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Fun to meet & hear JD preach hear @ Moody. He & I worked on Word of Life Island back in the early ‘90’s. #MBI #Moody #MoodyBibleInstitute #FounderWeek #WOL #WOLBI #WOLIsland #WordofLife
"I am with Ryken because he shows us how to care for others through God's gifts." #FounderWeek #iamwithRyken
As Founders Week comes to end we just want to thank everyone that came out to show love and support! 💕 DIY Self-Care went great! And we’re excited to end off the week with our final Informational of the semester. All non-greek affiliated women are welcome! Come learn about the FIRST and LARGEST Latina sorority in the nation! Professional Attire recommended! Plaza Room East! 9:15PM 🐚🌴🌙#LTAZetaNu #FounderWeek #LTAIsTheOnlyWay
"Hazlo como a Dave le gustaría...." #Wendys #DayOfDave #FounderWeek #GayBoy #GayGay 👑👓💚😍
💙💛RHOYAL TAKEOVER💛💙 Please Join Us Tomorrow For Our Kick Off Event Meet The Pretty Poodles With @sgrhophx. This Is A Business Professional Event So Please Dress Accordingly. To See What We Have Planned For The Week Swipe Left. We Celebrating 95 Years Of Service #SigmaGammaRho #FounderWeek #Rhovember #RhoyalTakeover #Rhoyality #Sgrho #PrettyPoodles #1922 #WestCoastPoodles #PoodlesDoItBest #Betapi #BetaMuSigma #MaryLouTaughtUs #prettyandprecise #SisterHood #GreaterService Greater Progress
Where could we be? 🤔 It all begins next Thursday 👀🌺 #FounderWeek
20 de outubro comemora-se 97 anos de fundação da Ordem Internacional das Filhas de Jó!!!! Parabéns a todas que puderam ter a emoção de pertencer a esta irmandade maravilhosa. #founderweek #97anos #purpleout #semanadafundação #jdi #fdj #filhasdejógoiás @filhasdejogoias
Thank you to everyone who came out to support our philanthropy St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It's always a win/win when you can break a sweat and help families at the same time👪💜🏥🏋💪 #ltalegacy #zetaeta #isugreeks #idahostategreeks #stjude #zumba #fundraiser #founderweek #lambdathetaalpha #lambdaversary #helpfamilies
Coming to a great end to our Founders Week. We are so lucky to have been founded and we owe it to all the hard work and dedication that our lovely founders established for us! #founderweek #lambdathetaalpha #ltalegacy #zetaetamade #isugreeks #idahostategreeks #lunadinner
Come break a sweat with us! 🏋💪& Save a life at the same time👪 Join us today on our Zumba Fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital🏥 #stjude #ISULTA #isugreeks #idahostategreeks #lta #lta1975 #ltalegacy #fundraiser #zumba #founderweek #lambdathetaalpha #lambdaversary
Our lovely sisters doing their daily service for the community during our Founders Week at Family Services Alliance🙏💜 #ltalegacy #lta #isu #isugreeks #idahostategreeks #lambdathetaalpha #communityservice #founderweek #lambdaversary #zetaetamade
Would you like to break a sweat? 🏋💪& Save a life at the same time?👪 Well you can! Join us this Thursday on our Zumba Fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital🏥@stjude #stjude #ISULTA #ISUgreeks #idahostategreeks #lta #lta1975 #ltalegacy #fundraiser #zumba #founderweek #lambdathetaalpha #lambdaversary
Thank you for everyone who came by to celebrate our Lambdaversary🌴🌙🐚 Also a great surprise from our Founding sister Evelyn Rivas #9 Welcome back sister! We can't wait to see what the future has for you💜 #ZetaEtaMade #ISULTA #ISUgreeks #idahostategreeks #lambdathetaalpha #lambdaversary #founderweek #cakecutting
Today our lovely chapter celebrates 2 years thanks to our Founding Sisters🐚🌙🌴. We see the love you have for this chapter. 💜Thank you for letting us continue the legacy of Zeta Eta #ZetaEtaMade #lambdaversary #founderweek #foundingline #lta1975 #ISULTA #ISUgreeks #idahostategreeks #2years #goingonstrong #lambdathetaalpha
I'd like to thank everyone that came out to our Origami Workshop, we had an amazing time. Tuesday night is our study table to give people the opportunity to study for that last batch of midterms. Hope to see y'all there! #KPiB #FounderWeek
