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Week 2 • Day 14 • 1-20-19 • • • I AM SO SORE. That’s pretty much all the update I have. I had to convince myself to not stop halfway through my workout today. I love being sore though (yes, I’m weird) so I’m not too mad about it 😂
Week 2 • Day 13 • 1-19-19 • • • Today I went to Planet Fitness for the first time since October! I had an urge to do a heavy lifting workout from last years program i was on and was pleasantly surprised by how much I could lift!! • • • I’ve been doing @taychayy EMOM guides for the past 10-12 weeks and today proved that they WORK! You know how sometimes you just feel like you’re going no where with your fitness? Yeah I’ve been feeling that way! • • • So, I decided to compare a few photos from this past summer to most recently. • • • I currently weigh 151 lbs and was actually lower in weight in the first photos. This is why I take photos. Not just to post that I did a workout but to keep myself accountable and aware that I AM making progress! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Just a little reminder to REST! This time of year it “team no days off “ and “go big or go home “ ! I used to say this myself and completely burn myself out. I’ve taken 3 days away to revise, eat , take my exam and then have a full day catching up with Beck & Joe on Netflix! 😊 Guess is what I didn’t die and my progress hasn’t stopped ! Remember to rest it is essential ❤️
Monster Mondays! Followed up all strength movements with explosive body weight movements for added volume and conditioning. Them push ups almost made me tap out. Start the week on a good note. #winfirstdown #fitnessmotivation #fitness #dedication #lifetimefitness #gohardorgohome #chest #core #power #DBfit #personaltrainer
Week 2 • Day 7 • 1-13-19 • • • How is it already the 13th of January?! Regardless, I’ve been craving more heavy lifting lately and that’s exactly what I did today 👊🏼 • • • Squats, deadlifts, pistol squats and sprints were on deck for today 💪🏼 Then I had pizza for dinner because balance 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • Definitely not ready to go back to work tomorrow! Crazy how fast the weekend goes by! 😂
Week 1 • Day 6 • 1-12-19 • • • I worked at least 12 hours within the past 3 consecutive days - yesterday being 15 😴. I have been on my feet almost all day out of those three days, I’ve probably complained about it a handful of times. BUT, I secretly love it and probably wouldn’t trade it in for anything quite yet. • • • It’s cold (43 in NC - yes, my blood is thinning 😂) and rainy and MAY snow one flurry today 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • I told myself I could workout then literally do NOTHING for the rest of the night 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
I didn’t intend to look like a member of the ghostbusters but, who ya gonna call 🌚🤙🏽👻 Playsuit @missguided 💅🏽 #ootd #saturday #ghostbuster #dbfit
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What. A. Morning. I got a workout in at Spark && got an ugly 3 miles done on the dreadmill 🤗🏃🏼‍♀️🙌🏻 I love Saturday mornings y’all. Now it’s time to REST before a busy evening & REFEEEED meal 🤪 when @dbftllc challenge says to refeed once a week, you don’t ask any questions 🤣 it’s no surprise what my meal will be...🌮🌯
Partiu treino especifico em acumulo de altimetria 1000mt... E sempre com a melhor nutrição para desenvolver os treinos com @atlheticace... o melhor gel carboidrato e o isotonico!! #traillrunning #Treinoultratraill #trailrunner #dbfit
So they say a storm is coming? Well guess secrets out, here I am! #lifetimefitness #gohardorgohome #fitnessmotivation #dedication #fit #alpha #fitnessmodel #trainer #DBfit #core #nike #titangames
Week 1 • Day 4 • 1-10-19 • • • I haven’t worked out in two days. We started back up at work after the holidays off and honestly, it’s kicking my BUTT. • • • I am so tired; waking up at 4:30-5am this week and dealing with so.many.children 😂 • • • Thank god tomorrow is Friday is all I’m gonna say 😬😲
Week 1 • Day 2 • 1-8-19 • • • To say I was not motivated to go to the gym is an understatement! It took me two hours to get myself out of bed this morning, another hour to get ready and all I ended up wearing were joggers and a shirt 🤦🏼‍♀️, went to the office for like an hour, went to target and then sat back on my butt and watched tv. LAZY DAY! I finally got my butt up to go to the gym and I do NOT regret it. • • • I have some anxiety today about starting a new program at work tomorrow and then being a trainer for it the following day 😬 but I secretly love these tests to push myself so I’m not too mad about it. It’s a good anxious. If you’re not scared in life, you are too stationary. 🤭 • • • I am SO sore though so stretching and foam rolling is on the agenda next 🤸🏼‍♀️
Week 1 • Day 1 • 1-7-19 • • • Today marks the first day of a 12 week fitness challenge at work! We weighed in today at a local gym and my current weight is 154.8lbs and 34% body fat. My muscle weight is 98 lbs and my fat weight is 53lbs. • • • My goal is to not lose that much weight, but to lose body fat. I’ve gained 10lbs since I’ve moved to North Carolina. EATING ALL THE FOOD. But now it’s time to get back on track and I never pass up a competition because that’s just who I am 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • Today I worked a full day and still made it to the gym. BUT I was extra ADD today and couldn’t even focus at work so I needed to move 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ • • • Get ready to see obnoxious posts about this challenge but i hope it motivates you to move some days 😊👊🏼💪🏼
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My little Dobby the elf climbed up her first mountain today and she’s not the only one who needs a nap 😂
The following are how serious we take training days at work 😂 you can make your own conclusions from there.
