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Balancing my masculine and feminine energy all day! 🙏 I floated between redesigning mom's room back into a guestroom, and watching the funny sitcom Wrecked. Laughter is good medicine! Raising your vibe is huge, and funny TV 📺 is great for that! Big Bang 💥 Theory is well written, or give Wrecked at chance! Comfort eating 🍕 can get messy, but when you are aware of it, you can indulge with control. Converting the environment back to a guestroom was medicinal. It got rid of my sense 👃 memory of my mother, so that I don't have to be AS reminded of her when I go to bed, or wake up in the morning. Later, a long hot essential 🌹 oil shower! Relaxing, will help put me to sleep, and sooth my soul. #holistichealth #goddessboss #essentialoils #raiseyourvibration #recovery #spirtuality #spiritualpractice #redecorate #overcominggrief #movingforward #spiritucoach #griefcoach
Do you want flowing success? . If you’re tired of shaming yourself for not being “good enough” or where you want to be, listen to today’s podcast Epi!! GBP 07 🙌🏼 . Goddesses, you will learn how women do success differently and the 3 keys you can apply today! . Have a listen then come let me know your BIGGEST takeaway!!! . You’re going to love learning (and applying) your tips to flowing success! #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
There is no one I’d rather spend Friday nights at crystal shows with, eating dairy free ice cream with, sitting on the couch reading with, laughing and dancing in the kitchen with, waking up next to, co-creating our life, honouring and loving... . I’m going to be a slobbery / blubbery mess on Sept 1st!! 💕🤪😘 #icanreceivethis
Can we just be real about manifesting? As my friend Jillian Bolanz said on her IG stories today “we can’t just sit on the couch and hope that 2 million dollars fell down the chimney”, but many people think the law of attraction or manifesting is just fluff or doesn’t work because people don’t get that inspired action is the key! We still need to get these 3 keys aligned: Be Do Have Who do you need to be to live your dreams or have what you desire? What do you have to do to achieve it? (Let it be totally Soul lead!!) . Can you fully receive the achievements and little moments along the journey? . This bottle of essential oil is the oil of manifestation!!! . Rad right?? How does an oil work for creating your dreams?! I wish I could say pour it over your head and voila, 2 mill fell down your chimney (I laughed so much at Jillian’s IG today!), but what I know it supports me with is bringing me to the vibrational match for what I desire... it helps me to feel the joy of manifesting, it helps me see my energetic blocks and I work to dissolve them with this oil! It allows my process to be supported, open and fluid. . Each essential oil (if it’s pure folks!!) has a gorgeous frequency and each oil is a different frequency. The Goddess works with her emotions.... oils help bring forward our emotions and shift our emotions! Imagine placing a high frequency like Litsea on your pulse points and you set your intention for the New Moon today? Imagine dropping a drop of this potent oil on your heart as you moved your body to your favourite song (like a Nahko song!!) and repeated your affirmations?! What if you allowed the support of an essential oil to fill your cells when you took INSPIRED ACTION to grow your empire? . You got this !! This oil is one of the 2 free this month 🤩💫💕💰🦋 ohhhhh yessss!!! #manifestingabundance
A Goddess Boss is a woman who creates her life by speaking her truth, owning her desires and achieving them by doing what feels energetically aligned for her. . She has aligned her heart and desires, has a vision so BIG that she is a messenger of HOPE and opportunity to the right people with her dōTERRA business (we are blessed). . She’s been through her own life lessons and instead of hiding them, embraces the lessons to inspire others. . A Goddess Boss does the inner work and outer work to create lasting change and complete abundance and freedom! . Together as a team we rise! Together as a team we celebrate creativity, health and divine abundance! #goddessboss #podcastforwomen
This is a special blend I put together for #hugenethedog for the summer! He loves it, and it is a safe holistic way for me to keep him 🐜 more bug free and smell yummy! #holistichealth #holistic #essentialoils #goddessboss #petcare #mydog #blackmouthcur #90days90blends
✨Blessed New Moon Goddesses 💕🦁 . Read about the New Moon in Leo in the #moonblog before you set intentions on this magical eve ☺️ Or Join the Coven and join in the conversation ✨Link in Bio . . #leo #newmoon #newmooninleo #leoinwanderlust #coven #witches #goddessboss #goddessbosscoven #sisterhood #empoweringwomen #moonphases #intentions #goals #family #pink #cute #pastel #love #selflove #witch #goddessgang #girlgang #manifest #lawofattraction
