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📷 Credit: @epilepsysociety Research has shown that sodium valproate, also known as Epilim, Convulex, Episenta and Epival, can cause serious problems in a developing baby. Baroness Cumberlege and the review team will be holding regional meetings across the country to hear the views of those affected by sodium valproate as part of the independent safety review. This will be an opportunity to share your experiences but is not an evidence-gathering meeting. The next meeting is: 13 November 2018 (10-11.30am) in Glasgow
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📷 Source: @epilepsy_fighter3 Epilepsy doesn’t have to control you... ever!! You can still be you and do the things everyone else can! Keep fighting and stay strong! 💜💜💜
📷 Source: @epilepsy_ed Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) are the main form of treatment for people with epilepsy. And up to 70% (7 in 10) people with epilepsy could have their seizures completely controlled with AEDs.
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Pulitzer Prize-nominated author and journalist Kurt Eichenwald, discusses the importance of overcoming the fear around #epilepsy and how the #EmbraceWatch can help people with the condition living a full life. Visit Empatica.com (link in bio). ————————————————————— The Embrace2 smartband, cleared by the FDA, provides peace of mind for people living with #epilepsy . The device uses advanced machine learning to detect unusual patterns that may be associated with convulsive #seizures and send alerts to caregivers. It also provides rest and physical activity analysis to better understand your lifestyle. #HealthTech #EpilepsyManagement #seizuremonitor #tech #wearable #wearables #wearabletechnology #wearabletech #wearabledevice #humandata #epilepsysupport #epilepsyaction #epilepsywarrior #TechForGood
📷 Source: @epilepsy__awareness_ We are doing are third annual garage sale this year!!! The first year we did this we made $500! The second year we made $700! All the money gets taken to epilepsy foundation of Michigan!!! Our goal for this year is $1000!! Please share! Let’s go epilepsy fighters💜💜 What is epilepsy? Take a minute to learn what epilepsy is!! Stay strong fighters!! Let’s see if this can get 50 likes!!! And bunches of shares!! Post and tag me if you want to learn more about epilepsy!!💜💜 Give this a like for everyone with epilepsy!! Go purple!!!💜💜💜
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📷 Credit: @epilepsyfdnok We want to say “Thank you” Farfalla Winery for sponsoring our upcoming event ➡️1st Annual Bedlam Art for Epilepsy, benefiting the 💜Epilepsy Foundation of Oklahoma 💜 • ***1 DAY AWAY***This Sunday, November 4th at Dunlap Codding Law Firm located at 609 W. Sheridan Ave., Oklahoma City, OK. 🎟Tickets are $25 and available via eventbrite {link in profile} ⬅️ OR at the DOOR! • Doors open at 3:00pm, live auction starts at 5:00pm. We appreciate your support for our Bedlam Art for Epilepsy and your help in raising awareness of Epilepsy right here in Oklahoma!
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Linalool is a common cannabis terpenoid displaying a floral aroma with spicy undertones. It is also found in lavender. A 2003 study suggests linalool contains powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In 2011, a study conducted on linalool as a potential anti-convulsant shows tremendous promise for seizure related disorders Rg: @greengardensf 💜
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📷 Credit: @bcepilepsysociety BCES is proud to have an EFF (Epilepsy Friend Forever) in this incredible Champion for Epilepsy, @tylerbartongolf. To learn more about him & his journey with epilepsy, visit our website.