Training and working out should never get boring. Remember to change things up in your program. Assuming you are following some kind of program. Today I worked on chest/back exercises that have a strong emphasis on core engagement. 1. Renegade rows 2. Db chest fly with leg raise 3. High plank 1arm Db rows 4. Db T-bench press 5. Swiss ball Db back fly w/back ext 6. Db chest press in boat pose Feel free to try them out! 👍🏾 #trainer #core #fitnessmotivation #gohardorgohome #fitnessmodel #fitlife #lifetimefitness #dedication #chest #back #DBfit
I had to sit down all day for a training for work, my butt is sore, had pizza for lunch, feel sluggish because being a woman is annoying, and had a million other reasons as to why I should just go home, take a nice warm shower, put on some sweats and watch a movie but I did the dang thing and went to the gym. • • I did modify because I was NOT in the mood to do burpees 😬 but I got it done and I do feel better. Being a woman still sucks tho 😂 • • I’m about to go home and watch birdbox because Sandra Bullock is my fave 👊🏼🙌🏼
New year, first lift, same old Dog looking for food in the yard! #gohardorgohome #liftheavy #fitspo #dedication #training #fitness #fit #lifetimefitness #DBfit #fitnessmotivation
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The reality and beauty of working out and pushing your limits 🏋🏼‍♀️. Hair is a mess, face is red, no smile (lol) and a sweaty mess. Instagram only shows the highlight reel and most people just take pictures before working out (myself included) and don’t show you how much of a mess they are when they’re done! 😜 • • • Fitness is TOUGH. Working out is HARD. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle takes DEDICATION and SACRIFICES. Do you have what it truly takes?
So today I got my first 6am leg session of the year in the bag 💅🏽 BUT I’d be lying to you all if I said it was easy bc, well, it wasn’t at all 😂. I almost snoozed my alarm, I almost text my training partner to cancel (which I hate doing, this is a good tip FYI) AND then when I walked outside to -2 degrees + a frozen car I asked ‘why god do you test me when I’m trying to be good😭’. On top of that, I felt pretty nauseous for the whole session 🤮 and lots weaker than usual (which may or may not be something to do with the amount of gin I consumed on NYE 🌚🍸 #dry2019pending 😂) . So, instead of being moody about the fact I couldn’t lift as heavy as usual I focused on being happy that I’d showed up and felt like I’d achieved something by 7am💁🏽‍♀️ . If you’re kickstarting your health & fitness journey (or getting back to it) then I think the best way to look at it is understand that it’s not going to be easy or exciting ALL of the time, but you’ll probably never regret going getting it done. It’s hard when it’s still cold and dark outside in the morning/evening (when most of us get to work out) and we’d rather snooze or rush home to our pyjamas after a long day 🤷🏽‍♀️. . To avoid this caption being the length of a novel, I’ll share some of my top tips for setting/smashing your fitness goals and workouts in another post for you all ❤️✨ & i have posted today’s workout on my story💅🏽 . Find YOUR happy medium of listening to your body & easing yourself (back) into the swing of things but giving yourself a good kick up the a$$ (or out of bed) when you need to get SH⭐️T done❤️ #itfeelslikemonday #motivation #health #fitness #lifestyle #dbfit #workout
🚨DANI B APPAREL IS LIVE🚨 . What a great way to start the new year. I am so happy with this launch you guys!!! . Thrive For Success is a meaning that speaks for itself. There is no achievement without growth. . If you anticipated on purchasing a product from the “Thriving For Success” line.... DONT WAIT‼️ . Some items are already ⚠️SOLD OUT⚠️ due to limited supply! . Get yours today on my website, link in bio! www.daniberube.com . I love you all and thank you for the support! Happy new year. Happy thriving💛 . #danibapparel #fitness #fittip #healthyeating #workoutplan #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitgirl #fitfam #muscles #gains #musclegrowth #fit #legday #workoutideas #health #bestself #selflove #thriveforsuccess #freeworkouts #gymmotivation #fitness #lifting #dbfit
