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This is the life He has called us to...no longer our own but His. So we leave our old self behind at the cross and take this new life and give it all we've got for Him. He showed us..its not hard. He gave us plenty of examples. Its not as everyone thinks. He didn't give us these rules to stop us having fun, but because He loves us and doesnt want us to get hurt. Everything he does is out of love. So we do the same to others; we are humble and gentle and patient..remember how He did the same for you? Lets stay united this way, bearing with one another on this journey called life. And lets live it well for Him. Thank You Jesus. ☝🙏💖 🌑 #thebible #bibleapp #readthebible #dailyverse #verseoftheday #encouragementintheword #heislove #love #heishumble #humble #heisgentle #gentle #heispatient #patient #jesus
Dads ginormous hands give the best cuddles 🧡🍑 #heisgentle #iswear
I pray today that in some tangible way you feel the sweetness of Gods love for you. Yes you! We have a tendency to look for the "Big Bang" so to speak. A lot of times however Gods love comes softly. If we are not careful, because we are expecting something in a certain way or moving too fast in our day, we may we miss it. May the eyes of your heart be opened today so you may see or sense His gentle touch. He never leaves you or forsakes you. We are just not always aware. #BCM #holychikbobbiclear #holychik #opentheeyesofmyheart #heisgentle #God #is #love
Are you ready for the word today? Prepare your heart to learn what the promise of the Holy Spirit is. Paul Dennison will be preaching this morning. See you soon! #holyspirit #beopen #heisgentle
Daisy the Chihuahua vs. Thunder the Rottweiler in tug of war! I may have instigated it a little! #chihuahua #rottweiler #tugofwar #dogsofinstagram #theyarefamily #sheistough #heisgentle
That burden was never meant for you to carry. #giveittoHim #allyouwearyandburdened #Heisgentle #humbleheart
The love of my life is celebrating a birthday today. #heismyeverything #heisgentle #heiskindacutethough
One weird fact about me- I have always loved looking at maps and globes of the world 🌍! Let’s pray for the world this special Holy Week..for everyone and every single precious person to hear the good news of the gospel and for a REVIVAL!!! 🙏😃🙌🏻 I was talking to my Mom for hours and hours last night over the sad news of my uncles passing and I asked her “do you *know* if he knew Christ?” She said the words I didn’t want to hear..” I don’t know, Sarah, I really don’t know. I mean I know he went to church before and he heard about the gospel during the “Jesus Movement “ but I don’t know. I pray he called out to Him in his last moments”. Then I asked her what was so different during her time and the whole “Jesus revolution “ and she said that she FELT the Holy Spirit working everywhere. And said He’s still here, He’s still working for sure and He’s still drawing people to Himself but it’s different.” And I said, Mom what can we do? I don’t want ANYONE not knowing Jesus. We NEED to do better. Then we got into a heavy discussion about how you can’t push Jesus down others throats; she reminded me that He’s a perfect gentleman and we always have to pray about it first and let God do the leading..& said I know Mom you’re always so right and wise. She said she wishes she could be the biggest evangelist ever but God had different plans for her. I reminded her of how much she sharpens me and her total faithfulness despite many challenges amazes me beyond words and inspires me deeply. This Holy Week and Easter I’m praying for the WORLD that God so loved and for a REVIVAL and for the best and sweetest, wisest, quiet yet strong and faithful and beautiful woman who is my Mother, to see her prayers and beautiful hearts desires answered..& mine too, and I know many others and especially God’s desire. Please join me in prayer and let’s invite everyone we know to church with us this Easter so they can know this GREAT and AWESOME God of ours whom we serve and long to be with for eternity. He IS RISEN!!! Alleluia! 🙌🏻✝️🌍❤️#prayforourworld #revival #JesusIsRisen #HeLovesYou #HeIsGentle #YouAreAllInvitedToChurch #ComeAndTasteHisGoodness #HolySpirit #Easter #MaundyThursday #GoodF
