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Move, Get out the way. If you ain’t down for the cause, you better get out of our way. #movingfast
Just one of the things I pray about 🙏🏾🤞🏾♥️ Happy Sunday y’all #MonroeChic 💋 #generations #generationalwealth #generaltionalhealth #generationalpeace #generationalprosperity #generationalabundance #generationallove #generationallegacy 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
What would you do if you were given three weeks to live? I started the audiobook The Power of Moments today, and in it the author talks about how someone was told they had three weeks to live. If you were given three weeks to live would you do anything differently? If so, are you truly living now? Some people who are only given three more weeks may live more than someone given many years. ♥️What can you do today to start living? For who and what are you living? #thepowerofmoments #livetoday #audiobooklover #overdrive #bookspiration #todaysthoughts #liveforthefuture #generationallegacy #growthmindset
Repost By familywordcentre: Good morning Christian parents, : Extracted from our Bible Based parents forum...@familywordcentre : : As a christian Parent, is your parenting Bible based or just Secular parenting ? There is a huge difference : Be intentional, when you get it right with one generation, you might be working out the purpose of God concerning the next generation. : : The truth is that it is not only about your child, it is also about your grandchildren.God is trying to raise the remnants through you. Be more intentional in your parenting. It is bigger than you think #biblebasedparenting #christianparents #children #teens #destiny #generationallegacy #partnerwithGod #familywordcentre #virtuous_young_woman
Repost By familywordcentre: Good morning Christian parents, : Extracted from our Bible Based parents forum...@familywordcentre : : As a christian Parent, is your parenting Bible based or just Secular parenting ? There is a huge difference : Be intentional, when you get it right with one generation, you might be working out the purpose of God concerning the next generation. : : The truth is that it is not only about your child, it is also about your grandchildren.God is trying to raise the remnants through you. Be more intentional in your parenting. It is bigger than you think #biblebasedparenting #christianparents #children #teens #destiny #generationallegacy #partnerwithGod #familywordcentre (via #appskottage .com #IGSaver @AppKottage )
Good morning Christian parents, : Extracted from our Bible Based parents forum... : : As a christian Parent, is your parenting Bible based or just Secular parenting ? There is a huge difference : Be intentional, when you get it right with one generation, you might be working out the purpose of God concerning the next generation. : : The truth is that it is not only about your child, it is also about your grandchildren.God is trying to raise the remnants through you. Be more intentional in your parenting. It is bigger than you think #biblebasedparenting #christianparents #children #teens #destiny #generationallegacy #partnerwithGod #familywordcentre
5 Generations of Eva's Legacy..... Thanksgiving 2018 #familyphotoshoot #generationalblessings #generationallegacy
Fantastic celebration last night with the opening of #mrtekkie at Eden Meander in George! Well done and God bless, Braam and your amazing team! #legacy #generationallegacy @mr.tekkie
He alone is Life who gives breath to all beings, big and small. Possessive, because He got it under control. His plan is perfect; your indecision and disobedience is not enough to deter His Good Will. Who are you, oh pitiful child, to alter the course of life, predestined by the Father, the Perfecter of all? .. I’ve struggled to build my security on His promise, leaving me to doubt myself in endless ways - my post-graduate life, career path, my roommates, my job title, financial stability, my family’s wellbeing l, and even my appearance. Built on foundations other than God, My security fluctuated. Without a rock foundation, my life tossed and turned. But after many humbling circumstances, my Father kept pointing me back to Him. His love is what makes me secure, knowing I am God’s. He loves recklessly, even for the recklessly broken - He mends me and makes me stronger. My appearance, my bank account, and my accomplishments do not define me. I am God’s. And that is who I am. GOD’S got it.
His mighty arm is swift, quick to serve justice. He is a father to the fatherless and the champion of widows. Do you believe that He will come to your rescue in times of great need? His silence can be more deafening than strikes of thunder, more terrible than the trembles of earthquakes. My impatience can mistake His silence for absence when I know deep inside, He is right there, pleading me to trust Him. God’s GOT it.
It is finished. It has been declared victorious, claimed by the victorious King who conquered death and endured all sin. Why, you of little faith, still doubt Him? Remember His good deeds, praise His glorious Name, and exalt Him forever on high. None can compare to Him. You do not realize Christ is all you need until you realize He is all you have. God’s got IT.