The body I’m starting 2019 with 💗 and if I end the year looking the same I’ll be completely fine with that 💖 As long is I’m happy , healthy , enjoying nutritious food whilst still been able to eat some cookie dough and be fine with it , maintain a social life (uni work permitting 😔), enjoying life and making amazing memories with my loved ones because at the end of the day I’m just not about that diet and restriction life at all!! Yes I go to the gym 4-5 days a week but that’s my CHOICE it’s something I absolutely love and it helps me so much with my mental health and has kept me from returning to anti depressants so for that reason some is good enough to keep going 💖 😊As for my food choices I eat fairly healthy anyway I’d say 85% of the time so dieting is not something I really need to do unless I’m going on holiday I’ll be a little bit stricter and make sure I’m on in with my water intake 😊 Here’s to 2019 and doing what the fuck we want and avoiding skinny coffee, boombod and Herbalife like the plague 🎤 ⬇️ P.S let’s all just ignore my early morning check in pics 😆 😝
The art of life! Here’s to a great year and a New 2019💫 #lifeofadventure #2019 #lifestyle #thisishowwedoit #healthiswealth #peaceofmind #dbfit #grateful #giveaf*ck
Did my last workout of 2018 today and have some serious goals (fitness and non) for 2019. • • • I’m not into New Years resolutions BUT I am excited for what 2019 has in store for me because the second half of 2018 was the best year yet. 🎊
Painting with a Twist last night was so much fun. Highly recommend 👌🏼
Haven’t been hiking since summertime in CT and I’m so glad I got my fix today! It was a perfect day for it!
Got my butt outta bed this morning and immediately hit the gym! I used to workout in the mornings and I’ve been slacking and working out in the evenings or not at all because I’m too tired after doing all the things all day long! • • • Enjoying this week off before work starts up again! My days now consist of working out, eating, sleeping hand Netflix 🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏼 Not mad about it 👋🏼
At DB not only are the workouts fun and different each day but you get to meet new amazing people in the process! So very thankful for the wonderful members who make each class enjoyable and entertaining! . . We even get matching shirts for the holidays 👯‍♀️🎉 . . If you are looking to workout in a comfortable safe environment, DB is your place. With the support from our members and staff sticking to your goals has never been easier! To see success surround yourself with like minded people who want to succeed with you! 💪🏻 At DB you are a client and a friend, not a number. You are part of a community like no other! . .. Come and experience it yourself! ☎️(226)820-6583 🌎www.dbfitnessinc.ca #dbfitness #dbfit #dbcommunity #fitness #health #lifestyle #workout #30minuteworkout #fitin30 #gym #exercise #motivation #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #healthandfitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #holidays #holidayseason #thankful
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Two things: I had an amazing workout today thanks to all the food I ate yesterday! Also, these leggings from @target are the BEST. They don’t fall down, they’re squat proof and SUPER comfortable! • • • I hope everyone had a great holiday!
Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. ❤️ • • • I hope everyone has an amazing day with however you choose to celebrate!
