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Adding this baby to the audio book list that I’ve ‘read’. @melrobbinslive 5 second rule came highly recommend from the wonderful @keelypedler and I have to say i really like the 5 second rule!! Sometimes when it’s so simple to implement you run out of the BS excuses to tell yourself. 5 4 3 2 1 GO #melrobbins #5secondrule #audible #audiobook #itsgood #everydaycourage #life #work #confidence
Take time to stop putting frosting on trash and calling it cake! Regroup. Allow imperfection and messiness. Do what you need to do to feel better. EVERYONE will thank you! #ifeelwaybetter
Sometimes you have to start a Sunday with a therapy session to get out from under the boulders... #breathe #selfcare
I really didn't want to go today. I've made an agreement with myself. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Non negotiable. But I got news right before I was gonna get ready to keave that shook me to my core. I knew it existed, this news. But it smqcked me in the face. It made me want to give up. My chronic depression pushing in once more... 5..... 4.... 3... 2.. 1. I got dressed and took a deep breath. What good does mooping do? It sure as hell isn't going to fix my problems. I left, and was even so scattered my phone stayed at home and I dropped my water bottle straight after filling it up. . But I did it. I pushed myself. I sweat EVEN MORE than I had before and my muscles wobbled more than before. I shook that stupid bag to itd core. . I don't feel 100% but I did it. I'm getting stronger. Im moving forward. I am taking action to better EVERYTHING. Everday courage to follow through on a promise to myself. It didn't solve my problem. Not in a million years. But I needed it. So I did it. 1 step at a time. . . . . #breastcancerawareness #5secondrule @melrobbinslive #everydaycourage #kickboxing #5seconddecisions #stupid #angry #upset #badnews #rawr #kickboxing #story #transformme #transform #fatme #why #dowhatyoulove
Thank you to those of you who have reached out to make sure we are ok. It’s been a rough 4 months with that loss of Foo and Bella back to back. October is Momma’s least favorite month. On Oct 14, it was 16 years she lost her mom, and on Oct 16, 30 years she lost her Dad. Mom does a really good job keeping herself so busy that she’s able to avoid (deny?) the hurt. Thanks to Hurricane Michael, Mom cancelled her Pugs Take Philly trip, which meant Mom would be home for her parents anniversaries without the distraction of the Pug event. The grief felt like it was going to swallow her whole ... and opened wounds that she thought were long healed . The not so funny thing about grief if that it’s like a Pandora’s Box. You mourn over the loss of your parents, then the lost Grumble members , then ALL the others MOM COULD NOT SAVE. The grief then felt like failure, with lots of,” if only I had ...” and it took her down hard ... she stuck her head in the proverbial sand and “hid.” While hiding, Mom realized perhaps she needed to honor the grief instead of avoid it, so she did. She looked at old photos and reminisced about all that good times with her parents, Bella, Foo and all the others. Acknowledging that she misses them but she also did all she could for each of them. Slowly, Mom has reemerged from hiding and is grateful for the time she took to be still, listen and heal. She’s ready to feel joy again ... and put together some of her favorite photos. Thank you for listening, we love you and we’ve missed you!!! (Post inspired by @Melrobbinslive to have #EverydayCourage and be vulnerable #5SecondRule )
Daily reminders 💭 . . One thing I’ve learned is the only way to feel fulfilled and free is to face your fears. It’s what I call #EverydayCourage - not some heroic act of epic proportions but just continuous small actions towards your larger purpose. So... what are you afraid of?! . . #BraveandAfraid #inspirationalquotes #brenebrown #qotd #selfgrowth #risingstrong #daretolead #live #love #light #grace #grit #grittheory 🖤
Throwback Thursday to a mom who, on the outside, seemed to have it all:⁣ ⁣ 👉🏼 A supportive husband, two healthy boys, a house, a successful engineering career, living the American Dream...⁣ ⁣ That mom had reached her major goals and realized she wasn’t happy.⁣ ⁣ She felt stuck between what was expected of her and what she really wanted to do and be. ⁣ ⁣ She had spent years at a career in a male dominated field, fighting every day to be treated as an equal and receiving equal pay. Yes, the fight was worthy and important, but it didn’t feel like HER fight anymore. ⁣ ⁣ Her kids were stuck in daycare and after school care and couldn’t play sports or instruments because mom and dad couldn’t get them to practices. ⁣ ⁣ What she really wanted was to be home with her boys! Drive them to soccer practices, help them with homework, cook healthy meals...just be the one to actually raise her boys. ⁣ ⁣ But she also needed to contribute to her household income because, let’s face it, what family can make it on a single income these days?⁣ ⁣ But that mom had hope and knew in her heart ♥️ that there was a better way for her. ⁣ ⁣ So when the opportunity presented itself to her to help herself and others thru health and fitness and earn a side income doing it, she took the leap. ⁣ ⁣ It took her about a year and a half of working her side hustle and immersing herself in the online support community of this business to find the courage to quit her full time job! ⁣ ⁣ Is her new life perfect? - Ha! No way! 😂⁣ Is it crazy? - You bet! 😝 ⁣ Is she working harder than she ever has before? - 💯 ⁣ Does she feel like a mom-Taxi 🚕 driving her boys to school and soccer ⚽️? - Duh! ⁣ ⁣ BUT, is she the one taking care of her boys, being the best mom she can be, living her best life and doing it on her terms? - He** to the freaking YASSS! ⁣ ⁣ Moms, if you feel stuck, let me tell you:⁣ That feeling you have that there has got to be a better way? Yes, you’re right! There IS a better way! You don’t have to live the life that’s expected of you! You CAN live your life on YOUR terms!
