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Are you curious about the realm of Flower Essences? Skeptical? I was too, but I have noticed great help in changing deep patterns with the help of this subtle energy medicine. Join us tomorrow night, 9/25, at 6:30 at the shop to learn how to make your own! 💗 #floweressences #floweressencetherapy #fes #drbach #herbalism #energymedicine
Flower power was a slogan used during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology, but do you know flowers actually have powers? If you ingest the essence of the Flower, it can help you release ANY emotion or stress you may be experiencing. 🌸 🌸 🌸 For more info on Flower Essences, check out my practitioner page @flowernicholle
Thinking if Dr Bach on his birthday today 💚🌱🙏🏻
PLANT MESSENGERS •••• Have you ever been pulled out of your intellectual revery, mindful or mindless musings as you walk in nature or through the cities, to find yourself being drawn to a #flower or #plant ? •••• Beyond the curious unfoldment, it is as if a subtle breeze has unfurled your heart into wanting to bond with this ethereal being, to grasp its purpose, to learn of its message? •••• It is moments such as this that you are stepping into the world of the language of the plants, where a messenger of the green kingdom has beckoned you forward, to lean in, move closer and learn its secrets. •••• People entranced in the science and healing arts of #botany and #floweressencetherapy respectively know what I mean. There is so much more to the world than we can see with the naked eye. We must #smell , #touch , #breathein and #love with the tenderness of a flower, for #nature to unfurl her #mysteries •••• Enjoy today❤️ Brooke
「自分をさらけ出せない…」 🌸ピンクモンキーフラワー🌸 FESフラワーエッセンスのピンクモンキーフラワーは、他人へ自分の感情を中々見せることが出来ない時にオススメです。 過去に受けた傷などから、感情をオープンにできなくて、「また傷ついたら嫌だ😵」って怖れがある時に。 本当の自分らしさが出せない時サポートしてくれますよ✨ 気づいたら自然とコミュニケーションが取れるようになってた😊なんて事も増えてきます。 このエッセンスを飲んだクライアントさんは、前回のセッションの時と比べて、深いお話を沢山してくださいました。 再び暖かな人間関係を築きたい時にオススメです。 恋愛にも❤️パートナーシップを築く時にも心を開かせてくれるはず😊 #ピンクモンキーフラワー #恋愛関係 #人間関係の悩み #オープンマインド #フラワーエッセンス #トラウマ #fesフラワーエッセンス #花のエネルギー #植物療法 #floweressence #floweressencetherapy #湘南平塚 #週末サロン #フェドゥフルール
Idag är det fullmåne i fiskarnas tecken i Vedisk Astrologi. Månen i fiskarnas tecken handlar om vår spirituella, känslomässiga och psykiska väg beroende på vad vi befinner oss i vår utveckling. Detta är en tid att förstå ljuset men också skuggsidan av oss själva, balansen mellan Yin och Jang. Vi har lättare att förstå våra drömmar som vi har när vi sover, visioner som vi haft och har etc. Solen som samtidigt befinner sig i Jungfrun står för att vi ska vara noggranna med vårt arbete, att skapa en solid grund och tillsammans med månen i fiskarna se den stora bilden, att föra ut vårt arbete i världen för att hjälpa andra människor ❤️ inlightbyamelie.se #inlightbyamelie .se #consciousness #autogramtags #consiousness #affirmation #psychicreading #psychics #psychicmedium #illuminated #reflected #contrast #undefined #clairsentience #higherself #manifestabundance #floweressencetherapy #ascention #lunar #moonlove #thevision #starlord #infinitystones #metaphysics #shamanism #thirdeye #astrology
#mermaidlove Fomalhaut Fixed Star Talismanic Perfume🌟 The scent features oceanic base notes of seaweed, ambergris & pink lotus blossom. An exotic floral heart of jasmine, hibiscus, peach & pineapple laced with scents of roasted seashells and pink peppercorn. Character: Salty & sweet with a hint of smoke. This will need to incubate at least a month. Chart features Pisces, Moon & Fomalhaut Rising, Jupiter in the 9th house. More details to come.
“The Tansy type typically presents as lethargic, apathetic or lazy, with a tendency to procrastinate, or be lacking in sufficient will forces to bring projects to conclusion. Significantly, one of the old herbal uses for Tansy was during the late winter, to rouse metabolic forces that were sluggish or too phlegmatic. The flower essence of Tansy works more directly on the self-awareness of those who “energetically downshift” as an avoidance mechanism. With sustained use, such individuals are able to contact their Core Self more readily and align with their true strength and purpose. By doing so, they achieve greater productivity and creative mastery in their lives”. Patricia Kaminski, FES . . . . . . #floweressences #esenciasflorales #flowerremedies #floweressencesociety #fesflowers #flowers #inspiration #selfcare #productivity #floweressencetherapy #floweressencesbristol #floweressencebathuk #bradfordonavon #healwithflowers #healing
We’ve got lots of free fun happening at Our Open House! Come sign up for the raffle or take a free class! We are here until 4pm!