Happy Christmas Eve 🤶🏽🎄🥳❤️✨ I was going to do a long self reflective post about 2018 & everything I’ve learnt but I thought I’d keep it short(er) and sweet 💅🏽 . Above everything else this Christmas I am grateful to be ending the year with this smile on my face & feel it 😌✨. I started 2018 in a completely different place & it’s been probably the most rollercoaster year of my life so far 👋🏽 - if you’ve stuck around in the times even I wondered ‘wtf is going on’, thank you ❤️. . I’ve lost some people I thought would be fixtures forever but I’ve gained some that I don’t know how I ever lived without 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️. There’s been times I have literally wondered ‘how the fxck am I going to pull off/make it through this one’ 🧐. But with the lows have been so many highs (or lessons at least) & I always kept faith that I’d end up exactly where I needed to be in the end✨ . I feel incredibly grateful to have the realest people in my life and be heading into a new year with everything in the right place to go out & get exactly what I want 🙏🏽✨ #bigbizness 🌚. So all in all, I’d say, the best thing to come of my 2018 was getting ME & this smile right here☝🏽, back for good❤️ Merry Christmas, I love you all.❤️🎄✨ #domsdailydose #realtalk #newyear #betterme #love #christmas #dbfit
Thankful this holiday season for new friends! ❤️🎄🎅🏼
I wasn’t going to post a year progress picture because I feel most of my transformations have been made on the inside, also I’m not in the frame of mind where I think that my body is in any way “better “ in either picture ! Anyways pictures taken Mid Feb- This week 😃 I’ve lost some fat , gained a little muscle 💪🏼 but I’ve also learnt that no matter how you look on the outside it’s the inside that counts. 🧠 ❤️ For example having a healthy relationship with food 🥘 🎂 🍎 and going to the gym because I enjoy it and not to punish my body. I have had set back after set back with my back and other health issues so I’m happy with how I’m ending the year. Might not be big lifts but putting in the work to ensure no more injuries. Plus I’ve made an amazing start to my second year in uni and feel positive that I will get on to my masters 📜 As always thanks to my amazing coach & friend @dominiquebinns for getting me to this positive mind set and giving me ALL the support #dbfit
I haven’t been to the gym all week and it’s KILLING me. I just have zero energy after work. I am walking ALL day long and constantly moving, lifting etc. BUT enough of the excuses I am making! The gym makes me feel sane and helps me keep in shape FOR my job(s). • • • I’ve made the commitment to workout 5x this coming week because it’ll finally be slower at work! Time to get back on track! Also, one week at a time! 😂
This pretty lil thing just began her first prep!!! As for me I am in FLUFFFFFY season 🎅🏻 but nothin that’ll stop me from getting in the gym and working hard with her💪🏻 So happy to be able to connect with more and more people about their fitness journeys, so exciting to watch! Go follow her for more daily fitness inspo!! ➡️ @daniberube_ 🏋🏼‍♀️ #dbfit #girlswholift #gymsharkwomen #fitness #offseason #gains #bulk #bikiniprep
Some days I just like to lift heavy ish. Makes me feel BEASTLY! S/o to @keith.creates for reminding me how much Chief Keem album “finally rich” use this bump. Definitely got me through today’s workout! #traininsaneorremainthesame #fit #gohardorgohome #trainer #DBFit #fitnessmodel #dedication #lifetimefitness #fitness #flex #performance
This week has been very stressful for me. Got sick at the beginning of the week then when I started to feel better towards the end of the week my eating habits turned to 💩 so my workouts have been short then normal but I’m hoping for a better outcome next week. 👍 Day 1: Cardiooo - 30 minutes Day 2: Glutes&Hammies Day 3: Shoulders and Biceps Day 4: Biceps, 15 minutes cardio Day 5: Quads and Back Following very roughly week 6 of Timeless by @desb___ I definitely plan on re-doing this last week after the holidays are OVER because I only did a few movements from the guide due to laziness and my eating habits 🤬😣😢 Set a goal to do 15 minutes of cardio before starting my lifts this week though and was very successful ✅ Mostly running and walking on the treadmill or some jump rope because stress city due to Christmas 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻#workoutmotivation #dbfit #dbfitguide #desbtimeless
