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So there's a beach by the house that's pretty rocky to the point that you have to wear water shoes to walk in. The shallowness went pretty far out and I wanted to see how far I could walk, but I was nervous I was going to step on something dangerous or fall into a random hole or something. Even though the waters were choppy and hard to snorkel in, Ry goes back to shore and puts on her snorkel mask so she can guide me and make sure I was safe. If she saw something, she'd grab my hand and tell me to step sideways or go a different direction. It was just such a sweet moment and she probably doesn't understand how sweet that was even though I told her. It also serves as a great example just how she is to me everyday. Always sweet, always kind, always wanting me to be ok. She'll ask atleast a few times in a day if I'm ok and doing good just to make sure. She'll always encourage me, but *never push me*, to do things outside my comfort zone. I could keep going for a long time, but thank you for being so humble and putting me first always. I love you💕
Amber Run - I Found
“If you listen carefully, people explain to you what it is that they need.” Nowadays, people tend to hear but not listen. Let’s change that ✨💛 #gmportraits
Big city madness, comfort my soul
just go out there and do what you gotta do….
Nathan Baughman | Bettendorf High School Book Me Today mattumland.com
Don't wait . The time will never be just right
lost hope
The Sicilian coast is absolutely stunning. I literally felt like I was in Kings Landing in Game of Thrones overlooking this village and the sea. 🇮🇹😍
Playa Hermosa
290/365 One Way
Life’s a long beautiful journey PC:@hatisshh
El Festival gastronómico Cuchara Brava en su IV edición pone en vitrina una considerable cantidad de emprendimientos que hace feliz a la comunidad degustando los manjares con sabor el sabor de la provincia de Los Ríos. Hoy desde las 16hs en la Cdla. El chófer atrás de la pista de patinaje en Babahoyo. #ViajaConmigoEc #NuncaParodeViajar #SomosInstaGuayaquil #SomosEC #EcuadorAmaLaVida
Dolomiti, Italy 🇮🇹 | 📸 (@cumacevikphoto ) #visualinsanity
Такс, куда бы поехать в следующий раз. Эти выходные отдыхаем дома, а вот на следующих...у нас уже есть задумки 🤔 . #димммдимыч
Summer’s gone. #UNTLD
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Yesterday I had the chance to go skydiving, it had been something I had always dreamt of but had yet to attempt. The night before I was feeling the nerves however when I arrived at the hanger I began to feel more excited. We got prepped and climbed into a small propeller plane that slowly increased in altitude. When we got to about 10,000 feet the door of the window opened and the wind started gushing in it was an insane feeling. It was crazy being in a plane 10,000 feet in the air with my legs dangling out of it and to look down and see the ground so far below me but I had visualized this moment before and was determined to jump. A couple seconds later, I was free falling through the air at speeds of 150 km/h for about a minute. This really showed me the beauty of going past the point where fear tells you to stop.
Future ✨ w/ @kaiibrks and inspired by @magdiellop 🌹
Var olmanın ve varlığının bir nimet olduğunu bileceksin ve Yaradanın sana verdiği bu nimetleri şükretmesini bileceksin 🥀☕ Hayırlı Akşamlar 🙋 🌸
Whatever you do, do it with creativity, love, and soul. #meraki
À la parisienne XVIII
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