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“Close enough”
Garden ft. @cody_brown11
i rather be with baby momo @eternal.loverr#film #artofvisuals #visualgang
I’m losing touch with reality. Unsure if you’re killing me. Or saving me. I don’t know. | 📷 : Jaron A Rendon @jaronxvisuals Jaronxvisuals.com
Where we’re going we dont need roads
J A N U A R Y 19th | Street of Ciudad vieja, Montevideo
don't let anyone tell you that you're not strong enough.🔹
Tile pattern in a restaurant
The Wise (3/3)
Working online has allowed me to journey to faraway places, even without Internet! The cool thing is that if you plug into the right system, the system will work for you -- it will function on autopilot, and continue to make you sales -- even when you're in places as isolated as Aruba!
Have you ever wondered what it's like to journey to Aruba?
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Get your first impressions right from the start ✨ #livecandid
city of roses
a photo not in LA for once
Modern Transport 🎶: Joseph Chilliams x DinnerWithJohn // Charlie Murphy . . . . . #hsdailyfeature #streetmeetina #urbanandstreet #nycprimeshot #canonphotos
Let’s go for a swim ❄️
Palms (1/3)
Private 👁
Nature boi 🌲
BYOT - bring your own tiger
I love street photography because it allows you to capture amazing moments that can happen at anytime, and see people’s reactions.
As a longtime rider of New York's subway system to get to clubs and parties downtown and in other boroughs, the Q train extension has been a game changer this past year. Plus, snaps to whoever designed this tunnel to get down there, it is so freaking cool looking.
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W. Germany
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This is my last photo of Nozawaonsen Dosojin festival. Every year, people of the area build a wooden shrine that they must protect until the 15th. Defenders need to protect the shrine from attackers who use fire sticks. The sticks are quite flimsy so when the fire hits a defender, it will usually burst into ember. Japanese men who are the unlucky ages of 25 and 42 participates in this event to ward off evil spirits and wish for successful marriages. • • • • • #道祖神祭り #どんど焼き #灯籠 #道祖神 #野沢温泉 #長野 #日本 #お祭り #温泉 #火 #旅行 #国内旅行 #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #nagano #nozawaonsen #fire #ritual #festival #winter #mountain #night #nightlife #firefestival #burn #japan #unknownjapan
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Follow the valley and you’ll eventually get to the mountaintop.🇭🇹
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Stuck on GO
Guess who guess where guess again.
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