This. Today. Breathe. Often life does not unfold as we want or expect, and it can be so easy to only see what’s not there. I cried with a beloved patient today about how hard it is to let go of what we’ve dreamt of, but when we are willing to see it—there are so many unexpected gifts waiting for us right now!! What is there that you have not been seeing today??
A mentor at work recommended this book in the beginning of the year. I got the audible version because #busymama , and I love it! I’ve listened to it about 7 times now and it has truly helped me so much! If you’re looking for inspiration to get started or make small changes in your life, whatever those may be, I can’t recommend it enough! It has helped me as a mom, a wife, a realtor and it has also played a major role in my health journey. @melrobbinslive #fivesecondrule #amazingbook #lifechanger #fivefourthreetwoone #everydaycourage #35lbsgone
We are always just a puppy away from alignment 😍✨🐶 #doineedapet
Moment of truth: One reason I said yes to coaching was in hopes that I’d be more accountable with my fitness and nutrition. BUT the main reason: I 100% believed God placed this in my lap knowing if I took action it had the ability to completely CHANGE my life & would give me the option to stay home with my kids..at 8 weeks postpartum dreading the idea of leaving my baby to go back to work, I decided to set fear aside & act on it.....9 months later, I know I’m exactly where I should be. At Home with my family & able to contribute financial because of this AMAZING opportunity. . . Whether you can relate to my story and want nothing more but to be home with your family. If you need extra $$ because you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck. If you just want a little side hustle & extra spending money. Or you want to be able to leave your 8-5 job, set your own schedule & work from home, this will give you that opportunity. 💕 . . With that being said, now that I’m home and have more time to work the business end of coaching, I’ve decided to pay it forward & open ✨5 spots ✨in October for people who want to go ALL IN with my coaching mentorship. How could an extra $500 a month or more impact your life?! Message me to get started! • • • • #communityovercompetition #bettertogether #madeformore #believeinyou #dailyinspiration #everydaycourage #nursingmom #momof2 #11monthspostpartum #mombodsquad #passiontopaycheck #11monthsold #stayathomemommylife #youcansitwithus #yetilover #yetiobsessed #constructionwife
“Well done, good and faithful servant” Matthew 25:21 _________________ Starting the new week, hitting the grind again, it can be tempting to buy into the myth that all you need to do is work harder, striving by any means and at any cost. _________________ Scripture invites us into a counter-cultural way of living where we don’t just grind but we show up to every area of our lives seeking to be Good & Faithful. Working hard with what we’ve been given knowing that in the end results are in God’s hands. _________________ This week, go after nothing other than good and faithful 💯✊
Mais que tudo a felicidade é uma decisão. E somente a sua #coragem pode te levar a ter uma vida plena e abundante. Sabe aquela #dica que salva vida... Pois então, sua mentora preferida está aqui para te dá-la a ti..... Seja como a @adele transforme sua dor em beleza, para de choramingar e decida-se ser feliz, e tornar seus sonhos reais. E essa foi a #chicoaching da semana... Que já é para começar a segunda com sebo nas canelas para correr mais rápido em direção de ser uma pessoa realizada. #beabetterperson #coragem #decisão #everydaycourage #vida #realizarsonhos #sonhorealizado #vidadeempreendedor #workhard #gogetthem #vailaefaz #semmimimi #claricelispector
I’m really loving Mel Robbin’s book so much! Try it! #5secondrule #melrobbins #everydaycourage
Sometimes you have to get outside of your context to gain the perspective that you need to take on the week. ______________ Ways to get outside your context this weekend: 1. Spend sometime in nature. 2. Go to another city or part of town and eat at restaurants, shop at stores you normally wouldn’t. Consider walking or public transportation to intentionally slow you down. 3. Read or listen to podcasts from people different than you and from various cultures and perspectives. 4. Visit another faith community for a worship service other than your own tradition.
