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Friday Fail! 🎉 Why lift weights when you can lift your body? Here's the real work behind my arm balances. And my standard struggle with Firefly. Not being afraid to fall from an arm balance is how I've progressed. The more you fall, the more you learn about weight distribution. 🌟🌟🌟 Inspiration: all the arm balances in #gracefullystrongyogis3 #flyhighin2018 #wearewarriorsbc3 ____________________________________________________ Excellent! 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Follow us for more pic via @katie_yoga1 #peaceloveyoga #yogalondon #beyondyoga #yogaeveryday #ashtanga #yogasutras #yogachallenge #backbending #doyoga #inversion #yogafly #natureyoga #ardhapadmasana #padmasana #toddleryoga #halflotus #dropback #morningyoga #yogifamily #kukkutasana #igyogachallange #yogatwist #straddlesplits #yogidandasana
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
I'll start before I can stop, before I see things the right way up.🎶✨❇ #ayearofyoga2018 #tittibhasanab #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #beginneryoga #wellness #fitness #strikeapose #yogapose #yogadaily #yogachallenge #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogacommunity #strength #balance #stretch #breathe #fold #forwardfold ____________________________________________________ What do you think of this 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Follow us for more pictures via @iam.claireg #aerialyogateachertraining #yogawear #yogablogger #yogaforeverybody #babyyoga #feetuptrainer #xrebelxyogisx #natarajasana
I'm at one with the silence.🎶✨❇ #ayearofyoga2018 #samakonasana #split #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #beginneryoga #wellness #fitness #strikeapose #yogapose #yogadaily #yogachallenge #yogacommunity #gracefullystrongyogis3 #strength #balance #stretch #breathe #splits #transversalsplits ____________________________________________________ Oh wow I love this 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Follow us for more pic via @iam.claireg
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
Amidst exam periods and busy work schedules, our ambassadors clock a minimum of 7 classes a week. Beauty is earned, not given. #titikaxme
Love it when teachers cue to swan dive from the hips! Stay strong and not lose your balance! 💪🏼 #forwardfold
Discovered today that I can finally do a Tripod Headstand without the security of a wall. Always learning new things about myself and life everyday 😊 Swipe to see my Tripod Headstand in 2016 and the headstand super-newbie's reckless attempt in 2015 😳 #tripodheadstand #inflexibleyogis
The biggest takeaway from fitness, is the strong bonds forged. #titikaxme
Been a little bit of a stretch lately with so many events happening. Time to tune in and recharge.
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
The challenging part was indeed transitioning. Amazing class by @jyan.yoga , who based all 11 participants. It's like we're all light as feathers.
Ladies, GET EXCITED. We’ve got a new bra for you. Dropping TOMORROW at 8:30pm!
In light of all the darkness, bonds between friends must be strengthened. And what better way than to lift your friends up whilst in yoga poses. Acroyoga with Jiamin. 2.30pm this Sunday! Link in bio.
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
Acroyoga with Jiamin @jyan.yoga 15 Apr 2018, Sunday 2.30pm Sign up link in bio!
In collaboration with @sosdsingapore , we are hosting a dog adoption drive here in CELL. . . 22nd April 2018, Sunday, 1-5pm . . Hatha Yoga 1-2pm (20 slots) Primal workshop 2.30-4pm (12 slots) . . Classes are going at $25 each. Half the proceeds will go to SOSD to support their amazing work with the dogs. DM us to book a slot!
Together with @jyan.yoga , CELL presents a third Acroyoga class. This time we have prepared a flow - three poses done in succession. 15 April 2018, Sunday, 2.30pm. Class is 90min long.  Only 20 slots available. $35 per participant. Link in bio!