Life is wild and freaking rad! . This beautiful new mala I added to my collection yesterday came from a very special person 💕 . Ryan and I went to a crystal show here in Vancouver last night and as we walked in I saw this cute booth with mala’s dripping from all over and knew I wanted to leave that booth for last! *i was the “leave the best thing in my plate for last” kinda gal, anyone else? . And at the end of our crystal show shopping, we could finally go to the booth! . I walked up in awe of the beauty of all the pieces, the display and the gorgeous woman behind the booth... . We started talking about her pieces and essential oils (naturally!) and as we were talking I picked up her card and saw her name, “Hayley”. . We know each other!! This is wild. It’s just been yearsssss since seeing each other. . When we were little kids we spent a lot of time together! My grandpa and her grandma were partners and we were really young, but we grew up together. . I LOVE how the universe works and how Soul contracts are placed and how going to a crystal show would not only bring this beautiful piece into my life, but Hayley again too! . Today we are both sharing and living the work and message of Spirit and our Souls and I think it’s rad! 💕💫 . For all my goddesses that love malas you MUST check out Hayley and her pieces and let the right one find you @i.am.blessed.mala.beads . The one that came home with me is I Am Starseed. . If you LOVE malas and essential oils, we’re talking about doing a class together sharing how the two work together, would that interest you?? . My message today is TRUST! Trust life is always leading you to where you need to go next and all the miracles that are waiting for you! . #goddessboss #podcastforwomen #malabeads
🌑Are we a hero, or do we need saving? . 🦁This New Moon seems to be one of those times when we are really forced to see who we are, at our core. Because the energy can be taken in two very different directions, your response to New Moon in Leo will sway one way or the other depending on how evolved you are, or as I like to say, how far along you are in your “journey”. . 🌙Check out the full reading in my #moonblog ✨Link in Bio . 😯And make sure you snag the Free Guide to Manifesting with the Moon too! 🌑🌿 . . . #newmoon #darkmoon #blackmoon #newmooninleo #solareclipse #summer #leopride #moonphases #manifest #hero #selflove #loa #lawofattraction #wanderlust #witch #travel #fitwitch #bethegoddess #goddessboss #goddessgang #girlgang #witchcraft #moonspell #intentions #goddessbosscoven
Receiving Money!! . It’s an honor to do amazing work with amazing people! . When you do the work, speak your goals, open your heart and support your tribe as a tribe, MAGIC happens! . In 30 short days...people have manifested money, love, and things they desire and many have learned to feel their soul, trust more and open to RECEIVE all the abundance around them and more to come! 💕💫💰 . #receivingmoney #icanreceivethis
Are you trying to get fresh with me? 😝 Today I blended oils that brought out the freshness of summer in my soul! They made me blossom like a hydrangea from the heart ❤️ out! #blends #90days90blends #goddessboss #raiseyourvibration #highvibe #manifest #essentialoils #selfcare #selflove #aroma #summer #spring #lovely #lifecoach
When you care what others think of you, you have disconnected from your vision. . This slippery slope of fear of judgement will feel as if you are sinking in mud... . Let your vision be strong enough to stay on track! . When I started the Goddess Bosses I was very afraid of judgement...I was afraid people would think "goddess" was too out there, too woo-woo, and I questioned if people would join a network marketing team that focused on flow, self-care and DEEP SOUL VISION and INSPIRED ACTION! . Well, thank god I dropped the cares and went for it! . I get emails and messages always "How can I be a goddess boss?" this movement is giving people permission to own and reclaim their love, power, HEALTH, and WEALTH. . Moral of the story is this: . The crazy, wild, heart thumping desires within you are FOR YOU, no one else. . Guess what? People won't always like it. People won't always stay friends with you. People will question your work because its not "normal" to a lot of people (but we're changing that aren't we??) and that OK! . If you're reading this you're a trailblazer and you know deep in your heart that your life is MORE than pleasing everyone and that you know your abilities and your future - you feel it. . So, stop living in the ego-filled mind where you get tripped up and tip toe around judgement and just go for it! . p.s. this is me up-leveling and shedding more of myself to to go to the next level that is emerging and I'm looking for women that want this too! #goddessbosspodcast #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
Healthy body helps with healthy mind and spirit. Essential oils can be blended together to create kickass vitamins for #wellness ! Good stuff! #essentialoils #selflove #holistichealth #holist #goddessboss #90days90blends #raisingmyvibration #spirtuality #spiritualpractice #balance #manifest #vitamins