Dynamic Seasonal Detox! A Gemmotherapy triad par excellence. Fall is here and it is time to rest the body, mentally, physically, emotionally. Use all three drainage Gemmotherapy extracts to promote a healthy body while the seasons are changing! ~Birch buds are a great blood purifier. ~Juniper detoxifies the kidneys, soothes muscle and joint pain and stiffness. ~Rosemary for digestion and liver and gallbladder support. Learn more? BELLADONNA NUTRITION DYNAMIC, LLC ~www.belladonnanutrition.com #floweressencetherapy #plantstemcell #healthandwellness #gemmotherapy #mindbodyconnection #changeofseasons #detox #rest #wellness #healthy #healthylifestyle #dance #dancechallenge #mindbodyconnection
Ett led i människans utveckling är att höja medvetandet och sina energier och förstå vem vi egentligen är. Vi har gått från att leva i fiskarnas tid till nu vara i Vattumannens tid. Vi har gått från att leva i fjärde dimensionen till nu den femte dimensionen, ungefär samtidigt som vi 2012 gick in i The Golden Age. Det handlar om en successiv förhöjning av vårt andliga medvetande, att vi ska våga släppa alla rädslor och förstå vårt andliga ursprung,, att lära oss använda vår inre kraft, och att förstå att tiden inte är linjär. Vi lever fortfarande i en illusion, att vi endast är en fysisk kropp och inget mer är vad samhället alltid har lärt oss. Men det krävs tålamod och disciplin att utveckla vårt andliga jag och det är viktigt att inte gå för fort fram ❤️ inlightbyamelie.se #inlightbyamelie .se #consciousness #autogramtags #consiousness #affirmation #divine #psychicreading #psychics #psychicmedium #psychicreadings #illuminated #reflected #contrast #yellowlight #undefined #clairsentience #higherself #starseed #manifestabundance #floweressencetherapy #ascention #oracleoftheday #dimension #dissolve #undefined #sacredgeometry #paradigmshift #higherconsciousness #happy #dimensions
OLIVE ESSENCE REPAIR VIP Rp. 60.000 UNTUK PERAWATAN RAMBUT RUSAK BIAR JADI HALUS DAN LEMBUT OLIVE ESSENCE REPAIR VIP 100% ORIGINAL. MANFAAT OLIVE ESSENCE REPAIR VIP : 1. Menguatkan rambut 2. menumbuhkan rambut 3. membuat rambut berkilau 4. menghaluskan rambut 5. mengatasi rambut bercabang dan pecah-pecah 6. memproduksi lapisan pelindung bagi rambut #oliveessencerepairvip #shampoolive #serumolive #oliveessence #jualshampoolive #serumrambut #jualserumrambut #floweressencetherapy #wildrose #oliveessence #bachflowers #oliveessencerepairvip #oliveessence #oliveessencerepair #lfl #fff #f4f #sby #kosmetiksby
~ * b y e to summer.. * ~ ..and hellooo to sweet, crisp Fall. There’s nothing quite like a CBD soak & a cup of tea (or 🍷) to invite the cooler weather in. Tomorrow is the final day for you to enjoy 20% off our entire site! 🍂 Use code ‘BYESUMMER20’ at checkout! 🍂 Stay Vital
Your horoscopes are up for the Full Moon in Aries, link in bio! 😘 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 These times call for gentle treading, receptivity to our loved ones, careful consideration of our personal needs and open expression of all the we're experiencing within our partnerships. The balance of the cardinal energies of Aries and Libra is no easy task, as they represent the essential duality of you + me. Outside world + inner landscape, all delicately experienced through the framework of justice, integrity and devotion. The coming equinox marks the necessity for balance in our lives, equal investment in seemingly opposite aspects in order to experience the fruition of their fusion. ❤ Keep reading on my blog for more insights! 🌿 This mindblowing artwork is by @soffronia 🌸🍒 the relationship between sun and moon delicate like an egg, sing softly. 💕💕💕💕💕💕 #esoteric #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #mooncycle #moonchild #lunarcycles #floweressencetherapy #vibrationalhealing #mooninaries #horoscope #zodiac #horoscopes #fullmoon #inesheals
Tomorrow at our Open House during East Harriet Fall Fest! Saturday September 22, 12-4pm - 710 W 40TH St in Minneapolis!
Sale, tomorrow Saturday September 22 from 12-4pm during the Adagio Open House at East Harriet Fall Fest! While supplies last. Find us at 710 W 40TH St in Minneapolis!