Work, rest, family, play, ministry, friends, all of it depends on you becoming the best version of yourself and making the choice to focus on what matters most, every day. Daily Breath helps you be reminding of truth as you face the day. Sign up via the link in our bio. Happy Weekend Ya’ll!
Following Jesus as men of #everydaycourage means Most of us have others who have inspired us and invited us to run with them. Now it’s our turn. Who can you invite to run with you after Jesus?
HS Retreat has come to an end. 😭 Our final day focused on a worship service and an exploration of moral courage before we left the retreat center. Thankful for the time we all spent together learning and growing. #hs #internationalschool #retreat #everydaycourage #debriefing #apisseoul
Studying up on the important stuff. #the5secondrule #everydaycourage #watchmego
✅ day 2 of HS retreat complete! Another great day full of challenges, games, bonding, food, and being full of “everyday courage”. ❤️ #hs #internationalschool #retreat #everydaycourage #apisseoul
This past week has been a blur of speakers, trainings, new product releases, parties and incredible food. This week, I’m pulling everything together and remembering highlights and ideas that I want to use. There were several inspiring and motivational speakers but one stood out above the rest. I had heard the name “Mel Robbins” and a little bit of her story but I was not expecting the full impact of what she had to share. She mainly shared about her 5-4-3-2-1 process to break a thought pattern and she also described how to shift from anxiety or stress directly into excitement. Since I have a lot of anxiety surrounding flying, I was very excited to try this idea on my flight home. As the plane started to take off and make the various noises that occur during take-off, I was feeling very anxious. I did the countdown, 5-4-3-2-1 and then I thought about how excited I was to get home. It was like my fairy godmother had waived a magic wand, in a moment my anxiety about flying left and I truly did feel excited to be home. I did not have any other fear thoughts during the flight even though we did hit a small patch of turbulence. Read more about this process in the The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage. #selftransformation #shiftyourthinking #breaknegativepatterns #everydaycourage #procrastinationbegone #transformyourlife #transformyourwork #confidenceandcourage Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash.
🗣 Charla #MenosMiedoMásAcción con la motivadora @MichellePoler Información: www.eventbrite.com 📍 Firefighters Memorial Building. 8000 NW 21st St. Miami, Fl. 🗓 Jueves 20 de septiembre de 2018. 🕖 De 7 pm a 10 pm 📸 Foto: @MichellePoler
@melrobbinslive was the keynote speaker at our Rodan+Fields convention and she was so amazing and so inspiring!! I immediately ordered a copy of her book for myself and one for my sister. It came today and I cannot wait to start reading it!! #rfconvention2018 #melrobbins #5secondrule #everydaycourage
“We live in a day in time where too many of us, especially women, are extremely hard on ourselves. As we constantly compare ourselves to others, we develop images of what we want to look like and what we should do or be professionally or personally. And then we start to question if what we are doing as a person is enough. In reality, we are all doing the best we can, and the best is enough. It is more than enough.” -HALEY . We asked Haley, 33-year old professional recruiter, wife, and mother, “What are you struggling with most right now in this time of your life?” . This questions might not seem very uplifting but in a society where women are trying so hard to look they have it all together, this question gave Haley an opportunity to be vulnerable, open, and authentic, which we hope will inspire others to do the same. . You can read Haley's full post at The Villa blog. Link in bio. . “What are you struggling with most right now in this time of your life?” Tell us below.
Prayer is a way of moving through the world in partnership with God, in collaboration with his goodness and conspiring with his love. This week, pray with your whole life.
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” - African Proverb. __________ Where are you going in life and who’s going with you? #everydaycourage #dustandbreath
As we wrap up the week, make sure to finish strong 💪 ___________ One way to do that is by signing up for Daily Breath, an email devotional delivered straight to your inbox every Monday through Friday. Do your future self a favor hit the link in bio 💯 ___________ #everydaycourage #dailybreath #dustandbreath
Your day is shaped by what you say yes to and what you say no to and you live your life the way you live your day. __________________ Make sure you are saying yes to the things that will make you who you want to be. 💯
Not throwing back to far… But some favorites I never posted from my second trip to San Jose and Longo Mai #costarica ! It was such an amazing opportunity to get to know people that on the surface look different from me, but on the inside are much the same 💕💕💕 CR and all the adventures there changed me in profound ways! What is changing you this year??