Me when people ask how I ‘survive’ Christmas 🤣👋🏽 *ok now I have your attention, let’s have a quick chat👇🏽* . Christmas 🤶🏽 used to be a time I felt really, really anxious around food & exercise - one year I even cried that the gym wasn’t open for two consecutive days LOL, yes I’m serious #newmewhodis 🌚. Needless to say, it’s definitely not anymore but I know for loads of you it can be a bit daunting, especially when you’re scrolling your news feed & it’s full of nonsense about how to ’stay on track’ over the festive period 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 . The stress and worry is SO much more harmful than just eating/drinking/doing the stuff & getting over it 💃🏽. Plus the more you worry, not only do you ruin your fun (and sometimes other people’s too) you’re far more likely to make silly decisions or do extreme things too🤷🏽‍♀️ (like binging, restricting and feeling like sh*t about it). Like, it’s perfectly OK if the majority of your exercise has and will be made up of slut drops and you eat more mince pies than avocados, you’ll live🙆🏽‍♀️ . The precious time you spend stressing about calories in a mince pie or Yorkshire pudding, avoiding the box of celebrations/heroes (quality street are DEAD so you can avoid them, its ok🌚) like the plague and working out how on earth you’re going to burn off or earn everything you eat/drink, is time that you’re never getting back💁🏽‍♀️. And it’s time you could spend enjoying yourself, having/being fun & making memories💃🏽. You’re never going to look back and be like ‘oh well, that Christmas I successfully stuck to my diet plan and didn’t skip a workout was the best one ever’ - so please, ignore all that BS💩 (you’re more likely to stay ‘on track’ without it), have fun, let your hair down, eat your fave festive things, pull out your best dance moves & don’t feel one bit guilty . You’ll survive, I promise ❤️✨ #domsdailydose #christmas #dbfit #health #life #qualitystreetaredead #candidAF
💦 S W E A T Y C A R D I O ~New plan next week ( well will see what we can manage around Xmas ). Time to get a super strong core & glutes to prevent any more injuries @dominiquebinns #dbfit
I lost my badge for the second time in two weeks today at work and if that doesn’t describe me perfectly, i don’t know what else does. • • • BUT today is my Friday and I’m all for it. Currently sitting on the couch after a HECTIC past four days of work 😅 • • • My feet are killing me, my legs are sore from walking/standing/lifting all day and while everyone is preparing to wake up early for work tomorrow I am thrilled I get to sleep! • • • 👊🏼
Some lower body workout things 👋🏽🍑🍗 A full & comprehensive session which targets your legs & booty in one sweep🔥. Here’s a rundown of all exercises/videos in order👇🏽❤️ . 1️⃣activation - 3 rounds: 1. Reverse hyperextension x15 2. Frog reverse hyperext. x15 3. Single Leg Glute Bridge x10 each leg . 2️⃣ A) Split Stance Hip Thrust 3x10 each leg (these are an absolute killer & will help you get stronger on regular hip thrusts) 🍑 B) Leg Press 4x8-10 *high & wide stance = glute & hamstring focus* 🍗 C) DB Walking Lunges 3x10 each leg 🔥 . 3️⃣ D1) Banded Goblet Squat *heels elevated* 3x10-12🍗 *superset* D2) Sumo Stance Barbell RDL 3x12-15🍑 E) Cable Pull Thru 3x15-20🔥 SAVE for your next gym sesh (use the button to the bottom right of the videos to bookmark) & thank me later for a strong but burning but banging bootay 🥳🍑🔥 #dbfit #workout #fitness #lifestyle
Here are my workout Stats from week 5 of ‘’Timeless’’ by @desb___ Day 1: Shoulders&Biceps Day 2: Glutes&Hammies Day 3: Quads&Back Day 4:Chest&Tris Warm up this week was 15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. I alternated with some incline walking and running intervals. Also threw a few jump rope intervals during my strength training to keep the heart rate up 💜 _____ #desbtimeless #workoutmotivation #dbfit #dbfitguide #fitness #workouts #weightloss #strengthtraining
You ever have those nights where you wake up every hour? That was my night last night. When I say I got no sleep, I really mean it. • • • But, I got my ass out of bed, went to work, came home and went immediately to the gym. I knew that if I sat down I would not go workout. Sometimes you just have to keep going or else you’ll just collapse right there! Just goes to show you that you choose what your priorities are. You choose if you’re going to be lazy or motivated. 👊🏼
Cardio or cardi-no 💁🏽‍♀️ . If you want a healthy ticker and a quick burst of endorphins then, yes, absolutely get on the cardio hype - it doesn’t have to be boring/long or machine based & there’s more to cardio than running 🏃🏻‍♀️ . For me, keeping it fun, varied and quick is usually the way to go bc whilst long stints of cardio have their perks (and are sometimes therapeutic) I can’t really be arsed clinging onto a stair master or incline walking in the same direction for 30 minutes but going nowhere 5+ times a week, ya know what I mean? 🤷🏽‍♀️ plus, I like to mix things up to make it more challenging from time to time. I threw together this fiery wee circuit at the end of today’s upper body session💦👇🏽 1️⃣ single battle ropes x10 each arm 2️⃣ dual battle rope slams x10 3️⃣ burpees (chest to floor) x10 4️⃣ kb swings x10 🔄 repeat 3-5x with 30sec rest between rounds (I did 3 bc I was too hungry to do anymore 🌚💁🏽‍♀️) SAVE for your next workout (the little symbol to the right 🤳🏽), get an excellent sweat on and save 20 minutes of your life 💅🏽 #dbfit #domsdailydose #health #fitness #workout
When you get three inches cut off your hair and it’s still long af 🤷🏼‍♀️ I always get an urge to cut my hair short and then ALWAYS regret it. So, I decided to get more layers and shorter angles to play around with a little! My hair is all healthy now and it feels great. • • • Also loving this @balanceathletica top! SO comfy!!