Today is the Day! These Lambda Ladies just turned 1 year. Thank you Line 1 "The Infinite Possibilities" for continuing the legacy and love that you have for Zeta Eta. Seeing all of you ladies grow individually has made us proud🌴🐚🌙🎂 we Love you to the Luna & back sisters💜 #lambdaversary #1year #founderweek #ZetaEtaMade #ltalegacy #ISULTA #ISUgreeks #idahostategreeks #line1 #theinfinitepossibilities
This is the last day of Founder Week! ••••••Chance Vought was born in 1890. He is known as one of the most creative American aircraft designers of World War I. Vought took flying lessons and received his license in 1912. For a time, he was Chief Engineer of the Wright brothers’ manufacturing company. In 1917, Vought, with the financial support of a sportsman named “Birdseye” Lewis, founded Lewis and Vought Company. The main purpose of the company at that time was to make aircraft that were needed during World War I. The VE-7 "Bluebird" trainer was the company's first product. While serving on General Pershing's staff, Lewis died in a plane crash in France in 1918. During the 1920s, Vought pioneered the field of naval aviation. In 1922 a VE-7SF fighter made the first ever aircraft carrier take off. In May 1922, Lewis and Vought was renamed the Chance Vought Corporation. Chance Vought died 1930 at the age of 40. The Vought Company invented and manufactured amazing aircraft. One such plane was the legendary F4-U Corsair, a fighter-bomber used in both World War II and the Korean War. The F4-U is not only my favorite Vought plane, but is also my favorite WWII fighter plane. #founderweek #lastdayoffounderweek #chancevought #voughtaircraft #f4ucorsair #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
William T. Piper was born in 1881. He was an American manufacturer of small aircraft best known for the Piper Cub. The Piper was a two-seater that became the most popular family aircraft. He was often referred to as “the Henry Ford of Aviation". Piper graduated from Harvard University in 1903 and worked in a construction business until 1914. In 1929, he bought a small company called Taylorcraft and renamed it Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first “Cub” took flight in 1929, but because of the Great Depression the company didn't sell it's first plane until 1931. He took flying lessons and became a pilot in 1931. During World War II, Piper delivered more than 5,600 Piper Cubs to the U.S. government. They were used as training aircraft, special personnel planes, photoreconnaissance, and as artillery spotters. Piper served as the president of Piper Aircraft until his death in 1970. William Piper is widely recognized for popularizing General Aviation in the U.S. The Piper Company manufactured a easy to fly aircraft that soon became very popular with families. The Piper PA-18 Super Cub is my favorite Piper aircraft. Let me know what yours is! #founderweek #piperaircraft #williampiper #pipercub #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
James McDonnell was born in 1899 and was an American aviator, engineer, and businessman. He was the founder of McDonnell Aircraft. He earned his degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1925. He worked for several different aircraft manufacturers during and before college including: The Aircraft Division of the Ford Motor Company, the Hamilton Metalplane Company, and the Huff Daland Airplane Company. In 1928, McDonnell left Huff Daland and founded the company J.S. McDonnell.  With the help of two other engineers, McDonnell set out to design his first aircraft with the new company name. Because of lack of orders during the Great Depression, he dissolved his firm and worked for Great Lakes Aircraft in 1931.  He was then hired as an engineer for the Glenn Martin Company.  McDonnell resigned from Martin in 1938 and founded McDonnell Aircraft Corporation in 1939. The company quickly grew into a principle supplier of fighter aircraft to the U.S Air Force and Navy. In 1967, McDonnell Aircraft merged with the Douglas Aircraft Company to create McDonnell Douglas. McDonnell died in 1980. #founderweek #mcdonelldouglas #jamesmcdonald #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