When the ONE specific man finds me... . . He is humble, strong in God, LIVING for God and leading for Him, he loves Jesus more than anything and anyone, he is not abusive with his mouth or actions as so many are nowadays, he treats me like a queen and not like I'm just one of the guys. He is amazing. . . He's a gentleman. He doesn't make me cry, he's respectful and cares more about my well being than even his own, he calls me beautiful every day, he speaks life into my every day, and he loves me BECAUSE of my flaws, and he knows I give God my flaws so I'm being worked on just as he is. He's mature enough to lead me in Christ. I'm not his bae, boo, or his old lady. I'm his helper, his one and only partner and his love for life. Thank You Jesus, he is the most courageous I know. 😍😍😍 I'm so blessed. . . . . . #grace #godsgift #imblessed #heisreal #godfirst #godislove #manofgod #heisgentle #gentleman #gentlemanlessons #growing #grow #yes #ido #manofgod #womanofgod #helper #soulmate #beautifull #lovely #hisqueen #princess #sweetheart #wife #marriage #wedding #betrothed #life #woman #man #smile
Thank God, that God the Holy Spirit is not a piece of stone, however I like this picture😁! //// Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you. ‭‭John‬ ‭16:7‬ ‭ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. ‭‭John‬ ‭14:26‬💛💛✨✨✨ 🕊 ✨✨✨ #GiftOfTheFather #PromiseOfTheFather #SealOfTheFather #Comforter #Guide #Leader #GodTheHolySpirit #AppreciateHim #HeIsAwesome #HeIsGentle #LoveHim #HeLovesUs #Jesus #SpiritOfTruth
Simply staying connected to Him is the answer above all answers #abide #belovedliveloved #Heisgentle
TUESDAY / FEBRUARY 27 He is our Strength Read Psalm 73:25-26 When you are weak, God is not asking you match His strength. Instead, He wants you to lean into Him more than ever before, realizing that the only way you’ll make it through is by relying entirely on Him because He is Our Strength. Perhaps you feel like you’re having to be strong for someone else. Maybe you’re in a relationship with someone who has big questions about something happening in her life that you don’t have the answers for. Perhaps you find yourself sitting by the bedside of a friend or a family member whose health is failing her, and you can do nothing more than hold her hand. Maybe you’re watching the news and it seems like the world is growing darker and eviler by the day, and you feel helpless. You might find yourself wondering, “am I doing enough? Am I being as strong as I need to be?” In these moments, seek God for your source of strength. When you’re about to break down, or when you’re tempted to give up, He will strengthen you. Turn your focus to the Lord and trust Him. There is no need to worry when you know you can rely entirely on His strength to carry you right now. Pray specifically for strength. Whatever has left you feeling especially weak or helpless, talk to God about these things. There is no need to be ashamed of any fear, doubt, or weakness when you know He is the source of your strength. DAILY CHALLENGE: In what areas do you need God’s strength? Write a prayer asking God for His strength. Written by Morgan Harper Nichols instagram.com/morganharpernichols morganharpernichols.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker #HeIsDependable #HeIsRefuge #GodIsOurGuide #HeIsWithYou #HeIsAlphaAndOmega #HeIsOurVictor #HeIsOurStrength
MONDAY / FEBRUARY 26 He is our Victor Read 2 Chronicles 20:14-22 If you were fighting a war, who would you put on the front lines, your most battle tested soldiers or the church choir? It makes sense to send those trained for warfare into battle first, but God doesn’t always do things in ways that make sense to in the moment. In today’s passage, we see the people of Judah and Jerusalem were about to be attacked. King Jehoshaphat knew the importance of seeking God’s will instead of acting on what made sense to him. Instead of sending the warriors out first, King Jehoshaphat sent the worshippers. By the time they met their enemies, they were destroying themselves. The people of Judah and Jerusalem didn’t have to fight for even a second. They worshipped and trusted God instead of taking matters into their own hands. They surrender their will and their lives to God, and in doing so, God gave them victory. Jehoshaphat realized worship was warfare, and it’s the same for us. It’s hard to surrender our will to God, but He can’t be in charge and give us victory if we still insist on doing things our way. Even when we think we can handle a situation, the truth is we can’t. God alone can bring victory. When we worship, it invites God into our situation. Our eyes are removed from how big our problems are to how powerful our God is. It doesn’t mean we ignore our problems. It means we put them in proper perspective. Our battles may be big, but our God is bigger. Worship opens our hearts to see God in a new way. As we surrender our will, He becomes our Victor. DAILY CHALLENGE: Make a playlist of worship songs so you can have ready for whenever you’re fighting a battle. Written by Emily Furda instagram.com/emilyfurda emilyfurda.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker #HeIsDependable #HeIsRefuge #GodIsOurGuide #HeIsWithYou #HeIsAlphaAndOmega #HeIsOurVictor
