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Learning to slow down and truly live and love life! It's a beautiful and precious gift from God! Baby boy #3 Evan-sweetest, easiest baby ever! . . . . . #plannedbyjesusbaby #oopsybaby #boymom #boyblessed #breastcancersurvivor #healingjourney #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #pinkladies #lovelife #Godisgood #allthetime #faithoverfear
The world is being reborn and there are those who are choosing a path of fear and power, and those who are transforming their darkness through love. #healingjourney #lifecoach #traumatherapy #lifewelllived #emdrtherapy #purpose #ichooselove #bewell
Allowing those old wounds to heal #ontheroad #healingjourney #bigmedicine #washitallaway
So much fun getting my hands in the soil!! -❤️ -❤️ I am staying in a friend's gorgeous house in Varkala so a couple of weeks ago Jamie & I spent the morning potting plants for the balcony......it also happened to be the day Jamie decided to experience 24hrs of #baglife !! With the temperature & humidity so high it doesn't always make wearing a bag so easy but Jamie definitely didn't look too comfortable......then I suppose I do have 20 years more #ileostomybag experience 😁😂💪 @jayhurst_crohnsmentality thank you for making plant potting so fun & thank you for wanting to share #ostomylife for 24hrs....it was an experience I will always treasure in my ❤️. #crohns #crohnswarrior #crohnsdisease #colitis #ileostomy #colostomy #colostomybag #ostomybag #ostomy #willnotbestopped #theladyandthebag #ibdawareness #ibd #stoma #crohnsandcolitis #crohnsandcolitisuk #invisibleillness #crohnstraveller #ostomytravel #healingjourney
When we keep ourselves from enjoying certain foods or activities, is it possible to trace that restriction to anything in particular? Perhaps an insecurity we’re trying to keep from growing or judgment from someone? On a less superficial level, these judgments and insecurities can be seen within a much larger system of capitalist oppression. Most every consumer-based company understands that it’s within their best interest to keep people feeling insecure and striving toward a version of themselves that is most likely unachievable. By doing so, they not only continue to profit from the self-doubt they exploit, they also cultivate a culture that inherits these messages and turns against the true health and wellness of its own people. Whether it’s all that obvious or not, we are bombarded with unnerving messages telling us we are not feminine/masculine, muscular, fit, thin, strong, attractive, healthy, happy, white, rich, popular enough—that we are not enough, period. So next time you see yourself feeling insecure or limiting your satisfaction, ask yourself, “Who is trying to profit from my oppression and self-doubt?” Perhaps your own form of rebellion could be to honor the desires you have in the moment💙
Les comparto el antes y después de las cejas de mi amiga Lizetth 💕 La foto número dos nos la tomamos el día de hoy en mi estudio y lo mas padre de todo es que PRECISAMENTE HOY es el día Internacional de LUCHA CONTRA EL CANCER DE MAMA!!! 💪 Y para cerrar con broche de oro, les dejo un screen shot de un review que me dejó en mi página de Facebook de Las Alejandras ❤️😭🙏
And the way to it all is in Prayer. Meditation. Fast. Sacrifice. Release. Forgive. #healingjourney #naturaldoctor #alternativemedicine #prayer #youliveyoulearn #meditation #wombwellness #yougotthis
We owe it to ourselves to renew. We are always giving and helping. ✨✨ We can’t pour from an empty cup. What are you doing to keep your cup full? ✨✨ @alpharettawellnesscollective is now booking appointments to help with your refill. #healingnaturally #healingjourney #healingvibrations #healingenergy #renew
And always stay humble in the process. The Art of not being emotionally involved is realllllll! #truth #hardworkpaysoffs #healingjourney #growthmindset #alternativemedicine #sanity
Forgiving Our Selves - this week’s blog post topic #forgiveness #selfforgiveness #healingjourney #betrayaltrauma #depressionsupport
