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https://soundcloud.com/danaidmatthews/dreaming-of-reality Just released my new single "Dreaming of Reality" Like and a share if you're digging it! #NewSingle #CanadianHipHop #DreamingOfReality #DanaIDMatthews
I'm releasing a brand new original single on November 30th called "Dreaming of Reality" Been sitting on this track for awhile and I'm pumped to hear people's reactions. Stay working friends! #NewSingle #DreamingOfReality #DanaIDMatthews #LogicProX
\\Vision of Faith//β €β €β €β € ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € #VisonOfFaith #Cinematography #FilmProduction #Capturethemoment #Panasonic #GH4 #Nikon #Moviemaking #Produce #Moviemaker #castingcall #DreamingofReality #cameracrew #filmcrew #faithfilms #FilmforGod #FilmforGood #FilmforPeace #FilmforLove #FilmforPeace #FilmforHope #FilmwithPassion #Filmfestival #Cameras
June Purchase Line-Up! 🚨Here’s just a small handful of the beautiful homes my team and I helped to close last month! 🏑 Congratulations to the new homeowners! πŸ™Œ It was my honor to help! 😊
I don’t really know how to explain what happened here under the full moon, but it was intense. I mean if the body is made up of ~70% a big ass moon has to be making some kind of waves, right?
coz sometimes we're the dreamer, sometimes we're the dream sleeping leads to dreaming, waking leads to reaching same dream under two skies #xtendweekend #dreamingofreality
Day 6 of 12 - DREAMING OF REALITY. πŸ₯πŸ›Œ6οΈβƒ£πŸŽ„ β€’ β€’ DREAMING OF REALITY: Charlie Whitlock has had a successful life. The only problem is, she can’t remember it. After fleeing to South Coast, Charlie wakes from an 18-month coma to find she doesn’t remember anyone except her Doctor, Jackson Mistry. While Jack aids Charlie on her road to recovery, Charlie begins to worry that, without her memories, she has nothing waiting for her in the outside world. That is until Jordan, her twin sister, arrives and triggers fragments of her old life to resurface. Charlie is overwhelmed by what she remembers, and with Jack’s increasing absence, the prospect of returning to her former life becomes more daunting by the day. As Charlie learns to stand on her own two feet again, she must face up to her old life in order for her to move on with her new one, but will she? Emotional, mysterious, and dramatic, Dreaming of Reality explores the importance of identity and the healing power of love. β€’ β€’ #day6 #DreamingofReality #christmascountdown #ClaireMerchant #books #reading #12days #bookstagram #smile #drama #romance #medical #ebook #paperback #publishing #healing #doctor #dancer #ballet #australianliterature #selfpublishing #Monday #Mistry
Its the adventures life for me
missing the Canadian rockies..
Canyonlands national park on a trail, NO WAY I whip my macro lens out and go crazy snapping picture after picture, I’m utterly shocked how close its letting me get to it! I took pictures of this lizard for about 7 minuets before realizing it was a toy.. I WAS IN THE DESERT IT LOOKED REAL
This is what happens when conditions are perfect and a dust storm happens during sunrise along with a double rainbow!
In route to the summit buck mountain! @charleroze
This is where they filmed a scene from Jurassic park!
Back when I used to take pictures of people, model @jakiichu anyone wanna shoot?
Happy waterfall Wednesday!!!
Mountaineering in the Canadian rockies, no bad eh?
A beautiful display of fireworks over niagara falls (Canada side)
Sat in awe and admired for 7 strait hours to catch the sunset how the shadows creep up the base of the falls eventually engulfing them. Sat with 2 Cowboys at a fire theyhadscarfs Spurs and tooting colt 45's along with 2 military photographers and me a "city boy" Hiked 7.5 miles back in the middle of bear country it's darker than Mel Gibson's mind (10pm) armed with a headlamp and bearspray. It's below freezing as I continue on my spiritual journey the steam of my breath is blinding me, as I stumble upon some fresh bear droppings my heart races. Wade through the final river as the stretch to my car is only 1.3 miles but the water was freezing. As I get to my car I try to take my hiking boots off but my laces are frozen stuck together, fiddle with them for 5 minuets and escape to my sleeping bag to cocoon myself in warmth, what a day. Happy Waterfall Wednesday
From the first big hike of my adventure!!
