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Check out my boy @ivoryfitnessllc kick ass gear. Just live today! #Repost @ivoryfitnessllc with @get_repost ・・・ WE ARE LIVE! It's been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed every obstacle and challenge I have faced. I wanted to thank everyone again for helping me get this company off the ground and into something I could have only dreamed of!! Get your orders in now before pre-sale ends! 🐘🐘🐘 . . . . . . #empowereachother #ivoryfitness #rememberyourroots #ivorystrong #fit #fitnessapparell #foreverstriving #buildabetterboat #howitsdone #chaseyourdreams #findyourblueprint
WE ARE LIVE! It's been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed every obstacle and challenge I have faced. I wanted to thank everyone again for helping me get this company off the ground and into something I could have only dreamed of!! Get your orders in now before pre-sale ends! 🐘🐘🐘 . . . . . . #empowereachother #ivoryfitness #rememberyourroots #ivorystrong #fit #fitnessapparell #foreverstriving
WE ARE LIVE! It's been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed every obstacle and challenge I have faced. I wanted to thank everyone again for helping me get this company off the ground and into something I could have only dreamed of!! Get your orders in now before pre-sale ends! 🐘🐘🐘 . . . . . . #empowereachother #ivoryfitness #rememberyourroots #ivorystrong #fit #fitnessapparell #foreverstriving
#Believe in yourself. Depend on yourself. Make honest connections with genuine people. Work harder when no one is watching. Stomp out all negativity. Shine like the star that you are destined to be. And may #success flood you in abundance! 🙏🏽 #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
Little sneak peak into another #ivorystrong color wave! Don't forget, launch is tomorrow. What do you guys want to see? Any suggestions? . . . . . . #rememberyourroots #ivorystrong #empowereachother #hustleforthatmuscle #brand #ivoryfitnessllc #foreverstriving
They tell me I was born to lose. But I made a good good thing out of bad bad news.. 😈
2019 has been so good to the Gamma Phi chapter! We have been awarded the Musicianship Pillar Award, the Scrapbook Award, and one of the Chapter Excellence Awards! #foreverstriving #kappakappapsi
This abundant year has caused my #wings to sprout and grow a bit larger. It’s crazy that before this year even started I was telling everyone I know that 2019 will be the #YearOfAbundance . We’re not even a quarter of the way through the year and I’m seeing #blessings on levels I never saw coming. It’s not just me, I’m seeing it with my friends, family, and others all around me too! . . It’s just a testament to how powerful your words are and how important it is to put things out there into the universe, persist with fortitude, and watch how they manifest. We out here leveling up to heights that most common folk view as unattainable. Wheww, I see y’all! Keep on getting after it. That eye in the sky listens, and your small acts don’t go unnoticed! Go claim what is yours to get! 💪🏽 #LevelUp #Godsplan #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
You ever feel like a man trapped inside a cage? . . The older folks are too archaic they don’t get why you do the things you do, or say the things you say. The new kids aren’t interested in substance, only fun, so the standards are dropping every second of every day. You’re stuck in between, possessing an elite level of consciousness, that many may recognize but find it hard to appreciate. It’s troublesome to find another elite that connects with how you operate. You search for another that can catch the vibes, ride the wave, and be a source able to reciprocate. Easier said than done, you don’t understand, and it’s written all across your face. Animalistic instincts persists heavy inside your traits. So as a man misunderstood, what’s left for you to do? . . You #RAGE .. 🦍😤 📸: @yogitheshooter #Way2ill
Baby Girl You Are That One 🖤 #ForeverStriving Hair By: @crownedbylissa
Some memories you can never forget. Bless to be able to say we did it. Now let's do it all again. Life is awesome if you make it so. #stayup #stayblessed #livelifefully #dreambigger #Tennessee #foreverstriving #beautifullife #cabinvibes #familytimes #destined4greatness
