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Oklahoma Treasures: The Christmas Train in Dry Gulch #MerryChristmas #christmas 🎄 #thechristmastrain #drygulchusa #oklahoma
We were blessed with the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving at the place where Zach and I met. The place where I learned some hard lessons and made some lifelong friends, the place that helped me grow up. We celebrated with Zach’s family (though they’re my family too 😉), and unfortunately my parents were sick and had to stay in Texas. 😔 But my Grammy got to come with us, which made it all the better! We are SO thankful for the precious people in our lives. And for this precious little (big) camp, that’s been passed on to good hands. It won’t have the same name as we knew it, but it will always be dear to the hundreds of thousands of lives that it has touched, and the many more to come. Be blessed little camp. ♥️ #sosothankful
I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic this past week or so since I found out that the camp that I went to then later on worked at just sold. I have a lot of emotions tied up in that place: some good, some bad, and a lot that have changed over the years. I’m a different person now than when I worked there. I use to willingly volunteer to be on stage twice a week with a microphone in front of hundreds of people (Shocking for people who know me now). Still, I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for that place. So, as the man who taught me all about glasshouses use to say all the time: “This isn’t ‘goodbye.’ It’s ‘see you later.’” #drygulchusa
I was 13 years old. I had my resume all typed up and save on a floppy disk. I was bound and determined to get a job at Dry Gulch. If I’m honest I didn’t have any idea of what they actually did there - I just knew I wanted to be apart of it! My first day I remember pulling up to the office to fill out my paperwork and seeing a truck parked out front that said, “Willie George Ministries”. I asked my mom, “Who’s that?!?” I honestly had no idea. The first day of staff orientation I was both scared and excited all at the same time! But mostly scared. I was the weird big new kid in the back of every room wearing overalls! In that moment I had no idea the impact that summer, that place and the people surrounding me was going to have on me. No idea the live long friendships that we’re going to be made. No idea the work ethic that would be instilled in me. That I would take with me throughout life and would later help me build a business that I love. No idea I would be able to help lead countless young men to Jesus. I had no idea I would have the opportunity to set down and have normal conversation with some of the most influential minds in the nation. No idea I would lose so much sleep. No idea I would at times laugh so hard I would almost pee my pants! I had no idea that over those next 7 years that place and the people in it would account for a huge portion of the foundation of who I am today. I think it’s funny how God works; He can take a 13 yr old clueless kid, a floppy disk, with a desire and a little faith, and change everything. As a new era begins with this property I’m excited and a little sad all at the same time. Im excited for New Life Ranch taking it over, making it their own and continuing and growing a amazing ministry right here in Mayes County. But mostly I’m just beyond thankful. Thankful for the friendships made. Thankful for the opportunities given. And thankful for the leadership that helped me navigate those awkward teenage years! @cotmtulsa #DryGulchUSA #frontiercove
This summer at camp dry Gulch was more than amazing. It was life changing. All the people I met, reconnected with, and came to love made it an unforgettable summer. I grew to have such an awesome family there, and we all had so many adventures. And it was so evident that God was real and alive each day there. I’m so happy I could bring my best friend along this summer, and I’m so proud of the incredible and Godly man he transformed into there. And I’m also so blessed to have had my amazing girlfriend cheering me on all summer. I couldn’t have done this without her love and support. Thank you to all of my DG family. I’ll never forget you, and I hope to see you soon. Love you all!💚🧡🖤#campdrygulch #godisgood #drygulchusa