Loving the healing that Bach Flowers bring! 🌼🌸🌼 I use Kramer’s Body Maps to bring flower essence therapy to my body work, and clients love the insights AND the results! 🙌💖💆🏻‍♀️ Consider this your invitation! Tune in to your emotions and to your body, feel better & gain a whole new perspective! ✨✨✨ #empoweredbyflowers #floweressencetherapy #bachflowers #massage #massagetherapy #emotionalintelligence #vitality
As a qualified #bachflowerremedies practitioner for #animals I use the remedies to help #pets or wildlife to overcome emotional problems. Crab apple for instance is a great remedy to give to an animal exhibiting signs of excessive grooming. For humans, crab apple is a remedy therapists should take between clients to cleanse their aura. #bachflowers #bachfloweressences #bachflower #floweressences #floweressence #floweressencetherapy #vibrationalhealing #animalhealing #greenwitch #animaltherapy #herbalmedicine #tincture
So so happy to announce I'm officially a Reiki Master ^_^ 🌹 I had the pleasure of being attuned to my master level by someone I have so much love + respect for, my friend @luneinnate 💕 so much gratitude for all that you do and for initiating me into this new world of healing/teaching 🤗🙏 🌊 To celebrate I am offering 90 min distance reiki sessions at $75 CAN ($15 off their usual pricing) to the first 3 people who book ❤ I am so grateful to share the magic of going beyond time + space with you all through this potent form of healing which is quickly becoming my favourite 🌿 distance sessions are quite different experiences than in person healings, mainly because the wisdom of the ethers is so open and responsive to this degree of intention and trust in cosmic forces. I've had so many psychedelic experiences in my distance healings so far, and am looking forward to doing more with those of you who are seeking this kind of medicine. 🌸 DM me or email inesheals@gmail.com to book! 🌸 Today the moon is in aquarius alongside the sun in virgo, which proves for a very heady day. Ground your thoughts through the body by practicing yoga or another form of mindful exercise 💚 The energy of the Virgin Mary is also quite present at this time for those of you who desire to connect with her light. We are in the final days of Virgo season, so it is important to take stock of what you have learnt from this period. How do you nurture the purity of your body + mind + soul? How have you deepened your awareness of what your body needs to feel productive + aligned? 💫 The energy of the Full Moon in Aries is already announcing itself as many of us are in deep contemplation of our relationships. More on that in your horoscopes which I am writing today + tomorrow. Thanks for reading and happy Thursday! Much love to you all 😘 This photo is by another boo of mine, the lovely @lianacarbonephoto 💓😊 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 #esoteric #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #mooncycle #moonchild #lunarcycles #floweressencetherapy #vibrationalhealing #virgoseason #mooninaquarius #fullmoon #reikimaster #distancehealing #inesheals
Allt i universum är uppbyggt av energi och allt vibrerar i färger och samma gäller för vår kropp. I vår fysiska kropp har vi sju grundchakran i olika färger och utanför kroppen en aura som består av sju olika färg fält, och alla färger, chakra och fält har en omfattande betydelse för vår fysiska och psykiska välbefinnande. Det är så viktigt för vårt välmående att alla chakran och färger är välbalanserade. Om vi mår dåligt så blir färgerna mer mörka och dova, och om ett eller flera chakran som också kallas för energihjul inte fungerar som det ska, så kommer det till slut att leda till fysiska sjukdomar om vi inte gör något åt det. Precis som vi servar våra bilar så behöver vi serva våra kroppar och då menar jag inte med skolmedicin utan att rena vår aura och balansera våra chakran regelbundet. Det borde vara lika vanligt som att gå till en läkare. Tyvärr är det få människor som förstår att det handlar om en grundförståelse vem vi verkligen är- en odödlig själ i en fysisk kropp ❤️ inlightbyamelie.se #inlightbyamelie .se #vibration #autogramtags #meditate #higherconsciousness #oldsoul #psychicreading #psychics #psychicmedium #psychicreadings #illuminated #reflected #yellowlight #awakening #oneness #awaken #kundalini #manifestabundance #floweressencetherapy #ascention #oracleoftheday #chakras #crystaltherapy #crystallove #empath
Falling in love with this flower essence blend all over again 💕🌹 I created the PMS Soother just about one year ago for a special self-love box by @alicekasslingerie ❤ recently I've come back to working with it during my moontime and have experienced its relieving potency alongside some very important insights into the emotional roots of PMS as far as I understand them. 🍑 I have been observing how my emotional landscape changes about 7 days before my moon. Disappointment, sadness, etc setting in like clockwork, and have come to understand that the singular root of these emotions is loss. Our bodies communicate a biological loss of what could have been a cycle of conception, and we interpret that loss through whatever our emotional tendency is- whether disappointment, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety- we are ultimately reacting to a feeling of loss, expressed by our bodies preparing for a period of release. 🌿 Whereas this time used to be an unconscious pattern of feeling dissatisfied in my partnership (who's with me on this one baes 😂), career, etc, I now realize that it is a very potent time of releasing all the conflicts and unfulfilled expectations of the last month-long cycle. With this knowledge, it's much easier to withdraw and face the discomfort with awareness of its immense healing potential, rather than causing conflict in the world around me through projection. 🌸 What have you all come to understand about yourselves through tuning into your cycle? We women, as open systems, must learn how to embrace the constantly changing landscape of our inner experience, just as the moon steadily moves from new to full with each passing cycle. 💕 Happy Wednesday everyone, if you're curious to learn more about the PMS soother you can do so on my website, link in bio. 😘 🌿🍑🌿🍑🌿🍑 #esoteric #astrology #astrologersofinstagram #mooncycle #moonchild #lunarcycles #floweressencetherapy #vibrationalhealing #virgoseason #moontime #divinefeminine #inesheals
Stop by and see us this Saturday September 22 from 12-4pm at our Open House during East Harriet Fall Fest! We'll be located in front of Adagio: 710 W 40th St in Minneapolis. Here is the menu for the day!
Stop by and see us this Saturday September 22 from 12-4pm at our Open House during East Harriet Fall Fest! We'll be located in front of Adagio: 710 W 40th St in Minneapolis. Here is the menu for the day!