Dear All: 💕 Thank you all for your well wishes on the social’s. I am back in #NYC , teaching all classes. I’m also in planning mode for new classes coming soon on @yogaanytime , as well as @yogavidanyc trainings with this #flexy lady here! ⬆️ *** So lovely to have friends and students who have shared such love and concern after our near miss in Mexico. I’m just doubly blessed. *** More to come from this cold collab with @rebeccahajekyoga & @sfreneenyc on 📸 - stay tuned, and thanks for checking in! 🙏🏾
💀 #Sundaystories I almost died in Mexico last week. I was in a van with 5 other yogis, on the long stretch between Cancun and Tulum, when the driver fell asleep and drove across the divider into oncoming traffic. I was napping at the time, and had my head against window in the front seat of the left side of the van, just behind the driver. A collision at 60 mph into a car driving 60 would not have been kind to me. The bump - this double bump - the biggest bump of my life - jostled me up to the roof, and the guy next to me popped off his seat. What was that? We said, assuming we had run into something. I woke up to see traffic coming at us. None of us were wearing seat belts. My first instinct was to laugh - to cover my face and laugh. A thin woman in the back of the van insisted we get out. I said No, we’re on the wrong side of the freeway. The driver turned around in the middle of the road and doubled back to where he could get back on track. I told him I would stay in the front seat and keep him awake. The thin woman insisted we stop, and we did. “I don’t feel safe getting in the van with him, and I’m surprised you guys do,” she said, her hand to her forehead as she scanned up and down the freeway outside a souvenir shop. She had been awake at the time, she said, and felt with certainty we were all going to die. Her children would not have had a mother. I was immediately awake, and starting to realize what might have happened. Everyone reacts to shock differently, and so far I had only laughed and covered my face with my hands - a completely uncharacteristic thing for me to do. But that’s shock. I just couldn’t believe it. We decided quickly that my seat mate would drive instead. He managed the Spanish, the clutch, and even the radio, and we made it to the retreat. Tulum became about new beginnings for me. It was as if everyone I met was sent to remind me how very lucky I was. “Every birth is a noble birth,” the Buddha said. How much more noble to come so close to death, and still be here! 🙏🏾
While everyone else is struggling, you’ll get into pose with ease in our apparel. The White Traveller’s Tee, paired with the Ash Grey Flex Shorts will turn heads in the gym 😏
It’s #Snoglobeyoga **!! ⛈ It’s winter storm # forever, and all classes are ON. ❄️ * *#snowglobeyoga is a registered trademark of FitCo incorporated, a division of Monsanto, a division of Halliburton (heretofore the “Corporation”). Teachers cannot use the term #snowglobeyoga without express written permission of the Corporation. All violators will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law, despite the fact that their average starting pay for yoga teachers is $25 hour. * The Corporation is not responsible for any harm, bodily or otherwise, resulting from the practice of #Snowglobeyoga . * Do not stand too near an individual in #Snowglobeyoga , or stare too closely into any whirling limbs. * The Corporation cannot - at any time - guarantee the cooperation of the weather in regards to #Snoglobeyoga . The Corporation is not responsible for any Acts of God - yet. * Resemblance of #Snoglobeyoga to any actual historical or religious practice is merely a coincidence. * The Corporation does not endorse nor promote any statements herein from its sponsored teachers. * Care to join our team? Tag @danapremayoga and @TheCorporation for 30 days, and you might win a tote*! * 😁👜😁 * Said “Tote” is not guaranteed to actually tote anything. * #nobullshityoga
Be surrounded by people, yet feel alone. Or be alone with someone, yet feel fulfilled. Find fulfilment in the gym. We can be more than just fitness.
🔺Today’s practice: #form in the middle of instability.〰️ When things are getting a little cray in life, I take comfort in the #sacredgeometry of the asanas. Here the surface is precarious, the wind is whipping, but it’s still the lines, the tensegrity, and focused breath that can build a secure shape. ✈️ And now - back to life - where the base can be precarious, the winds of change are whipping, and I continue to refine the structure to maintain an amazing life.
Look Ma, no 🤚🏿 🤚🏿 With @phillipaskew
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. Things may seem random and coincidental but yet mankind still find ways to categorise the baffling and confusing. Maybe fitness can contribute to the difficult process of healing, via self-discovery. Beneath the layer of madness there is a secret system of order. Beneath the tirade of yoga poses is the discovery of absolute knowledge of yourself. Find yourself amidst the fog of darkness. Gentle Flow Yoga with us at 8.30pm every Thursday.
“Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.” - Stephen Hawking 1942-2018
Day 3 of #movethroughmudras with #Ganesha mudra This mudra helps me to connect to and awaken the energy within. My guy always make me laugh and makes me make weird faces when he take my photos ✨✨ Host: @catmeffan @christianflorezyoga @juliemontagu @hollybentley_yoga @meliniseri Sponsor: @aloyoga #movethroughmudras #nofilter #cannabiscures #gracefullystrongyogis3 #fitflexyfolk #smile #yogamudra #stayhigh #cbd #yogasisters #yogalife #marchyogachallenge
From the disappointments over the years, we thicken the barricade around our hearts. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger yes? I guess our barricades must be as thick as turtle shells now. The shown Asana is a simple heart opener. They help chip away the thick walls around your hearts. And how do we know we're reaping the benefits of this practice? Our relationships with people around us improve. Come breathe with us in Yin Yoga on Tuesday nights 8.30pm.