Set your mind on things above. 💯 ___________ Scripture invites us to be intentional about our thoughts because our thoughts shape what we believe is possible and our beliefs propel us to actions, actions become habits and habits shape character. ___________ Think and love we’ll today.
Mama and I are playing with a new crafty medium... I didn’t always but I’m learning to love being a beginner and figuring it out as I go!
It’s a new week and a new opportunity to be great and do great things. Remember, as followers of Jesus, our greatness is measured by showing up fully and obediently to our lives seeking to be good & faithful with what we’ve been given. Let’s get after it this week with #everydaycourage
It’s hard not to feel fresh in a plain white Tee. Sometimes simplicity is what sets you apart in a sea of noise. Keep it simple. The world needs more of that. ____________________ #everydaycourage #dailybreath #dustandbreath
Thank you so much Amy DeBaugh for this inspirational book The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Love receiving gifts like this in the mail from a fun team challenge I won! You can never have enough personal self development when you own your own business or even just in life. #personaldevelopment #personalselfdevelopment #wonteamchallenge #transformyourlife #transformyourwork #transformyourconfidence #transformation #everydaycourage #5secondrule #melrobbins #the5secondrule #lookinthemirror #takecontrol #stepoutsideyourcomfortzone #pushyourself #pushyourselfputofyourheadandintoaction #pushyourselfintoaction
So excited for our #rfconvention next week in #neworleans ! This will be my 3rd year and I can’t wait to be surrounded by incredible people, inspired by our awesome company, and learn about our new product being released! This year #rachelhollis will be one of our speakers- if you haven’t read her book yet- Girl, Wash Your Face- go get it! And #kellyclarkson is giving us a private concert- can’t wait! #mariolopez is emceeing and #melrobbins is another one of our speakers! I just finished her book- 5 Second Rule- and it is so cool! All about #everydaycourage and stopping overthinking everything because your gut wants you to do it and your brain will try to talk yourself out of it. So the moment a thought or urge comes to you count down 5,4,3,2,1- and before you get to 1- start moving and get yourself into action before you talk yourself out of it. Less than a week!🙌💃🥂
Implantei em casa o Jarro da Gratidão. Agradecer e ser realmente grato de todo coração, é tão importante para nós, para nosso desenvolvimento. Quanto mais vemos as maravilhas em nossa vida, mais elas se multiplicam. O Jarro da Gratidão, para mim, é um lembrete visual que eu tenho muito a ser grata, e eu particularmente acredito no poder da palavra escrita, então funciona para mim. De qualquer forma, se eu puder te dar um conselho edificante hoje, é esse: agradeça, até mesmo pelas tempestades e desertos que você enfrenta. Isso muda o foco do seu pensamento, te ajuda a ser mais positivo, e acredite, mais feliz também! #jarrodagratidão #gratitudejar #gratitude #blessing #empreendercomsucesso #vidaplena #lifewithporpuse #everydaycourage #gratidão
Sometimes we try to be anywhere else other than where we actually are. This only leaves us more dissatisfied and unfulfilled. As we finish this week up, let’s show up fully to where we are, do what we can, and trust that God is working through it all. ___________ #everydaycourage #dailybreath #dustandbreath
At @tarabrach ’s Radical Acceptance workshop last year, she told a beautiful story of a Buddha statue. Years ago in Thailand, it was transported between temples. During transport, the crane accidentally dropped it. When they went to inspect the damage, they realized that under the cracked plaster was the largest pure gold statue of the Buddha known to exist. Apparently, the golden Buddha had been plastered over centuries earlier to conceal it from enemy notice. She used this as a metaphor for humans: we are pure gold, and as the world hurts and scares us is in all the many that this world does, we put up plaster to protect ourselves. Suffering comes when we identify with our plaster and forget that we are gold. And the thing is? We don’t have to do anything to be gold; we just are, naturally. It’s only a matter of courageously remembering it. ————————————————————————- I gratefully had the honor to be in the presence of this spectacular golden Buddha. It helped me be more aware of my gold. My prayer is to always try to see my gold, and the bright shining gold in all living creatures ✨ #letyourgoldshine #youaregold #wearegold #seeyourgold #rememberyourgold #opentoyourgold #acceptyourselfasyouare #selfworth #inherentworth #everydaycourage #healing #mindfulness #peace #innerpeace #truerefuge #radicalacceptance #budda #thailand #bangkok #goldenbuddha #buddhism #selfacceptance