“Human existence. We’re here but we’re gone so fast it’s like we never existed..” On the large scale of things our time here on earth is relatively short. That’s why I make it a point to maximize the opportunity I have been granted 🙏🏽 . Nothing expands the width of our minds quite like new experiences and meeting people who can offer an alternative perspective. I love going to new places and serving as somewhat of an ambassador of my country. Meeting folk from around the world, relaying cultural differences but still finding a way to connect. Because in doing this, you realize what makes us different is what makes us all the same. We’re individuals and no two human experiences are identical. Leave your comfort zone and enjoy the vulnerability in not knowing who you will meet or what will come next. I feel that #life presents us with some of our most cherish-able memories when we live in the moment! 💎 Just a snippet of some of the things I pondered while on this hike. Gonna take a while before I can top this one. One of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life. A full-on day it was trekking 4+ hours through the #BlueMountains 🏔 #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
Warning: Long and sad post to follow. Today I finally feel happy. I feel good about where I am. I am not lying when I say that the last few months have been hell. I gave up on trying to keep my home perfectly clean. Yeah I’d pick up here and there but it wasn’t perfect. I grew to be embarrassed about asking anyone over. I broke down this past Saturday night balling in my kitchen after getting home and seeing how bad it had gotten. My depression from a medication I had been taking had let my home, my self, and my relationship with my loving fiancé go. I quit an amazing job so I could go back to school, which is still a great decision, but I have had days where I regret it completely. My sex life, yes I am open about this, was gone. We hadn’t had an intimate moment for at least six months, not all due to the medication but a huge part of it. I still hade, and still have, a full heart of love for my other half, but I didn’t know what was wrong with me. He thought I didn’t find him attractive anymore and we broke down balling our eyes out one night because I never wanted him to feel like that. I came to the conclusion that my pills were destroying me. I consulted my doctor and we switched to a different pill and things could not be better. I got my house basically SPOTLESS. I had a wonderful night with my extremely supportive fiancé. And for once in the last few months, I FEEL LIKE ME!! I cannot tell you even that depression is not just sad emotions. It is so much more than that! It’s sleeping all the time, it’s not caring about the space you live in, it’s pushing away from those you love. My depression is not “cured” and I know it’ll bite me in the ass a lot more through out my entire life but damnit I won’t let it control me forever. If you or someone you know is going through something rough or you just want to talk, reach out. Text me, call me, dm me. I will be your safe haven. If you are uncomfortable with talking to me directly, call 1-800-273-8255. #meagain #foreverstriving #depressionsucks #myfight #suicideprevention #mystory #continuousbattle #cleanhouse #readyforvisitors #winenightanyone
Everyday Is A New Day, I’ve Repented, Jesus Forgave Me 👉🏾👉🏾Moving Forward, Thank God 🙇🏾‍♀️ #amen #foreverstriving
#TBT to last weekends @natlaxfed #NLFFUTURES event — Coach Hanford @mancub5 and the UNC Bird Dogs won the 2021 division. Eclipse members in pic: Cavoli, Callahan, Caione, Burchill, Yowan & Appelt! #lacrosse #imgacademy #florida #alwaysreaching #foreverstriving #neversatisfied #nlf #birddogs
Jesus Workin On Me Everyday B 😭😈 #balance #foreverstriving #masterpiece #inprogress #repost
They used to tell me I was dreaming. They were right, but my dreams enticed my reality. And now, I’m living OUT my DREAMS.. #ForeverStriving ✊🏽 #Australia 🇦🇺
💯👋👌💪#ForeverStriving ... - #ALLThanksToTheALLMighty One/s - -- 📷👉 @roninsupplies - When it’s really for you it doesn’t matter who’s hating, doubting or hoping you fail. #ISelfLawAmMaster • • • • • • • • Follow @roninsupplies 🇬🇧🔥 . . . . . . . . #mindovermatter #innerworld #KnowledgeOfSelf #gowithin #introspection #quotestoliveby #ConnectToNature #Discipline #SpiritualEconomics #detox #KnowThySelf #reflection #meditation #SelfCare #SelfLove #higherself #higherdimensions
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. #ForeverStriving #ProjectInMotion #JustHaveFun #WhatKeepsYouGoing
Everyone That Knows Me, Knows I Can Be Very Tactless But Everything I Say Comes From The Heart. I Feel This On So Many Levels!! 🔊🔊We gotta make a change It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live And let's change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do What we gotta do, to survive.🔊🔊 #foreverevolving #foreverstriving #bethechange #tupac #bethechangeyouwanttosee #change #hereditary #unhealthy #lifestyle #stopthecycle #truth
All I Can Do Is Thank God Because Even On My Worst Day She Looks Up To Me. I Can’t Do Nothing But Get Better & Better As A Momma. No One Can Ever Make Me Feel Less Than As A Parent Cuz This Right Here Means The World. When Your Child Trust You, Confides In Your, Is Your Biggest Fan & Loves Your Cooking. I Just Pray This Continues Into Adulthood & When She Becomes A Mother Herself #sheiseverything #mybay #motherdaughter #foreverstriving #parenting