Sending an inspiring note through the post is a beautiful way to show someone you care. Our lovely friends at @sentiremagazine have designed 12 postcards sharing quotes from past issues of the magazine and I'm delighted to be one of the featured authors in this series which celebrates Sentire's first birthday on 23rd September. Sign up to Sentire's mailing list at www.sentiremagazine.com before 23rd September to receive the full set of postcards to print, share and send. . . . . . . #alaskanessences #floweressences #floweressence #floweressencetherapy #flowerremedy #flowerremedies #bachremedies
🔮🔮Just gazing into these blooms chills me out! 🔮🔮 • P A S S I O N F L O W E R, Latin name Passiflora incarnata, is widely used for supporting a calm mind and addressing anxiety and insomnia that can accompany times of hormonal flux--think puberty and perimenopause! 🌸🌸 • The herb can be helpful to relieve cramps, tension and PMS during your menstrual cycle as well. 🌸🌸 • Passion flower has many constituents, including flavonoids, maltol, and indole alkaloids. Active ingredients include chrysin, vitexin, coumerin, and umbelliferone. Along with other flavonoids, chrysin has been shown to bind to benzodiazepine receptor sites thereby increasing GABA activity, especially at A type GABA receptors. GABA is our main calming neurotransmitter! 🌸🌸 • Passionflower also influences the way the nerves modulate other levels of important compounds that affect brain activity. It works throughout our central nervous system and the nerves of our intestinal tract as well. There are some species of passionflower that have been shown to help with digestive problems and that may be because it can influence the levels of bacteria in our intestines that produce GABA! 🌸🌸 • Mostly I use Passionflower in combination with 1 or 2 other herbs for specific complaints, headaches, brain fog, fibromyalgia, anxiety, PMS, menstrual cramps and anxiety and/or depression at perimenopause. 🌸🌸 • I also use homeopathic Passionflower in complex formulas to relax the entire system and make a person more resilient to life's stressors! 🌸🌸 • At home you can add dried passion flower to boiling water to create an herbal tea.  As a topical application, passionflower is used in bath preparations as a calming agent for hemorrhoids, burns, and inflammation. 🌸🌸 • Passionflower as a flower essence can be used harmonize the nervous system and the subtle bodies, relieving feelings of fear and anxiety. 🌸🌸 • Authentic expression of self becomes more fluid.  It supports spiritual illumination and insight. 🌸🌸 • LOVE THIS #plantmedicine
As The wheel of the year turns and autumn equinox is at our dawn I feel my heart breaking wide open. It is in this time that the light begins to turn inward into the dark. This is a great time where we can go into the dark and into the mystery that lives within us to grieve what has not been grieved and to release that which is bound & that we have been holding so tightly within our bodies. Over the years of my life and the many growing pains and initiations my soul has chosen in this lifetime I have cast up great chamber walls around my heart to protect me in my moments of terror, freight & grief. Layer by layer over the years of journeying through my Energetic & Emotional healing with the Flower Essences I feel these chamber walls beginning to break down their structures as I love and nurture myself back into wholeness. Fall is represented by the energetic of Grief & to be honest both Fall & Grief are some of my most nostalgic and comfortable energetics to rest within. I love the crisp cool air that brushes against my skin as the suns heat begins to wane. The ways in which the leaves transmute their colors to all spectrums of Gold & Red before they fall to the Earth to feed Her soils and to be composted to make new for Spring. Most of all I LOVE FEELING MY HEART. So often when I have been in a season of spiritually bypassing or when the armor has been cast so high around my heart that I could not access her; not able to feel pain or bliss.... I have felt lost into the abyss of this life. And so I welcome my hearts Grief... I bless my tears, as they are Holy waters that can bless & transform our Earth. For me there is nothing more REAL than having my heart broken wide open, feeling the Grief of my life, my heart, the Grief of our human family, the animals, the Oceans, Ocean Beings & of course Gaia herself. So dear family I welcome & invite you to explore your Grief this Fall. To allow your Grief to journey you into a deeper relationship with your heart. To bless Gaia with your tears. To hold yourself so tenderly, to witness yourself so compassionately as you nurse yourself into a state of the sweetest surrender & vulnerability. (More)👇🏽🍁🌹
What does a complete Reconnect with Essence kit look like when you need to take it on the road with you....? . . . Because some things cannot be left behind when you're traveling! . . . Suitable for individual truth seekers, couples, families, children and pets! . . #reconnectwithwisdom #reconnectwithessence #reconnectwithyourwisdom #wisdom #intuition #essences #innerwisdom #personaltruth #floweressencetherapy #energetichealing #selfhealing #energyhealing #beyourbestyou #reconnectmethod #transformation #travel #roadtrip
Find me here on Wednesdays @brisbanenaturopaths 🌱
When the gorgeous flower guru @tracy_omeara_smith gifts you your very own personally prescribed flower essence 🙌💖🌸 (with the labels you have designed) #flowerylove #happiness #bliss #sopretty #gratitude
~ * p u r e * ~ synonyms: clean, clear, fresh, sparkling, unpolluted, uncontaminated, untainted; wholesome, natural, healthy; ⁂ Our ‘pure’ hydrosol contains organic & local lavender hydrosol, CBD isolate in MCT oil, witch hazel & flower essences. That’s it. Nothing artificial. All with love.✨ ⁂ Try it with 20% off using code ‘BYESUMMER20’ at checkout
Thanks so much to everyone who attended my intro to esoteric astrology + flower essence therapy talk this past Sunday at @templemileend 🙏🌹 I so so enjoyed sharing this knowledge with you all! 🤗 My next workshop is on the Karma of Relationships, next Thursday the 27th from 7-9 pm at @templemileend ❤ we will look deeply into the concept of karma from several perspectives, including that of vedic astrology and tantric buddhism, and will explore what the sign of Libra and the astrological seventh house can teach us about our relational dynamics. Find out how to create more dharma from and in your relationships, and resolve the karmas that show up when deep intimacy takes place. 🌊 Contribution is $25, registration required as space is limited! We're already about half full so hop to it my Montreal boos ;) email me at inesheals@gmail.com to register. 🌒 Hope you are all having a beautiful Tuesday, much love to you! 💚 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 #virgoseason #mooncycle #moonchild #floweressencetherapy #esoteric #astrology #mtlevents #montrealevents #libra #relationshipgoals #karma #dharma #reikimaster #inesheals
Dynamic Hydration Element! Your internal transport system depends on it. Water carries nutrition in and around tissues and carries out toxins via the kidneys. Water is the message sender for all Energetic Medicines because the imprinted messages rely on the concept of water memory. Flower Essences extracts in particular begin as a water imprint. Water has the ability to amplify energetic messages throughout the body. It has the ability to hold the frequency of a remedy at precisely the right calibration, it carries the very sound of it, allowing resonance. It is the connector and mediator to our vital force & wellness. Want to hear more? FREE Learning Opportunity ~”the art of wellness” Thursday September 20. 5:45-7:30pm. 2nd floor of Natural View Market, downtown Brighton. Enter to Win A Free Flower Essence Consultation. BELLADONNA NUTRITION DYNAMIC! #floweressencetherapy #plantstemcell #healthandwellness #gemmotherapy #mindbodyconnection #freelearning #education
Join us for this Amazonian Flower Essence therapeutic circle Saturday! #floweressencetherapy #amazon #portland #herbalist
Making herbal tinctures. Thank you mother nature! ♥ Traditional Irish Herbalism.
