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Hot Or Nah? @nissanjapan
scenes from @artsinthedark Halloween parade #distractyourface
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Time flies
I was busy working as usual, I couldn’t make it your birthday party and I’m sorry but I love you so much little guy, you’re the smartest kid alive. You know how to make me laugh, smile, and love. Happy birthday to the best nephew anybody could ask for, more years and blessings to come young stunna. I love you Christian ❤️
You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. #WHPmirrorimage #shotoniphone
VAIN with my earrings 耳环。 扫描仪实验 — #scanography #experiment #実験
잠잠 | 潛潛 藍色的夜。
🔮October nights 🔮
Still can’t believe Bron’s a Laker..... 🤷🏾‍♂️
Mas masarap pa din ang beer. 😂🍺 #osaka #usj #harrypotter
Puuuuig 🗣 #ladetermined
Beauty and the beast
Lone star. I remember it should be shot by Tokina 12mm-24mm. Amazing lens and reasonable price. Almost 0 distortion at 12mm end and on APSC it’s around 18mm equivalent on FF. Strongly recommend. . . . . . . . #chasinglight #dusktilldawn #roadtrip #bluesky #pulsefilm #artofvisuals #hbouthere #mkexplorer #thecreatorclass #earthofficial #houseoftones #neverstopexploring #exploringtheglobe #hypebeast #beautifuldestinations #stayandwander
. おはようございます! GLOWオープンしました!🌞 今日は @ryo_katagiri_@yu_katagiri_bmx が店にいます! ご来店お待ちしてます! . 動画は @ryo_katagiri_ のルーティンです🚲
who’s this? 👀
View from my balcony 😍👋🏼 | - Beruntung banget nih bisa dapet penginapan di lantai 38 selama di Singapore. Jadi bs dapet point of view yg beda 😄 - Jadi ini adalah view gedung-gedung yang ada di sekitar Robinson Rd Singapore. Buat temen-temen yg suka hunting dan lg berencana pergi ke Singapore, gw sangat rekomendasi buat pergi ke Robinson Rd. Karena banyak banget gedung-gedung atau kalo suka foto street menarik banget buat explore disini. - Jadi pada explore kemana nih hari ini? Happy sunday all!😄👋🏼👋🏼 - Camera : #fujifilmXT3 by @fujifilm_id Lens : Fujinon 10-24 F4 XFzoom
No more song, no more dance, no dance floor. We left it all to chance, no encore. #OtherPeople #ImHim #GoodKid
Last few cuz I couldn’t decide what to post #lightspeedtour
Do you ever think about the fact that time doesn’t even exist? People created it to keep up with things. Stop saying, “I don’t know if it’s the right time” “How long do I wait before this or that”. Everyone has different experiences. Go based off your feelings, if you feel it’s right in the moment, it probably is. If you feel iffy, it’s probably not ganna happen right then. Trust yourself more than that.
「手には入らないよ」 #rigidgang
"Sunday haul." #VintageShirt
After yesterday’s madness, we going to the World Series.
Late tbt
Goodbye for now 🙋🏻
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