What a fun day. Playing with my magic with one of my sweet besties as we put on our photographer hats to capture good photos for social media. I never thought there would be a time in my life where I felt so content. Sure, I struggle. Yes, sometimes I feel worry creep in. Above everything I've learned to accept that the Universe will never give me more than I can handle. So, I enjoy these little moments that are actually so big. They fill me up and remind me of the magic. Do you let magic into your day to day? . . . #riseupsisterhood #oraclecardreadings #selfawareness #shakti #personalgrowth #wildfeminine #wildpower #goddessrising #whiterockbc #vancouverbc #risesisterrise #soulrealignment #spiritguides #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #divineguidance #moonmagic #mysticmama #spiritguides #chakrahealing   #goddessboss #spiritualart #sisterhood #ageofaquarius #wordsthatheal   #selflove #gratitudealways #dailyoracle #tarottuesday #wildchild
💕 "Love is beauty, consciousness is trust. One of the deepest feminine pleasures is when a man stands full, present, and unreactive in the midst of his woman's emotional storms. When he stays present with her, and loves her through the layers of wildness and closure, then she feels his trustability, and she can relax." - David Deida
Today I was working on opening my heart ❤️ and teaching it how to receive. You would think this would come easy, but for me I needed a little time to feel love and supported. Today's ✨ blend I specifically made ti assist me in allowing in money (abundance). Being able to receive it without consequence. #abundance #selflove #selfawareness #raisingmyvibration #highvibe #manifest #allowing #receiving #essentialoils #goddessboss
Was having this exact reflection and muse today with my soul sister & co-online biz creator @amymcfaarland. Alignment is the magic potion to create and live a life filled with bliss. 5D is the new way to consciously create with impact, passion & purpose. 📷 repost @mummydrive #goddessboss #femininevisionary #womenboss #alignment #soultribe #soulcreation
✨Happy Wednesday Goddesses! Every Wednesday we will be celebrating a member of our support group for Female Entrepreneurs - The Goddess Boss Coven! . ✨I’ll kick things off by celebrating MEEEE!!! ☺️🙌🏻 I’m a Holistic Empowerment Coach or #Wellnesswitch and I help Goddesses Manifest abundance by Aligning with their TRUE path. Everything from Branding your Soul to Breaking down Money Blocks! Check out my newest launch, the online version of The Goddess Boss. Link in Bio ☀️ . And join our coven on FB if you’d like to be celebrated as our next #witchoftheweek 🙋🏼‍♀️ as well as featured on the upcoming #bethegoddesspodcast . ✨Link for coven is in Bio✨ . ✨To apply for the podcast, go to www.leoinwanderlust.com/coven ✨ . . . #leoinwanderlust #innergoddess #goddessboss #bethegoddess #moonphases #fullmoon #newmoon #luna #witch #coven #witchcraft #witches #selflove #sunset #podcast #coach #holistic #empowerment #sisterhood #healthy #wanderlust #eatclean #travel #global #goddessgang #girlgang #goddessbosscoven
What was my why this day? My why is that I get to wake up and make woman like @cieravana feel beautiful in hopes that is helps boost their confidence as they are battling vulnerability and nerves in front of the camera. My why? I get to work with amazing local artists such as Dana with @distractionphoto. My why you ask...? I get to do what God gifted me with, the ability to make my art come to life on the faces of the women I meet. • What’s your why? Share with me what God has gifted you with and how you will use it to better the world around you!
Late night musings.... I'm so grateful for the incredible women in my life, and how we each have our own unique rhythm. We ebb and flow. We rise and we fall. And we support each other through it all. The beautiful thing is that our rhythm doesn't always sync up, but nevertheless we dance beautifully together. When I'm low, they lift me up. When I'm riding high I do my best to lift them just as they've done for me. All without expectation. Only love. Understanding. Knowing. I didn't always have this connection. It took a lot of deep healing and soul searching to crack this shell open and let my vulnerability show. I was afraid of rejection, judgment, abandonment. Thank goodness I put faith in the Universe and trusted that my soul sisters would find their way back to me. I don't know if you've found your sisterhood. Please, give yourself the gift of vulnerability and open to the possibility that we're out here waiting with wide open arms, sister. Come find us 💖. . . . . . . . . #riseupsisterhood #oraclecardreadings #selfawareness #shakti #personalgrowth #wildfeminine #wildpower #goddessrising #whiterockbc #vancouverbc #risesisterrise #soulrealignment #spiritguides #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #divineguidance #moonmagic #mysticmama #spiritguides #chakrahealing   #goddessboss #spiritualart #sisterhood #ageofaquarius #wordsthatheal   #selflove #gratitudealways #dailyoracle #tarottuesday #wildchild
Imagine what it will feel like when you just say YES and take inspired action! 💕😂🤪 #goddessboss #spiritualfunny