We’re excited to welcome Laura to our Polished family! Every Tuesday and Wednesday she’ll be available for facials, reiki treatments, and flower essence therapy! Receive 10% off your first service with Laura, book now online at www.thepolishedspa.com or give us a call at 610-688-4181 . . . #welcomelaura #esthetician #skincare #reikipractitioner #reiki #reikihealing #reikihealer #facial #healthyskin #floweressencetherapy #flowers #floweressences #healthymindandbody #mindbodysoul #holistic #positivevibes #spa #salon #polishedspahairdesign #mainlinespa #mainline #wayne #radnor #philadelphia #villanova #malvern
🌹 Rose 🌹 . . My soul, my Rose Inside you I soften You receive me in your heart I am caressed by your tenderness . . I rediscover my essence You envelop me with your silence You dazzle me with your light You, fruit of the earth . . In the sleeping seed You are the proof, my love, That within me Lies my heavenly realm . . Translation of the beautiful French poem (which by the way, is one thousand times more delightful in French!) written by a dear friend, Richard Délias. . . What was really touching, both for him and for us is that he didn’t (consciously) know anything about flower essences or about connecting with the spirit of plants but when we listened to his poem we had goosebumps because his words perfectly depicted, exactly what It feels like to take Rose flower essence and to work with Rose Medicine. . . That for us, was so moving and further proof that poetry is a powerful gateway to tap into the realm of plant spirits and that true poets, like bards of the ancient times, are keepers of sacred dimensions- guardians of the magic of this world! ✨🌿 . . For those of you who speak French, you can find the original poem in the comments below ! . . 📸: @gitalandas
. :: W A R M H E A R T E L I X I R :: . A soothing brew of tincture, flower essences, honey, and warming spices in a brandy base, this blend works both physically and energetically as an all-encompassing heart tonic. Hawthorn and Wild Rose come together to strengthen yet soften our hearts and serve as two of our greatest cardiovascular remedies in western herbalism, both physically and spiritually. . While hawthorn is our #1 heart remedy, rose is our #1 heart symbol. Together they help us mend heartache, find strength and safety in the vulnerability of our hearts, and embody love in all aspects. . This is my go-to for periods of stress, grief, or just not being able to find the will to carry on, and has been my main consistent medicine for years now. . To keep your heart warm in the cooler days to come, order yours in the apothecary now. 30% off sale for those who sign up on the homepage. Link in profile ❤️
🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂 S Y M B I O S I S S I T T I N G Under the trees of L I F E 🍂 Connecting to the holistic foreplay of deep energy lines beneath our bones.... 🍂 L E M U R I A N frequency Medicine Myst assists our VITAL ALIGNMENT to the vibrational field of FERTILITY, ,,,,,,,,, 🍂This MYST aligns union of physical form & spirit form all sacredly joined on your blueprint PATH, 🍂Puts us IN-FLOW WITH OUR CYCLES whilst seasoning our FRUITING connection with SOURCE.... 🍂 Sacred Plants Allies of Monkshood , Acacia Shedrake & Blue Lily tune us into the green vortex of our Energetic Heart( sovereign ruler of our body ) engage and unlock the subtle bodies and instinctively know our SOUL VIBRATIONAL ATTRACTION PULL,,,,,,,,,, 🍂 Carries the Aroma of provocative Maple Syrup baking and lemon/lime bitters 💋 .🍂 Totem of the TURTLE~Awakening to opportunities, wisdom of change and perception of timelessness.... ..... .🍂 #lemurian #fertility #myst #frequency #alignment #holistichealing #health #somatic #planthealing #raiseyourfrequency #romantic #naturelovers #floweressence #practioner #dna #perfume #designer #essences #to #shiftconsciousness #bioresonance #blends #floweressencetherapy #pureheart #alchemy #spirit #of #trees @teal_soul_ @simonwinglun @tarafischer_embodythesacred @michael_muir_official @my_health_pantry @happyherbshop_newtown @wholefoodshouse @the_travelling_artist ~ happy b/day
Color Therapy 🌻 I’m making a fresh set of flower essences for the fall starting with crystal infusions tonight and then they’ll be soaking up the sunlight for about 6 hours tmrw. The best way to decide which essence is going to be the most healing for you is to pick the flower that your drawn to first, this is your intuition guiding you . . . Comment which flower caught your eye and I’ll be sure to give it some extra love before being sent out to you! You can also comment your favorite crystal as well and I’ll be sure to use that crystal during infusion to make it especially unique to you✨🌞 . . . #apothecary #bachflowers #floweressences #floweressencetherapy #botanicals #essences #herbalinfusions #herbalist #intuitivehealing #crystalhealing #witchy #holistichealing #mondaymood #fall #fallflowers #naturalhealing #herbs #herbalism #greenwitch
Peace vibrational mist is perfect for meditation 🧘‍♂️ The combination of essential oils and flower essences calm the mind and assist with accessing the Higher Self. #peace #authenticwisdom #vibrationalmist #aromatherapymist #floweressencetherapy #naturopath #emotionalhealing #essentialoils #meditation
Dynamic Soothing Solution! ANXIETY; Intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur. Flower Essence White Chestnut can bring calm to a whirring mind. Olive helps to bring strength to a worn out body. Gemmotherapy Walnut restores healthy Dopamine & Serotonin levels while Fig brings relief to intestinal anxiety. Combine all with Gemmotherapy Hawthorn for that heart-felt anguish & sleep better tonight! www.belladonnanutrition.com#floweressencetherapy #plantstemcell #healthandwellness #gemmotherapy #mindbodyconnection #sleepwell #calm #livewellbewell
We’re grateful to have had the energy of Julie Colby’s Obstetric Acupuncture Training here at the space over the weekend! 💚🔸💚@ladysslipperwellness