Join us at our IM OK Walk to End Epilepsy - Austin! Next year's walk will be at Concordia University Texas on March 30, 2019. Mark your calendar now and we look forward to seeing you there! Find yourself a walking buddy and start taking practice walks now. Early bird registration ends January 31! . . . . . #WalktoEndEpilepsy #IMOK #InMemoryOfKaden #KadenSmith #EpilepsySupport #EpilepsyFoundation #EFCST #EpilepsyAwareness #EndEpilepsy #LivingWithEpilepsy #AustinEvents #ConcordiaUniversityTexas #Announcement #CharityWalk #CharityRun #TexasEvents #CentralTexas
The holiday season can be one of those times where we want to spend time with families, to have fun, chill, and give as well as feel loved. 💞 ~ There’s heaps of advertising about how great the holiday season supposedly is and how people spend time with their loved ones. 🤗💕 ~ But, not all of us are lucky to have this. Many people with epilepsy can be or feel very alone, particularly over the holiday period. 😔 ~ If you are going to be alone or you worry that you will FEEL alone (we can feel alone even with people around us!) this holiday season, make some plans to keep yourself busy and try and enjoy it ( that means plans beyond social media!! 😁)!* ~ Ideas: - Arrange a Skype with a friend or two-maybe one from overseas that you e met on social media?!💻 - Write that book you’ve always said that you’ll would!🖋 - Clean the house/apartment/room 🧽 - Play/learn to play that instrument 🎹🎻🎸🎺🎷 - Listen to relaxing music 🎧 - Have a million movies/TV series lined up (Netflix anyone?!) 📺 - Read a book 📚 - Try colouring-in books and even Lego (seriously therapeutic!) 👍🏻🎨 - Do some puzzles (hey low-tech can be cool!) - Do some cooking (if you are able) or having some nice food that you like ready 🥢🥡🍪🍳🍑 - Play some games 🎮🕹 - Have a shot at one of those old hobbies your left behind years ago 🔭🤹🏽‍♀️ - Have a go at knitting/embroidery 🧶 - So some gardening (if it’s not winter in your country!) 🌸 - Keep company with/walking your pet(s) (if you have any) 🐶🐱 - Go for a walk/run 🚶🏿‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️if possible -we know that some people have physical disabilities too); whether that be in the snow or the warm sunshine! ❄️☀️ - Learning a new skill on the phone apps: 📱 • Udemy • Coursera • Skillshare • Check out the Lumosity app for working your brain! ~ Tell a close friend that you are feeling worried, depressed or/and anxious about this time of year. Ask if you can do a call with them. They might even invite you over! Oh maybe you can invite yourself over?! 👭Or, cal The Samaritans at any time. 🤗🤗🤗 ~ If you have any ideas for people feeling alone over the festive season, please share them with us below! ⤵️ ~ Continued on first comment!! ⤵️
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📷 Source: @epilepsyfdn Goals & expectations for surgery might include stopping all , reducing disabling seizures, reducing medicines and increasing independence. Find help setting realistic goals & expectations here: epilepsy.com/goals-and-expectations.
📷 Reposted from: @epilepsyawarenessday Wondering how you can support us more?? This quick survey will benefit us AND you! Click on the link below to help! Don't forget to mention "Sofie's Journey" within the survey! https://www.rarepatientvoice.com/sign-up/
📷 Reposted from: @epilepsy__awareness_ Don’t let epilepsy bully you! Stand up, be strong, and never stop fighting!!! Let’s go epilepsy fighters💜💜 What is epilepsy? Take a minute to learn what epilepsy is!! Stay strong fighters!! Let’s see if this can get 50 likes!!! And bunches of shares!! Post and tag me if you want to learn more about epilepsy!!💜💜 Give this a like for everyone with epilepsy!! Go purple!!!💜💜💜
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📷 Reposted from: @epilepsysparks We understand that when someone is diagnosed with epilepsy that they want to learn all about it. 💜 That’s great. But one needs to be careful... ~ Just because another person has what (on paper) is the same diagnosis as another (e.g. the diagnosis of epilepsy); it really doesn’t mean that their condition is the same or that their treatment should be the same as that of the other person. ~ Genetic and biological differences: 🧬🧬 We all have different genes that we are born with, and different biological and neurological changes due to changes in gene expression (epigenetics)*. We can all also have different allergies, blood types, behaviours, metabolisms, hormones, etc., and so we have not just differences in neurological, physical and psychological make-up but also different reactions to drugs. 💊💊 Even if two people have what seem to be very similar seizures, or even if they are identical twins; their forms of suitable treatment can be very different. ~ We come across so many people on social media asking other random people 😑 for tips on drugs and other forms of treatment. Whilst understandable, this form of “fact-gathering” is unregulated and can be dangerous (because the information gathered often isn’t based on facts/published scientific studies). ⛔️ ~ For example: There’s a AED called Keppra 💊💊(Levetiracetam)** which can cause some people to have mood issues (these moods have the nickname Keppra Rage!). But, this drug is amazing for many, many people when it comes to controlling their seizures, and these people often don’t experience un-manageable side effects either. 😀 ~ Social considerations: Example: one woman might want to have children 👶🏻, so (for instance) they may not consider Epilim 💊💊(Sodium Valproate)*** to be the right drug for them... But, another woman might not want children/any more children; and so for her it may be fine to take the AED (Anti Epileptic Drug). Both women could experience very similar seizures, seizure patterns and AED side effects (or lack thereof) but due to life choices they choose different AEDs. ~ PTO (continued in first comment!)