Breathe into this message today.. . Why are your dreams important? What is that absolute fire within you? . Have you allowed yourself to feel it? . I’ll be honest, I used to fear exposing my WHY because I was afraid it would hurt if I couldn’t achieve it...so I sat lightly exploring it. . Goddess we’re living in a time where we’re asked to RISE and not give a F$*# about the limiting voices, we must must must follow our heart and our Soul.. . Your WHY is more than a handbag, a car, a home... it’s a movement - something that when you think of it helping others you LIGHT up! . My why shifts and morphs, but right now it’s stronger than ever! . My WHY is helping others create a strong financial flow so they can do whatever lights them up. This means you have a strong financial flow so you choose when you “launch” your next program and you can do it when it feels aligned, not when you have to... people feel when you haaaaavvveee to. You can paint when you want to paint! . I want women to create wealth, where it flows in even when they are on vacation, having a baby, getting married, the income flows. No stress. No worries. . A shift is coming in the economy - look at how you’re set up for it! What will people look for when they need to make money? A business..so they can rewrite their life. Network marketing is beautiful! If you feel otherwise, shelf that sh*t and look at the beauty of it and how lives are turning around! . No woman, no family should be in financial struggle in my option, we can all get into the flow together! . Anyways, I sat with my family and I really sank into what this means to help YOU, more women get financially free and take ownership of their lives, their health, their money... it’s all so beautiful and there for you! . What is your why? Sit in it today! #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
AWAKEN YOUR FEMININE ABUNDANCE IN 40 DAYS! 💕💰💫 . New Goddess Boss Podcast is LIVE! . Ask yourself this - Do you want to increase your abundance? . I get a lot of Qs about how a goddess can get into flow with her abundance and the answer is simple... you must awaken yourself from within. . In today’s episode we talk about HOW you can awaken you abundance and what you can do today to get into that flow! . Grab your Wild Orange essential oil and hold on, we’re going in! . What did you think of this episode? Are you joining us for the 40 Day Mantra Practice?? << details in the Epi! . Listen: www.krisbritton.net . #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
💕This one is for you, past Nettnay! The reason I became a coach was to support Females through the tough journey that I went through (mostly) alone! All the uncertainty, trial and error, the pain, the hard lessons - I don’t want other women to have to fall that hard before they get lifted up! . 🙏🏻So this one is for YOU. If you’re like me, and can’t shake off your pride to open up to someone and seek guidance, the online course is for you. The same 15 shifts, the same content and course work I take my One on One clients through - it’s all there. Each lesson is synced up with the appropriate Moon Phase, ready for you to begin your Journey to Aligning with your Purpose beginning on the August 26th Full Moon in Pisces. . 🌕You can go through this privately OR with me! Bonus material includes a full astrology profile, back and forth voice messages with yours truly, and goal setting & accountability check ins with me as well! . 💕Completely accessible to anyone, no matter your income. That’s the whole point of this online version of The Goddess Boss! Accessibility. It’s your time- you deserve abundance and fulfillment. Only 4 spots left with this full moon. Link in Bio. 🌙✨ . . . #goddessboss #selflove #align #moonphases #fullmoon #fullmooninpisces #luna #lunarcycle #witch #fitwitch #wellnesswitch #bethegoddess #wanderlust #travel #igorpug #healthy #happy #shift #loa #lawofattraction #manifest #spiritualawakening #coven #goddessbosscoven #love #eatclean #empoweringwomen #blonde #pug #nature
I had some multitasking to do today! I had to clean, organize, and keep my spirits high for a trip to @beakandskiff for cider! #essentialoils #highvibe #cleaninghouse #staying ontarget #manifest #emotionalrescue #raiseyourvibe #goddessboss #90days90blends #clarity #joy #positivevibes #diffusing
Is anyone coming to create your dreams for you? . As I sit here this morning, about to sink into another 40 day mantra practice for abundance (listen to the NEW Goddess Boss podcast episode: Awaken Your Feminine Abundance in 40 Days! for the details 💃🏻💰) . And I’m thinking into what changed my life and what opened up the flow of abundance for me and it was simple - I stopped waiting for others to give it to me. . I stopped waiting for Ryan to save me, my family to tell me “good job” or for society to say my dreams were good enough! I dropped that all and just created my life and like a puzzle, it fits and leaves a gorgeous image! . Go for what you desire, goddess! . You deserve it! #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
🌘When a woman embraces her inner witch, she finds new strength. She is overtaken by true serenity. She creates order where there was none before. Her eyes have now been open. . #quote origin unknown . . . #innergoddess #bethegoddess #bethegoddesspodcast #selflove #spiritual #spiritjunkie #align #goddessboss #goddessbosscoven #powerful #moonphases #nature #beach #sunset #empoweringwomen #sisterhood #coven #witches #witchcraft #empowerment #feminineenergy #loa #lawofattraction #wanderlust #travel #girl #beach #goddessgang