AUTUMN'S EQUINOX FLOWER ESSENCES ARE HERE! 💌 MAILING OUT RIGHT IN TIME FOR YOUR MAGIC EQUINOX CELEBRATIONS! Let's us welcome Falls embrace with the flora! PASSION FLOWER Stellar Wise Lady Passion flower speaks; I am here to help you join with the mystery of your passions. Call on my spirit to help unlock the thirst for your bold passions & merge within the vibrations of your life’s purpose. LIFE'S PATH FLOWER! Flower power remedy activating the Hearts meridian. ST. JOHN'S WORT a protective flower that helps uplift the psyche out of negative patterns. This flower essence is useful for people who feel that they are deprived of light. It is particularly good for when we feel the low from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as it stimulates ones own inner spiritual light, helping to anchor their consciousness to the earth plane. It can make a person remember that they have an illuminated consciousness, filled with solar strength and spiritual content within the everyday. WILD ROSE a power flower when in the midst of shadow. Opening and connecting our heart with the World Heart and the Universal Heart. The World Heart emanates from the collective heart consciousness of all living things. This includes humans, animals, plants, Nature and Elemental Beings and the Earth. The Universal Heart emanates from all directions of space and time, from All-That–Is. Rose Essence works through your personal emotional subtle body to clear out whatever is keeping you from connecting your personal heart with the World and Universal Hearts. She helps you to feel strong and loving while in the face of fear / change. Enriches your relationships with loved ones, friends, your Self, Nature and All Beings. GOLDEN YARROW used for protection at the mental and social levels. She's a power flower for sensitive one's bringing out our Inner radiance and strength of auric field to the world. Yarrow aids to the extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment; easily depleted, overly absorbent of others energy and negative influences, toxicity. Corresponds to solar plexus chakra. . MESSAGE IN TO PLACE YOUR 🌼 ORDER . #floweressencetherapy #naturalhealing #fallequinox #flowers #livevibrant
Here in the northeast, Fallopia japonica or Japanese knotweed is finishing its late summer blooming. It is a difficult plant to eradicate, having a reputation for invasiveness, yet it is a visiting place for bee colonies and acts as an adequate screen. Its invasiveness is often a response to attempts to eradicate it. If left alone, it tends to spread very slowly. Japanese Knotweed has two fascinating actions as a flower essence: . 1. There is an acute sensitivity associated with the plant that transfers into a kind of telepathy in the essence. This action can make individuals in a group more aware of each other, seeing beyond their own needs and preferences. In this way, differences and polarities in a group tend to lessen and even disappear. Groups and couples can resolve issues more efficiently. Generally, individuals begin to see themselves as group members and have more of a team identity. In some high functioning groups, thoughts can be heard even before they are spoken. . 2. This essence is part of a Delta Gardens set used to address the energetic signature of protozoa infections like malaria and babesiosis. It takes its place alongside a number of artemisias, used for the same purpose. . For more information about Japanese knotweed, visit our website. Link in bio. . . . #deltagardens #daviddalton #floweressences #flowerremedies #floweressencetherapy #flowerhealing #vibrationalessences #naturalremedies #japaneseknotweed #alternativehealing #energyhealing #groupwork
🌸A G I F T 🎁 F O R Y O U 🌸💦 In today’s walk along the river Frome on my way to the beautiful @ifordmanor (a fav place of mine) I came across Impatiens Glandulifera, a Bach Remedy for Impatience. It was actually the first remedy that Dr Bach prepared back in 1928. _ 🌹Today is the last day of the International Flower Essence Awareness week. _ 🌸If you have enjoyed my Fl🌼wer Essence posts or have been following those of my fellow flower essence lovers, practitioners and producers at #ieaw2018 #essences2018 #bfvea and are curious about this so special, gentle yet effective healing modality, I have a 💝 for you. _ 🌼I’d like to email you my e-guide 📗to the Bach Flower Essences, totally FREE. It’s simple, straight forward and very easy to follow. No need to subscribe to my list if you don’t want to (although if you do, you can receive even more free stuff) If you want the guide, simply pm me an email address and I’ll send it straight to you. No strings attached. _ 🌻Although in my practice I work with Essences of many different producers, I got introduced to Flower Essences through the Bach Remedies, so they have a special place my 💖. _ 🌻 There are literary hundreds (maybe thousands 🤔?) of flower essences producers all over the world. People wanting to learn about flower essences often ask me where to start. The Bach system is the one I always recomend. But this is obviously a very personal choice. May the flowers be with you 🙏🏼🌸🧚🏽‍♀️ _ Fl🌺wer P🌼wer . . . . . . . #ieaw2018 #essences2018 #floweressences #vibrationalessences #bfvea #flowers #floweressencetherapy #natureheals #flowerhealing #flowertherapy #learnaboutflowers #learnaboutfloweressences #flowerpower 🌸 #floweressencesbristol #vibrationalessences #healing #flowersthatheal #flowertherapy #floweressencetherapy #holisticbristol #bristoluk #bathukfloweressences #floweressencesuk #healing #ifordmanor
New batch of Forgiveness vibrational mists ready for Yoga Retreat at the end of the month. Working with Forgiveness opens the heart and helps to process hurts we may be holding onto. The affirmation to use alongside of the mist is "I forgive you. I release you. I let it go. I let go of guilt, resentment and anger And allow myself to move on." #forgiveness #authenticwisdom #vibrationalmist #aromatherapymist #floweressencetherapy #naturopath #emotionalhealing #essentialoils #affirmation #forgive #floweressence