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When George first came to the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas in May of 2016, everyone in his life had given up on him. He was sleeping on sidewalks, he reeked of alcohol and life on the streets, and he was not receiving treatment for his epilepsy. His biggest loss…he had lost all visitation rights with his children. George was in a very dark place. George decided he needed to change his life…he wanted to see his kids again. His took the first step and scheduled a meeting with the Epilepsy Foundation’s Social Services Coordinator Kathy Kraemer. Kathy (who is affectionately known as the resident “problem solver”) listened to George and developed a comprehensive plan. ▫️ To find out how we helped George, visit our Newsroom by clicking the link in our bio! 🧠💜 . . . . . . #Newsroom #EpilepsyFoundation #EFCST #EpilepsyAwareness #EndEpilepsy #LivingWithEpilepsy #EpilepsySupport #EpilepsyWarriors #FridayMotivation #HowWeHelpedGeorge #Donate #NonProfit #CombinedFederalCampaign #CFC #SocialServicesCoordinator #SouthTexas #CentralTexas #IGTX #ServingOurCommunity
Are you a Federal employee? You can support Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas during the Combined Federal Campaign! Our CFC # is 15422. Retirees can now give too! southcentraltexascfc.org/ . . . . #ShowSomeLoveCFC #CFC #CombinedFederalCampaign #EpilepsyFoundation #EFCST #EpilepsyAwareness #EpilepsySupport #EndEpilepsy #Epilepsy #satx #SanAntonio #SouthTexas #CentralTexas #ArtTherapy #ArtProject #Brain #UseOurBrains #BeKind #DoGood #CauseWeek #DisabilitiesWeek
The journey to becoming body positive is long and frustrating for anybody, so what does body positivity look like for someone affected by chronic illness? Read our new blog "Mental Wellness: Epilepsy & Your Body Image" by Ashley Colwell by clicking the Newsroom link in our bio! . . . . . . #EFCST #EFCSTstaff #EndEpilepsy #EpilepsyAwareness #EpilepsySupport #EpilepsyFoundation #Wellness #BodyImage #ChronicIllness #SeizureSmart #SeizureDisorder #GraphicDesigner #igtx #Newsroom #AshleyColwell #Blogger #NewBlogPost #LivingWithEpilepsy
📷 Reposted from: @epilepsytoronto Please take the time to complete the Epilepsy & Marijuana/Cannabis Usage Survey. In light of it's recent legalization and the growing interest for cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy, we are looking to hear from those with personal experience in the management of seizures with cannabis. We're not advocating one way or the other, but we do want to encourage more research and be part of the dialogue to help in the process of learning more. Please complete the survey before November 22, and be a part of the conversation. Link in our bio, website and Facebook page: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EpilepsyCannabisSurvey
📷 Credit: @epilepsyfoundationtx Buy a copy of "A Mind Unraveled" from your local bookstore, November 17-30. This will signal to bookstores to start stocking it. ⠀ ⠀ Kurt has agreed to fly to whichever affiliate reports the most book purchases (minimum of 50), sign every copy, and he will personally contribute $2,000 to the affiliate!! ⠀ ⠀ You must take a picture of the book and email it to rmoreau@eftx.org or tag Epilepsy Foundation Texas on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be counted toward our affiliate's total sale.