William Boeing was born in 1881 and was an aviation pioneer and founder of Boeing Aircraft. He took his first flying lessons and bought his first plane in 1909. He first became interested in aviation design when he crashed his first plane. When the manufacturer told him that it would take several months to replace the parts, he told his mechanic "We could build a better plane ourselves and build it faster". In 1916, Boeing co-founded the Pacific Aero Products Co. He bought an old boat works on the Duwamish River near Seattle for his factory. The company's first plane was the Boeing model 1. When the U.S entered the World War I, Boeing changed the name from Pacific Aero Products Co. to Boeing Airplane Company. They received orders from the U.S Navy for 50 planes. At the end of the war, Boeing began to concentrate on commercial aircraft, secured contracts to supply airmail service and built a successful airmail operation and later passenger service that later became United Airlines. The flagship of the Boeing Company is the Boeing 747; it is also my all time favorite commercial aircraft. #founderweek #boeing #williamboeing #boeing747 #myfavoriteplane #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
Lloyd Stearman was born in 1898. He studied engineering and architecture at the Kansas State College. In 1918, he left school to enlist in the U.S Naval Reserve, where he took his first flying lessons. He learned to fly Curtiss N-9 seaplanes. After his service in the Navy,  Stearman was hired by the Swallow aircraft Company as a mechanic. In 1925, Stearman, Walter Beech, and Clyde Cessna formed the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. In 1927, Stearman left to form his own company. In his new company, he built the Stearman C2, C-3, and designed other biplanes for mail, cargo delivery, observation, and training. In the early 1930s, Stearman became president of Lockheed Martin Corporation. The Stearman Aircraft plant was located in Wichita, Kansas. The most famous plane he company produced was the Model 75. Stearman died in 1975. #founderweek #stearmanaircraft #lloydstearman #wwi #wwii #pilot #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
Walter Beech, born in 1891, was an aviation pioneer and founder of Beech Aircraft Company. Beech started flying in 1905 at age 14 when he built a glider of his own design. Beech was a pilot in the U.S. Army during World War I. After his service in the Army, he joined the Swallow Airplane Company where he worked as a test pilot for two and a half years. In 1924, Lloyd Steerman, Clyde Cessna, and Beech formed the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. In 1932, he and his wife founded Beech Aircraft. Their first Beechcraft plane won the Bendix trophy. During World War II, the company produced more than 7,400 military aircraft for the war effort. Beech died in 1950. The Beechcraft King Air is my favorite Beech airplane! Let me know what yours is! #founderweek #walterbeech #beechcraft #beechcraftkingair #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
Clyde Cessna, born in 1879, was a pilot, aircraft designer, and founder of Cessna Aircraft Corporation. Clyde's interest in aviation began after seeing an aerial exhibition in his home state of Kansas. After realizing his interest in aviation, Clyde left Oklahoma and moved to New York where he worked at the Queen Aeroplane Company. In 1911, he built his first airplane. After the completion of his first aircraft, he tested it at the Great Salt Plains His first attempt at flight ended in a ground loop which he had to pay $100 to repair. He attempted flight 13 more times, all 13 failing. Finally on his 13th attempt, Cessna had short success as his aircraft flew for a short time before crashing into trees as he attempted to bank. Following his crash, Cessna exclaimed, "I'm going to fly this thing, then I'm going to set it afire and never have another thing to do with airplanes!” Finally, in 1911 Cessna had his first successful flight. In the years following World