In this scared space of ours is where the healing begins. People often text me when they realize there is something major shifting in their lives. A sudden divorce, pregnancy, miscarriage, new job, retirement, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and more. I hear time and time again “I didn’t know who to call, you were the 1st one that came to mind. My doctor can’t help me with this, I can’t stop crying, I don’t have a counselor, is this what you do, you know... besides massage?” Yes, this is exactly what I do. You enter a sacred space, where you mind can slow down and your spirit and soul get to run the show. I meet you where ever you are and together we discover what it is that will best serve you. For some it will be spiritual coaching and ritual, other will be flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, body work, energy work, new habits and accountability. I am here. You are safe here. Let’s heal together. #amethyststarhealing #plantspiritmedicine #floweressencetherapy #massage #spirituality #spirtualawakening #womenrising #thegoodwitch
The best and fastest chakra balance I've found is connecting with God and allowing God to love me. Its like a warm, all encompassing, best-ever cleansing shower, but more than that. The problem is, I keep running away from God thinking that my social media, things to do list and feeding my fears are way more important. I can just see God with a perplexing look "what's she doing now?" look while God has a soul full of love to give me. On the 11:11:11 @ 11:11 Fountainhead Essence was created from an ancient Giant Grass Tree () in the Bunya Mountains. Over the years I have so often seen the numbers 11:11. To me this is my HOME key reminder to connect with God. And I have found that every time I take Fountainhead Essence I immediately feel a desire to open my heart and soul to God. I feel my chakras immediately balance and reset. Everything within me feels connected to God and my own soul...until I choose to trash it with my addictions again. But its the encouragement to stay longer and more connected each time and to aim for a more permanent focus. In a way Fountainhead essence is my HOME key, to inspire, encourage and remember the importance of this relationship as the greatest, infinite source of love, truth and healing. It also reminds me to breathe more consciously, a "tora" like breath. I have added a photos of the tora structure to give reference. Fountainhead Essence is the star of the blend Opening To God. Found at our online E-shop. http://www.onegardenessences.com/shop.html#!/Opening-to-God-Blend-Essence/p/6152530 #openingtogod #fountainheadessence #source #onegardenessences #onegardendivineflowerandnatureessences #floweressences #floweressencetherapy #chakrabalance #giantgrasstree #Xanthorrhoea #soulhealing #divinelove #divinetruth #relationshipwithgod
Our creative fertility comes into fruition in a range of ways, depending on the timing and on the cycles of our lives. When we are immersed in defining our individuality, we create by expressing ourselves, giving the fruits of our creation to the world through our work and productivity. In our cycle as mothers, we go through different phases of focusing of our creative forces: at times mostly dedicated to our children, then gradually less, channeling more of our creative forces to our productivity and creativity in the world. Pomegranate flower essence offers its gifts whenever we are called to redistribute our creative forces. Helpful when wanting to get pregnant, helpful for the empty nest cycle. And more. A blessed flower essence in so many ways. Tell us about your experience! #FlowerEssences #FESFlowerEssences #CreativeFertility #PlantMedicine #FlowerEssenceTherapy #FlowerEssencesTherapy #PlantConsciousness #FlowerEssenceCourses #EssenceCircles #OpenCircles #FlowerEssencePractitioner
This majestic small ground orchid blooms here in California, and also in Alaska where is was researched as an essence by our beloved friend Steve Johnson. Quoting the from the Alaskan Essences original text (the essence name is Fairy Slipper): support for standing in our power and beauty, and for projecting our unique individuality in a clear way; helps us manifest our spiritual wisdom through our physical bodies; strengthens the male principle in men and women; promotes clear communication through alignment with Earth and spirit. #FlowerEssences #AlaskanEssences #PlantMedicine #FlowerEssenceTherapy #FlowerEssencesTherapy #FlowerEssenceCourses #EssenceCircles #OpenCircles #FlowerEssencePractitioner
Last video for #internationalessenceawarenessweek Today I’m sharing with you how essence have influenced my life. I hope you’ve enjoyed the daily videos, and thank you so much for sharing them x #bfvea #ieaw2018 #essences #natureswish
🎶🔆🎶🔆🎶🔆🎶 #celebrating our U N I Q U E Body-Wisdom dance of LIFE, community sacred gathering, gestures of HEART & Maestro music coupled with soul provocative & intuitive shamanic flower readings 🔆 Aho to all our Sacred designs . . #shamanic #plant #intuitive #guidedreading #with #flowers #floweressencetherapy #perfume #designer #foryou #sacred #plant #practioner #evolve #with #nature #code #pureheart #alchemy #raiseyourfrequency #consciouscommunity @theleelacentre @simonwinglun @petrie_alison @tarafischer_embodythesacred @teal_soul_ @ben_borg15
~ * make w a v e s * ~ Peep our ‘Tidal’ bomb in action! A huge burst of eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils compliment 50mg of CBD isolate & blue hydrangea 🤤 ~~ ❉ Use code ‘BYESUMMER20’ at checkout to save on our site! ❉ Stay Vital Babes
Datura is a powerful plant that has medicinal but also dangerous properties. It has been used by humans in history for healing but can also be used as a poison. It was used by witches as flying ointment and can induce a psychedelic experience in certain applications. I have been recommended to work with a pure flower essence of this plant before bed to emphasize dream work. I showed up at my friend Elizabeth’s house and these gorgeous Datura plants were flourishing there. They say they do not bloom for everyone. Last night I actually had a“bad” dream, flashing back to a difficult night a few weeks ago which triggered feelings of abandonment and a fearful aloneness and instead of being soothed afterwards I was accused. The dream left me shaken and upset but I must trust that my subconscious continues to process and work through these old wounds. I surrender to the wisdom of this plant spirit to help facilitate my journey of healing.