Esta semana, los niños se divirtieron en el campamento Dry Gulch. Además de divertirse en la piscina, go karts, jugando juegos y comiendo muchos dulces, también se gozaron cada noche en los servicios de la capilla al recordar que Jesús los rescata. Terminaron esta semana aprendiendo como ser la LUZ con todos alrededor y compartir las noticias de JESÚS con todos! Estamos muy emocionados de escuchar de sus aventuras mañana en lifekids. #Lifekids #DryGulchUSA #MundoDeFe
Welcome back Chris from #drygulchusa
The kids had an awesome week at Camp Dry Gulch. Besides lots of fun in the sun, swimming, riding go-carts, playing arcades, plenty of sugar and treats, they also enjoyed chapels each night reminding them that Jesus RESCUES us! They finished out the week learning how to be a LIGHT to everyone around them - sharing JESUS with everyone. We can’t wait to hear all about it, tomorrow morning, in our LifeKids services! #LifeKids #DryGulchUSA #LifeChurchCoppell
Our kids are ready for Camp Dry Gulch 2018!!! Parents if you want to see more picture make sure to follow us. #kidmin #summercamp18 #drygulchusa @iglesiamundodefe @lifechurchcoppell @pepe_alvarez77
¡Y ya salieron! Estamos orando que nuestros niños y líderes de Mundo de Fe tengan un tiempo hermoso en el Campamento Dry Gulch. No solamente se van a divertir mucho, sino también oramos por tiempos preciosos conectándose con Dios y que regresen a casa con un amor ferviente para Cristo. ¡Oramos por una semana de diversión y bendición para nuestros Lifekids! #LifeKids #DryGulchUSA #MundoDeFe
And they’re off! We are praying that our kids and sponsors from LifeChurch have a great time at Camp Dry Gulch!  Not only will they have lots of fun, but we are praying for precious times connecting with God and that they return home burning with a love for Jesus. We pray for a blessed and fun filled week for our Lifekids! #LifeKids #DryGulchUSA #LifeChurchCoppell
Big momma step for me this week... dropping off the older 2 at their first sleepaway camp. We’ve contemplated & strategized for how to make this happen and I’m all 🎉😩😭🤞🙏 that we’re actually doing it. But I guess it may never feel super awesome... this letting go of control thing. So, here’s to remembering that parenting is all about providing, guiding, loving & letting go. One baby step at a time.🙏 #drygulchusa #summermemories #summercamp #boymom
MY BOY IS HOME!!! Thank you Jesus he’s home!!!! 🙌🏻😭😄 I cant stop staring at him! He’s so handsome and big! He told me he had so much fun and he “feels different”. Praise God! 🙏🏻🙌🏻💕Man I missed this kid! #myheartissofull #lovemyboy #boymom #happytears #summercamp #drygulchusa @hopekidstx #home
@jasminephipps2007 looks to be having a blast at camp. She’s been looking forward to this week! I sure do miss my sweet girl ❤️
Riley looks like he’s having a blast at camp! I’m so glad he got to be there this week but I sure do miss my baby!
Just now getting to really decompress from camp. It was wild let me tell yah, but there is not a single thing that I would have rather done this week. These kids are so precious to the Lord and I am deeply honored that He gave me the opportunity to minister to them these past few years. These boys and girls hold such a big place in my heart. More than I even knew. Thanks for my last kids camp COTR. 😊❤️ @cotr_tx #kidsministry #drygulchusa #theresasnakein mylake #jesusrescuedme #vomitwhirlpool #bestcampever #michaelcheatedatminigolf #goodforyouformakingitthisfar
C 3 T R I N I T Y has been bringing kids to Camp Dry Gulch for 17 years and 2018 might just be our favorite year YET!!! Not only was our week packed with go carts, water slides, lake activities, bumper cars, ropes course... amazing food and INCREDIBLE counselors, we also heard about “The Great Rescue” in our chapel services, how Jesus rescues us every single day! Many of our very own campers gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time or recommitted their lives to Him! We know that the seeds planted in the hearts of our boys and girls this week will bear fruit for all eternity! Thank you parents and THANK YOU Pastor Joe and Pastor Nancy for allowing us to be a part of the BEST camp in all the world!!! #drygulchusa #thegreatrescue