⏳It’s about time! Time to wring out and release for #spring . Check this space for highlights & #yogatips2018 from our #springyogacleanse in classes. I’m excited to announce that Prema classes - “The Complete Practice” - will soon be available on @yogaanytime. More to come... 🌺 #yesplease #springforward 📷 @sfreneenyc
- ❄️ It’s nearing the middle of March, you just survived another Snowmagedon, and deserve a good wringing out and opening up to *SPRING. Here’s what I’ve learned about the spring in #NYC : - *It feels like it will never come - *It comes anyway 🌺 - Get ready with me tomorrow, Saturday 9/10, for a free vinyasa class @athleta @ 3rd Ave. & 85th St. This class is led by the live groove of @rhythmicflowsyoga . - To sweeten the deal, you can stay and totally exploit my friends & family rate. ‘Cause if we can make it through this winter together, we’re family. #premapeeps *** 📷 @sfreneenyc
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
🎼 Extended! Our Sound Yoga Immersion April 6-8 has an early bird special on through THIS FRIDAY March 9th. Explore your voice, the ancient art of chanting, and the healing sound bath of Himalayan bowls and soothing instruments. We just have 4 spots left at this rate - check out the link in bio to reserve yours! 🧘🏽‍♀️ *Open to all | Required for #yogatherapy certification.
Happy International Women’s Day y’all ❤️
❄️☀️❄️ #Yogatips 2018: #letsallpretendwereinCuba edition *** #Warrior3 pose Well, the winds are blowing in NYC, and I am currently stuck in a tunnel somewhere below Lincoln Center on my way to class. What better time to remember the #bikinidays of the last retreat! *** Now, a lot of teachers don’t consider Warrior 3 a challenging pose anymore, but if you can still recall your first days of yoga, it can be quite a ride. What’s more, it is fantastic for older students, who could use the support of a wall for their first approaches, and these steps thereafter: - First, prepare with #pyramidpose . This lengthens the hamstrings of the supporting leg while balancing and bearing weight - Stand and get your gaze point - your #drishti - on the horizon - Draw one knee in, balancing on one one foot for several breaths. By this time, you have already practiced everything you need to do W3 - Placing your hands in prayer, kick your leg directly back while changing the drishti to the earth - Try to make a solid “T” while continuing your yogi breath - Save a little mojo to rise to stand again - #Virabdrasana3 can build your balance, stability and proprioception - especially needed when you face a #winterstorm !
One of our customers tagged us in this stunning picture wearing her Thalia Flex Bra - We couldn’t resist but repost it! Thank you @charlotteacs ❤️✨
🎶Recently I was researching one of my favorite Yoga Sutras, when I came across this translation by Edwin Bryant: "Upon being harassed by negative thoughts, cultivate counteracting thoughts." - Yoga Sutra 2.33 When I read this version, two things immediately came up for me: A) How does Edwin Bryant know me so well? and B) It is time to bring the bhakti back! For centuries, yogis have used mantra and sound to calm, disperse, and dispense negative thoughts. Now science can confirm that the brain changes when we replace our paranoia/depression/anxiety with a good bhakti beat. (Alex Korb's book "The Upward Spiral" looks at the neuroscience in some detail). Not only does replacing negative thoughts potentially release serotonin and dopamine, a gratefulness practice, "actually affected neuron density" in parts of the brain. That means that by getting a good sound groove going, you get even better at being positive - transforming that negative energy into positive energy - just like the black panther's suit! :) Every spring, Jess Caplan and I meet in our Sound Yoga Immersion for one weekend with curious teachers and students who are looking to turn this spiral around. You'd be amazed at how much trepidation there can be about using our voice! Jess's chill approach makes it like game time. Every year - without fail - I walk back into the room and the whole group is laughing and smiling and quite often in a group hug. What can I say? She's a master. With me, we will learn a little harmonium (that box we play in class), and some classic mantras for attracting love, purifying, removing obstacles, and more. Expect to hear the science behind sound, and how to follow the Path of Creation to your highest good and happiness. Good news: Since I was late in getting this out, Pure has extended the Early Bird special to this Friday March 9th! Link in bio 🔝
Our apparel gets you back up with a smile after a hard fall 🙌🏻
Dress it up/dress it down, we bring you versatility with our apparel, saving you the trouble of packing an extra set of clothes if you plan on heading to the gym after👌🏻
...When you get your first Saturday off in 8 weeks and you’re like - ☀️🤪☀️ #asanainspiration by @juan_yogi
Not easy to keep still for a prolonged period. Not easy to find stillness in a storm. But those who find it, achieve a sort of nirvana that glows. And when they do, they become beacons of light in people's storms. Find stillness in our yoga classes. Become the light amidst the darkness.
