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Favourite shots I got from @fomoaus
022119 - ❗️ Caution! You might slip and fall for me.
Start your day and show some 💕
Good morning to this beautiful world good morning to this amazing universe. -start your day with good vibes
Everybody Else Got A Little White Dog, Why Can’t I Have One!? | @dojacat @riconasty 🎟 Styled By @rudeaura @orchidsatellite MUA By @thescottedit Hair By @raym_thefireman Nails By @curetnails #yougottheticket #MUSTDIE
To a real one. #PEACE
Life is amazin, it is what it should be
You'll see it once, then you'll see it again. It'll be the same, but tomorrow it'll be better. - #spotthegprocket #hongkong #fujifilmxt3 #fujifilmx_us #imaginarymagnitude
🌍 . . . ph / @tetsu6o6 _____________________ #bookandbedtokyoshinsaibashi @bookandbedtokyo
Trek & a half 𓃵 @emily_hodan
summer adventures are officially on the books! let the countdown to España begin ✨💃🏻✈️
“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.” -Stephen Covey . . . The hardest thing about moving to Canada is January-February-March, I suffer really badly with SAD and find these months a real struggle. Any other sufferers have any good advice? Currently considering moving to the tropics 🌴 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #primeshots #fartoodope #instagoodmyphoto #shotzdelight #postthepeople #makemoments #streetlife #visualambassadors #stayandwander #everydayeverywhere #huntgram #thecreative #communityfirst #gameoftones #stylegram #_heater #folkgood #streetcollectors #highsnobiety #illestgrammers #lovegreatbritain #igersedinburgh #photosofbritain #thisisedinburgh #scotspirit #ig_scot #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery
There is a lot of confusing advice out there about nutrition and how to use it to mitigate pain. My friend @DrJoeTatta had me on The Healing Pain Podcast recently to talk about the myths and clarify what we actually know. If you're trying to manage pain symptoms with food, listen to this excellent resource - link in bio. #MetabolismResetDiet
En @salutempuebla sabemos que cuidar de tus pequeños es lo más importante, por eso contamos con los mejores especialista en #pediatría de la ciudad de #Puebla . Realiza el chequeo médico de los que más quieres #DeLaManoConSalutem ❤️ para que nunca dejen de estar protegidos durante su crecimiento y desarrollo. Conoce más sobre nosotros y de los beneficios para tu salud en: salutem.mx Visítanos en Plaza Boutique, Av. Teziutlán Sur 42, La Paz, 72160 Puebla, Pue. o agenda una cita al 222 230 5316 . . . #salud #health #puebla #hospital #postthepeople #healthservice #focalmarked #stayandwander #makemoments #igersdf #streetlife #primeshots #fartoodope #igersmexico #shotzdelight #mexigers #visualambassadors #everydayeverywhere #primerolacomunidad #instagoodmyphoto #huntgram
You not trying to come up I’ll see you later
Para las noches de Febrero 💖🌸 Cheleco: Q236 | En APP: Q196 Tennis: Q319 | En APP: Q265 #newtrendsforthepeople #ntsgirls #spring
Posting once a month 😂
“ there is still so much to see “
Supreme 91 octane only.
Putting up a little IGtv video up from this shoot later on tonight 📲
I am who am // 9.11.18
S C R O L L L E S S 👀
Those AirPods though.
Bought my ticket and heading back to the West Coast in May! Not only do I get to visit my family in California but I also get to take photos for my brother’s wedding! #vscox
iPhone quality 🤕
M 🌝 🌝 N
3 years of wondering if I did my references correctly and pulled all nighters, finally, Bachelor of Business in International Restaurant Management 🎓
I just want the money keep the fame your team and mine ain’t the same
a cloud covered climb
B.A.P.S | @dojacat @riconasty 🎟 Styled By @rudeaura @orchidsatellite MUA By @thescottedit Hair By @raym_thefireman Nails By @curetnails OTS Of “Tia Tamera” Dir. By @roxanabaldovin Prod. By @ellakukla #yougottheticket #MUSTDIE
Her silent dismay. ▪︎ Helsinki, Finland.