Lookin at the rest of the week like, “I’m chillin” 😎 _________________ It’s the middle of the week which means we’re right in the thick of it. Here’s a few ways to be equipped and inspired for the rest of the week: 1. Daily Breath: an email devotional based on scripture and designed for you. 2. Article Throwback: ReThink Leadership by @lemele_dumas 🥇 3. Monthly music playlist: Groove Dispenser. By @noahxmckeown 🎧 Hit the link in bio to access these resources and keep living with #everydaycourage 🏆
My little morning routine. Starting a new book #5secondrule I’ve heard about this book a lot so have big expectations for it. #morningroutine #reading #everydaycourage #transformyourlife #melrobbins #virtualassistant #vamigle
For this week’s article throwback we look back at our ReThink series and hear from core contributor @lemele_dumas on a new way to understand and practice leadership. Link in bio 🏆 ______________________ #everydaycourage #dailybreath #dustandbreath
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control”. Galatians 5:22-23 ______________ May your week be fruitful 💯 ______________ #everydaycourage #dailybreath #dustandbreath
“...the depth of your love today, is the depth of your wound tomorrow.” Nizar Qabbani So let’s be brave.❤️❤️❤️ A restful holiday to you all. . . . . . . . Hydrangeas at work.🌿Yes. The whole earth is full of His glory.🌿 #moodynature #wisconsinphotographer #journeyschildphotography #theweekoninstagram #lovemakestheworldgoround #bravery #everydaycourage #nizarqabbani
🔥New monthly music playlist comin’ in hot: The Groove Dispenser curated by our very own @noahxmckeown Link in bio.🔥 ________________ “The Groove Dispenser bi-monthly playlist of all the tunes I’m currently stuck on. Every two weeks, expect new (and old) tunes that are great for nearly any environment.” - @noahxmckeown ________________ Don’t have Spotify? No worries! You can find it on Apple Music as well!” ________________ #dailybreath #everydaycourage #dustandbreath #newmusic #spotify #np
I'm a total #personaldevelopmentjunkie ... What's your fav PD book, audio, or podcast? #everydaycourage #aworkinprogress
Don’t move on through the week so quick that you forget the moments that matter. Tuck away those highlights of being with or thinking about the people you love and let that inspire you this week. Let’s get it! P.S. don’t forget to signup for Daily Breath. Link in bio. ____________ #everydaycourage #wednesday #midweekmotivation #dustandbreath #dailybreath
My favorite combination of emojis. 💕 . When I'm going through a hard time, I send it to myself as a reminder. When a friend or client is going through a hard time, I send it to them or add it to the end of a message. . It's a reminder of this quote: "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." ~ Anonymous . I've got a blog post & video all about what I do when I'm going through a REALLY hard time. I call it my Cocooning Process. Click the link in bio to see what the 6 steps to cocooning are. 💖 . Know that even when you feel you're crawling through the mud and then you're in the middle of the darkness, there's often a beautiful thing happening, if you notice. . #transformation #butterflies #timetofly #youcandoit #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #thepowerofyou #selfempowerment #courage #butterflywisdom #entrepreneurship #womenentrepreneur #hsp #selftalk #selflove #inspiration #everydaycourage   https://maritzaparra.com/inspiration/the-cocooning-process-getting-quiet-to-hear-your-inner-voice/05/
Growth happens when change meets consistency. What needs to change in your life? Where do you need to be consistent? #everydaycourage P.S. don’t forget to signup for Daily Breath. Link in bio.