SUNDAY / FEBRUARY 25 He is the Alpha and Omega Read Revelation 1:8 Wherever you are headed, God is there. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. There is no reason to have an unsettled heart or mind right now when you know that the One who was and is to come is holding every single moment of your life in your hands. No matter how troubling today or yesterday has been, your thoughts about tomorrow do not have to be filled with the threats of fear and anxiety. You can rest in His Presence. Don’t allow yourself to frame all of your thinking around what might go wrong next week or when and if and how your greatest desires will ever be met. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide in remembering time is in His hands from beginning to the end, and He has promised to be with you for all of it. This means, no moment of your life has been a waste. No years you’ve spent waiting have taken value from your life. Being in a relationship with Jesus, and walking with Him every day by praying, seeking, worshipping, serving, trusting, and loving Him gives you more value than anything else. It makes it all worth it, because you are worth it, to Him, and nothing can take that away. Hold onto this when you feel like you’re wasting time, or the wait has been too long. Your past, present, and future is held together by the One who holds time within His hands. He has a plan, and you are safe within in His arms, every moment of every day, from here until Eternity. DAILY CHALLENGE: Journal about a time when you waited for something God promised and it came to pass. How does that affect your mindset about something you’re waiting for now? Written by Morgan Harper Nichols instagram.com/morganharpernichols morganharpernichols.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker #HeIsDependable #HeIsRefuge #GodIsOurGuide #HeIsWithYou #HeIsAlphaAndOmega
FRIDAY / FEBRUARY 23 He is our Guide Read Isaiah 30:21 Life can leave us with some pretty huge question marks on the journey. Questions about the future may loom in our heads, leaving us wondering which path to take next. There is solace in knowing we have a God who loves us and can be known by us. He is our Guide through the known territories of the mundane and is just as present to guide us through our off-road adventures in question mark seasons. It can be tempting to listen to every voice in our world as we try to determine our next step. However, when we are diligently seeking the best path, we must realize God is truly a trustworthy guide. If we are committed to following His path, if we follow closely, He will lead us. We can know the paths God is guiding us on by creating space in our lives to communicate with God in prayer, quietly soaking in what He is teaching us from the Bible and having open eyes to His opportunities around us. Equally important, our hearts must be surrendered enough to pause our own plans when He leads us to a place of waiting and restoration. Having faith in God as our guide means taking the role of a willing follower. God will lead us down many bending paths but has promised us His presence will not leave. As our guide He has never promised easy travel or avoiding dark valleys, but He is a faithful guide who is aware of the terrain up ahead. If we choose to trust, His path will eventually lead to places beyond anything we could dream. The most beautiful moments of the journey will be spent with Him close by. DAILY CHALLENGE: Pray for a friend who has some big decisions to make or is wondering about her future. Written by Heather Golden Horton instagram.com/heatherghorton partnershiptasmania.wordpress.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker #HeIsDependable #HeIsRefuge #GodIsOurGuide