‘If you can’t feel it in your ass, you are not working your ass’🌚 . Ok so, it’s not new news that if you want a stronger, rounder and more functioning (working) ass then the thrust is a must🍑💥 but very often people feel them in their lower back, hamstrings or quads... if it IS your lower back, aka your lumbar spine💀, then it’s likely doing you more harm than good (or growth) 😦. . SO here are a few little tips and tricks to make your thrusting more effective: . 1️⃣ tilt your pelvis UP & under, think about connecting your ribs & hips - this will switch your core on & protect your spine 💥 2️⃣ tuck dat chin IN 🌚 look down as you hip thrust towards the bar, this keeps your spine in neutral (and safe and happy) 😌 3️⃣ feet hip width apart 👐🏽 contrary to popular belief you get more glute activation than having them wider 4️⃣ drive through your heels🔥 5️⃣ your bra line/bottom of rib cage on the box/bench/chosen platform of choice 💁🏽‍♀️ 6️⃣ use a significant weight that you can actually DO, heavy hip thrusts are great but if you can’t reach full ROM (range of motion/movement) and extension (the peak position at the top with hips through) then reduce your weight and don’t be an ego lifter like my former self 😎 think ‘lift significant weight with good form’ instead of ‘lift heavy weight’ 🤜🏽💥🍑 This was 10 reps with a 5 second hold on the last rep🔥 #thrustisamust #domsdailydose #workout #fitness #dbfit
Repost cause I forgot to add today’s stats 😒🙈 Here are my workout Stats from week 4 of ‘’Timeless’’ by @desb___ this week the SPLIT CHANGED and I wanted to 💀💀 but survived somehow 🙌🏻😂 Day 1: Shoulders&Biceps Day 2: Glutes&Hammies Day 3: Quads&Back Day 4:Chest&Tris ______ 🏆My goal for last week was to do atleast 45 minutes of exercise since I am working 2 jobs now and trying to find a balance between them and my workouts. I successfully completed that goal last week. I however didn’t make a goal this week due to poor timing on my part. When I plan I’m successful but when I don’t, I fail. Eating was 5/10 😒 this week and I completed 4 workouts. I’m not being too hard on myself since this is my first week of late night shifts and less sleep 😴 #workoutmotivation #dbfit #dbfitguide #desbtimeless #strengthtraining #weightloss #fitness _____
4/4 days of cardioooo completed also this week. Jump Rope and Running intervals on the Treadmill are my favorite methods. I talk about HITT a lot but it really keeps me in shape, my ❤️❤️ healthy and helps me feel less bloated and 🐷🐽 when I have a bad day of eating 🙈🙊 #workoutmotivation #dbfit #dbfitguide #desbtimeless #fitness #weightloss #cardio #hitt
Um @taychayy ‘s EMOM guide has been so amazing so far! Everyone should be incorporating it into their busy schedule, for real. • • • That’s all I had to say. Happy Friday!! 🙌🏼👊🏼
,,To je ta malá s tou velkou prackou.”🤨 ??? 🤔 Jooo. 😁💪 #fitness #biceps #triceps #delts #hands #dbfit #dolnibrezany #fitnessgirl #gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift
Today I get to drive 2.25 hours one way, work for 30 seconds and drive 2.25 hours home #GoMe 🤗 • • • Time to pack some major snacks and download some podcasts 🤪😜
For those of you that don’t know...I LOVE the Golden Girls 🙌🏼 • • • It has been a MINUTE since I’ve been in the gym. Really only like 3 days but STILL...feels like forever. I started working for our parent company this weekend and while it is different and new, which is great, it took up 100% of my weekend. I haven’t always been a workaholic but as I’ve gotten older my work ethic has gradually increased! I enjoy staying busy but I also LOVE to relax. There’s no in between with me. SO, this morning I’m relaxing before working again. My days are all messed up because of the shift I am on so happy Monday to all but happy Thursday to me! 😬