January 1, 2019. 2018 was great! Shit, EVERYDAY above ground is great!! I’ll never be the type to focus on the negatives. That’s a result of living in the past. Which can only hold you back. Let it go. Learn and move on. #Focus on your future and take control of it by taking advantage of every present moment. Remember, your only competition is within. Oh I’m still.. #ForeverStriving ✊🏽 #HappyNewYear ! 🍾🎉
10 years, multiple sessions including an enduring one for 8 hours less than 24hrs ago but I’m finally done with this piece - for now 😉. It’s been a goal for quite a while to finish this thing. But a few things held me back like expendable money, purchases/investments of more importance, and the fact I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted it to be finished off. I honestly came to a concrete conclusion on the concept about 2 months ago. And being that it was 10 years ago that I got the outline I figured it was only right that completing it be my #xmas present this year. They say there is a lesson in every #life experience. I guess for me my takeaway is that sometimes your #vision takes longer than expected, don’t let that discourage your pursuit. Bc it will still be worth it in the end! A big shoutout to Valentino over at @reservoir_tattoo_studio for helping me complete this work of #art ! Can’t thank you enough! 🙏🏽💉🙏🏽
Singin Along, Swingin Her Lil Legs & Takin Notes Like Sissy 😁☺️😭Another #proudmommymoment 😍😍#teachthemyoung #foreverstriving #praisethelord She’s Learning How To Worship #issaprocess
These days the only thing I really chase is my #purpose .. Don’t get so caught up chasing the idea of what is perceived as success that you forget to pursue what actual success is to you! #Goals 🏃🏽‍♂️💨💨 #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
There’s no need to try and guess your future when you can create it. The pen is in your hands, so why are you waiting for someone else to come and urge you to write your own story? #SelfMotivated people know they control their own destiny. Your move.. #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
Careful what you do out of anger. Don’t speak about something unless you know the truth. Lies from another can be lies of your own. Be aware of the situations and don’t miss any opportunity. Build yourself up in whatever you do. Never stop, never settle. #neverstopneversettle #becarefulwithme #fundyourfuture #sacrafices #keystosuccess #foreverstriving #reachhigher #youhavecalledmehigher
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it” -Henry Ford * With a big #show on Friday followed by a massive #chemistry exam on Saturday immediately following a full #work week I can honestly say last week was stressful. I felt tired but remained vigilant. I felt beat but refused to submit. I stood up on stage and faced my fears because I know deep down I am the only person who could ever hold myself back. It doesn’t matter the outcome, it matters that you know what you’re capable of. It matters that at the end of the day you have to lie in bed with yourself knowing if you could give more to the things you value most. #ForeverStriving @docfreeman_physio @chrisgsax Thank you for standing up there with me. 📸@btannia_fit
Us & Them...⠀ 2010 Heather & Doug, the #youngsters with #dreams & #aspirations to one day be #weddingphotographers and have the lifestyle of #camera people... ⠀ 8 years later we still can't put the cameras down... ⠀ We travel, we jump, we laugh, we've picked up a couple "assistants" along the way and we absolutely love capturing life, especially our family & the fun of wedding days!!! ⠀ Perseverance, passion & imagination for the win!!! ⠀ What would we love to tell these two - "You guys will do it!!"⠀ ⠀ Thanks so much to our amazing friend @kimberleychaynephotography for being so amazing with your camera too!!! ⠀ ⠀ #throwback #usandthem #2010 #thdrecords #workinprogress #foreverstriving #wedding #fortheloveoflove #fortheloveofweddings #christchurchwedding #nzweddingphotographer #heatheranddoug #therecords
3 Truths This Morning #foreverstriving #truth #goodmorning
I think one of the most important factors in achieving your #goals is sticking to what you said you were going to do. The first step is showing up consistently. If you don’t hold yourself accountable then who will? 👀 #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
And One Day She Discovered She Was Fierce, And Strong 💪 And Full Of 🔥. And That Not Even She Could Hold herself Back. Because Her Passion Burnt Brighter Than Her Fears. ♥. . . . . . #nevergiveup #starttoday #findyourstrengthbelieveyourbeauty #strongwomen #standtall #beproud #youarebeautiful #fulloffire #foreverfierce #foreverstriving #iwontstop #passion #fearlessmotivation #empowerment #keepreaching #iamstrong #iambrave #iwilllovemyself #giveyourselfpower #optimisticincentive