THURSDAY / FEBRUARY 22 He is Refuge Read Psalm 91:4 Do you ever feel as if you need a chance to get away and maybe even hide for a bit? You’re tired of being strong and being the one who protects others. We all need to be protected and cared for. We need refuge. Today’s verse often invokes an image of a mother bird gently covering her young in her nest, probably on a nice spring day. Maybe we should think about something a little different for a minute: Emperor penguins. Emperor penguin chicks hatch during winter in Antarctica. Fragile, defenseless new life is born during the coldest time of year at the coldest place on earth. If anyone ever needed warm refuge, it’s a baby Emperor penguin. What’s fascinating is the fathers are the ones who are responsible for eggs and the chicks when they hatch. They’re balanced on their father’s feet and covered with a warm layer of his feathers. When those chicks hatch, they don’t have their protective adult feathers yet. The only way they survive is to take refuge under the warm feathers of their father. It’s the same with us. There will be times when life seem too cold and harsh. We feel helpless and wonder if we can survive. When those times come, remember you have a Father waiting to cover and protect you. He will care for you, because He is Refuge. DAILY CHALLENGE: Memorize today’s scripture. Written by Emily Furda instagram.com/emilyfurda emilyfurda.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker #HeIsDependable #HeIsRefuge
WEDNESDAY / FEBRUARY 21 He is Dependable Read Psalm 121 God will never let you down. Even when others have fallen short on their promises and you’ve been met with dead end after dead end, even after you have worked so hard, He remains the constant for a weary soul. He remains the steady pace for tired feet. Even when the path seems that it might break off and you might wander into nothingness, He will give you the peace to keep going. Even when you are certain this is the moment when everything falls apart, He is faithful in reminding you of who you are and how far you have already come with Him. If you could make it through all you went through yesterday, you can certainly make it through this hour. If you could make it through all of those long and sleepless nights, you can certainly make it through days like this. The good news is, you don’t have to make it through alone. You can depend on God to carry you. In any moment of any day or night when you feel weak, worried, anxious, or frustrated, you can close your eyes and pray: “Lord, I know you will keep from stumbling. I know you will keep me from harm. I am holding onto you with all of I have right now. I am entirely dependent on you.” We are able to pray these kind of prayers because God loves us so much that He sent His Son so that we could have direct access to Him in these very moments. There is never a moment He does not hear us. There is never a moment He does not see us. No matter how many times we have been let down by others, He will never let us down. DAILY CHALLENGE: Listen to “He is With Us” by Love & The Outcome. youtu.be/qYLoigK4WSI Written by Morgan Harper Nichols instagram.com/morganharpernichols morganharpernichols.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker #HeIsDependable
TUESDAY / FEBRUARY 20 He is the Maker Read John 1:3 Consider the universe; it stretches far beyond what we can see. God has placed every planet, moon, and star exactly where He wants it to be. Consider the earth and all that comes from it. He made copper and iron, silver and gold, diamonds and rubies, water and air. He made every living thing, from single-celled amoebas to His most beloved creation, you. Of course, we know God made everything, but how often do we take it for granted? How often do we look around us, but fail to see the wonder of all that He has made? If you take a few minutes every day just to think about God’s wondrous creation, you will find that you start to see things differently. Every time you take notice of His glorious work, you will find that you are drawn even closer to Him. Consider, even, the miracle that is you, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Nothing exists apart from Him. His fingerprints are everywhere. He is Maker of all things! DAILY CHALLENGE: What were 5 things you saw today that God created? How does seeing His handiwork change how you see Him? Journal your thoughts. Written by Diane Marie instagram.com/crazymom2eight_dianemarie #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise #HeIsTheMaker
"my Beloved is the chiefest Of ten thousand anywhere. He is altogether lovely He is altogether fair, My Beloved is so gentle And is strong beyond compare." ❤ . . . #myBeloved #lovely #HeisLovely #HeisGentle #HeisStrong #naturephotography #blueskies #sunshine #aesthetic #beauty #chooselife #positivity #sunrise #hindsfeetonhighplaces