How often do we waste time waiting around for things to be perfect. Sometimes taking action is what makes the path clear. If you’ve been waiting for a “sign” that now is the time to pursue that growth or make that change, well, here you go. #everydaycourage
Introducing: Daily Breath! An email devotional based on Scripture, designed for you, delivered straight to your inbox. Launching September 3rd. Sign up via link in bio. ____________ #everydaycourage #dailybreath #dustandbreath #devotional #devo #mensdevotional
This quote always reminds me that if there is light, there will also be shadows.  It's natural and normal. Soothing myself through creativity, color and introspection / meditation / prayer always helps.😍 . Next time you feel like you're in the darkness / shadow - try creativity to soothe your heart and soul. 💖 . #heartwork #heartworkjournaling #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #courage #shadowandlight #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #creativityheals #artjournal #artjournaling #createdaily #colortherapy #youcandoit #thepowerofyou #loveyourself #hsp #everydaycourage #womenentrepreneurs
Courage Reminder - this week’s card is “Where can I choose love over fear?” 💕Link in profile to see the Courage Card pull replay. . This card was created as a reminder to follow the intention of love in my thoughts and actions. It can feel SO EASY to follow fear. Especially when under stress. Those are the times that when you pause to ask this question to your head, heart and body, the next right step is often much more clear. 👟 💕 . Right now, this question helps me to stay in the present while finishing my book, Heartwork Journaling. When I stay in the now of writing, I remember WHY I’m writing it. To share my love for creativity as a personal and business development tool. To show people how simple creativity can change your business and life. (Following love.) . When I’m in the writing process and I start projecting into the future, fear creeps in. Will anyone buy it other than my Mom? Exactly how will I get my book into more hands where it can really change lives? Although writing the book has felt really hard, it’s NOTHING compared to the real work of spreading the word which starts as soon as the last word has been written. (Following fear.) . This question will remind me to stay present with what I’m writing and to remember that one person whose life will be better because she or he read it. This week I choose to follow love. 😍 . Where can you follow LOVE instead of fear this week? 💖 . #heartwork #heartworkjournaling #followlove #unconditionallove #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #girlboss #womanentrepreneur #createdaily #powerofintention #loveoverfear #feelthefearanddoitanyway #thepowerofyou #chooselove #justdoit #courage #everydaycourage https://www.facebook.com/MaritzaParraTX/videos/2225681727653068/
Loving this book so far! Anyone else read this one? No, it’s not about dropping your food on the floor, lol 😆. Her tips for flying helped me tremendously on my flight home from SLC. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to hear her speak and now get to read her book. . . . #5secondrule #melrobbins #54321 #personaldevelopment #pd #everydaycourage #essentially_lauralyn #goals #confidence #ylconvention2018 #books #booksofinsta
Excited to jump into this book! @melrobbinslive explains the simple secret to changing anything five seconds at a time. She offers solutions to every day problems we all have...like procrastination, which she says is actually our way of responding to stress. I have never looked at it that way before! Can’t wait to see her at our keynote speaker live in NOLA at convention!! Link in bio for her Tedx Talk.
My biggest hesitation when I started this process was cost. I HATE spending money 💴 like to the point where James has to tell me to turn on the AC 😬😂. But can you really put a price on your health?! . . I’m all about sales #cheapaf so I’m SO freaking excited to give everyone this opportunity! We have NEVER offered anything like this before but on Monday my team and I will be hosting a 12 hour 📚✂️🍎 BACK TO SCHOOL FLASH SALE! 💸⚡️ . . Discounts on: ▪️Our most popular fitness programs💪 ▪️Our new nutrition course🥗 ▪️Nutritional tools ▪️Popular supplements (including my favorite mom crack⚡️🦄) ▪️Even Shakeology 😱 . . Yes, you heard me right, BIG discounts on all of the fitness + nutrition tools that I personally use 💁🏼‍♀️ for 12 hours only!! ⏰ We’re also going to have a big raffle with lots of prizes!🛍 not only am I cheap, but I loooove free stuff 😂These deals are only available on MONDAY, so act fast! ⚡️ . . Drop an Emoji and I’ll add you to the Flash Sale so you can check out what’s on sale tomorrow! ‼️😍🙌🏼 . . . . . . . #goalweight #salesonsales #backtoschoolsale #backtoschool #flashsale #cheapaf #momoftwo #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #9monthspostpartum #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #406to509 #MT #PNW #bigskycountry #PNWmom #madeformore #healthandhappiness #believeinyou #dailyinspiration #everydaycourage #nursingmom #mombodsquad #overcominganxiety