I left that comfort zone, did you too? . . Today, I took a flight two hours east. I didn't want to go. I wanted to go, but I didn't want to go. It would have been so much easier to stay at home, but we already discussed what it's like to not stretching your limits. . . I was afraid, and anxious to go. Not because I'm afraid to fly. No, I worked long enough in aviation to know how a plane ought to be maintained for it to even be allowed to take off, not to mention all those lengthy approvals for all the parts and systems on a plane. So, I knew I'd be safe on the plane. . . But I was afraid to go. I've lost my independence due to the accident, and I am well aware that I need to reclaim it. It's a step by step progress though. . . Today, I stretched my limits a little further. I left my boys at home and flew away for the weekend. . . And I'm not gonna tell you that it was easy. It wasn't. The plane was hot, so very hot. Especially in the beginning. I felt like I was sticking to the seat. And frankly, I was freaking out a little, because I felt mainly overwhelmed. And all the feelings came rushing in. I was very close to bursting into tears. . . But I tried to distract myself. I listened to a calming playlist, I had downloaded for that very purpose and then went into the keep app, to write down all the things that had happened that morning that got me to where I was in that moment. The woman that was about to have a ballistic meltdown, right after takeoff. . . It distracted me. I could not focus on writing down how I felt and freakout at the same time. . . I'm happy to report that I made it safely. And once we were able to check into the hotel, I got a nap and felt much better after. . . I'm not going to lie. Today was hard. But today also gave me a piece back of all the things that used to be normal. Going on a trip, boarding a plane, exploring a city I've never been at. . . . This is life with TBI. I don't always win, but today turned into a victory. ♥️
✨What needs are you trying to meet by doing something you don’t want to do?✨ I’ve been digging deep this month and had a powerful conversation with a coach this morning, realizing how much I extend myself for others, and how I can place the same expectation on them, and feel disappointed often. At the core, I’m not making enough space (and literally holding space for myself) and prioritizing my own needs above all else. Seems so simple right ?! I’d ❤️ to hear how you honour your needs and say yes to yourself before saying yes to someone else💕
It really matters what you think, so be mindful in doing and thoughtful in thinking. Choose Acceptance over resistance. #myvitalcure #healingjourney #knowyourself #selflove #mindfulness #thoughtful #healthblogger #indianbloggercommunity #perception #heartfulness #healthiswealthfitness #powerofpositivity #goodvibes
Shifting, Changing, Turning, Swirling, Twirling, Letting Go of the Oldness, Rollercoaster Of Emotions...Feelings, Energy and Forgiveness 🙏🦋 I'm sure a lot of us have been feeling different aspects of shifting, changes within yourself which in return reflects your outter self. Letting go of things that you once thought were let go only to have dreams, things and people show up or different instances come up. Signs, signals, smells, breakthroughs, stuckness no longer, fears...doubts, people coming up saying certain things to you that leave you in a place of WTH (what the heck) did I do to have this person or persons say what they did. Such as telling you that you have to do this and that or else your life and circumstances will never change. You choose to do whatever it takes and you call them, you text them and you email them back with your results of your findings only to basically be ignored without any response back. Which makes you wonder did I just do whatever it takes just for absolutely nothing at all or does this have to do with something else. You go through different rollercoaster rides of emotions and feelings for a little bit. Until finally you say to yourself. O did what I can do. I just need to let go of this extremely deep feeling of the unknown reason behind the no response back and keep on going forward with what you love to do. Where you're dedication is at and with whatever it is of the reasoning behind it. It will be revealed in time. You choose to no longer be in a stuckness or stump or getting angry or upset due to whatever is going on. The last 10days have been of so much clearing, clarity, shifting back & forth, what is what isn't any longer, what goes what stays, up & down energy and so much more. Find someone to talk if you're going through a rough time right now and if you're unable to trust others or there's no body around. Find a support group or talk to whom you believe in...your Angels etc of your faith. You're not alone in feeling like what is all of this about, my life feels like its pushing and pulling, swirling, and more. Reach out to someone today 💞💡🙏🦋🦄🧚‍♀🥀
