should be graduating this spring but N O P E. ☆ As high schoolers we’re basically forced into picking a major. Undeclared is an option but usually looked past because it makes us feel as if we don’t have our sh*t together. We should know what we want to do because the next guy does, right? Nahhhh ☆ Me being me decided to go into pre-dental. What the hell DB?? I realistically wanted to for the money. Dahhhh!!! ☆ I went into school with that in mind and changed my major 4 fricken times, yatta yatta - but that’s a story for a different day. ☆ The point is, it’s okay to not have your sh*t completely lined out. I wish I wish I wish we didn’t have a bad stereotype for undeclared, it doesn’t mean you’re a lost little pup with no future career path. It’s SO normal to not know exactly what you want to do. I still have no fricken clue honestly. ☆ As of right now, I want to work per diem in a cardiac focused practice while working full time as an entrepreneur. I haven’t told anyone this because it literally scares me to say. So HEY PALS, I TRUST YOU! ☆ After 4 major switches leaving me behind on credits since they didn’t transfer over, I finally kinda know what I want. Would going in as undeclared make a difference? I have no idea. ☆ All I understand is if you’re following your dreams and doing what you love, TIME AND LOANS DO NOT MATTER! ☆ Don’t be afraid if you’re ducks are scattered around everywhere, they’ll line the f*** up one day! Go with the flow! ☆ #fitnessjourney #motivationalquotes #selfdevelopment #happyishealthy #fit #fitgirls #collegegirls #healthscience #cardiacrehab #startsomewhere #dbfit #newengland #patsnation #gymoutfit #gymmotivation #lifestyleblogger #inspired #muscle #lifting #girlswholift #nfl #stayfocused #bebold #whatsyourstory #livelife #fitspo
Creatine - Will it make you massive? —————————————————————— There’s probably more girls scared of taking creatine than there are that other commonly used white powder 🧐 Why??..I think the scare factor with creatine comes with the fact bodybuilders take it to “improve performance” so everyone thinks it’s some form of steroid and they’re going to end up looking like Arny 💪🏼 - So, just to clarify 🤓 Creatine (or phosphocreatine) is something which is already present in the body! It is needed for the phosphocreatine energy system, which fuels short bouts of high intensity exercise - like weight training 🏋🏼‍♀️💥 This energy system is maintained for 3-15 seconds, whereafter creatine levels are depleted 📉 Therefore by supplementing creatine we increase the creatine concentrations in the muscle cells and therefore provide more fuel to create ATP - otherwise known as ENERGY 💥 allowing you to train more intensely, which in hand will allow for greater muscular damage and therefore GROWTH 💪🏼 - Creatine does not have an immediate effect, it takes around 30 days before it accumulates enough to improve performance and therefore has to be taken consistently and daily; it is recommended that we have a dose of around 5g per day 🥄 Creatine has extensive research to back up its use and is one of the cheapest supplements out there and therefore male and females should consider its use! It is pretty much one of the only supplements I would 100% recommend taking ☝🏼 #dbfit #dbfitwithbeth
Why is doing upper body so fricken important? 🌟 Neglecting arms, back, chest, shoulders etc. is bad people. Don’t just do booty day. 🌟 Being strong from from head to toe will result is a better workouts AND life overall. We use our upper body muscles every fricken day. Sometimes we’ll be faced a situation where we have to pick up something heavy. Stop making your boyfriend do it for you because “ it’s toooo heavy babe can you get it?” NO be strong and get arm gains so that you can be independent!! 🌟 A toned upper body is just as attractive as a bubble bum. Trust me! 🌟 #armworkout #arm #armday #armdayworkout #lifting #strongissexy #beindependent #muscle #fitnessmotivation #fitnessvideos #gymlife #workoutvids #workouts #dbfit #bestrong #fit #freeworkouts #lululemon #nike #jaja #justaspirejustachieve #justaspire #startingsomething #empireathletics #gymtime
Pre workout 👉🏼 post workout! 😂 • • • If you have not downloaded @taychayy ‘s EMOM guide you’re missing out on a life changing situation. It’s day two and I feel amazingggg! • • • So much energy and the workouts are quick so it’s not boring! I don’t know why you’re still reading this...go get yourself an EMOMGUIDE! #postworkoutfeels