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
“Defenseless under the night Our world in stupor lies; Yet, dotted everywhere, Ironic points of light Flash out wherever the Just Exchange their messages: May I, composed like them Of Eros and of dust, Beleaguered by the same Negation and despair, Show an affirming flame.” - W.H. Auden
Reach new heights this year - Achieve what you never thought you could with our apparel. We’ll make it happen.
All smiles at our Beer Yoga event, can’t wait to share more pictures with you guys! 😊
I had the pleasure of seeing Puccini’s Madama Butterfly at the @metopera last evening. People are always interested to know that prior to becoming a yoga teacher I was a trained opera singer. Though I no longer sing I will always remain a loyal opera fan. I understand that my affinity for opera isn’t always shared by younger generations as most people find the music to be irrelevant, melodramatic and boring. I believe that the problem isn’t so much in the music but rather in the fact that the lives that we are living move so fast with technology that even the music that we listen to is faster. We’re looking for an immediate impact and a beat drop after 60 seconds. To appreciate opera and classical music you need to dedicate time to enjoy the slow, dramatic build. But I believe this to be a metaphor for our lives- how learning to cultivate an appreciation for the slow build is crucial to training our minds so that we aren’t rushed and impulsive. Instead if we take our time create momentum we can forgo short term satisfaction for long-term goals and dreams. Real growth arises from our full presence. It takes time for the music to build and for the caterpillar to turn into the butterfly. So take a good look at your relationship with time and perhaps develop patience and trust in the slow build and sit back and watch life magically unfold. 🎭 *I chose this picture bc I feel like I look like a strange butterfly. 🦋 📸 my talented friend @lyanlex1
Alone, we can go fast. Then crash and burn. Together, we'll go further. But since no change in speed, we'll still crash and burn. How far do you wanna go?
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it.” - E. Roosevelt 🦄 Have a surperior weekend, peacocks! #friyay #peacockpose
Happy Friday! Today I’m only teaching my 915a hot class at @pureyoganyc then I’m headed out of town! I’ll be back to my full sched next week.✌🏼 👖 @flexilexi_fitness 📸 @lyanlex1
Learning the ropes! - Just another day of work for our Superman @jonwittyoga. #healerswanted #PYI
Out of the darkness and into the light.... continuing to make beautiful things out of all the ugly things I have been through. 🖤
Listen to that hum inside. That rhythm from a very deep place. It is your constant, visceral connection to Spirit. // Carlotta Mastrojanni 🎏 📸 @sfreneenyc
#whatdoesayogateacherlooklike Part One. ??? What does a yoga teacher look like to you? Is she always in a bikini, or is she always modestly dressed? Does she wear all white, a turban, a sari, or @athleta leggings? What color is her skin, what texture is her hair, and what’s her nationality, size, and age? *** And why, oh why, do we find bias to be abhorrent in other “industries,” but in the health & wellness business, we let these biases slip on by? *** Because just like all jobs done by all women, the quality of the job should be judged by - well - THE ACTUAL QUALITY OF THE WORK, and not by what that woman looks like. #mybrandisyoga #unfluencer
Join me in wishing my yoga sister and best friend, @lvlyoga a very Happy Birthday. Lindsey’s generous heart, kindness, and her playful spirit never cease to inspire me and those who have had the privilege of being in her company. I am so excited to team with her for our Mexico retreat in April. It’s a dream to get to teach beside her and share our love of yoga and all things nature. Come play with us in Todos Santos (which actually falls on my bday wknd 🎉) and be sure to leave her a message below! 🎈I’ll see you next wknd Linds! 🙋🏼‍♀️
You have to disengage at some point in order to be fresh. Looking forward to having three days off from teaching to rest and reset. Happy long weekend friends! ♻️🔋
Happy #forearmfriday REMEMBER: Before any phisical exercise, It's important to warm up in order to prevent injuries, I always recommend 5 cycles of Sun Salutations. #Yoga #gracefullystrongyogis3 #yogaeverydamnday #Yogis #Yoginis #asanas #forearmbalance #scorpionpose #vrishchikasana #PinchaMayurasana #YogaLove #yogalover #Fun #variations #bodybalance #MindBalance #Friday #goodvibes #Life
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