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When I look at @edeck87 and @jessiejamesdecker I can’t help but think that god does exist because he put these two beautiful people together. This is what true love looks like. They were meant to be. I can only hope I find a love like this someday. 💏💍❤️ #ericandjessie #truelove #whatsmineisyours #whatsyourismine #iloveyoutiltheendoftime
A little bit of @haimtheband for your #SaturdayNight ! 🎶 Who else loves this song? 💕 Tell us below! ⬇️
At this moment, on this day, exactly 6 years ago, we met each other and our lives were forever changed. 💕 It was at an open mic night in college...little did we know where it would take us 🎶
✨BRAND NEW SONG ✨ Written by Spencer & @maxfieldcamp 🎶 'You Don't Love Him' 🎶 ⬇️ Tell us what you think below!
I just LOVE the DECKERS. ....#ericandjessie ....💜💜
When you see one of your favourite singers @jessiejamesdecker exclusive CD in @target as you know you will never see it in a UK or Greece store 🤗 #lovethisalbum #jessiejamesdecker #JJD #southerngirlcitylights #nashville #countrymusic #countrysinger #usa #ericandjessie #lovethem #allfilledup #candle #target #la #losangeles
Announcement coming very soon 🙌🏻💕 Leave your guess in the comments! ⬇️
Together we can do anything 💕 | 📸: @savvyhaynes |
When you're bundled up and ya hair is going strong (day 4 no wash? Who knows 😂) These products are amazing! Loving working with them you guys! 😍
La saison 3 de @ericandjessie arrive mercredi 14 février en EXCLUSIVITÉ sur E! Notre couple préféré arrivera-t'il à faire jongler carrière et responsabilités parentales ? Réponse à la Saint Valentin ! #ericandjessie
Recorded another new song for y'all this week! 'Feels Too Good' ❤ A song about struggle. Written by us and Rob Crosby. Enjoy 🎶
I feel it every time you’re near me, and I knew it when you kissed me. I found all the riches in the world. This is gold 💕🌎✨ It’s times like these, we are thankful that we document everything. 🎵: @jessiejamesdecker
Reality TV star and pro football player Eric Decker with his daughter Vivian enjoying a chewing sesh with Sophie • • #tbt #ericandjessie #sophielagirafe #sophiethegiraffe #sophiethegiraffeph #babyteether #babyteetherph #babytoy #babyshowergiftidea #babyshowergiftideaph • 📷Photo from @jessiejamesdecker
Kool Klassic Kev y’all!!! #ericandjessie
Goals AF If you haven’t watched Eric & Jessie do it. It’ll give you a great representation of how love should be. #silly #playful #fun #outstanding #relationshipgoals #ericandjessie @jessiejamesdecker @edeck87
Made the BEST chili I’ve ever made! Also added a dab of sour cream to top it off! #ericandjessiechillE #ericandjessie #CHILLE #sogood
I was thinking about my journey to lose my baby weight. I gained substantial weight in both my pregnancies. I gained 85 pounds in both!! I look back and there is really no pictures of me. At that time I just didn’t get in pictures. I didn’t feel good about myself. This is one of the only ones I can find. I was at a house party and someone came up to me and asked when I was due 2 months after I had Kayla. It just hit me hard. I thought to myself, these 40 pounds that were literally glued to me need to come off. I just didn’t feel good and was so uncomfortable, still wearing pregnancy clothes and big sweaters to cover it all. I had a c-section and I remember looking at my belly thinking this is never going back. There is no way there will ever be abs on this belly! I went to my 8 week visit and was given the ok to workout. I literally drove from that office to a local gym and signed both Scott Pinto and I up. I was determined to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Funny thing is when I came home Scott said why did you sign me up and said he wasn’t going to go. I said just give it a try for me! He went one time and was hooked!! Thank goodness because he was a HUGE part of my journey and sticking to it. I was so anxious every time I would go to the gym. I remember we would have to go at different times, so when he came home from work I went so he could take care of the kids. I didn’t have a clue!! I would tie a sweatshirt around my waste because I felt so uncomfortable about my body. I would go on the treadmill because I honestly didn’t know what else to do. I tried going to a class and everyone was so fit. I felt crappy and so insecure. I saw this one girl in the front that was in awesome shape and I said to myself, that will be me!! I will be up front and feeling confident and strong one day too. It took me a full year of SERIOUS HARD WORK to lose those 40 pounds. I went to the gym, did home workouts 5-6 days a week and changed my eating habits. It took time, it took patience and I had a lot to learn. I had a newborn and a 2 year old. I worked in Accounting and Scott worked midnights, I literally had no sleep that year, my daughter had health issues
#goals .....love their love...#ericandjessie 💜💜💜
Could @edeck87 be any more amazing?!? ❤ Don't miss more sweet moments from #EricandJessie , Wednesday at 8pm CAT.