Shout out to God. 👏🏽Do you know where I could’ve been today if it wasn’t for him? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Yo, there are people who don’t eat, don’t have the simplest things like socks, or a tooth brush. Some are selling their body to feed their children. But for some amazing reason God has not allowed me to suffer, in my opinion, as harshly as some others. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve been so thankful lately, here are few things I’m grateful for: ⁣ ⁣ 🔺A home, it may not have a mortgage yet, but I’m thankful I can pay my rent on time each month. ⁣ 🔺My healthy daughter, who has everything she needs & more. I could be the stereotypical black mother, that our hateful country wants to demonize, but God’s favor is an amazing thing. ⁣ 🔺A working vehicle.⁣ 🔺A full time job with benefits ! ⁣ 🔺The best family & friends. ⁣ 🔺The ability to cook! ⁣ 🔺A physical trainer, to get my ass in shape @t.n.t._fitness !⁣
Ever depression hit you all of a sudden while you are doing something that you really love? This pose is what she did which just hit me so hard because that is what I do when I feel helpless and alone at nights when I miss my ex girlfriend. I hug myself and cry. That is such a silly thing, I know it is. Her self-hug made me get lost into my thoughts; thinking about my ex girlfriend while this lady sat naked before me, offered me herself wholeheartedly and I just walked out because I am also a demisexual person. Moreover, it felt disgusting Because casual sex didn't help me get over my past. And after all of these I am still that vulnerable wounded person that I was after my breakup and I didn't know how to vindicate my misbehaviour that night. It was rude but I just left that person abruptly like I do when I feel exhausted. I don't know why I am writing this because it definitely is stupid but fuck it, Let me just vent it out, here, that I am fuckin' stuck right now and I am helpless. . #35mmphotography #35mm #unvealjournal #pr0ject_soul #shoottokill #themysterypr0ject #shootfilm #ishoot #fartoodope #somewheremagazine #verilymoment #humanedge #portraits #humanportraits #inspiroindia #pursuitofportraits #sensuality #sensuallove #sensual_art #sensual #agameoftones #aportraitgames #creativeimagemagazine #fotodome #sombresociety
AS THE WORLD TURNS...🌎 // Pardon the lack of actual round-ness (rotundity? 🤔) in my coffee “globe”! I tried my best! In the chaos of the actual New Year, I completely forgot about these babies sitting in my cupboards for a good two weeks and had nearly resigned myself to just saving them for 2020 reveal instead....BUT, with the added bonus of being Asian and having TWO New Year’s celebrations, I decided to show y’all how much of a 🐷 I was with coffee these past 13 months. In all honesty, though - it is so SURREAL to be able to do this and be reminded again of the sheer number of THINGS that happened this year. The places we visited, the people we visited with and showed us love, the things that changed, the things that stayed constant...all represented here in the form of little cups of coffee. (I’m seriously getting a little emotional just staring at these.😭) Next year will undoubtedly look very different for all of us, so may God richly bless you in all your days and endeavors - however you choose to measure them. Cheers! #☕️ #MyYearInCoffee
T-Minus 60 Days Until 3️⃣ Becomes 4️⃣. 😬😱🙌🏼 There’s SO much to do, and SO little time! Levi keeps asking “Can he just come out already?” To which we VERY quickly reply “No, baby brother DEFINITELY has to stay in there for a while longer.” 😳 Both for our sake and his, but you try explaining that to a three-year-old toddler.🤫 #SoongPartyofFour . . . 📸 PC: @fieldgemsphotography
THE NECESSITY OF TRADITION // I foolishly found myself wishing for a more epic Lunar New Year picture a few moments ago. Something with Levi jumping in the air in the middle of a busy Chinatown street all decked out with red paper lanterns and lion dancers posed in the background. As if an image like that should somehow be more valuable or merit more praise, than one with him sitting with two living grandparents, clutching his 紅包 (hong bao, or 🧧) for dear life. (Cheers to any of you if you actually pulled that off though! 🙏🏼) Truth is, it is precisely traditions like these that remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past, shaping who we are today and who we are likely to become. My family didn’t always celebrate the Lunar New Year growing up; practicality often trumped the perceived worth of our cultural heritage, as it so often does in immigrant families. So it makes me that much more appreciative that my parents make an extra effort to reinforce and celebrate these traditions now. Because while these beautiful traditions may not thrust us forward in the sense of quantifiable "progress", but they do propel us forward as human beings in wisdom, understanding and even emotional intellect. My sons, like me and my brother, will undoubtedly struggle to grasp the value of such traditions, navigating the intersection of competing cultural differences (🇺🇸x🇵🇭x🇹🇼). Thankfully, because of the sacrifices made by their grandparents to cultivate a sense of belonging and stability in their family’s life through traditions like these, their generation (and mine) will be the better for it. And, tbh, that’s a far better picture. #CNY #新年快樂 #🧧
....what? #🥐 #OmNomNom #latergram
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