TURN UP THE TUNES // and dance 💃🏼 🕺🏼Life’s journey offers us many opportunities whether they seem that way or not is the dance - listen to the beat, find your rhythm, go with spirit, sooner or later you’ll be back on your feet ✨ #favourites #dancelikenooneswatching #beextraordinary #womenwhoinspire #healingjourney
Proud Moment 💕 a year and a half ago I found out my hormones where out of balance and I had a under active thyroid....so I took myself on a healing journey through clean eating, herbs, vitamins, podcasts, communities, Naturopath’s, doctors, detoxs, eliminating, adding, intuition etc etc ... two days ago I found out my hard work and determination to heal naturally has finally paid off!! 👏🏼💕 Knowledge is Power 💪🏼 and eating the right foods can Heal ☺️ #thyroidhealing #anthonywilliammedicalmedium #drcabral #foodismedicine #healing #happy #healingjourney #beach @medicalmedium @stephencabral @drcabraldetox
A power protection stone for your altar or meditation space. Keep this one handy for when you need to transform your energy from negative to positive. Allow yourself to sit and breathe into the part of your body where you are experiencing the physical symptoms of your negative emotions while holding this stone so you can feel and release. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #moonlotuscrystals #moonlotuscrystalsjewelry #bohobabestribe #metaphysical #healingcrystals #healingstones #healingstone #crystalgems #chakrastones #energyhealing #purposefulliving #energylife #yogavibes #reikihealing #reikienergy #chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #chakrabalance #mindfulnessmeditation #healingpower #healingvibes #healinghands #bohemiangirl #crystalgems #healingjourney #everydaymagic #crystalsforsale #crystalgrid #reikimaster #altar
😇 Cuarzo Cristal, el cristal maestro 😇 promueve la conexión angélica. Amplifica la energía de todos los demás cristales. Llévalo a todas tus meditaciones. 1 en STOCK #clearquartz #crystals #gemstones #cuarzo #gemoterapia #reikimaster #healingquartz #healing #healingjourney #meditate #energy #peru #meditacion #angel #relax #keepcalm #jewelry #healingjewelry #manifest #crystalshop #reiki #chakras #yogapractice #mentalhealth #zen #mastercrystal
Progress Report: Woot woot! Made it through grocery shopping with the twins, put the groceries away, knocked out my last MA chapter I needed to restudy and cleaned the back yard. Now I’m making dinner. My hands are swollen and my feet hurt but it’s a GOOD hurt. The hurt of a days-worth-of-work and NOT Fibromyalgia or arthritis pain. #boombaby 💥 I’m on my way to better and you can see it all over my face! 😁 Now it’s time to kick my feet up and relax while the #hubblebubble takes our oldest to the school carnival. #lifeisgood (confession: this pic was taken earlier this week while practicing hair styles) #feelinggreat #lifevantage #itsworking #youngliving #itshelping #rodanandfields #itsshowing #stressrelief #itsnecessary #restorationthroughchrist #itsimpossiblewithoutgod #healingjourney #mindbodysoul #accomplished #newhairdo #vintagehairinspiration
On this day we took bus and train to see the new iconic Hamburg building- the Elphie. After a very energetic N ran around the wide open spaces she was ready for a nap so I packed her into our trusty travel companion the @ergobaby . Baby/ toddler wearing while traveling has meant that she can still nap while the adventures continue...and I don't have to navigate with a pram. On this trip I realized that our wearing journey has come to an end, she is simply to big now and it was killing my back! I have been wearing N since she was a newborn, at first in the @mobywrap and later on in the #ergobaby . I love that it gave me freedom of movement while keeping her close and snuggled up. I am so grateful for that friend who gave me the moby when I was still pregnant. I loved having and sleepy face snuggled against me or letting her navigate the world while in the safety of my embrace. I am convinced that it had a role to play in the confident little person she is. Are any of you Mama's out there baby wearers? Do you think it has enhanced your opportunity to bond with your little one and/or made your life a little simpler while adjusting to motherhood by freeing up your hands? Check out this little memory capsule of our baby/ toddler wearing while traveling. #healingjourney #healingwithtravel #mamablogger #blackgirlmagic#blackgirlinom #wellnesstravel #wellnesstravelblogger #wellnessblogger #grenadasouladventurer #islandgirlsrock @igr_love @igrtravel #travelnoire @travelnoire