❀️ β€’ This is the last DREAMING OF REALITY quote for a while. If you would like to read more, you can buy the whole book from here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XXBLSSJ β€’ β€’ #DreamingofReality #quote #Monday #ClaireMerchant #book #bookstagram #reading #medical #fiction #books #australianliterature #Amazon #ebook #paperback #qotd #suchisfate #fate #likemotherlikedaughter #destiny #mistry
You can fail at what you don't want. So you might as well take a chance doing what you love ~selfies for days in Aruba
I have to admit it, I am more that dreamy person. Stay grounded in the physical reality is not easy task for me. Thanks to Yoga, though I am learning more and more to accept what it is and allow myself to release and change, separating ideals and delusions from what is real. . . #dreamingofreality Photo credit @marbel_photographer
Dream lake, its important to not lose sight of how little time we have on this earth, don’t waste it doing something you hate
I was hanging out on the side of the road when Shea Miller stopped and chatted with me, she invited me on a hike the following morning up to static peak where I had the luxury of meeting a bunch of friends ill never forget, this is the picture i was waiting for that day (: also thank you for housing me!!!
In the same way the reflection of the moon on the surface of the ocean isn't the moon; you are not the ideal. Pardon me if I sometimes lose sight of this truth. The resemblance is uncanny. However reality is stranger than fiction and more lovely than fantasy. Desire compels me to such dizzying heights in a flight of imagination. The poet and idealist in me dreams of designing better wings to soar even higher for longer. The human in me, who I am beneath my persona simply wishes to be fortunate enough to contemplate gratitude for the gift of your company, while sitting next to you on the beach gazing into the stars. #foodforthought #inspiration #poetry #cgi #vfx #Ae #adobespark an original poem of mine over a spiral galaxy I created in Ae with trapcode.
Shoutout to hira for houseing a complete stranger (me) for over a week feeding me joining me on adventures and giving me a place to spend thanksgiving!!
The only thing holding you back from the life of your dreams is yourself, I took this in 2014 I'm pretty happy with the past 3 years of my existence :)
Hiking in Texas!
Hiking the tallest Peak in Texas
APE CAVE Lava tube exploration at mt st helens that time I thought I found a mangled dead body in the woods and thought the sherif was in on it, when i reported it to said sherif he ended up buying me food coffee cake and let me camp out infant of the station as we talked about life and our place in it the body tuned out to be a deer caucus illegally disposed of lol
Most of you see a car, I see a house haha shout out to the time before my car was struck by an elk, tree and a tour buss! good times~
The amount of hiking I did in pure darkness to capture shots is upwards of 350 miles!
When life puts up a wall, climb that bitch. There have been more than 20 deaths on Half Dome itself, and if you count the trail leading up to Half Dome, the number leaps to more than 60.)
About an hour before i took this I witnessed a gang fight with around 45 people in it, about a hour and 5 minuets ago one of the members in said gang a individual with grills in his teeth a do-rag and hat naturally with a wife beater shirt and saggy jeans shouts over to me β€œAYOO WHITE BOY” "whats up" I shoot back being openminded but also not stupid lol β€œWHAT KINDA BITCHES YOU LIKE” the rest of this story is one of my favorites but wait for the book or a blog post lol
Spent a lot of time at Mt Rainer national park, a stranger with 3 months to live educated me what really matters and to not sweat the small stuff because in the end it doesn't really matter, something I won’t ever forget, it saddens me to know he’s not with us anymore.. people go their whole lives without knowing the meaning of life~
Black canyon of the gunnison national park! as a scripted storm leaves the area the sunset breaks through the clouds creating this
Independence day!!!! I hiked up at 11pm and shot the milky way above grand Teton in shorts, an altitude of 9,016 with a temperature of 12 deg I can vividly remember shaking in the fetal position behind a rock as the howling winds were obliterating me once the sun emerges its like a godsend as the warpath assisted and winds seem to calm. to this day this is my favorite place in america to watch a sunrise.
I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July!!!
Happy Canada day!!!
Happy waterfall Wednesday!!
I met a stranger, he inquired how much I spend a day ($3) and other aspects of my trip before telling me how happy he was that I was pursuing my dream and went into his wallet and offered me money, I explained that i couldn’t take it, without pausing he gestured it to me and said this isn’t charity I genially believe in you. To this day nothing has affected me as much as this strangers words and gesture I later look and glance down at the $40 he homered me with. This may not seem like a large sum of money to most of you but to me thats 13 days added, he added 2 weeks to my trip as he leaves I stare into the grand canyon as the sun sets and tears rundown my face.. I still have every cent people gave me on my trip. I will never spend it, to me its is worth more than any worldly position i own i never once asked for money or food on my trip, I will NEVER FORGET all the amazing things people did going out of their way to help a complete stranger this is america this is my country
Canyonlands National Park if often overlooked as "arches" is the favorite and within 40 miles but id have to say the lack of people is quite serine
One of the more proud moments of my trip was when people told me I was a modern day Ansel adams/ John muir hybrid. I don't think I'm anywhere close to either of those people's achievements but it made me smile really big lol
Happy waterfall Wednesday!!
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