手軽に持ち運べて、簡単に使えるロールオンタイプのフラワーエッセンス😊 FESフラワーエッセンスでは6種類あり、目的別に合わせたフラワーエッセンスとエッセンシャルオイル(アロマ)が配合。 カバンの中やデスクに入れて置けば、気分転換に「ササッ😄」と塗れちゃう。仕事や家事の合間にも簡単に使える😆 手首やこめかみ、首など脈を感じるところへ塗れば🆗👍 使いたい時に何回でも🆗 ちなみに使用したのは、Be- Bright(ビーブライト) 「未来の可能性と将来性に向かって確信と自信をもって進むことを助けます」 変化の可能性を呼び覚ましてくれるエッセンス✨ 柑橘系の香りで気分も前向きになります(*´∀`*) 良い連休を✨ #フラワーエッセンス動画 #フラワーエッセンス #ロールオンフラワーエッセンス #テラノイント #fesフラワーエッセンス #手軽に使える #癒しアイテム #エッセンシャルオイル #フェドゥフルール #floweressence#floweressencetherapy #イマドキ癒しグッズ
The waxing Moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius tnite, moving us from deep watery, reflective depths into fiery + far reaching realms of energy + inspiration. 🌒 I find the transitions of the Moon from water to fire signs are the most dramatic, as the landscapes of these elements are in such contrast. Water brings us into a deeper connection to the unconscious realm of feeling + inner experience, and gives us the opportunity to understand + perceive something new about our emotional process, so we can transform and heal. Fire brings us an awakened perception that is eager to project outwardly into the world through creative activity the expression of what we have uncovered. Fire is concerned with self-realization and the projection of one's identity and personal truth. 🔥 Harness the Sun in Virgo + Sag moon vibes over the weekend by taking action to manifest + ground the aim of your arrow of inspiration. If you find that you're less likely to act on your ideas, always waiting for the perfect arrangement or until you are "ready," now is a good time to embrace that mastery is in the practice and that there is no better way to learn + move forward with what inspires you than to DO. 🌊 One very simple way to deepen your relationship to the cosmos is to be mindful of how you feel as the moon moves through all 12 signs during her monthly cycle. Both the signs she falls in and what houses they affect in your chart will be perceived and felt, and if you work with her, you will find your monthly patterns of activity/feeling emerging. 🙏 It's a beautiful day in Montreal, the last blessing of summer. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! This artwork is by @aykutmaykut 🙌 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 #esoteric #astrology #mooninscorpio #mooninsagittarius #virgoseason #mooncycle #floweressencetherapy #horoscope #vibrationalhealing #reikimaster #moonchild #lunarcycles #inesheals
Ohhh, so beautiful how Plant Archetypes show us life wisdom in simple ways. Look at this flower, the Indian Pink before it opens: while its petals are vivid red and cut in complex patterns, there is this spacious depth that holds it. May I cultivate, in daily life, this same spacious centeredness, as I move through my body days, now back home from a beautiful time seeing my beloved family members. I look at it and breathe more deeply…. #FlowerEssences #FESFlowerEssences #Centering #Calming #PlantMedicine #FlowerEssenceTherapy #FlowerEssencesTherapy #PlantConsciousness #FlowerEssenceCourses #EssenceCircles #OpenCircles #FlowerEssencePractitioner
Before travel there was SO much to prepare and finalize. And once back home, so much to catch up. The Indian Pink flower Archetype teaches me its wisdom: find this space of quiet centeredness deep within, go there and rest. Breathe deeply, and keep reencountering your center. Yes, thank you Indian Pink. I am so grateful for your flower essence! #FlowerEssences #FESFlowerEssences #Centering #Calming #PlantMedicine #FlowerEssenceTherapy #FlowerEssencesTherapy #PlantConsciousness #FlowerEssenceCourses #EssenceCircles #OpenCircles #FlowerEssencePractitioner
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