Single peony - the first from Great Granny’s garden since being transplanted before the property was sold. I think she would be proud #peony #flower #peonylove #generationallegacy
Here are a few more of the funny memories I had from the POVA marketing and ministry internship. Special thanks to the Anderson family for hosting me and the POVA church for giving me an experience I’ll never forget. For anyone curious just know that they are an inspiring group of humans seeking God in Potomac Valley Virginia. Love y’all VA! 🙏🙏 #fbf #flashbackfridays
RATHER PATIENTLY INVEST than to Patiently Suffer Endlessly. @eddinations It always puzzle me to hear someone saying "10 years is too long to wait for investments to pay-off"... I am always like "Dude, You will suffer that 10 years x3 anyway" So you rather reduce your 50 years of suffering to only ten years, then enjoy the remaining 40 years financially flourishing. And when you happy and financially blessed, God might even top you up with more extra years to live. Just don't ignore the call to Invest! . . . . . . #Invest #wealth #wealthcreation #investments #finance #financialfreedom #financialpower #money #rich #riches #legacy #future #business #cryptocurrency #cryptoinvestments #forex #property #JSE #Stockmarket #StockInvestments #Businessinvestments #Investmentportfolio #generationalwealth #generationallegacy #patience #richdadpoordad #discipline #financialliteracy
I’ve been AWOL... To the one known as Luke Cage, Swaggie P, Terese, Big Sack and God Knows. Shout out for being someone that has always pushed me to be better whether it was in the gym, kitchen, fashion, and the dancefloor. I appreciate your patience In training me in all those areas. I’m super grateful for not only how you’ve cared for me but also my family. I’ve seen you make a lasting impact wherever you go. You amaze people with your humility and inspire people with your strength. I hope to make you proud big bro, thanks for being dope. 🙏😭
Imagine...🤔 if we could activate the entrepreneurial mindset of an entire generation. #tomorrowsinnovators #Generationallegacy #Ignitetheentrepreneurialmindset
Lately I have spent a lot of my time with my clients looking at the generational dysfunction in their families they have carried on with them into their lives and passed onto their own children. If you yell at your children, more than likely someone yelled at you. If you saw abuse in your family, you’re much more likely to abuse as well. Infidelity, alcoholism, addiction, denial, blame, weakness, toxic behavior, how to handle pain, these are all things your little eyes would have watched in loving adoration of your parents and they modeled for you how to do it. So if it was dysfunctional, you learned how to be, well dysfunctional through the words, actions, behaviors and attitudes of those that came before you. But we can’t blame your parents either, because that’s giving you a pass to continue to be a victim and #thecyclecontinues once again. We could throw stones back 10 generations if we wanted- yet it will only continue the dysfunction. Someone has to step up. Usually, when someone reaches out to seek help or go to therapy, it’s because the PAIN in their lives and their relationships is so extreme they need help to make a shift. Regular therapy focuses on this person’s individual thoughts and behaviors but many times fails to understand how these behaviors and attitudes were imprinted into their subconscious from an early age and our subconscious is what runs us. In working with these people they usually have a lot of guilt that traditional therapy hasn’t worked because it’s been focusing on changing their behavior and not on how powerful this generational contract is. We then look at starting to really identify and unravel these generations of dysfunction that have been offloaded to them. These people seek clarity, validation, and guidance to help them acknowledge and address these dysfunctional patterns. These are the game changers, the warriors who are seeking to change the trajectory and the legacy they leave behind to those they love, to those who carry on their name. I challenge you that if dysfunction has been rampant in your family, that you be the one to pull the ripcord and step off at the next line. Change your Life to Change your Legacy♥️
My earthly father once wrote to me: “Think about God as THE FATHER who look[s] out for your good and that with Him, you can accomplish anything you want in life!” …need I say more? GOD is good . . . 🎵: Chance the Rapper - Blessings 2
Is means to equate. For GOD IS GOOD, the nature of His being is life and love. In Him is Light and no darkness. When something is good, that is God. For in Him and through Him, all things were created and declared good. God created us and deemed us VERY GOOD. How good is God? God. Because He is. God IS good. . . . 🎵: Ebrahim - iHeartBobby
There is good and evil in this world. There is such thing as right and wrong. For sin entered the world through one man and devastated the course of human history and continues to do so but we are redeemed through the sacrifice of Jesus on that brutal cross. God is so good. Knowing fully well that we could walk away from Him, He still loved us enough to give up His Son for the good of humanity, for us. God is GOOD. . . 🎵: Jonathan McReynolds - God is Good