War I, public interest in private flying increased, leading Cessna, along with Walter Beech and Lloyd Steerman, to found the Travel Air Manufacturing Company. The company soon became one of the leading US aircraft manufacturers. After two years, Cessna left the company with plans to start his own firm due to design disputes with his partners. On September 7, 1927, Cessna and entrepreneur Victor Roos formed Cessna-Roos Aircraft. Roos resigned just one month into the partnership, and the company changed its name to Cessna Aircraft. In the first years of the then new company, Cessna invented three new successful planes---the AW, CW-6, and the DC-6. Despite the success of new models, the Great Depression led to a bankruptcy for the corporation. In 1934, Cessna reopened his plant which he sold to his nephews in 1936. Cessna returned to a life of farming. And died in 1954. Cessna Aircraft is still in full production today. The Caravan is my favorite Cessna!Let me know what yours is!! #founderweek #cessnaaircraft #cessnacaravan #aviationhistory #aviationhistorylover
Albert Mooney, born in 1906, was the founder of Mooney Aircraft.  Al became interested in engineering and designing by watching his father who was an engineer. He became interested in aircraft designing, and at the age of 19 Mooney took a position as an assistant to the chief engineer at Alexander Aircraft. His first year at Alexander proved unfruitful because he assisted on an eventually failing design. Finally, Al got the chance to build the M-1, a plane of his own design. Al started taking his first flying lessons during this time. In 1928, he became the chief engineer at Alexander.  In 1929, Al left the Alexander Aircraft Company, and he and his brother moved to Wichita Kansas, where they started the Mooney Aircraft Corporation. The early years of the Mooney Corporation were spent designing the Mooney A-1 and M-5.  In just a short time, the design of the M-5 had progressed from the drawing board to test flights. With the aircraft industry sales on the decline due to the onset of the Great Depression, Al attempted to fly the M-5 nonstop from California to New York as a promotional feat. However, the nonstop flight failed in Indiana, when his engine quit due to faulty welding on the fuel pump. In 1931, with the failing economy, the company closed its doors. In 1946, with the partnership of C.G. Yankey, Al reopened Mooney Aircraft. Al took the position of general manager and chief engineer. The first aircraft produced was the M-18, a single-place retractable gear aircraft. After some problems with engine selection, the decision was made to replace it.  Al started design on his next aircraft, the M-20. In 1953, the corporation's main financial backer, Yankey, died of a stroke before proper funding had been set up for the M-20. With the company again in financial distress, it was taken over by new owners. Only two years after the first prototype flight of the M-20, and in the wake of Yankey's death followed by the company's takeover, Al Mooney left the company and started working at Lockheed where he spent the rest of his career. Al died in 1986. Mooney is located in my hometown of Kerrville, Texas, and It still turns out my favorite single engine aircraft!
Calling all Brothers of ΑΦΑ in the Metro Atlanta area. Please inbox for additional information or directions! December 2nd! This Friday!!! #Founderweek #metroatlantaalphas #AlphasofAtlanta #Atlanta #georgiadistrictalphas #AlphaSouth #ΑΦΑ #rsl1906 #nochapters #allfrat
It must be the Dawg in me!!! #ΩΨΦ #founderweek
This Friday I don't think Y'all Ready 😱😈My brothers of ⚫️Groove Phi Groove S.F.I⚪️ Present: "BLACK FRIDAY" The All Black Affair 🚨🚧⚠ This is what you've been waiting , it's going down The Garage Night Club🎉 Doors open at 11pm 👌🏾 College ID is Required ! it's going to be a Movie🎯 🎥 Link is my BIO GET YALL TICKETS 🎟🎟🎟 #GPhiG #GΦG #founderweek #mercycollege #Paceuniversity #Manhattanvillecollege #Monroecollege #westchester #collegeofnewrochelle #Nyackcollege #Dominicancollege #Wcc #Party