Last day of camp. We have a fun day a head of us. First the lake, then volleyball and go-karts then the pool and water park. We are having a great time!! #exhausted #drygulchusa
I’ve never been more grateful for social media as I have been this week! I love getting to see my baby having so much fun at church camp!! #drygulchusa
It's about time I do an Insta Intro! I feel so blessed to have connected with so many new educators over the past few weeks. Here are some fun facts to help you all get to know me! 😊 1️⃣This will be my 4th year teaching 2nd grade! I'm totally biased, but I think it's the best ❤️ 2️⃣I didn't want to be a teacher! It was a God thing. I really thought I wanted to be an interior designer for a long time. Then I wanted to do kids ministry forever at my church. And then, after completing a semester of student teaching, I finally WANTED to be a teacher! 🍎 3️⃣I spent four summers being a camp counselor at #drygulchusa A big piece of my heart lives there! It's what pushed me towards teaching and also what lead me to my current teaching position! 4️⃣I've been married to the most wonderful man (and my best friend) for a little over a year🎊💕 5️⃣I have my nose pierced and one tattoo! I guess that makes me a rebel! 😆🤷🏻‍♀️They are two of my favorite decisions. The tattoo is on my back and is of some flowers from our wedding. 💐 6️⃣Sweets 🍩🍪🍦= 😍(especially with coffee! ☕️) 7️⃣I can go a long time without washing my hair! Typically, that means every 13-15 days. 💁🏻🤙🏽 8️⃣I get unreasonably frustrated when public bathrooms have air dryers instead of paper towels. 😡It's just not the same, ya know!? 9️⃣My favorite side hobbies are traveling with my husband 🌏 and HIIT workout classes. 💪🏽 🔟Like most teachers, I enjoy pouring 110% into what I do! Creating digital items for my classroom and TPT is something I've really been getting into lately. Way to go if you read them all! 👏🏽🙌🏽Now tell me something about YOU! #2ndgrade #teachersofinstagram #teacherlifestyle #tftpickme #igconnect4edu #tpt #teachersfollowteachers #iteachtoo #iteach2nd
Having a blast with these boys this morning and someone even lost a tooth! Headed to the lake with the girls! Everyone is super excited for chapel tonight and we know that we're going to be blessed!! #DryGulchUSA #DG18 #thegreatrescue
I’m so glad that I get to attend camp with my favorite nephew! 💕 #hisfirstcamp #drygulchusa #oklahoma #camplifeisthebestlife
My big boys going to camp having lots of fun and learning important things about life, Jesus and the Bible. #oklahoma #drygulch #drygulchusa #gideon #samson #christie #karlmichael #churchonthemove #oasechurch #tulsa #tulsaoklahoma #nextgen #youngtigers #nextgeneration #youngleaders #futurehope #futuregeneration
This gets me 🔥’d up!! Our students had an unforgettable experience with the REAL JESUS this week! He never turns anyONE away! EveryONE is welcomed into His life-joy-peace-purpose! Let’s just say, it got REAL at #DryGulchUSA this week! 🙌🏼 @oneightydotcom
Taking pictures of fireworks is hard, okay? I’m in actual (minor) pain right now, but I wouldn’t trade this day for anything. Thanks, DG! #drygulchusa #summer #independenceday
Camp is so full of fun, sun, and lots of smiles! ☀️😎🙌🏼🎉 #ElcKids #ElevateLife #DryGulchUsa
The perfect day to conquer a fear! @elc_kids #drygulchusa #summercamp
Get ready for a week of fun! #DryGulchUSA here we come! 🙌🏼😎🎉😊🌈☀️ #ElcKids #ElevateLife
So excited my son gets to go to Dry Gulch Camp tomorrow with other boys and girls to experience God in a different way. 🙌🙌 I am ready for his life to be transformed and for him to find the joy that comes from GOD. I thank God and @lakecountrychurch for the opportunity.🙂🙂 #boyscamp #momofboys #drygulch #drygulchusa
Beautiful clouds over Lake Hudson at Dry Gulch. So peaceful. #drygulchusa
Had a great time at camp! 🤗👍#drygulchusa @teghan_wolff07 @addie_swim16
Last chapel of Dry Gulch! What an amazing week we had! 🎉 “The Great Rescue - I let Jesus Rescue me” #drygulch #drygulchusa