Happy Friday everyone! #EpilepsyJourney #EpilepsySupport
📷 Source: @epilepsytoronto ‪Angini and Tannys, one of our amazing ambassadors were at Job Fair at @The519 for City of Toronto's Workforce Development month. @cityofto Get Involved: http://epilepsytoronto.org/about-us/get-involved/become-an-ambassador‬
I believe WE all have a testimony to share. One that not only reassures others that they're not in the fight alone, but also encourages them to never give up. No matter what. #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #epilepsypositivity #epilepsysupport #endepilepsy
💕🍋😻 Roman is SO happy with his new kitty! We've had her for 2 weeks now & she doesn't run away from the kids, which is a huge plus 😂😂 Welcome to the family, Lemon! (Roman decided on her name as well 😂😂) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #cutekidsclub #kids_of_our_world #kidsofinstagram #doosesyndrome #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #seizure #endepilepsy #hospital #disorder #brave #iloveyou #romanthewarrior #bebravebrain #epilepsysupport #epilepsystrong #epilepsywarrior #childhoodepilepsy #cutekid #findacure #seizureawareness #cureepilepsy #cbd4epilepsy #cbd #iamable #seizetheday #lifewithepilepsy #cat #catstagram
The vast majority of doctors practices and pharmacies close over the holiday period (in the West anyway). How dare they?! 😁⠀ ~⠀ This means that we all have to prepare and ensure that we have enough medication to see us through to mid-January! 💊📅⠀ ~⠀ Running out of AEDs (Anti Epileptic Drugs) as well as any other drugs you take can be a nightmare. Seriously. It’s almost like an invitation for seizures... 🧠⚡️⠀ ~⠀ Get your pill-box/drawer/wherever you keep your drugs stocked to see you through until the doctors and pharmacies are open again. 👍🏽⠀ ~⠀ We are running out of time... check your pills today if you haven’t already. Actually, perhaps check them again just to make sure!! 💊🕐💊🕐⠀ ~⠀ Whether affected by epilepsy directly or indirectly, remember: you are amazing. 🤗💪🏾⠀ ~⠀ Check out our amazing blog by patients, Employers, Neurologists, Neuroscientists and more! https://www.epilepsysparks.com/blog⠀ ~⠀ Turn on post notifications to never miss our posts! ↗️ Do share and tag us!🔖⠀ 👥Tag a friend ⬇️to show them this! ⠀ Follow us on @epilepsysparks ⠀ ⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ ~⠀⠀ Think about our other readers before sharing information and commenting. We are a public information page and many sensitive people read both posts and comments. We welcome understanding, non-judgemental, and overall positive and encouraging comments only.⠀⠀ ~⠀ #epilepsy #epilepsysparks
📷 Source: @epilepsyawarenessday It is !! We are less than a month away from the big event and we appreciate all the support we can get! Visit our website at www.epilepsyawarenessday.org to find out other ways to help us spread awareness year after year!
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📷 Credit: @epilepsy_ed Epilepsy is not just a seizure.