Come into my vortex... . First off, I have to say I am really freaking grateful that I have a husband (27 days until I Do!) that knows business and is so strong in areas that I felt I needed support. . I needed to ask for help, but it’s not always easy for me... . As a woman that used to be always in the masculine energy to “get sh*t done” and always be “figuring it out myself”, remembering that my feminine power and qualities are so divine and that asking is OK, is still something I’m getting the hang of! . I asked my man for support in my business as I feel the call in my body that NOW is the time to level up again. . I put Spearmint on my throat for clear communication and it helps me own my F’ing voice!! This instantly awakened a feeling of SAFETY within me and I felt like I could settle into the power of my voice. . If you feel like your voice is inauthentic, that you don’t appreciate it or that “no one cares”, work with this oil!! . As I welcomed Ryan into my office last night I diffused Spearmint and Citrus Bliss to set the mood of fun creation and open expression 💧💫💕 . How amazing is it that Mother Nature gives us tools like these essential oils to support our emotions and feelings?? . You don’t have to struggle through things, come back into your body and choose how you want to be supported and follow that. #goddessboss
If you want something, go try it on, go test drive it, let your cells and heart FEEL it! . Today Ryan and I went test driving SUVs (we need a 2nd car, the M4 is not the most practical daily driver 🤪) and it was so fun to try out different models! . Our amazing friend and sales guy at BMW Kris Ong lined them all up for us and we are feeling into which one we LOVE! . We have known we want a 2nd car and we just set the time to go drive them and let the right one align! . Now we tune in and feel into which is best! . Let you Soul guide you and feel into your desires! 💕💫
🤔 What will we be talking about on the #bethegoddesspodcast ? In a nutshell, everything it takes to be an Abundant Goddess! Everything from Yoni health to Digital Marketing 🌹 If you’d like to be a Guest Speaker - connect! We want to hear from you. ✨Every Woman in this world has valuable knowledge and experience to offer. ✨ . . . #photocredit unknown . #yoniverse #yoni #selflove #selfcare #selfrespect #coach #witches #coven #bethegoddess #goddessboss #digitalmarketing #podcast #designer #femaleentrepreneur #empoweringwomen #feminineenergy #goddessbosscoven #innergoddess #astrology #moonphases #leoinwanderlust #sisterhood #travel #goals #wanderlust #mua #rose #witch
28 more days until our sacred ceremony! 💕
Do you LOVE sales?! ...or HATE it?! ⠀ ⠀ Have you ever felt “icky” trying to make a sale? ⠀ ⠀ Girl, we’ve ALL been there!⠀ ⠀ Today we’re diving deep with Goddess Boss, Kris Britton to explore the root of our money blocks, and how Sales CAN be in alignment with your Divine Feminine!! 🙌🏻💥😃⠀ ⠀ Kris Britton is a spiritual life & business coach. Her specialty is helping women dissolve their inner blocks so they can make big shifts and welcome in true abundance and success. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ She is also the founder of Team Goddess Bosses, a global community that helps women unleash their creativity and awaken their spirit, so one can move ahead in their dreams with ease, flow and the power of community.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:⠀ ⠀ 💫The mindset shift that transformed Kris from her lack and struggling mindset into a truly successful Goddess Boss.⠀ ⠀ 💫How to identify and harmonize your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.⠀ ⠀ 💫The role the Divine Feminine plays in business and how to tap into its power to amplify your sales.⠀ ⠀ 💫Why we need to understand the role of masculine and feminine energy in business.⠀ ⠀ 💫A look at how to release the stories that are holding you back (like “I don’t have enough money” or “I don’t have enough time”) so you can replace fear with success.⠀ ⠀ Don’t miss this super LUSCIOUS Episode babes!! LINK IN BIO to Tune In! 🎧💜💎
Tonight's circle was in celebration of Lammas. We took the time to deeply express our gratitude for each of the amazing moments that have brought us to where we are today. Which seeds have you planted over the past 6 months that have helped you shape your experience today? . . . . . #riseupsisterhood #oraclecardreadings #selfawareness #shakti #personalgrowth #wildfeminine #wildpower #goddessrising #whiterockbc #vancouverbc #risesisterrise #soulrealignment #spiritguides #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #divineguidance #moonmagic #mysticmama #spiritguides #chakrahealing   #goddessboss #spiritualart #womenscircle #ageofaquarius #wordsthatheal   #selflove #gratitudealways #dailyoracle #tarottuesday #wildchild
The cycle of abundance. 〰️
I received some great news, and instead of just letting it go, I celebrated! I bought myself a gift! #selflove #selfcare #goddessboss #raisingmyvibration #stones #crystals #chakras #manifest #spiritual #spirtuality #spiritualpractice
Opening my heart ❤️ to receiving isn't as easy for me as one would think. I am diving deep and that requires some help. I am using a blend I designed, and lavender to help me relax into it, and listen to my soul. #essentialoils #holistic #holistichealth #raisingmyvibration #goddessboss #create #cocreate #recieving #allowing #manifest #lavender #blend #heartopening #soul ##sprititual #spirtuality #spiritualpractice #spiritualawakening spiritualmentor #lifecoach