Decker the halls 🎄✨💕🎅🏼
Plain and simple, @edeck87 is total #DadBodGoals ! 😍 💪 #EricandJessie
Fa la la la la... it’s wouldn’t be Christmas without illustrating our favorite Tv family the Deckers 🤗💕🎄✨ @jessiejamesdecker @edeck87 @ericandjessie
No big deal. JUST HANGING OUT WITH SANTA 😍❤🎄😭🎉 #santaclaus
Because when your wife is @JessieJamesDecker , how do you not give her all of your attention. 😍 #EricandJessie
#throwback to birthday outfit! (Can y'all tell I love birthdays 😂) 🎂
i love this show so much. when you're sick af and this just happens.... #ericandjessie
It's party time 🍾 🎉❣️ Only a few more hours until tonight's #EricandJessie premiere on E!!!
I've got a crush on you ❤
2018, we're coming for you! ❤
Two of my biggest crushes!! They’re so pretty 😍😍 @jessiejamesdecker @edeck87 #ericandjessie #girlcrush
There's so much to be thankful for ❤🦃
Such a surprise this week to find out our Lord Have Mercy shirt was featured on @eentertainment on @jessiejamesdecker and @edeck87 ’s show! @aligreen13 is sportin’ it and she got it from our stockist @louandsheaboutique. • • #Nashville #LordHaveMercy #Eentertainment #Nashvilletn #ericandjessie #jessiejamesdecker #ericdecker #Tennessee #madeinNashville #madeinTennessee #madeinthesouth #southernsaying
Camping, friends, s'mores & love 🏕 What are you thankful for? #thanksgiving2017
BFF Goals AND workout inspo? We couldn't ask for more! #EricandJessie are on tonight 10pm KSA | 11pm UAE الصديق الحقيقي هو يلي بشجعك على تمارين الرياضة! تابعوا حلقة «اريك اند جيسي» الليلة 10 مساءً بتوقيت السعودية | 11 مساءً بتوقيت الإمارات
➡️Do you find the holiday season to be the hardest time to stay on track?? 😳🎁 🎁 . I can totally relate!!!! It kicks off with my favorite meal on Thanksgiving!! 🦃 Then there begins tons of holiday parties, running around like crazy, stress eating, lacking time to get it all done, shopping for presents and decorating 🎄for the holiday season all while trying to do all the fun festive things you can do!! On top of all the holiday hustle and bustle...it is my whole families birthdays in the month of December...including myself!! 🎂 🎉 . ➡️➡️Guess what?? I have found a way to get through the holiday season less stressed, not gaining those extra 10-15 pounds that would happen every holiday season that I would hide under winter clothing, found that exercising just 30 minutes a day released stress, found tons of holiday recipes that no one even knows are healthy, along with healthy treats, not feeling deprived at all, learning how to have fun through the holiday season by learning when to splurge and how to just balance it all out. I have been doing this for the past 11 years and have had great success. . I love 💕sharing all that I have learned over the years, all the tricks and tips, recipes, and motivation I can give to all those around me. It is truly my passion to help others to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle!! . I have two AMAZING SUPPORTIVE GROUPS that I would love for YOU to JOIN into!! . ✳️I have a Team wide NO QUIT November Refresh Group that will kick off the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is a 3 day cleanse where my last group lost from 3-10 pounds in just 3 days!!!!!!!!!! It seriously is a perfect way to kick your metabolism into high gear and get rid of that holiday bloat. . 🌟Last Refresh...I lost 4.8 pounds in 3 days!!🌟 . ✳️Then we have the 25 Days of Fitmas Challenge starting on November 29th up until December 23rd!! Follow our customized 25 days of fitmas workout calendar, get healthy holiday recipes, tons of support and motivation!! This is going to be an awesome group and I would ❤️ for YOU to be part of it!! . Don’t wait until New Years to start your resolution!! Start TODAY!! . Comment below “I’m in Karen”
This is personally one of my favorites because you hear Eric in the background.. after watching #ericandjessie you can't help but love this more 😍 @jessiejamesdecker @edeck87 @ericandjessie
Red hot mama❤️! Jessie James Decker showed off her bump on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards. She and husband Eric Decker are expecting their third child, a baby boy in late March. #JessieJamesDecker #SouthernLights #EricandJessie #EricDecker #Football #TennesseeTitans #PregnancyFashion #RedCarpet #CountryMusicAwards #CMAAwards #CountryMusic