Calling all college students , the turn up you've been waiting for has Finally arrived! We The brothers of ⚫️Groove Phi Groove S.F.I⚪️ Present: "BLACK FRIDAY" The All Black Affair 🚨🚧⚠ it's going down Friday October 14th at The Garage Night Club🎉 Get your Early Bird tickets now !! Link in bio Doors open at 11pm 👌🏾 College ID is Required ! No Hats 🎩,No White tees, No Athletic Clothing Clear your schedule because it's going to be a Movie 🎥 #GPhiG #GΦG #founderweek #Ionacollege #Paceuniversity #Manhattanvillecollege #MercyCollege #Monroecollege #westchester #collegeofnewrochelle #Nyackcollege #Dominicancollege #Wcc #Party
We The GEMs 💎 of The brothers of ⚫️Groove Phi Groove S.F.I⚪️ Present: "BLACK FRIDAY" The All Black Affair 🚨🚧⚠ This is what you've been waiting for and it's going down Friday October 14th at The Garage Night Club🎉 Doors open at 11pm 👌🏾 College ID is Required ! Make sure you clear✍🏾 you schedule because it's going to be a Movie 🎥 Get your tickets for cheap now!!👇🏽 Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-friday-the-all-black-affair-tickets-28269450688 #GPhiG #GΦG #founderweek #Ionacollege #Paceuniversity #Manhattanvillecollege #MercyCollege #Monroecollege #westchester #collegeofnewrochelle #Nyackcollege #Dominicancollege #Wcc #Party
We count time by heart throbs! Kind of upset that I didn't have space for more pictures but we would be here all day! #AKPsi #XiOmega #blueandgold #112Years #foundersday #TheOldestAndTheGreatest #Founderweek #KillingTheGameSince1904 #TheOldestAndTheGreatest
We The Brothers of ⚫️Groove Phi Groove S.F.I⚪️ Present: "BLACK FRIDAY" The All Black Affair 🚨🚧⚠ This is what you've been waiting for and it's going down Friday October 14th at The Garage Night Club🎉 Doors open at 11pm 👌🏾 College ID is Required ! Make sure you clear✍🏾 your schedule because it's going to be a Movie 🎥 Eventbrite link coming 🔜 #GPhiG #GΦG #founderweek #Ionacollege #Paceuniversity #Manhattanvillecollege #MercyCollege #Monroecollege #westchester #collegeofnewrochelle #Nyackcollege #Dominicancollege #Wcc #Party
The message from Ravi Zacharius was a great end to #founderweek .
The beginning of founder week at Moody Bible Institute. I am excited to see what God is going to teach me this week. :) #founderweek #mbi #moodybibleinstitute #chicago
TOMORROW AT 6pm @fleetwoodlifestyle JDI ON THE BOX #founderweek #HBCU
Such a late congratulations to the women of AKA @taumu_aka for holding a successful founders week! We can't wait to see what else you ladies bring to our campus and also a late Happy Founders Day!! #mgcdpulove #depaul #aphig #aka #founderweek #sorrywerelate #greenandpink #burgundyandcreme
Don't let yourself be a Regina George! Las Cuaimas event set to start in 5 mins MSC 2709. Don't miss out as we touch on topics dealing gossip, manipulation and jealousy happening in our society! #Founderweek #Kimimela #USF
🐾🐾ITSSSS TONIGHTTTT! 🐾🐾 Come help the Youth strive in our Operation Big Book Bag event tonight and support the School Supply Drive 📚📝📖✏️ **DONATIONS OF SUPPLIES AND HELP IS ACCEPTED ALL WEEK!** @sgrhocentral @umdearborngreeklife @umd_bsu @umdearborn #sgrho #operationbigbookbag #sigmagammarho #1922 #founderweek 🐩🐾💙💛 #crprettypoodles #CRPRETTYPOODLES
💙💛💙💛 WE CANT KEEP CALM FOUNDERS DAY IS COMINGGGGGGG 😁🐩🐾 JOIN THE LADIES OF SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY INC. ON OUR FOUNDERS DAY THIS THURSDAY FOR PEARLS ☺️💙💛.. POODLES 🐩🐩 and PASTRIES 😛🍪🍰 YOU DONT WANT TO MISS IT!! @sgrhocentral @umdearborn @umd_bsu @umdearborngreeklife #Sgrho #Sigmagammarho #1922 #Founderweek #Rhovember #CRPRETTYPOODLES
It's Founders Week!👍🙈 Are y'all ready?👏👏👏 #tnx #tnxmar #ThetaNuXi #OneLove #FoundersWeek #UNCG15 #UNCG16 #UNCG17 #UNCG18 #Sisterhood
Gamma Xi Chapter for the win as they take their 2nd win in Barry Univeristy's Founder Week Competition. #2peat #ΛΘΦ #ΓΞ #GΓΞATNESS #BarryUniversity #FounderWeek #BarryU
Changing lives with Miss Teen Georgia #service #dphiu #Founderweek #missteengeorgia
My assignment at work from last night.. Lol not too bad for editing though..😂😂😂 #microsoft #paint #wendys #founderweek #hopialikeit