**Replay is live - link in bio** We can all use a bit more everyday courage, don't you think? ✨Who wants a Courage Card pulled for the coming week? 😍 . Last week I pulled 1 collective card and 7 individual cards. It was so fun and I loved getting messages from the people who got an individual card.💕 . Let me know in the comments or via DM if you want me to pull a card for you tomorrow Monday, 8:30am EST on my FB page. Come watch live or you can catch the replay to see the collective courage cards and the individual cards pulled. I ALWAYS get more courage and inspiration from these. 😍 . Link in bio for replay https://www.facebook.com/MaritzaParraTX/videos/2225681727653068/ . #courage #everydaycourage #cardpull #cardoftheweek #bebrave #womeninbusiness #womanentrepreneur #thepowerofyou #inspiration #followthesigns #couragecards #creative #colortherapy #creativityheals #brenebrown #setthetonefortheweek #ilovemondays #feelthefearanddoitanyway
“Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it's dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.” - Tupac #ConcreteRose #Strength #Love #EverydayCourage #VibrateHigher #Beauty #Art #SelfLove
“Comparison is the death of all joy. The only person you need to be better than is who you were yesterday.” . . I used to be so guilty of comparing myself to literally EVERYTHING. Someone else’s education, body, personality, beauty, social interaction (and the list of ex’s of course 😬🙈, I was that girl.🤷‍♀️😂) and the list goes on. To the point where I felt so terrible about myself and lost my identity because of comparison. SICK, right?! And such a terrible feeling. One thing that I have developed over the past 8 months from saying yes to coaching that I didn’t even expect was my “sense of self”. There is no better way to phrase it than that. I’ve found my strengths and appreciate them. I know my weaknesses and work to overcome them. When I see other people’s success I’m genuinely happy for them and cheer them on when I would have previously been annoyed with someone else doing “better” than I was and secretly hope they would fail (just being honest 😬🙈) Finding your sense of self and loving who you’re becoming is the most freeing feeling I’ve ever experienced. . . I have a few more spots open for my August group if you’re ready to join me. 💕 . . . #youcansitwithus #fitnessjourney #goalweight #momoftwo #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #9monthspostpartum #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #406to509 #MT #PNW #bigskycountry #PNWmom #madeformore #healthandhappiness #believeinyou #dailyinspiration #everydaycourage #nursingmom #mombodsquad #overcominganxiety #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #selflove #selfloveclub
Halbzeit! Heute gibt's passend zum 15. Tag die erste Challenge, die ich gemacht habe. Eigentlich habe ich nämlich am 25.07. angefangen, indem ich da zum ersten Mal bei meinem Salsakurs war. Als Ausgleich dafür habe ich heute "frei". . Zur Halbzeit jetzt ein paar Gedanken zu dem Ganzen: 1. Ohne Instagram wäre ich bei weitem nicht so viel gemacht, wie es der Fall war. Allein gestern wäre ich am liebster gleich aus dem Tanzstudio raus, nachdem ich es betreten habe. Aber ich habe ja was zum posten gebraucht, also bin ich geblieben und es hat total Spaß gemacht. 2. Ich merke, dass ich viel öfter Dinge mache, weil ich das Endresultat möchte, obwohl ich in dem Moment keine Lust dazu habe. Generell mache ich vieles einfach gleich, statt es auf eine to-do Liste zu schreiben. 3. Wie ich schon einmal geschrieben habe rast die Zeit nicht mehr so dahin wie sonst. Es ist erst Mitte August, kaum zu glauben, oder? 4. Ich fühle mich mutiger und abenteuerlustiger als sonst und es macht mir irgendwie Spaß mich selbst zu pushen. 5. Gestartet habe ich mehr oder weniger ziellos. Jetzt habe ich das Ziel keine Liste mehr anzusammeln mit Sachen, die ich "schon immer als machen wollte". Wenn mir etwas gefällt möchte ich das zeitnah gemacht haben. Für alles andere ist das Leben zu kurz. . . . . #30daychallenge #30tagechallenge #komfortzone #komfortzoneverlassen #facingfears #fears #discomfort #comfortzone #seekdiscomfort #fearless #nofears #nofear #explore #new #everydaycourage #couragous #courage #challengeyourself #beconfident #thebestlife #fullpotential #münchen #munich #dance #salsacubana #tanzen #dancing #salsa #dancingsalsa #beawesome