The grinding can stop and you can live wild + free! . I work with woman around this beautiful planet and we work together as a collective to live healthy and wealthy lives. We grow a thriving essential oil business together and some days I welcome my tears of joy because it’s so special. . We help others like you do the same! . I get asked A LOT when I’m interviewed why I have a network marketing business (as a coach) and that I “don’t seem like I do it the traditional way” . When I first saw what residual income and growing a team meant, I was like a kid on Christmas!! Years ago our landlord / friend and chiropractor placed a Success From Home Magazine on our doorstep...game over!!! . Families with freedom filled the pages and my heart sang! At the time we were broke. We had no idea what we wanted to do or how to do it... so we got enough $ together and started in our first company (this is a whole other story!) and well, years later after some fails, things clicked and we found residual income and how it grows and how it feels in our souls...so good. . I know a shift is coming and more and more people will be looking for ways to support their families. I also know a business like mine is where people will turn, low cost and good growth. . Today my passion runs deep to help women dissolve the BS limits that stop them from freedom, money flow and self love and help them to awaken their confidence and abundance on our team or as a customer using our powerful essential oils... . I know the power of this business - if you’re like me and feel it in your bones that business can be done a different way, that your time does not need to be traded for dollars, that seeing you grow up in the golden stars will give you ultimate freedom (health, time and financial), keep going or come join us! . We have mentorship spots open for August for women like you, who are ready for more and ready to drop the grind and allow flow! . If you have a business you’re having fun and seeing results in, keep flowing Sister!!! Your Soul knows what it wants 💕🙏🏼💫 DM me to chat! . #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
Really can’t believe that it is already August...7 full months of 2018 gone🤯I never thought at the beginning of this year (up through March really) that I would be where I am right now- more grounded, balanced, and really flowing through the ups and downs physically, mentally, and spiritually✨ • • With that being said I’m ready for what is next. I’m looking at August as a renewal. I’m setting some intentions this month that will help me to focus on upgrading, release fears, and consistently and unapologetically step into my highest self⚡️ • • I’m setting intentions (and sharing) to hold myself that much more accountable, and to hopefully inspire you to do the same...My intentions for the month: Finish what you start💪🏼 Don’t take sh!t personal🦋 Don’t apologize, make amends🤝 Take 1 step daily to work on releasing money blocks💸 Mindful of no phone 30 min before bed/after I wake up📱 • • Use the new month as a chance to renew something you’ve felt was stuck, or even to start something you’ve always wanted to. Start today, because I promise if you commit and stay consistent to whatever your intentions are for the entire month of August you will not only see, but FEEL the positive effects and changes🦋 #moovinngroovin
🌾Lammas Blessings Goddesses! The historical meaning behind Lughnasadh is the First Wheat Harvest of the year. So how can we celebrate this day in our modern - gluten free time? Haha, just celebrate the new abundance in your life! That’s all. Give thanks for the new growth that has appeared. Just like the moon attracting new and exciting things into our life, as the year progresses we will see new abundance’s popping up and the only way to encourage their growth is to nurture and celebrate them! . 🌻On the subject of growth and nurturing- the Goddess Boss Coven is now 100% dedicated to YOUR growth! If you’re a female entrepreneur wanting a platform to share your gifts, experiences, and offerings, Join the Coven (link in Bio) and see if you’re right to be a Guest Speaker for the new #bethegoddesspodcast . ✨You’ll be Featured as the #witchoftheweek and have the opportunity to share your story and inspire women all over the world to chase their dreams! . . . #lammas #lughnasadh #witches #coven #thegoddessboss #goddessbosscoven #goddessboss #bossbabe #femaleentrepreneur #empoweringwomen #womensupportwomen #sisterhood #pagan #wheeloftheyear #witchcraft #witch #wellnesswitch #girlboss #bosslady #august #goddessgang #selflove #goddess #bethegoddess #align #leoinwanderlust #travel
Cooling down before my Receiving Money class! I showered, set up my computer in a nice quiet space, put on an orange 🍊 floral top, and am relaxing for 45 minutes before it starts. Getting my head out of "getting shit done" mode requires effort on my part. I am wired for masculine energy, so switching gears 😝 means preparation. #MasculineEnergy #FeminineEnergy #Balance #ReceivingMoney #Receiving #Allowing #raisingmyvibration #Manifest #Business #PositiveEnergy #essentialoils #goddessboss #FlowingShirt #FloralShirt #Orange