📷 Source: @epilepsyaction 2/4 How did you feel when you were told you shouldn’t swim given swimming is a huge passion for you? What made you determined to keep pressing on? . "When I got told I couldn’t swim I remember getting tearful. But I can also remember thinking that there was no way I was stopping because I loved it and my epilepsy was mild even at that stage. I found that getting told I couldn’t swim made me even more determined to swim. In the time I was told that I shouldn’t get in the pool (mainly because I was wired up to a little machine) I went to my local gym almost every day. Eventually when the doctors realised I was stable enough, I got straight back in the pool. My mum wasn’t happy about this. She was scared for my safety, but my dad agreed with me and I had the National Championships coming up in three weeks so I had to be race ready! I raced in the nationals despite having roughly two weeks out of the pool and I managed to make the final. How have loved ones reacted to your diagnosis? . "My loved ones responded quite badly at first, they wanted to protect me and kept me close by at all times. They made sure all my friends had their phone numbers so if anything happened they could contact someone in the family. I found this the most difficult part out of my whole diagnosis, not the part that affected me, but seeing how it affected my family. I didn’t want them to worry; I wanted them to live, so that’s what I did! As time passed everything came more relaxed. My mum, however, still finds it difficult to watch me train and she always checks that I am okay when in the shower." Thanks for reading part 2 of Imogen's (@imogen_clark7 ) story. Come back later for part 3/4. Part 1 is up now!
📷 Credit: @epilepsyaction 3/4 Have there been any unexpected hurdles or positive things that have happened along the way? . "When facing hurdles, I made sure procedures were put in place so I could continue to live the life I set out with my training and racing. One hurdle happened recently when I competed at the European Championships which was my Great Britain debut. I won a medal and at the awards ceremony they make the arena pitch black and have twirling lights and 25 photographers with flashing cameras. This would have been a huge problem with my photosensitive epilepsy. I had to tell my team manager and the team doctor and they contacted the event managers so this could quickly get changed before I walked out for the ceremony. Everyone was very cooperative and had no problem turning the arena lights on and turning the photographers flash off.Another hurdle faced at the start was I was allergic to my medication and ended up in a rash from head to toe. Once I got this changed I have been fine ever since. These hurdles have made my family, friends and team mates’ support system come closer together. They have never judged me or treated me different because of it, and they have stood by me every step of the way." . How did you first hear about Epilepsy Action and how has it helped you and your family? . "From looking online for charities that were involved we found Epilepsy Action. We wanted to be part of a community to raise awareness. We purchased the purple bands for Purple Day and I brought a gym vest to raise further awareness at training." . Thanks for reading part 3 of Imogen's (@imogen_clark7 ) story. Come back later for part 4/4. Part 1 and 2 are up now!
"My boyfriend has grand mal #seizures . He has the Embrace and it has been amazing. It notifies us when he is having a #seizure so we can get to him quickly." 🙏 - Amanda. Visit Empatica.com (link in bio). ————————————————————— The Embrace2 smartband, cleared by the FDA, provides peace of mind for people living with #epilepsy . The device uses advanced machine learning to detect unusual patterns that may be associated with convulsive #seizures and send alerts to caregivers. It also provides rest and physical activity analysis to better understand your lifestyle. #HealthTech #EpilepsyManagement #seizuremonitor #tech #wearable #wearables #wearabletechnology #wearabletech #wearabledevice #humandata #epilepsysupport #epilepsyaction #epilepsywarrior #TechForGood
📷 Source: @epilepsy_ed Seizures differ from person to person. ❤️
📷 Credit: @epilepsywarriorboys 4 Personalized Custom Epilepsy Magnet Bands Bracelets with Custom Made with Your Name! https://etsy.me/2UFRNTb
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📷 Credit: @epilepsywarriorboys 💜2 Custom Personalized Vagal Nerve Stimulator Magnet Holder Bands Bracelets 2 made just for you! Send message with NAME! https://etsy.me/2UDdt2i
📷 Credit: @epilepsyfoundationwa @epilepsyfdn with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you @Newsweek for helping us spread awareness about epilepsy and SUDEP by sharing Sally’s banner in this week’s issue. 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in their lifetime so it's important that we get the word out about the risks epilepsy may have. Let’s to because the time is now to educate and raise awareness for our fight.