MONDAY / FEBRUARY 19 He is Wise Read Proverbs 3:19-20 God’s wisdom is the foundation of the earth. When we truly begin to embrace that, we will begin to see in all of the things we do not know, He still knows all, and no matter the things that overwhelm us, nothing will change that. Remember this when the weight of that situation with your loved ones or the one at work seems to be spiraling more and more out of control. When you have done all you can to help or try and make sense of the situation, let your heart be at peace knowing the One who set the heavens in place will set this situation in place too! When your hands are tied, may you find the courage to fold them into a prayerful position. May you take a deep breath and ask God to let His wisdom pour down like dew from the clouds all over this situation. Ask Him to reveal Himself to all who are involved in mighty ways. The same God whose wisdom laid the foundation of the earth is the same God who is holding your heart. Even when the world is evil and corrupt, even when you are not sure you are being loved and appreciated in the same way you love others, even when your achievements are not carrying you as far as you thought they would, even when you feel like you are losing yourself to the chaos of life and nothing will reel you back in, in all His Mighty Power and wisdom, He will make things right. Just as He split the Red Sea in two, He will do the same for your fears, your anxieties, and your doubts. In the end, He is always The Wise God who sorts all things out. DAILY CHALLENGE: Write down today’s verse. Then make a list under it of everything you’re worried about and pray over it. Written by Morgan Harper Nichols instagram.com/morganharpernichols morganharpernichols.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees #HeIsWise
SUNDAY / FEBRUARY 18 He is the God Who Sees Read Genesis 16 Have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever felt as is so much was going wrong in your life that God must’ve turned His eyes from you? In today’s passage we see Hagar felt that way. She was a slave of Sarai who was Abram’s wife (who later become known as Sarah and Abraham). God promised them Sarah would have a child, but instead of waiting for God’s plan, they decided Hagar would have their child. She was pregnant, had no rights of her own, and was severely mistreated by Sarah, so she ran away. All alone, in the middle of the desert, she must’ve felt invisible. It was then God sent an angel to her. In that moment her situation didn’t change, but she did. She knew she was seen by God. In the middle of her pain, He saw her, and He was with her. He gave her the strength to keep going. Do you feel as if you’ve been taken captive by circumstances? Maybe horrible things have happened to you through no fault of your own. God sees you there. Even when we’re in a mess because of something we have done, God sees us there. He’s looking at you today in love. He knows your pain and has a plan for you. So, instead of running away, run to Him. Stop for a minute and talk to Him. Let Him show you His promises for your life. You are seen, you are known, and you are loved by The God Who Sees. DAILY CHALLENGE: Pray and journal about where you are now personally and spiritually. Ask God to show you He sees you. Written by: Emily Furda instagram.com/emilyfurda emilyfurda.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic #HeSees
SATURDAY / FEBRUARY 17 He is Sympathetic Read Hebrews 4:14-16 What is your first reaction when you’re tempted to sin or have already sinned? Do you struggle on your own, or go to God for help? So often we think of God as someone who is a strict rule enforcer just waiting to punish us or banish us from His presence. We know He is perfect and holy, so we often think He can’t possibly understand how hard it is to struggle with temptation. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. When Jesus walked this earth He was sinless, but He was also tempted in every way possible. Pause and think about this for a moment. Jesus was human. When you’re tempted to gossip about the friend who hurt you, remember Jesus was tempted to gossip. When you’re tempted to unleash your anger on someone, Jesus knows what that feels like. When you’re struggling with the temptation of alcohol, drugs, sexual sin, or anything else, remember Jesus was tempted too. He’s not condemning you. He sympathizes with you! He led a sinless life, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. He also lived as fully human and fully God for about 33 years before His death and resurrection. He chose to experience the struggles we are faced with every day because He loves us. When you find yourself tempted to sin, go to God. Ask Him for help. If you find you have sinned, and we all do, still go to Him. Ask for His forgiveness. You can go to Him with boldness and confidence knowing He loves you. He knows you’re human and can’t do this alone. Always remember, He is sympathetic towards you. DAILY CHALLENGE: Listen to “Who You Love” by Jasmine Murray. youtu.be/mmrAI30OFRo Written by: Emily Furda instagram.com/emilyfurda emilyfurda.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle #HeIsTimely #HeIsSympathetic
THURSDAY / FEBRUARY 15 He is Gentle Read Matthew 11:29 Do you ever feel as if one more demand on you will be what breaks you? Work, family responsibilities, church and community commitments, school, personal needs, and so many other things demand our time and attention every single day. Sometimes when you hear your email alert you freeze in fear hoping it’s not one more thing you need to do. It’s in those moments we need to stop and remember who Jesus is. He is Gentle. In today’s passage, we see Jesus talking to His followers. He wanted them to know the kind of life He offered wasn’t about do’s and don’ts. It wasn’t about adding another volunteering opportunity to your packed schedule, and it wasn’t about dressing or looking a certain way. It was simply following in His footsteps. Following Him isn’t about a list of commitments or a personal conduct or dress code. It’s the opposite. It’s learning to let go of what we see on the outside, so we can be changed on the inside. He wanted them and you to know following Him isn’t about what you can do for Him; it’s about spending time in His presence and becoming like Him. Whenever you feel like you’re doing too much but not enough, stop and pray. Ask the Lord to guide your steps and your heart. Let His gentleness heal your tired heart. DAILY CHALLENGE: Make a list of commitments and activities. Pray over it asking the Lord what His plans are for you regarding them. Written by: Emily Furda instagram.com/emilyfurda emilyfurda.com #TheBinderCo #February2018 #HeIs #HeIsLove #HeIsTheLordOfAngelArmies #HeIsApproachable #HeIsTheRootOfEverything #HeIsOurHope #HeIsUnchanging #HeIsOurSong #HeIsAProblemSolver #HeIsOurBanner #HeIsCreative #HeIsAFriend #HeIsOurFinisher #HeIsOurHelper #HeIsAttentive #HeIsGentle
get on board, we’re on a man hunt finding nirvana is easy with the ocean on your side. you have to kiss a squid quick no time to explain just trust me bro it’s alright he’s cool all good let’s ride 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬⭐️ . . . #lego #legominifigures #photography #legostagram #jetski #creation #craftycorner #arternoon #squid #kisshiswobbles #heisgentle #leggy #tenderkiss #kissu #blue #ifiwasgreeniwoulddie #leggomyeggo
Immerse yourself with WHO God says you are, so you won't be affected of others opinions of you... in this life I am finding or have found that no matter what you do there will always be that someone who doesn't know your heart, that will have something to say... So as hard as it may, just throw them a kiss and a prayer of blessing and continue on with what God says about you. If there is something He wants you to change it's His love, gentleness, and kindness that will have you see what needs to change... not the harsh opinions of others. So continue onward and be true to who God has called you to be...#heisgentle #freedomfromothers #freeingyourself #godslove #lessonslearned #kisswithaprayer #hisloveneverfails
The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. ________________________________________ #AhadRaza #HeIsHumble #HeIsGentle #HeIsTheBest #CrushCrushCrush #YKS #DrAsfandyar #ThoseEyes #BlackSuitsHim #ThisLook #BeardIsKilling #SooCool #BeautifullSoul . 🎶🙊🌟🎈🌸🎉🎇❤✨🌼👍
I'm not always smiling happy, nor confident, strong, courageous, right, patient or loving (and the list goes on)... living life, I've actually discovered the total opposite many many times. Not only that I feel so but I know darkness to be real within me. I'm a human in need of a Savior. Someone to save me from myself. So all the more, I will clinge to you, #JESUS I am IMPERFECT but You're PERFECT. ✨❤️😌#ThankyouThankyouThankyouForYourGrace #GodIsLove #HeIsGentle #SlowInAnger #RichInMercy #EverythingMoreThanINeed . "This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." - 1 John 1:5