Schwing das Tanzbein! Ich wollte schon länger mal Swing Dance ausprobieren allein schon weil die Musik so toll ist. Es hat sogar noch mehr Spaß gemacht als ich gedacht hätte. Leider war es schwer zu beweisen, dass ich da war ohne irgendwelche Persönlichkeitsrechte zu verletzen. Und jemanden zu bitten ein Foto von mir zu machen ist mir noch zu unangenehm (wäre wohl eine gute challenge). Ja, ich habe versucht das Video zu drehen. Es geht nicht. Ich kotze im Strahl. . . . . #30daychallenge #30tagechallenge #komfortzone #komfortzoneverlassen #facingfears #fears #discomfort #comfortzone #seekdiscomfort #fearless #nofears #nofear #explore #new #everydaycourage #couragous #courage #challengeyourself #beconfident #thebestlife #fullpotential #münchen #munich #dance #dancer #tanzen #dancing #swingdance #swing #beawesome
Mehrere Packungen gekauft, in jede Tasche ein paar Riegel gepackt und ich bin nie wieder unvorbereitet, wenn ich jemandem Hungrigen begegne. Ich durfte heute auch gleich einen verteilen und es hat sich soo gut angefühlt. Das hätte ich schon viel früher machen sollen! . . . . #30daychallenge #30tagechallenge #onemonthchallenge #komfortzone #komfortzoneverlassen #facingfears #fears #discomfort #comfortzone #seekdiscomfort #fearless #nofears #nofear #explore #new #everydaycourage #couragous #courage #challengeyourself #beconfident #thebestlife #fullpotential #giving #geben #priviliged #homelessness #timetogive #selflessness #atleastimtrying #beawesome
DAY 2 OF THE CHALLENGE COMPLETE! I finally started reading @melrobbinslive book #5secondrule and the last 2 days got up without hitting snooze! It’s crazy how a simple 5-4-3-2-1 can trigger your brain to just do it! Highly recommend reading if your needing a good boost 🤜🏻 #54321 #justdoit #earlymorningchallenge #unlockyourpower #donthesitate #everydaycourage #followyourinstincts #actnow #changeyourlife #easytools #stepoutsideyourcomfortzone #speakup #stepup #stopworrying #boostyourlife #challengecompleted #newread #wokeupearly #nosnooze
Nom nom Grillen! Komischerweise habe ich mich nicht geekelt, deswegen hatte ich auch nicht des Gefühl besonders wagemutig zu sein. Mir haben sie sogar geschmeckt! Aber immerhin habe ich ein paar Freunde dazu gebracht ihren Ekel zu überwinden. Die Grillen sind von @wickedcricketmuc. . . . . #30daychallenge #30tagechallenge #komfortzone #komfortzoneverlassen #facingfears #fears #discomfort #comfortzone #seekdiscomfort #fearless #nofears #nofear #explore #new #everydaycourage #couragous #courage #challengeyourself #beconfident #thebestlife #fullpotential #insektenessen #insekten #cricket #crickets #eatinginsects #beawesome
Eigentlich sollte heute was anderes kommen, aber weil ich verplant bin gibt's kurz entschlossen Eis ohne Eismaschine. Das wollte ich schon länger mal ausprobieren, nachdem ich das Rezept in einem Video von @maithink gesehen habe. Morgen weiß ich dann, ob es was geworden ist. Morgen kommt auch wieder etwas spannende(re)s. . . . . #30daychallenge #30tagechallenge #komfortzone #komfortzoneverlassen #facingfears #fears #discomfort #comfortzone #seekdiscomfort #fearless #nofears #nofear #explore #new #everydaycourage #couragous #courage #challengeyourself #beconfident #thebestlife #fullpotential #eiscreme #eisselbermachen #diyicecream #selbermachen #mailab #maithink #science #yellowlove #beawesome
Schluss mit lustig! Sonst mache ich ja eher Dinge, die ich schon länger mal machen wollte und mich nicht getraut habe. Aber nicht so heute! Ich bin in die Ubahn gestiegen, mitten ins Zentrum gefahren und hab mich einfach vors Rathaus gelegt. Einen Moment lang dachte ich, ich würde es nicht tun, aber dann war es als hätte ich selbst keinen Einfluss darauf und würde jemandem zuschauen. Und schon lag ich da. Ich bin in etwa eine Minute liegen geblieben (gefühlt eine Stunde) und dann einfach aufgestanden und gegangen. Eigentlich war es gar nicht so schlimm. Ein älterer Mann hat mich gefragt ob es mir gut gehe, zwei haben im Vorbeigehen gesagt, dass ich mal zum Arzt gehen soll, ein paar Leute haben geguckt, die meisten haben mich nicht einmal bemerkt. Als ich zum ersten Mal von dieser Challange gehört hatte (Stichwort: Tim Ferriss), dachte ich was für ein Unsinn das doch sei. Aber eins ist mir klar geworden: Mut ist nichts was man hat oder eben nicht. Mut muss man trainieren. . . . . #30daychallenge #30tagechallenge #komfortzone #komfortzoneverlassen #facingfears #fears #discomfort #comfortzone #seekdiscomfort #fearless #nofears #nofear #explore #new #picoftheday #photooftheday #everydaycourage #couragous #courage #challengeyourself #beconfident #thebestlife #fullpotential #timferriss #marienplatz #münchen #munich #highfeels #beawesome
One of my #morningroutine anchors is time to reflect, study, meditate, and pray. Today's reading from Caitlin Matthews' book The Celtic Spirit was a message I felt compelled to share.
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