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Sunset reflections at Princes Pier and the remains of the original wooden pillars forming the Pier ⚓️
by @arniovas Mind your motherf**kin' business, ain't nothin' you gotta see, How you all up in my sh*t when you got more problems than me? I know, I know that you been envy, b**ch, it ain't that hard to see Don't you dare go fix your mouth to tell me that you proud of me Ain't no choice to me but loyalty still means a lot to me
Cozy days.
Night to remember
From the sky
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Another cropped photo shot on film. I’ve been listening to Candice Pool & @caseyneistat ’s podcast, Couple’s Therapy, on my way to work and while walking @ourgirlbilly and have been making strange eye contact with strangers after they catch me literally lolling. Plz share your reccos for fun and light podcasts (i’ll accept serious and good too) ⬇️.
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the more you want to forget something, the more you seem to remember it.
Through the late night.
你可知道 对我做过 什么最残忍 你在他干净无菌 主题乐园加进了坏人
⭐️원데이디톡스⭐️로 똥뱃살 타파!! . 📍프로알지는 변비약이 아니에요 📍막힌 혈관을 뚫는데 도움을 주는 “혈관영양제” 입니다 📍한 번만 드셔도 빠르게 효과를 볼 수 있는 강력한 제품력! . ☑️ 이런 분들께 추천드려요 ❣️최근 갑자기 살이 찌신 분 ❣️똥뱃살이 빼고싶은 분 ❣️가스가 자주 차서 배가 불편한 분 ❣️온몸이 찌뿌둥하고 무거운 분 ❣️변비가 있으신 분 ❣️전신 디톡스는 부담인데 효과가 있는지 확인하고 싶으신 분 . 급하게 살을 빼야하거나, 전신디톡스가 부담스러운 분들은 원데이디톡스 먼저 시작해보세요💕 . 1set➡️ 25,000원 2set➡️ 50,000원 3set➡️ 75,000원 4set➡️100,000원 5set➡️125,000원+서비스🎁 6set➡️140,000원+서비스🎁 . ✔️나는 왜 살이 빠지지 않을까? ✔️이제 성공적인 다욧을 하고싶다!! @45.diet_ 프로필링크 꾹~❣️ 문진표 작성해주시면 순차적으로 연락드릴게요🤩 . 💌카톡ID: 45diet 💛원데이디톡스도 관리받으며 해용💛 #인바디찍는인싸쌤 #담쌤
I may or may not be posting a new YouTube video this weekend... So maybe you should or maybe you should not stay tuned for that... (PLEASE)
And so begins the design process of my new studio 📐🧰 ありがとうございました @yukari.i.1029 ☺️🙏🏻 #dieterramsismygod
Here is part II of Mont-Tremblant @monttremblant
⛩☃️ . 雪の五重塔 . . 
“How do you get so empty? Who takes it out of you?”
Escape and breathe the air of new places.
The last moon image was dope, thank you everyone for the love and support. Now back to continuing the modeling season until Mid Feb.
that coat by @acoldwall
Shot on iPhone after a long time😊
I’ve got a lot going on in my brain, most of which I can’t seem to explain
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Nantes fans hold vigil for missing Emiliano Sala. Class stuff!
@grimey_wear SHAMBALA KIMONO | se sei alla ricerca di Shambala, sai dove trovarla! #grimey #premièrepescara
Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai ☸️ 🐉
Unbox my new toy KAWS : HOLIDAY TAIPEI
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