Good morning, wild ones! Today for Wednesday Wisdom I'm going to be chatting about Spirit Guides. Who are they? Why do we have them? Why do we NEED them? How do I work with them? See you live at 11am PST for this chat! xoxoxo . . . . . . . #riseupsisterhood #oraclecardreadings #selfawareness #shakti #personalgrowth #loveandlight #wildfeminine #wildpower #goddessrising #whiterockbc #vancouverbc #risesisterrise #soulrealignment #spiritguides #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #divineguidance #moonmagic #mysticmama #spiritguides #chakrahealing   #goddessboss #spiritualart #3rdeye #ageofaquarius #wordsthatheal   #selflove #gratitudealways #nohustleallflow #wildchild
Which one of these are you? ⠀ ⠀ Three years ago, I gave birth to my daughter and launch a “business baby” all at the same time. ⠀ ⠀ Clueless and Scared AF but so sure it what the change I needed for me and our lil growing family. ⠀ ⠀ The night before, I had put out the intention to the Universe that I wanted to build a business where I get to connect with incredible, achieving, soulful women and drink tea all day ‘er day AND get paid to do it! #bananas 😂😎🤩⠀ ⠀ For the record, I didn’t tell anyone THAT part but some stones as entrepreneurs we have to protect our dreams until they’re big enough and real enough that others around us can actually SEE what we knew all along was possible. ⠀ ⠀ Meanwhile, my business bestie Betsy, who I didn’t even know then... {I wouldn’t meet her for another year} also put out a powerful intention to the universe on the same night three years ago {May 22} and took action on it the following morning, May 23. ⠀ ⠀ The Universe heard us and saw fit to connect the dots so that this business, podcast and tribe could become reality. ⠀ ⠀ Fast forward to December 2016, Betsy called me one day and asked if I’d want to start a podcast with her. ⠀ ⠀ I didn’t hesitate. “Yes, let’s do it!”⠀ ⠀ Now for the record, I didn’t even listen to podcasts then. 🙊😂 And neither of us knew a damn thing about it. ⠀ ⠀ BUT two weeks later we had a podcast launched! ⠀ ⠀ It was messy and imperfect and we made lots of mistakes. ⠀ ⠀ But we did NOT hesitate! And thus our business was born. ⠀ ⠀ It is a privilege every day to wake up and do what I love and show other women how to creat their own luscious {and lucrative!} businesses. ⠀ ⠀ So what hot idea are you sitting on? ⠀ Where can you take action today on your big scary dreams TODAY? ⠀ ⠀ Drop a comment below OR⠀ ⠀ Join our Luscious Hustle INSIDERS group and surround yourself with other like-minded, like-spirited Luscious Hustlin’ women. ⠀ ⠀ Our INSIDERS group is where the is Magic happening, you’ll find Accountability in abundance, Luscious and light-hearted vibe galore! ⠀ ⠀ LINK IN BIO 😎💥🤳🏻 Search: Luscious Hustle INSIDERs on Fb.
😯So, I’ve just had a bit of a revelation and I feel like I need to share this observation to get you or Goddesses you know - reflecting on the subject of FEARS! . 🦁Arrogance alert, for all those who can’t handle that Leo trait of mine! 😂💁🏼‍♀️ . I was just at the gym (the place that helps me turn my brain off) and I felt eyes on me the entire time I was there. And every time I looked up, another woman would suddenly avert her eyes. I realized, I’ve become intimidating to other females in a setting that used to make ME feel intimidated, inadequate and insecure. So it got me thinking, the Nicollette from even 2 years ago would have been intimidated by the Nicollette today. And it hit me, I’ve truly overcome my fears and my feelings of not being good enough, or feeling worthy of chasing a dream - whether it was a fitness goal, building an empire, or finding my tribe. So what qualities in other women make you feel that way? Because that’s exactly what you need to focus on becoming! (And honestly, surrounding yourself with those women, as well!)Be brave and let me know in the comments!! 👇🏻 . . . #bethegoddess #innergoddess #selflove #leopride #fitness #fitgirl #fitwitch #witch #coach #motivation #faceyourfears #overcome #happiness #selfrespect #goddessboss #wellnesswitch #leoinwanderlust #yyc #yvr #san #lax #encinitas #blonde #smile #wanderlust #travel #newbeginnings #loa #lawofattraction #spirituality
Own your morning. . I used to wake up and immediately go on my phone, starting my day with others ruling it. . I was addicted to the hit of seeing if someone left a comment, messaged me, etc.. *exhausting* . Thankfully I have remembered how to come home within myself and fuel up with out the external “hits” and start my morning in practice. . I just finished 40 days of mantra practice and I feel like a beaming light! . Silence is the way you can hear your intuition, have a convo with God and know your exact next steps... so Goddess, I suggest taking more time within today and leave the need to scroll or refresh behind. . Abundance is an inside job! #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