This morning Brevyn was dedicated in the same little dress her granny and mother wore! 🔥🦁🦄🍯#GenerationalLegacy #Dedication #TheWomack6 #BrevynReign
The first and the last #generationallegacy #whatwillweleavebehind #nikkidatgirl 🤘🏾
Transition means living in a new place and I am more than blessed to be with a family of strong, believing brothers. Please visit us so we can feed you! . . “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! It is like the precious oil on the head, running down on the beard, on the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes!” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭133:1-2‬ ‭ESV
During the first phase they bring you along. During the second phase you bring them along. • Rose Bowl 2018 • #dad #rosebowl #northwesternmutual #goalsetting #vision #lifequotes #legacy #generationallegacy #jmacwhite #bucketlist #bucketlistfamily #coaching #businesscoaching #lifecoaching #wisdom #wisdomquotes
Today, we experienced The Experience: riding to and from church full of dope people, snacks, and good vibes; all-Boston worship service with my extended family of brothers and sisters; and a Harvard food run and kickback with the homies.🔥🔥 Posts like these remind me of the immeasurable blessings God has given me despite my continual struggle of doubts, insecurities, and fears amid my life of transition. Can’t thank God enough for what I got! 😭🙏
Better late than never... but here are some behind the scenes footage from the Forbes Under 30 event 2 weeks ago in Boston! 🙏 I’ve spent about 10 years trying to figure out/create my path where I’d be after college. I had an initial plan but God told me no. Instead l live with my brothers, doing video editing and DJing and end up at an event like this where I was able to meet so many young entrepreneurs and visionaries...something tells me this is simply the beginning. Shout out to @jxysing and Nairobi for the hook up! God is always good‼️
This vacation was dedicated to our best friend Troy Davis who is no longer here but whose love still surrounds us. ❤️ . We don't need to be perfect.. We just have to be WHOLE! 🙌🏽 . They complete me 💋🙌🏽❤️ #yearofthebucketlist #generationallegacy #familyvacation2018 #myheartinhumanforms
Behind the scenes of a photo shoot for @royalteegarmentz that I'm super excited to be a part of. Come check out the showcase on Oct 19th at The Shire at 7pm. Get your free tickets @eventbrite. You don't want to misd it! #royalteegarmentz #thespire #generationallegacy #octoberevents #oct19
Just me being me. Opening up boxes and being reminded of who I fight for. I have my wife, my children, my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, my friends who are family regardless of the distance between us. I fight for family and loyalty. I fight for #TinoAHerrick . I fight to #EndMentalSegregation . However, I forget that I'm fighting for me too. I get so caught up in trying to hold everyone else above water that I take on more water than safe for my lungs and I nearly drown. So far I've needed resuscitation a few times - thank you Dr Marks - but family and loyalty keep me fighting. That and the fact that I'm grown enough now to have the childhood I always wanted, not the one I was forced to have. I can let my #blerd shine! . . I found this picture of myself that makes me always aware of the #blerdlife (brown nerd) I was destined to be. I love numbers and letters, words, musicals, algorithms, conversations, art, inventions, circuits, robotics, puppets, cartoons, books, plays, nature, animals, people, museums, parks, music, laughing, learning, life. I used to care that I was different, but as I look my life I realise I am successful. I know because the people I'm around are a reflection of that success. . . Mind you, I am still striving to do better, be better, to end the #GenerationalLegacy of fighting for basic rights, ending parental separation, generational ignorance, struggling to obtain higher education, being labeled an adult at 18, pushed out into the world with a boatload of expectations on your newly minted "adult" shoulders, seperating the world by colour, struggling for self acceptance. I'm ending that with me. Yeah, I'm a nerd and I love me. In fact, I'm amongst the originals of the #GangstaNerd . . Do you love you? Show yourself some love today. Happy #SundayFunday . Told ya to #staytuned . . #FruiitcakeNation #FruiitcakeNation ® #Blerd_Observatory 🐮 #NAHtreats #mytruths #STEMSunday #womeninstem #brownwomenrock #youngme #BRilikethecheesenoE #2moms3kids #ESA #servicedog #Zander #ZanVanNo #nerdist #lovethyself #GoldenRulers #fruiitcakenationroster