📷 Source: @epilepsytoronto Many of you have been asking what’s next, and here it is! Holiday Fair in the Square in support of Epilepsy Toronto is BACK downtown for the 3rd year in a row! Check us out Dec 1-23 Tuesday - Thursday evenings from 4pm-9pm and Friday - Sunday from 12pm-10pm! See the @holidayfairto website fairinthesquare.ca for more details :)
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Epilepsy awareness 💜💜💜💜 . . ثقافة الصرع 💜💜💜💜 . . أدوية الصرع ومضاعفاتها لن تمنعني من حياتي، وكون أدوية الصرع لها كثير من المضاعفات الجانبية وتؤثر بشكل سلبي على حياتنا اليومية.....😢😢. ومن الاهم الأعراض الجانبية هي: ١.الدوخة ٢. النعاس ٣. البطى في التفكير والنشاط الذهني ٤ . الخمول ٥. زيادة في أو الوزن ٦. المزاج المتقلب ٧. العصبية ٨. تسمم الكبد ٩. تسمم الكلى ١٠.حساسيات الجلدية ١١. تشنجات عضلية صباحية وآلام في العضلات . . الرجاء عدم التفكير انه لا ترى نوبات صرعية اننا بخير فمعانتنا يومية بسبب الأدوية الصرعية.. . . #epilepsy #epilepsylife #seizures #epilepsyawareness #epilepsyfighter #epilepsysupport #fightepilepsy #goodmorning #goodness #stopstigma #epilepsysparks #epilepsysociety #faith #epilepsypositivity #mentalhealthawareness #epilepsy_warrior_34 #Kurdistan #iraq . . #يستحق_المتابعة #الصرع #مساء_الورد #متابعين #صباح_الخير #مساء_الخير #اكسبلور #حب #الصرع_لايمنع_الابداع #بغداد #العراق
📷 Source: @epilepsyawarenessday Have you signed up for EADDL 2018?? Click on the link in the bio to register for the FREE Expo today! Visit our website for more information regarding the Day at ! Photography: @briankramerphotography Event: @epilepsyawarenessday
Epilepsy is no joke. It’s just as scary for someone to watch someone have a seizure, as for the person waking up from the seizure. Help us spread awareness! 💜#epilepsyawareness #epilepsyfighters #epilepsyfacts 💜 #epilepsywarrior #epilepsysupport
📷 Reposted from: @epilepsyfoundationsd Let's give a big, warm welcome back to a returning team with a NEW name: Madelyn's Unicorns! 😊🦄 We LOVE the inspiration behind it -- "Unicorns magic gives the power to “believe” that we can overcome anything!" "Our sweet Madelyn experienced her first seizure at the age of one. We had no idea what was happening to her at that time. Her right side went limp and she was not able to sit up, scared beyond belief we called 911, and rushed her to the ER and they were able to stabilize her. At that time we were told she had a febrile seizure. This didn't make it easier, but it did give us a small sense of relief. We thought, okay we can watch her when a fever occurs and make sure we keep her temperature under control... Yet, as time passed and Madelyn began to have more seizures (without a fever) we knew then it was something more..." Read more of Madelyn's story at: http://www.sharonsride.org/site/TR/Events/TeamRaiserWorkshop?team_id=2058&pg=team&fr_id=1170
Who knows what their seizure threshold is? 🤔 ~ Your seizure threshold is a bit like a stress/exhaustion/over-excited (sigh...) line; which, when you cross, can lead to seizures. 😫😴⚡️🧠 ~ Identifying your seizure threshold means that you recognise how far you can push yourself before you are likely to have a seizure. Please don’t push yourself too far! 🤦🏽‍♂️ ~ E.g.s: - Sleep: You do long hours at work and don’t get enough sleep. 😴Or the baby is crying 🤱🏻; you’re up for feeds and then you don’t get enough sleep. 😴 Say that you normally need 9 hours sleep and you only get 4 as a result of the above. The lack of sleep could mean that you cross your seizure threshold and that you might have a seizure. 🧠⚡️ - Stress: say that you did have a steady job, 👩🏼‍💻but got made redundant 😫so you stress out way more than usual. Or that you have a new boss who is a bully/putting too much pressure on you. That excess stress could mean that you cross your seizure threshold and that you might have a seizure. 🧠⚡️ ~ Some psychotropic* drugs and antibiotics can also lower a person’s seizure threshold. Hence it’s always really important to disclose your AEDs to doctors. 💊💊 ~ There are unlimited scenarios, but hopefully you get what we are saying. 😀 ~ Here is a more professional way to describe your seizure threshold: “The term seizure threshold is used to describe the balance between excitatory and inhibitory forces in the brain which affect how susceptible a person is to seizures.”** 🧠⚡️🧠⚡️ See first comment for more info!!!⤵️