All illusions out. I’m not who I used to be. I don’t fit into your mold. I’ll do what I need for my healing and in so doing begin to grow into my true self. 💗 If that aligns with you, we’ll grow together. If not, we’ll grow apart. - - - - #selflove #selflovejourney #forestfairy #beyourself #healingjourney #mindufulness #meditation #trueself #rainbowchild #forestphotography #dreads #dreadlocks #dreadhead #selfcare #wonderlocks
눈꼴시럽🚫💏 내사랑 Natural-born 근육남 . . . #샹그릴라리조트 #인피니티풀 #부부그램 #비키니 #swimsuit #호캉스 #healingjourney
“The more we love, the more we can love...love is limitless,” quote from the book Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins MD. PhD. 😍💖✨ This quote rings true with me.💙. I have fallen in love with life and with those that I am lucky enough to share it with.💞 The more I share this love within me, the more I feel loved. We are born with this gift to love.💝 Last weekend my family and I celebrated my mom’s birthday and it was so much fun! Dancing and drinking kombucha all night!😊💃🏽 I cherish these times and hope you have family, or friends that are like family, to spend it with this. Enjoy life and share love - while dancing with your favorite people! Who do you share love and life with? Tag them below to share the love!💓✌🏽 #loveislimitless #love #lovemore #sharelove #loveislife #toliveistolove #livingtolove #lovingtolive #lovequote #familyislove #friendsarelove #loveisagift #loveandheal #healingjourney #healingfromcancer #lovetohealfromcancer #highervibration #lovevibrations #loveislove #loveforall #positivequote #positivelife #lovinglife #lettinggo #healingmyheart #loveispowerful #holistichealthcoach #reikipractitioner #loveinspiredprofessions #healingprofessions Wearing @reformation sustainable sweater top and @become_spellbound beautiful healing necklace💖
Today’s Rays... See the Magic...Play...let your Imagination Soar🦄🦋💫✨ When I walked out today into my fairy garden this is what I saw💜 #rays #rays #raysoflight #raysofsunshine #raysofhope #sun #sunrays #sunray #light #lightenergy #powerful #powerfulyou #magical #magicallife #fairy #fairygarden #gnome #gnomes #arcs #healingjourney #love #loveyourself #play #imagination #imagine #gardens #flowers
Guilt & too much self criticism are energy vampires. When we give ourselves our own presence and acceptance, we honour the unhealed parts of our being. That is a more natural beginning to healing and loving yourself.
Is your funnel open? . I don't mean an email funnel, click funnel, marketing funnel, or even a plastic funnel. . Whether you're a creative who is actively creating, or a closet creative / closet artist who hasn't touched a paintbrush in ages, you have a creative "funnel". . Picture this: When you are actively creating, your "funnel" remains open and able to run all of your creative ideas and work through. All is good. . However, when you DON'T create, your funnel gets stagnant. It stops up. It builds up all the gunk and funk of life because you're not actively creating in the flow. You feel yucky. The flow stops up. You long to make art or just create SOMETHING. And the flow STOPS. . It's not pretty. . Been there? I sure have. My senior year of college undergrad study, my ceramics professor pulled me aside and told me the funnel story. She stressed how important it was for me to make room for my art and my creative flow. That one moment of mentoring made all the difference in how I viewed my own artistic practice. . How about you? Is your funnel open? Or does it need to be cleaned out with drain cleaner? Is it funky and gunky? . That can be fixed pretty quick. All it takes is ONE. STEP. . Pick up the paintbrush. Hold the Prismacolor pencil. Heck, go to the dollar store and get a cheap set of pencils or markers or paint! And put the media to the paper. JUST. CREATE. . Sometimes all you need is someone to help build your confidence back and hold space for your to start creating again. I can help! . I have limited space available for this month's free call spots! 8 spaces left for creatives who are serious about reconnecting to their creative genius. Free, no risk call with me. Link in bio! . #intuitiveartist #intuitiveart #artlife #trustyourintuition #lifecoach #intuition #personalgrowth #artforhealing #thinklessfeelmore #healingjourney #truthseeker #soulseeker #creativepreneur #expressivearts #artforhealing #intuitivepainting #creativecoach #artist #creative #sacredart #lifecoach @lifecoachesofinstagram #creativecoach #creativecoachesofinstagram #CreativeLife #mybeautifulmess #creativeminds #closetcreative #closetartist #creativepreneur #debbystroud