Just a gentle reminder that if you weren’t superwoman today, that’s OK🙃❤️ Some days you’ll tick off everything on your to-do list, work through your perfectly colour coded diary, smash your workout, eat well and feel like a boss 😎. And then other days, you, just, won’t. Those other days, generally for me, fall around the dreaded visit from Aunt Flo aka TOTM aka my period👹. And even though I kinda expect it, I still get frustrated that I can’t seem to ‘just get going ffs’🙄 EVEN after 2 coffees, meditating and listening to a podcast or my ‘productive’ playlist (yes I have a playlist🌚). Sometimes, you just have days that don’t quite go as planned and that’s OK - you don’t have to save the world today 🤗 . One thing I’ve learnt is that things and people, can most of the time, wait. Of course, some things have deadlines and schedules & you have to bite the bullet and grind it out, but for the most part, you will always have stuff waiting in your ‘in-basket’ & if you allow it to get the better of you, it will🤷🏽‍♀️ . Another thing I’ve learnt is, you can prioritise the most important stuff as just that, and make sure it gets done. Then do the other stuff when you can. It takes off a lot of pressure, leaves you less overwhelmed & then when you do come to do it, you’ll do it better anyway. Things are important, but so are you, not many things are worth exchanging your wellbeing, health or happiness for - ever. The world will keep on spinning and you will keep on living, it’s ok to take a breather and look after yourself - and what’s more, that world (and the people in it) will be a better place if you are too 😚❤️. So on that note, time to bath, read, switch off and get a good nights sleep - tomorrow is a new day 🙏🏽❤️ #dbfit #domsdailydose #selfcare #sometimesyoujustneedloveandsleep
Caught mid laugh 😁 Just a picture of me and @meet_scarlettwilliams and a little chance to say thank you to the wonderful ladies I have the privilege to work with! They all work so hard & make me proud every week and you can bet that I smile a big genuine smile every session or check in I have with them! 🙌🏼 It’s so nice to have a job that I genuinely love and the ladies I work with make it even better 🖤 - Here’s to all of us women (clients & those reading this) - may we support each other, make each other smile and just generally be bad ass bi*tches 👑 #dbfit #dbfitwithbeth
More than likely, we relate investments to a new car, new house, some loans, or a vacation. We thrive for those temporary things to feel content. Hint, temporarily. Soon enough we will grow out of those new things. + Instead of giving all your money and time to materialistic happiness, invest into yourself. + How can you feel happiness for something if you really are not happy with yourself? I mean come on, think about it. + Luxury items are nice but how can you fully enjoy them if you’re constantly running your well being into the dirt? + You’re with your own self day in and day out until your final breath. + Don’t rely on inanimate objects for abundance. Invest in your own development so that you can forever be appreciative of life in general. + Be mindful. Be you. + #mindfulness #mindsetiseverything #mindbodygram #happiness #whatsyourstory #investinyourself #selfdevelopment #fitnesslife #fitness #fitgirl #lawofattraction #startsomewhere #inspire #inspired #motivated #bestself #happyishealthy #lifestyle #fitspiration #dbfit #veganinspiration #vegangains #vegangirls
Driven: adj; Continuing to do what you said you were going to, long after the mood in which you said it has left you. . It’s almost that time of the year ladies and gents. I’m a little over a month out from starting my prep for YEAR 2️⃣ of @arnoldsports . New division, new stage gear, same drive. Another years worth of knowledge and preparation. Y’all won’t believe the package I bring on stage March 1st. . Stay tuned 😈 . . #TheLoneWolfConquers #CreatedWithMyOwnTwoHands #OutOfTheDarknessWeShallRise #ThoseWhoHateAreFans #AllNatural #JackedTanAndTatted #Bodybuilding #Powerbuilding #MensBodybuildingAmateur #DuesPaid #LegionOfBoom #DsDirtyTraining #UnstableMindset #UnbreakableSpirit #UnstoppableForce #DemandGreatness #ExcellenceIsWithinYou #MostDontIWill #BoggsMovement #DDT #DBFit #BrotherhoodOfIron #ForgedThroughPain #PioneerBelts #NoJuiceNoBullShit
Let’s take a look at the Lunging form..🤔 . . Doing lunges properly is very important to not cause any knee/hip/or ankle imbalances. Lunges help strength our gait (walking) patterns. If you are performing lunges incorrectly, it will lead to imbalanced muscle development. This will in turn carry into your everyday lives. Not cool🙅🏻‍♀️ . . Check out the video and take note of some Key Points: ✅Arch in foot is open ✅Knee in line with middle toe ✅90 Degree knee position ✅Upright Posture ✅Weight in heels #lunges #lunge #form #guelphfitness #fitness #guelph #dbfitness #dbfit #fit #fitfam #motivation #gym #gymmotivation #exercisemotivation #exercise #workout #workouts #youthfitness #routine #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #health #healthandfitness
YESS!!! It is finally “cold” here in the Carolinas and I’m able to wear my @balanceathletica crop! • • They say to never miss a Monday and it’s SO true! I had no desire to workout this morning but I pushed through and I actually feel pretty good and ready to crush this week! • • I’ve been waiting for this moment and @taychayy came out with her own 8 week EMOM ebook! Today was day 1 and it’s safe to say it’s AMAZING! Highly recommend checking it out and buying it because for the quality of workouts you’re definitely getting a steal with the price! • • Make it a great day! 😜
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