Im so amazed and in love with who you are. I’ve always been proud and will continue to be proud to be your granddaughter. Thank you always being there and believing in me when times I don’t. Even though you’re not around I still feel your love surrounding me. Hugging me as if you’re still here. Smiling at me like I’ve never disappointed you. Although I’m still working on making your legacy live just know I promise that your future great grandchildren will know exactly who you are. You are my reason and why. I hope I making you smile up in heaven and I hope you believe that my love for you has never died down. I love you. I love you. I love you. Continue to love me as if you’ve never gone. You live through me. Dad is always a living memory of you and I promise to take care of him so I can see you through him for as long as possible. . . Happy Birthday, Papa! It’s like you’ve never gone. Continue to visit me! . . #GenerationalLegacy #MyReason #MyWhy #NoExcuse
Part 1 - Behind the scenes 👀 photo shoot for @royalteegarmentz 👑 upcoming Fashion Showcase October 19th. I'm so excited to be apart of history in the making! #SanAntonio it's about to go down! 😎👇 #ItsAFamilyThing #GenerationalLegacy PS - might I add.. i am so in love with my girls Renee & Olivia they have an inner #Grace and #Beauty that can't help but shine through.😍 #BlessingsFromGod PSS - don't forget to go to #EventBrite and get your #FREE #Tickets
Ponder This...🤔 😎🤩 ✈️ ☀️ 🌴 👏🏄🏻‍♀️🍾 #familyvaction2018 #winterHibernation #generationallegacy #blessed 🙏
Count Down 😛😎🤩 ✈️ ☀️ 🌴 👏🏄🏻‍♀️🍾 #familyvaction2018 #winterHibernation #generationallegacy #blessed
YOU: Look in the mirror. Wow. You possess a beauty that pervades and glows in exactly the way God intended. YOU are a talented beast, finished with the kiss of imperfection - a cute birthmark. You are created in His Loving Image. With passion. With purpose. With potential. 👊👊👊 YOU got this!
GOT: Denoting action, not the act of getting “got” (tricked, defeated), but of you go GETting it! Visualize your dream, internalize your vision, and actualize your pursuit! Picture it, draw it, hug it, taste it - in your hand is the tool to create and maneuver. The sculpture is simply hidden within the block of marble, and only you have the ability to unravel its splendor. 🤙🤙🤙 You GOT this!
THIS: This or that...not that, but this! It’s where you are, the opportunity you have, the resources surrounding you now; everything has converged to this point, to where and who you are right now. You are not that person or that thing over there. You are here. Now. THIS is your moment‼️ 💪💪💪 You got THIS.
🤗 Enjoying this beautiful day with my family and counting my blessings.. Remember.. When your share your blessings unselfishly GOD will always bless you unbundling! I thank God for my vision to create @tbsfacilityservices over ten years ago and my nonprofit @thephoenixreintegrationproject over three years ago. These businesses have been a vehicle that has allowed Delane, Bria and I to open closed doors for family and friends by creating short/long term employment opportunities, training and financial donations to several families and nonprofit organizations. We always reached back to bring someone alone the ride with us. This week two doors closed however, three bigger doors open! 💪🏾 “A blessing for a blessings” So on that.. Me and my cubs going into hibernation until January 2019! Yep, the pool is heated 🏊‍♀️ Vacation started yesterday 🤣💪🏾. P.S-Remember... Never forget where your blessings came from and most importantly never bite the hands that feed you. 😜 #generationallegacy #payforward #yearofthebucketlist #worksmartnothard #youngmoguls #propertynumber2 #2018rangerrover #mydreamhome
There’s a battle being fought in our country—between good and evil, between right and wrong, between light and darkness. It’s not new, but it has certainly intensified in a very public way. The battle is raging in the halls of Congress, on the Senate floor, in the Supreme Court, and on the media airwaves. It is raging in our city councils and school boards. Pray for our nation, that we would turn to God. He is the only answer for the problems we face. The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12). #Pray4USA #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent ##RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
Ok ladies, registration for our Women's Legacy Dinner on October 19th is OPEN!!! Our worship leader Megan DeLong is going to be teaching out of Titus 2, focusing on generational mentoring, leaving a legacy that impacts eternity, and why it's so important that women come together and learn from one another. We are PUMPED! Tickets are $10 and include a delicious dinner, journal, and a few other goodies. Childcare is available, but make sure to pre-register! Get your tickets today on our website: northwaychurch.net #legacy #womenteachingwomen #thepowerofawoman #generationallegacy #mentoring
We had just arrived. I can see he was still nervous about hanging out with the inlaws😁 #familyreunion #heritage #generationallegacy
This has always blown me away. . Your grandmother carried you in her womb while she created your mother. All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our grandmother. Each of us spent five months in our grandmother's womb and she in turn formed in the womb of her grandmother. . Generational imprints carried in our cells. . #mothernature #pregnancy #aboutbirth #aboutbirthonline #laelstone #life #birth #generationallegacy #wisdom