Beautiful day for a handover! ☺ Making a customer get exactly what they imagined is what we strive for! 🏡#happycustomer #foreverstriving #better #builders
I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the big city 😍. Want to know a secret? It’s been a goal of mine to live a year in #NYC and operate with it being my base to work creatively. My plan is to make it happen before I settle down to build a family. You’re NEVER too old to have new dreams and aspirations. Write them down! If you don’t know what you’re aiming for then how will you ever divise a plan to attain it? Attack them strategically and step by step. Truthfully, I hope you conquer them all... 😉🙏🏽 #Tbt #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
The easiest form of regret to deal with is that of taking the chance and failing. The hardest form of regret to deal with is that of never having tried. A #failure results in a lesson learned. A non-attempt results in endless contemplation about what could have been. Don’t be left wondering.. #shootyourshot ! #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
Thank you to @____germaine for having us at your lovely house warming party. CONGRATS to your continued success and accomplishments and thank you for your support #ForEverStriving ❤💪🏽 Book @flavaswatericellc for your next special occasion
The beauty of life awaits for the #dreamers and the doers.. #Emmys2018 🏆 #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
| GLADE OF SELF • ‘I see now that the purpose of self-progress is to not pursue perfection, but to move closer to the truth of who we really are, to untangle our deepest fears and doubts, and arrive in that tender, blissful place where we are free to be our purest, boundless selves’ - @beautaplin || #foreverstriving #liveyouropulentlife
Shana Tova/ Happy New year from #StrivingAuntieNPNovice , May it be a year of health, life (lifesaving), happiness and joy. May it be a year of personal growth, career growth and growth in all things needing to be grown (including Daniel’s mane of hair). To a year of continuous and positive striving. #shanatovaumetuka #happysweetnewyear2018 #health #newyear #family #nephew #nurse #np #jewishnewyear #ernurse #family #lifesaver #growth #newgoals #growth #health #roshhashana #aunt #striving #strivingnovice #foreverstriving
There’s a large part of civilization right now that feels the need to seek approval from others. Let me be the first to tell you that you should probably stop doing that.. #itsyourlife #fuckem 🔫🤨
WHAT A YEAR ! I always said 23 would be the YEAR ! - always been my lucky number being born on the 23rd - I’ve got just over 3 weeks until my 24th birthday 🎂! I I’m going to be entering 24 completely self employed, as Miss Cambridgeshire ready for miss galaxy 2019, as a humanities and social science student once again on a mission to reach my goals and complete my degree and lastly but most importantly as the best mamma I can be to my 3 beautiful boys as we travel on our wonderful journey and take any adventure in our stride - I am so so proud yet so so humble #foreverstriving #foreverthriving #stayhumbleandtrue #thechamberlainhousehold
Still I Smile,Still I Rise . Dress @fashionnova #Mercsboss #Foreverstriving
#LosAngeles will teach you a lot about people, but most importantly, a lot about yourself. How much adversity can you handle? How much are you willing to bleed for what you want? After getting knocked down flat on your face numerous times, how many more are you gonna stand back up? So many loops you have to jump through just to be able to have a shot at fighting for what your passion is. And then even after all of that, how much grit do you have to keep fighting for your passion itself? Yesterday, August 15th, marked my 5 year #anniversary of moving here and I’m still just as passionate now about the reason that drove me here to begin with. I still want it just as bad as I did when I was in the car, alone, on those 8hr treks between cities just to get here. Talking to myself, finding my #courage , convincing myself I wasn’t crazy when plenty of naysayers told me I was. I began to revel in that feeling. It became my #motivation . Now I’m finally making some headway. Years later, I’m finally beginning to see that light at the end of the tunnel. ✨👁 I don’t say any of this to gloat, I say this because I’ve grown to realize my struggle isn’t personal. There’s other artists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs out here dealing with similar issues of their own. And I know that if you want it bad enough, need it bad enough, to the point where you can’t see it any other way then you will eventually get it. #Life is filled with bullshit, and even more bullshitters. We all get dealt a hand, and even though we can’t control the cards, we can control how we play them. It’s on us to see the #beauty through it all. 🌹🎨👨🏽‍🎨 So you gotta keep striving. Keep your #confidence high, your outlook filled with #optimism , and your #passion near to your #heart . Because your struggle isn’t personal, and without it, you wouldn’t appreciate what you’re destined to get. Always remember, you’re only yes away from a life-changing event. You’ve come too far to give up now.. #ForeverStriving ✊🏽 x #TBT