✨Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. ✨ . We could have skipped it, we could have just slept in longer but we know we feel better when we workout. We are definitely indulging and enjoying all the food here!! So workouts and superfood shakes are necessary! . So easy to use the fitness app to access 100’s of workouts that you can take anywhere you go!! We found a nice gazebo overlooking the ocean and it was a perfect spot to workout and enjoy the beautiful scenery all at the same time. . Taking it all in and enjoying every moment!! ☀️🌴 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #momoftwo #oxygenmagazine #cleaneatingrecipes #cleaneatingmagazine #homecooking #homeworkout #girlboss #plyometrics #foodie #foodnetwork #foodnetworkstar #hgtv #thisisus #ericandjessie #impracticaljokers #personaldevelopment #thesecret #positivethinking #parenthood #cooking #noexcusesmom #momlife #onedayatatime #outdoors #allergymom
How long before you call your crush back? #EricandJessie is on tonight 10pm KSA | 11pm UAE «اريك اند جيسي»، الليلة على الساعة 10 مساء بتوقيت السعودية | 11 بتوقيت الإمارات
#NameTheSame ! Comment below the facial similarities you see between @jessiejamesdecker , @edeck87 , & their children, Vivianne and Eric Jr. We see so many facial traits passed down; do you? #TheDeckers
We are finally packed and ready to go on a family trip to Jamaica!! 🏝 The kids are so EXCITED!!!! 😆Today has been quite a busy one getting ready!! We will be up bright and early tomorrow so time to get some 😴💤 Much needed family and relaxation time ahead!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #momoftwo #oxygenmagazine #cleaneatingrecipes #cleaneatingmagazine #homecooking #homeworkout #girlboss #plyometrics #foodie #foodnetwork #foodnetworkstar #hgtv #thisisus #ericandjessie #impracticaljokers #personaldevelopment #thesecret #positivethinking #parenthood #cooking #noexcusesmom #momlife #onedayatatime #outdoors #allergymom
One Skillet Dinner!! . ✨Cheesy Kielbasa Broccoli Rice Skillet . This is my first time making Kielbasa actually and it is very tasty. I was excited because I saw it in the store and it was all natural, no nitrates or nitrates in it! Nitrates are sooooooo bad for you!! This took maybe 15 minutes to make!! Seriously good and one pan to clean! Now we are talking!! . Who wants the recipe?? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #momoftwo #oxygenmagazine #cleaneatingrecipes #cleaneatingmagazine #homecooking #homeworkout #girlboss #skillet #foodie #cookforachange #foodnetworkstar #hgtv #thisisus #ericandjessie #onepanmeal #kielbasa #weeknightdinner #thesecret #positivethinking #parenthood #cooking #noexcusesmom #momlife #onepotmeal #onedayatatime #outdoors #allergymom #dinnerrecipes
👉Looking to strengthen your core? . Check this out!! ✨This is not your regular sit ups!! . Your abs will be on 🔥 but the results are worth it. . 7 moves ~ Perform each move for 1 minute each: . 1. Crunch Kick 2. Scissor Kick Extension 3. Downward Dog Shin Tap 4. In/Out Knee Tap 5. Low Plank Jack Oblique Knee 6. High/Low Oblique Spider Lunge 7. One arm/One Leg Lift . This is from my online NetFlix of Fitness workouts!! Effective training, at home, can take it anywhere, saves time with great results! I don’t have to think what to do because it is like having a personal trainer in my own home every day!! . If you are interested in joining in with me and get access to all the workouts, nutrition plans & my online fit family for support , motivation and accountability - . ❤️ Share your goals with me by filling out the the form in my Bio. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #momoftwo #oxygenmagazine #cleaneatingrecipes #cleaneatingmagazine #homecooking #homeworkout #absworkout #workthecore #foodie #foodnetwork #foodnetworkstar #hgtv #thisisus #ericandjessie #absaremadeinthekitchen #coreworkout #personaldevelopment #thesecret #positivethinking #parenthood #cooking #noexcusesmom #momlife #onedayatatime #outdoors #allergymom
Our favorite country star @jessiejamesdecker on the cover of @minimagazine | ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
@jessiejamesdecker stopping by to talk season 3 of #EricAndJessie and her new album #SouthernGirlCityLights ! FULL interview is up at ONWithMario.com! #JessieJamesDecker #BabyOnBoard 🤠👶🏻🎸🎤
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