Last Lake Day! 😭🏄‍♂️🌊#drygulch #drygulchusa
Walking into the last day of camp like...😁All SMILES! #drygulch #drygulchusa
Waiting on Chapel NIGHT 4!!! 🙌 “The Great Rescue” #drygulch #drygulchusa
Waiting on Chapel NIGHT 4!!! 🙌 “The Great Rescue” #drygulch #drygulchusa
Snow cones, candy, toys...Oh My!!! The General Store! 💰🍧🍫🍭🕺🏼 #drygulch #drygulchusa
What a great day for friends! 👯‍♀️ #drygulch #drygulchusa
Livin our best life out at the lake! 🌊🏄‍♀️🚣‍♂️🏄‍♂️ #drygulch #drygulchusa
Day Two: Hanging at the pool with some of our boys. #pooltime #gettingatan #funinthesun #boyswillbeboys #drygulch #drygulchusa
We are pumped for DAY 3!!! 💪🏻#drygulch #drygulchusa
It’s a beautiful day at Dry Gulch! Everyone is happy and having an awesome time! 😁 #drygulch #drygulchusa
The girls spending all their parents money at the store! 💰💰💰 #drygulch #drygulchusa
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦#drygulch #drygulchusa
Water park! 💦💦💦💦💦 #drygulch #drygulchusa
Boys blastin away in the arcade! #drygulch #drygulchusa
Jumping into DAY 2!!! So far we’ve...had Breakfast, chapel, small groups and water parked. We are Ready for more! #drygulch #drygulchusa
Some of the boys are having a great time at the arcade before chapel! #drygulch #drygulchusa #arcadetime #games #boytime #covkids
In the words of my dad, “She is at the crossroads of childhood and a new phase of growing up. Her face looks so mature and yet, Pooh is still in her lap.” A millions miles a minute, trying to tell me everything and just hoping I can keep up. I’m holding on to this little girl as much as i can, but from here on out she won’t ever be the same. She met Jesus in a new way, pushed past fears, said ✌🏻 out to comfort zones, survived this week on awesome camp food, minimal bathing, late nights, bunk beds, and more. I’m glad she’s home and even more excited to see what happens next. Thank you @newsongpeople for the experience of a lifetime at #drygulchusa #smileyeiley #idontwanttoopenthesuitcase #lotsandlotsofshowering
Camp life doesn’t look so rough! #drygulchusa #summervibes #ikindofmissher
Kids camp leaders are getting ready to serve the campers! Looks like they have had an awesome first day and it’s not even over yet!! God is good! All the time! #kidschurch #drygulchusa
She’s on her way to #drygulchusa I can’t wait to hear what God did in you and through you. This was the camp of my childhood. Sending her on a bus to a place that changed my life. I’m thankful for the heritage of faith she has and can have fun while serving God. Eat all the sugar cereal, ice cream, pizza, play flashlight tag, scream during boy/girl wars, make new friends, hear God’s voice and don’t miss us too much 😉 #newsongkids #drygulchcamp #imnotcryingyourecrying
Brittany is off to camp Dr Gulch for the week! Making memories.... ❤️ #brittanyjoy #drygulchusa #summercamp #superkid #friends #coveredbytheblood #accompaniedbyangels
Off to camp they go! God protect our babies and let them have an amazing week! #drygulchusa
And they’re off! Please pray for traveling mercies. #drygulchusa #kailtynjune
TOO much fun being nurses with these two. Lovin’ on some kiddos is one of my FAVORITE things to do. 🕺🏽 • • #drygulchusa #rockthesmock
My budget really isn't big enough for her but life wouldn't be complete without her. So, I'm happy to live poor. I've almost got her camp #DryGulchUSA ready
God has a way of bringing things around. I originally moved to Tulsa after a life changing summer at Dry Gulch cause I felt called to get involved in their student ministry. 3 years later after leading a group, my students are old enough to serve and these 2 are out at camp now! It’s so cool seeing my kids have a chance to go where my life was changed and the catalyst for why our lives ever crossed. Proud of @elishearrer and Nick Bastian! It’s cool to see them grow! . I often still get asked do I miss it or want to be there. I’d love to, but knowing there are new kids and generations out there now like these reminds that I served in my calling and that Dry Gulch is for a season, and right now it’s the season for guys like these. Thanks DG for still teaching me now. #BeNiceSmallGroup #DryGulchUSA #DG18