Quads, glutes, delts. Adding muscle size and definition in this areas even though my weight is around 8/9pounds more than my fighting weight. You can still see separation in quads and delt definition 🙌🏼. Train hard eat hard, rest, grow and enjoy the results. #changingshape #foreverstriving #beyourbestinvestment #rachelturnerfitness #keeppushing #progress #glutesfordays #inspire #teampump
Faith❤️ Don’t make anyone feel like they’re hopeless with their faith. Don’t make people feel below you or below anyone else for that matter. If someone says that they find it difficult to cover their hair or body as they would like to or if they say that they find it difficult to pray 5 times a day or to read Quran or to do other acts of faith , don’t admonish them or tell them how sinful they are. Don’t make those who feel hopeless feel even more helpless! Remind them of duaa and how it can change a stone into a diamond. Remind them that Allah loves them any way. Remind them of hope and His mercy. Remember how NabI SAW changed nations into believers of One Allah not by reminding them of punishment or hell fire or how if they didn’t change now and today they would be earning the wrath of Allah or would be amongst those whom Allah would never forgive ... be gentle in your manner, remind others of goodness and positivity. Don’t judge people because they sin in ways different to you. Oh and don’t forget to look in the mirror every now and again, do you see a perfect believer staring back at you? How then can we rebuke anyone else? Faith is a beautiful thing, Alas it is most times also unpredictable. Where you stand today may not be where you’ll stand tomorrow or the day after or the day that you die. And that which you find abhorrent may one day be that which you love and vice-versa... Some sinners were once saints And some saints, well they were once sinners. #stillstriving #foreverstriving ~H
Idk if I’ll ever quite get this social media age. An era where so many value popularity over #talent , material over #substance , and attention online somehow outweighs interpersonal #communication . But I do know one thing, I’ll never let it deter me from being me.. 😏🤷🏽‍♂️ #Hateit or #Loveit
Know your worth and be great! #ForeverStriving 😏💪🏾💋
Lately my thoughts have only been centered around ambitions and a plan of action.. 📸: @yogitheshooter 🔥 #ForeverStriving ✊🏽
Trust God & Love People. Not The Other Way Around #foreverstriving #trusttheprocess #Godsplan
It’s in. Just. Yes it is an odd location for the mounts to be under the chassis rail but I didn’t want the tubes to be pointing downhill or trying to “pull” the chassis rails together wanted them to still have the engine sitting on top rather than hanging off the mounts. If that makes sense......braced it all up just a few more little sections to make for aesthetics and a bit more welding when it comes back out. It’s definetely strong!! Gearbox mount made but might re-do it as the mount hangs just a touch lower than the chassis rails. I’ve used the standard honda mount as it was simple but it could always be improved on! #foreverstriving #s2000 #hondapower #boosted #escortmk2 #mk2 #escort #ford #classicford #retroford #borgwarner #twinscroll #turbo #becauseracecar #racecar #tigwelding #tig #alloy ##gearshift #bam #midmount #injector #adapter #stoopid #machining #lathe #torques #black #aeroquip #goodridge #midmount
#Dreams so lucid that reality seems farce. But the reality keeps the dreams on the front of my conscious. Visions that I can’t wait to see become tangible. But I have to remain patient. I know one day we’re all gonna look back and appreciate the climb. Just #KeepGrinding .. #ForeverStriving ✊🏽 #TBT 🇪🇸
Waking up, feeling strong as a MF. Hard work, consistency, and the drive to never settle or be comfortable. I think babe @fit_lop3zzz is turning me into a body builder... maybe I should compete in the future? 😏😏 BTW to hype up my man, he is almost done his personal training certification so hit him up for fitness thingsssssssss 😛😛
Rule #1 , Don’t be number two. Rule #2 , Don’t roll wit a crew. Last but not least there’s Rule #3 ...Remember aint shit in this life here for free. Lashes by my God sissy @__lashesbytesia #Godfirst #seventhstreet #aboutlastnight #HighTide #Trophy #WeWantRenni #selflove #steppedoutofmycomfortzone #eyes #eyebrows #waist #lips #nosepiercing #weightlossjourney #ponytail #nude #JuneVibes #LashesByTesia #foreverstriving #STYLE
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