⭐️EXCITING NEW LAUNCH⭐️ - I picked up a new hobby: graffiti! HMU if you want something done🔥! - No just kidding, something more intense than that 👀 !!! - I am finally launching my own clothing line. Yes you heard me right... - 🔊DANI BERUBE APPAREL BABY!!!!!! - Thanks to my friends @metalclothingco I am able to make this vision real life! - Just in time for the new year my “Thrive For Success” winter line will be dropping! - Your options: ⭐️Cropped hoodie ⭐️Cropped tank (exact cut as the picture above) - Guys, I am so ready to take this on.. i hope you’re excited as well! My products will be nothing but the best! I am all about quality NOT quantity!!! - I would love to hear any suggestion on certain fits or styles you want to see in the near future! - I ONLY ordered 20 tanks and 12 hoodies so if you’re debating, don’t sleep on it!!!! - Once I get previews, PRE-ORDERS will be starting💛 - More updates coming soon!!! - #daniberubeapparel #fitness #fittip #healthyeating #workoutplan #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitgirl #fitfam #muscles #gains #musclegrowth #fit #legday #workoutideas #health #bestself #selflove #thriveforsuccess #freeworkouts #gymmotivation #fitness #lifting #dbfit #metalclothingco #evolveyourlife
Coming back from a REST DAY/CHEAT MEAL with cardio on the menu.... 🙇‍♀️👀 Gym was empty when I arrived so I hit some legs: glutes/hamstrings with a fun lil circuit. 🌝🍑 Finally moving some weight after 3 weeks of Timeless by @desb___ so I was able to use a 30lb EZ BAR for the squats and good mornings 😄🥰💪🏻🙌🏻 ✨Leg Circuit stolen from the Timeless guide✨ * 10 min warm up with jump rope. 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest Complete the next circuit 2-3 times. No rest between movements. Rest 30-45 seconds at end of circuit. * Squats with EZ BAR * Good Mornings with EZ BAR * Reverse Lunges with EZ BAR (each leg) * Bodyweight Hip Thrusts with band above knees * 7 minutes on the treadmill using interval training. * 1 min walk @ 3.0 3% incline x6 * 1 min run/sprint @7.0 -9.0 3% incline x6 * 1 min cool down at 3.0 3% incline #workoutmotivation #dbfitguide #desbtimeless #dbfit #fitness #weightloss #sweaty #cardio #legday #hiitworkout
Thank you to all of our amazing members who participated in DB FIT BINGO🎉 A huge congratulations goes out to @jcjireland for not only being the first member to complete her bingo card but completing all the tasks within a 2 week time frame! Carrie Ann continues to show dedication to reaching her fitness goals, always pushing herself in every single class and you will never catch her without a smile. DB fitness is so grateful to have Carrie Ann as one of our members, enjoy your month of December on us!❤ ° ° We would also like to congratulate @amanda.knight.180 and her mother @kellygordon7c4e for coming in 2nd and 3rd place, amazing work ladies!💪 ° ° Thank you to everyone who participated in DB FIT bingo! Please hand in your bingo cards to the office if you have completed your full line or card to recieve your prize🎉#dbfit #dbfitness #dbfitbingo #fitfam #guelphfitness #guelphcommunity
Wishing this girl nothing but the best in her new venture (job)! Even though she’s leaving us....it’s ok. I’m ok. Everything’s ok. ☹️
Jokes on me - IM LAUNCHING SOMETHING NEW GUYS⭐️ . ...and it’s not a guide, program or plan . For a long time I thought I’d never have a YouTube, never have a podcast, never have a website... heck I thought I’d never have my own community. . The day I stopped thinking I was wasn’t worthy enough to do any of those things, my life changed. . You’d probably think I’m nutsooo for my launch because of whatever reason🤦🏼‍♀️ . My response to that: I’m a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, you’ll grow and you’ll get there. Stop waiting for “the right time”. There