If you’re around you should go to the Pea Ridge libraries summer reading party! 🎉 3-6 today. #summerreading #pearidge #pearidgecommunitylibrary#tbt #throwback #photo #summerof2017 #drygulchusa #drygulch
Dry Gulch specializes in unforgettable experiences that your kids will treasure forever! The deadline to sign up is March 25th! There are only a few spots left so sign up at the info booth this Sunday with your deposit of $100. #DryGulchUSA #CampDryGulch #LifeChurchCoppell
En Dry Gulch USA, especializan en momentos inolvidables que sus hijos valorarán para siempre! El último día para inscribir a sus hijos es el 25 de marzo, cupo es limitado. Inscribelos este domingo en la mesa de Información con un deposito de $100. #DryGulchUSA #MundoDeFe
Yesterday I attended a reunion at the railway I used to volunteer at. It is part of a summer camp/retreat that for twenty years they put on an event called ‘Christmas Train’. The whole camp (an 1880s boomtown) was decorated within an inch of its life! It really was like walking into a Victorian Christmas card! The ladies wore bustle gowns and the gentlemen wore top hats and Inverness coats.(many made by my mother, she was head of Wardrobe for a few years). Then there were the trains! Oklahoma’s only narrow gauge AND only steam railway. Sadly it is up for sale now so we don’t know if the buyer will keep the railway or not. It was good to see so many familiar faces again. And to see my old engine(third picture. No.7) #drygulchusa #christmastrain #drygulchandsilvercity #crownmetalworks #porterlocomotive #narrowgauge #steamloco #greencountry #lakehudsonoklahoma #oklahoma #railroaderreunion #railroader
Mask are my favorite way to enjoy some me time and so pampering you'll fixate over it. I love that the kids and I can do something so small together and have so much fun! I also can rest easy because I know that every product is made with high quality, #crueltyfree ingredients that feel and smell amazing....and I'm willing to share because they didn't cost a fortune. . . . I'm using Cackle Spackle [$19], which is our family favorite and best seller. It helps to deep clean your pores and get the gunk out. . . . Hot & Gold [$19] which is what Austin's wearing, gives your dry skin a richer and brighter look with colloidal gold! . . . #EnvyThis [$19] which helps tighten and brighten your face with #greentea and #caffeine for a youthful look! . . . And Isaac is wearing a mask that can be used as an Off & On Mask called #24Carrots [$19]! You seriously can't go wrong with our face masks! . . . . . . Every pampering purchase made through the link in my bio ( ---> https://Shavonnhull.po.sh <---) helps to pay for their Summer Camp Fees at #DryGulchUSA and #YouthAmerica this summer. Thanks for your #support ! #facemask #familygoals #fundraiser #churchcamp #PoshHulligans
#worldsfinestchocolate means church camp is around the corner for this guy! Please let him know if you are interested in supporting him again this year. $1 a bar and he has almond, caramel and crispy. #drygulchusa #faithkids #faithcokids
Dry Gulch U.S.A. ¡Una aventura sin igual! Es imposible escapar la emoción de este lugar especial. Dry Gulch U.S.A. es uno de los campamentos de verano más prestigiados de Oklahoma. Aquí se especializa en momentos inolvidables que sus hijos ¡valorarán para siempre! ¡El registro comienza mañana! Inscribe a sus hijos en la mesa de información con un depósito de $100 para el campamento Dry Gulch U.S.A. #DryGulchUSA #CampDryGulch #MundoDeFe
Dry Gulch, U.S.A. The Adventure of a Lifetime Excitement is inescapable at a special place called Dry Gulch, U.S.A. As one of Oklahoma's premier summer camps, Dry Gulch specializes in unforgettable experiences that kids will treasure forever. Registration starts tomorrow! Sign up your kids at the info booth with your deposit of $100 to reserve their spot for Camp Dry Gulch! #DryGulchUSA #CampDryGulch #LifeChurchCoppell
Oklahoma Treasures: The Christmas Train in Dry Gulch USA in Adair Oklahoma #MerryChristmas2017 #Adair #oklahoma #drygulchusa #thechristmastrain
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