I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being. -Jackie Robinson #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
Baseball gives every American boy a chance to excel, not just to be as good as someone else but to be better than someone else. This is the nature of man and the name of the game. -Ted Williams #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
#weekendvibe Slow Grind. Long term over short term. 🙌🏽 . . . #progress #work entrepreneur #generationallegacy #godfidence #fashion
Development is a process. Build a concrete foundation first, then put up the walls, followed by the roof. There’s no short cuts. If your foundation isn’t solid the roof and walls will collapse. #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
#strategy The problem is we look but we don’t see. Most of the time, we’re squinting because the noise is soooo loud we end up looking at the back of our vision as it escapes from our self inflicted chaos. Learn to put several meetings with just “yourself” on the agenda. Don’t get caught up in the short term milestones....Work your vision till God says stop 🛑 . . . #business #focused #headdown #dialedin #collaboration #innovation #generationallegacy
Finished product happening soon... In my happy place thanks to my gorgeous mum who sewed for all her children & I spent hours watching her. Forever grateful. #myhappyplace #generationallegacy
Oh how I've missed these beautiful faces 💞 #familyismorethanblood #generationallegacy #thefutureisfemale
God Bless America and may God Bless you this #LaborDay weekend. #HappyFriday and may you have renewed strength this upcoming Fall! #GodBless #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
'A little sunshine is all you need ' ---- So I have been following this woman for sometime now @moneyafrica and today I decided to this with you. ---- If you need more enlightenment on personal finance and you need help, please follow her she's #amazing ---- The reason why I am sharing this is because I am committed to having a secure #financial #future and #present and I have found someone that is of help ---- So if you need a community do follow @moneyafrica . She's #passionate about your 💰 ---- #consciouslyaddingvalue #financeinafrica #generationallegacy #buildingfromthegroundup #personalbranddevelopment #journey #120monthgang #takingpersonalresponsibility
God cares about all of the work we do. Notice the distractions that take you off track and be intentional about eliminating them today so that you can give your best and make the best use of each minute. Remember that God doesn’t waste anything that we do for His glory. “Therefore, my beloved, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Lord, because you know that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”– 1 Corinthians 15:58 #MondayMotivation #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
To learn from the past is good, to live in the past is a waste. To plan for the future is good, to live in the future is a mistake. You will always be happiest and most successful when you live in the moment. Live in the present -Seize the season. Seize each moment, everyday from now until it is over. Lead with character, integrity and your heart. - Bruce E Brown. #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
One of many proud moments...our talented son! #familyownedandoperated #generationallegacy #AppreciatedProperties
Love being a royal guest at Prince’s Hot Chicken today in Nashville! 👑 Here With Ms. Prince, the family matriarch. Yes, I braved the mild, medium, and the hot. 🔥Delicious! I will tell you all about it in an upcoming episode of Poultry Princess. ❤️#PoultryPrincess #Production #Nashville #GenerationalLegacy #NashvilleHotChicken 🎥🎬💋💋✨
You are the most important coach your kids will ever have. Use your influence to help them achieve their full potential - in sports as well as life. #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
@deionsanders ON MY ROAD TO SUCCESS..I OWE LIFE, I OWE THE UNIVERSE. THIS IS WHY I VOW MY SOUL IMMORTAL AND THAT MY BLOOD LINE WILL AIDE THE BLACK COMMUNITY..UNTIL THE END OF TIME #generationalpromise #generationalblessings #generationalwealth #generationalhealth #generationalknowledge #generationallegacy #generationalleadership
Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of baseball. Thank you for opportunity to train my son in the ways of the Lord first and how a Godly man approaches sports. Use me to teach my son how to conduct himself in coming back from failure, and how he can use his talents to honor Him and not let the sport become more important. In Him - Baseball Dad #Jesus #SundayPrayer #SundaySabbath #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
Don’t be that Dad. This is a game of failure. In order for your son to succeed, he must learn how to fail and lose, and learn the process to come back stronger. 💪 #BaseballDadCommunity #Truth #beGreatDad #beTransformational #CrushIt #theProcess #BeDifferent #CounterCulture #RaiseGrinders #GameofFailure #GenerationalLegacy
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