is not right time. Jump with out a fricken net. You’ll figure it out through action. Without action there is no growth. And without growth... THERE IS NO SUCCESS⭐️ . I hope you’re all just as excited about what I’m unfolding next😇 . With that being said 👀- Stay tunes for December 1st to hear what the heck I’m up to now! . THRIVE FOR SUCCESS💪🏽🤩 . #fitness #fittip #healthyeating #workoutplan #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitgirl #fitfam #muscles #gains #musclegrowth #fit #legday #workoutideas #health #bestself #selflove #thriveforsuccess #freeworkouts #gymmotivation #fitness #lifting #dbfit
Here are my workout Stats from week 3 of ‘’Timeless’’ by @desb___ Day 1: Shoulders&Biceps Day 2: Glutes&Hammies Day 3: Quads&Back Day 4:Chest&Tris ______ 🏆My goal for this week was to do atleast 45 minutes of exercise since I am working 2 jobs now and trying to find a balance between it all. I’ve gotten 4/4 workouts done this week and my eating has been 🙌🏻 so I’m really happy and feeling stronger after completing every lift. 💪🏻 _____ #desbtimeless #workoutmotivation #dbfit #dbfitguide #strengthtraining #weightloss #fitness
Who wants a FREE leg workout🙋🏼‍♀️🍑 • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FREE STUFF!! Especially if you’re potentially investing in something! • You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, would you? Buy a house before looking in it is for SURE unheard of! • Treat your heath investments the same way and take advantage of everything you can!! • On that note, if you’re interested what so ever... I am offering a FREE leg day workout sneak peak from the 6 week workout + self development plan. • This Saturday the plan will be available to purchase! • 🍑HOW TO GET THE WORKOUT🍑 • 👉🏼Go to my website (link in bio or daniberubefitness.squarespace.com) • 👉🏼Scroll down & enter your email into the “Get a FREE Leg Day Workout” box! • 👉🏼Click “GIMME” • 👉🏼You’ll receive an email confirmation to subscribe to ya girllll!!! • 👉🏼RIGHT after will be an email with the workout! • ⭐️You’ll also get an extra lil something if you get the free workout⭐️ • Guys, this will literally take you 3 minutes to invest in your health FOR FREE! • Let ya girl know what you think💛 • #fitness #fittip #healthyeating #workoutplan #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitgirl #fitfam #muscles #gains #musclegrowth #fit #legday #workoutideas #health #bestself #selflove #thriveforsuccess #freeworkouts #gymmotivation #fitness #lifting #dbfit
There are different kinds of darkness... There is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful.” As I sat there and pondered the idea of each, she continued. “There is the darkness of lovers, and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearer wishes it to be, needs it to be. It is not wholly bad or good.” - Sarah J. Mass . . #TheLoneWolfConquers #CreatedWithMyOwnTwoHands #OutOfTheDarknessWeShallRise #ThoseWhoHateAreFans #AllNatural #JackedTanAndTatted #Bodybuilding #Powerbuilding #MensClassicPhysique #Amateur #DuesPaid #DsDirtyTraining #UnstableMindset #UnbreakableSpirit #UnstoppableForce #DemandGreatness #ExcellenceIsWithinYou #MostDontIWill #BoggsMovement #DDT #DBFit #BrotherhoodOfIron #ForgedThroughPain #PioneerBelts #NoJuiceNoBullShit
Work is slowing down dramatically so that means more time for our regularly scheduled programming and my routine! AKA slow mornings and workouts! • • • My most favorite thing is taking my time in the morning. I love to make a good breakfast, take the dogs for a walk and then workout. BUT most days I’m rushing out the door with my hair a mess and my shoes barely on. 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • I’m SO happy to have some relaxation time 🤤🙌🏼
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