Sweet sisters, over the past year I have been developing my offerings and I'm so excited to be expanding the ways I can help you connect deeper with yourself and your spirituality. I currently work within the Akashic Records to share with your Divine Gifts, Soul Specializations, who's on your Spirit Team, and help you release all relevant negative patterns that are no longer serving you. Over the next week I will be highlighting this service, as well as my new offerings! (They may include in-depth spirit guide readings, spirit guide channeling, chakra reading, life situation readings and helping you learn exactly how you can successfully manifest what you want out of life - The spiritual way). Stay tuned! Xoxoxo . . . . . #riseupsisterhood #oraclecardreadings #selfawareness #shakti #personalgrowth #loveandlight #wildfeminine #wildpower #goddessrising #whiterockbc #vancouverbc #risesisterrise #soulrealignment #spiritguides #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #divineguidance #moonmagic #mysticmama #spiritguides #chakrahealing   #goddessboss #spiritualart #3rdeye #ageofaquarius #wordsthatheal   #selflove #gratitudealways #nohustleallflow #wildchild
Are you tired of people blabbing on about affirmations...but they haven’t been working for you? . New Goddess Boss Podcast Epi is up!! How to Create Affirmations that Finally Work! 💕😂🙏🏼 . Affirmations were not working for me...they actually made me feel like something was wrong with me, until I cracked this code!! . I also get real and raw and share a recent argument Ryan and I had and what I learned from it and how I used it to create change in my life! . Listen Now!! . Have affirmations been falling flat for you? I hope this helps! . #podcastforwomen #goddessboss
Good morning, beautiful souls! I'm feeling refreshed after a lovely social media-free weekend. I've committed to focusing on family and friends each weekend (And most weeknights!), rather than needing to continually update my IG or FB. Who knew that there was this beautiful world full of perfect (to me) moments happening right under my nose? I challenge you to make the space in your days to be completely present to those around you, including yourself! See how it feels to pick up a book, meditate, journal, yoga, explore, play, laugh, etc etc etc. Be in the moment. It's really great here. PS - I'll be live at 9:30am PST to chat gratitude and pull some cards for my sisters! Join me here on IG or join the private community on FB (link in bio xoxoxo). . . . #riseupsisterhood #thefeminineshift #selfawareness #shakti #personalgrowth #loveandlight #wildfeminine #wildpower #goddessrising #whiterockbc #vancouverbc #risesisterrise #innerchild #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #divineguidance #moonmagic #mysticmama #spiritguides #chakrahealing   #goddessboss #spiritualart #3rdeye #ageofaquarius #wordsthatheal   #selflove #gratitudealways #gratitudejournal #nohustleallflow #wildchild
I am using these four oils as my base for the next 3 weeks. I am going to be breaking down all kinds of beliefs, and raising my vibe and "allowing." Embracing myself for the magic of retrograde! #release #releaseandallow #allow #money #highvibe #essentialoils #cocreate #manifest #retrograde #raiseyourvibrations #goddessboss #90days90blends
Manifest. 💕💫 Here’s a way to rev up your self-care and awaken your inner goddess! . It’s Sunday... take time today to nourish and love on yourself as it will get you into alignment for the magical week ahead! . This simple self care practice will help you feel... . Like you’re exhaling. Recharging. Igniting your inner feminine power. Creative. Abundant!! . So gooooood huh?? . How magnetic do you feel? . Honestly... do you feel your inner spark is burnt out? Or is it lit? . I want to help you get lit today!! . These oils are the best to awaken good ol Aphrodite within you (vaaa voooom) and you can use them a few ways!! . Diffuse them! . Add a couple drops to Epsom salts and add them to your goddess bath... soak in the vibes sister! . Make them into a roller and wear as a purefume! . Meditate and magnetize your manifestations with them!! . If you want to work with these highest vibe / pure oils, DM me! Also, for anyone called to get started with oils, you’ll get access to our Goddess team and education (like deeper self care and emotional support with the oils!) . #goddessboss #selfcaresunday
Yesterday I expanded through the lunar eclipse energy, aligning my life and work with my soul’s purpose. I healed an old story of how I must shrink to make others more comfortable, and how to stand in my integrity and truth when I’m being challenged. I remembered who I truly am as a feminine leader and 21st century witch. Later in the afternoon I went with my family and our guests to the beach to swim in the lake. I felt as one with the earth, water and sky (and the fire in my spirit!). Then I swam by this huge dragonfly and felt like it was a gift for me, a sign. Blessed by its presence, I carried it out of the water. It is so beautiful and fragile. Thank you, goddess! I have heard you. I’m not afraid. I am ready. I forgive myself and set myself free.
☺️ Women empowering and accepting other women, that’s what our Coven is all about. We’re all so gifted and beautiful in our own way, and this is our place to build those qualities up in one another! . . . #coven #healers #selflove #empower #vibratehigher #witches #wellnesswitch #goddessgang #beautiful #universe #path #bethegoddess #goddessbosscoven #goddessboss #sisterhood
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