Some tips for when your ever in a situation and have to deal with someone who is epileptic and there having a seizure. It’s always good to be prepared @epilepsylomer @epilepsysociety @epilepsy.talk @epilepsyaction #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsylife #epilepsyfighter #epilepsysupport
Our Marketing & Design Manager Madison and volunteer Stuart will be at the Lackland AFB Exchange food court until 3PM today! Go talk to them about giving via the Combined Federal Exchange! #ShowSomeLoveCFC . . . . . #EFCST #EFCSTstaff #EndEpilepsy #EpilepsyAwareness #EpilepsySupport #EpilepsyFoundation #PurpleForEpilepsy
In focal aware seizures (FAS), previously called simple partial seizures, the person is conscious (aware and alert) and will usually know that something is happening and will remember the seizure afterwards. Some people find their focal aware seizures hard to put into words. During the seizure they may feel ‘strange’ but not able to describe the feeling afterwards. This may be upsetting or frustrating for them. FAS are sometimes called ‘warnings’ or ‘auras’ because, for some people, a FAS develops into another type of seizure. The FAS is then a warning that another seizure will happen (see focal to bilateral tonic-clonic seizures). #seizure #seizurefree #seizuretypes #seizuredisorder #epilepsy #epileptic #epilepsyawareness #epilepsysupport
📷 Source: @acceptepilepsy @ketaki.chitale • • • @ketaki.chitale • • • Regardless of the age, status quo, location, situation, mental state, relation, intentional/unintentional, in-person/through a video, human/non-human, etc. a living being teaches another human, life lessons. We keep learning/finding something new from each and every being that we come across throughout the day, in real as well as the virtual world. Yet, no one can teach you life the way a can. I am glad I have as it made me stronger and turned me into a fighter, an Today, on the auspicious day of (the day Hindus thank their teachers), I thank the disorder that I have, for teaching me the best life lessons that a school, college, any guru, religion, etc. can only preach, but never ever teach. Thank you. in the hospital getting an EEG done after a hell lot of seizures!! .chitale
📷 Credit: @epilepsyawarenessday Have you signed up for EADDL 2018?? Click on the link in the bio to register for the FREE Expo today! Visit our website for more information regarding the Day at ! Photography: @briankramerphotography Event: @epilepsyawarenessday
📷 Credit: @epilepsy_ed Together we can share awareness more 💜💪
And a cod liver oil pill in the morning. Didn't think that was as important as the others though. (You can DM me if you don't wanna comment it) #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #epilepsypositivity #epilepsysupport #endepilepsy
It was actually the 1st of the month. I've been battling epilepsy since 2011. Never thought I be able to say I've been seizure free for a month....but I made it to 2 years. It's been one hell of a journey but I'm not giving up. 💜 #epilepsyawareness #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyfighter #epilepsypositivity #epilepsysupport #endepilepsy
We had the opportunity to attend the @epilepsyawarenessday event in #disneyland this year and we had an absolute blast! Check out our recap on how the event went and why we think you should attend next year. Link to the post is in the bio.
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