Happy Friday!💞 "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:28‭-‬29 . . . #matthew11v28to29 #cometojesus #youwillfindrestforyoursouls #takehisyoke #learnfromjesus #heisgentle #jesusislove #heislord #bekindtoothers #prayforothers #youneverknowwhatsomeoneisgoingthrough #smileoften #instascripture #happyfriday #itstheweekend
"I'll never finish falling in love with you." #blessedlife #worththewait #heisgentle #ourgreatGod #covenant #basqueimagery
My son's movement is so funny!! 夕方に息子とフリスビーをしました(*^^*) 息子の動きはいつもコミカルで面白いです!笑 僕がケガをしないように優しく投げてくる優しい息子です(*^^*) #sweetboy #myson #heisgentle
ぱんだくんも元気♡♡ ご飯も食べれるし… 本当に、やっとホッとした… これ以上何も起こらないでもらいたい… #exóticshorthair #エキゾチックショートヘア #心の優しい男の子 #ママの赤ちゃん #ずーっと赤ちゃん #大好きなの #ぱんだくん #catlovers #amogato #myfavoritecat #heisgentle #mylove
Beautiful words! #Heisgentle #HeIsLowlyin ❤️ 🍁🍁🍁#Hisyokeeasy #hisburdenislight
I've never known this level of kindness❤️ #heiskind #heisgood #heissweet #heisgentle #truelove #agapelove
Love compels us to the point we realize fear is a lie! Come on Jesus! #freefromcondemnation #forever #Jesusisourfriend #Heisgentle #Heisloving #praiseJesus #thebean #skatingthecity
Get ready to see the glory of God. Believe it ! Jesus, look in the eye. Wow, open my eyes Lord. So I can see You. . Get ready to see the glory of God. Believe it ! . . Man, when Jesus said this, His eyes were right to the women's eyes. He was personally talking to her. His eyes were not somewhere else. His attention was 100% to this woman. . Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. If He could do this to this woman, He could do it for us too. Oh praise Him. . . Are you asking Jesus to help you ??
Help me God to get "me" out of the way. The beautiful thing about spending time with God in meditation is that He helps us and sometimes that means He shows us what we need to change in ourselves to be able to move forward toward the wonderful plans He has for us. He is gentle. He is kind and He is safe. Trust Him to show you. God corrects but never condemns. His one motive is to set you on the path He planned for you. When we allow Him to help us become more like Jesus it releases us into the fullness He has for us. May our prayer always be "More of you Lord and less of me. That You may increase and I may decrease. Open my eyes that I may see you, that I may hear you and that I may understand the things you have for me". 2 Corinth 3:18 "And the Lord--who is the Spirit--makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image." 🙏🙏🙏 #Godcentredmeditation #Heisgentle #Heiskind #Heissafe #Hesetsusfree #moreofGodlessofme #freedom #GodcorrectsHenevercondemns #Jesus #theonlypersonicanchangeisme
Many a times He leads you into the unknown, causing you to cross borders unseen to the eyes yet felt with the heart. Only take His hand and let Him lead. #Heisgentle #best #love #youknowme #youseeme #everydetail #yourwatchingoverme 💚💚
#goodDayEveryone #theMessage #bible #verse #scripture #word Lord Jesus said: Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke on you and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls #Matthew11 :28-29 #Jesus #Christ #HeIsTheLord #HeIsFaithfulGod #HeIstheWay #HeIsTheTruth #HeIsTheLife #weary #burdened #HeWillGiveYouRest #HeIsGentle #humbleInHeart #smile #JesusChristLovesEachOneOfYouAll #haveAgreatBlessedThurdayAll
Tummy time encouragement. Luke: "good job little brudder Griffin! Good job lukey!" @vasiceka #heisgentle #handgivesperspectiveonsize
Give God the first-fruits of your time. Make your daily time with Him your top priority. Be present and undistracted. This is an act of obedience and trust. By giving God our quality time each day, we are actively committing to His will for our lives. This is the moment where will release the burdens and pains of the previous day to Him. We meditate on His promises and quietly listen for His loving direction. We slow our minds enough for Him to put in His wisdom. He replenishes our bodies, our minds, and our souls. He equips us with the tools to handle the day ahead. He allows us to approach all situations with grace, peace, and wisdom. He reminds us that He wants to carry us through every situation. He loves us! My prayer today is that we meditate and understand Matthew 11:28-30. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” #Hisyokeiseasy #QualitytimewithGod #Heisgentle #Heishumble
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