👀 VISUAL RESET 👀 - - - The main reason we get so tired during our long days at work, hours of driving, reading or looking at some kind of screen is that our eyes get exhausted. Remember, the number one reason of fatigue is visual fatigue. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤕 - - - That means that our eye muscles have the ability to fatigue like every other muscle in your body. Imagine you would squat for 12h in a row, you would be so sore and exhausted. Our eyes don’t get a break unless we intentionally force ourselves to give them one. ‼️‼️ - - - So here is something you can do to releases some neck, jaw and upper back tension and to drastically increase your energy and productivity during your day. 💯💥 - - - 1️⃣ Sit or stand up nice and tall. 2️⃣ Close your eyes, 3️⃣ take your index finger and come just inside the inner portion of the eye. Then message this spot lightly. 4️⃣ Next take two fingers and go to the bony ridge below your eyebrow and do the same thing here. 5️⃣ Repeat the same drill on the outer corner of the eye by using your index finger. 6️⃣ Take two fingers and finish the drill underneath your eyes. 👁🧘🏻‍♀️ - - - Don’t press in too hard! Your eye muscles might be very tensed. Be carfeful and go easy on yourself. ❎‼️ - - - education credit: @zhealth_performance
Monday I speak with @zarahphillips about adoption and addiction. How’s she’s turned her life around and is now helping others. I learned so much from her and how you are affected as an adoptee. #childadoption #addiction #empoweringwomen #inspiration #healingjourney #musician #musictherapy @nj_on_air @youtooamericatv
What is magic?🧐💭 . . . Experiencing wonder, awe, or excitement over unseen forces.💫🌈🌻 . . . Magic is a surreal sensory experience.😲🤩 . . . When I can’t escape derealization, I use it to my advantage, allowing life to feel fictional, focusing mindfully on the magic within nature.🐛🦋🐞🍃🌸🌼🌺🕊 . . . When I can’t reduce depersonalization, I focus on the magic within my SoulSelf, allowing the rest to feel fake & uncomfortably questionable.✨😌🔆 . . . I choose to wallow in the magical artistry of my own existence despite the voices begging for death on a daily basis.🎇✨✨🧘🏼‍♀️✨✨🎇 . . . Every day, we have the opportunity to experience magic.🤯🤩🎉 . . . Are you seizing those moments?🤔💭 . . . #HealingJourneyHomeschool 📓💝 #kristinchronicles #healingjourney #DID #dissociativeidentitydisorder #dissociativeidentitymovement #PTSD #BPD #traumarecovery #structuraldissociation #mentalhealth #recovery #experience #magic #magical #awe #wonder #excitement #nature #mindful #meditate #vibratehigher #thirdeye #Source #consciousness #personalgrowth #growth #healing #personaldevelopment
Yeah, us too. Want to gather a handful of your bravest/fiercest and talk about it? . . For more details and information on small group sessions led by us dm or email at lovespokenhere.stories@gmail.com . 📷 @ldoylephoto #healing #lovespokenhere #energy #aligment #love #vibration #connection #conversation #lightworkers #art #brave #womenhelpingwomen #healingjourney #coaching #leading #network #chakras #spiritguides #consiousness #soulevolution #healyourself #emotionalhealing
📷 @paradiseplantbased . . It’s Friday Focus with the Wellness Pages leading you into a peaceful and more centered weekend no matter what your plans are! . . We understand that some work weeks can end with a feeling of exhaustion, or maybe even accomplishment? For some, the feeling of work that will be waiting on Monday is overwhelming. Or perhaps the fear of what a new week will bring. Maybe it’s not work at all, but this week you’ve felt panic bubbling up slowly inside. . . For those that are feeling stress slowly building in them, we have a great picture to screen shot and save to your phone. This wonderful grounding exercise is guaranteed to connect you back to the now and refocus your mind. 🙏🏼 it works on drawing your attention to the present, your senses and we’d love to hear if you’ve tried this before! . . We are so lucky to have the inspirational @hypnotherapybreakthrough Carlos Casados for our next Wellness Talk. He has a heart for helping those who feel trapped by stress and we know that many of you will feel called to hear his Talk when we advertise next week. . . Happy Weekend Ahead 🙏🏼💛
This is our little reading nook at the Soul Medicine Academy. We love curling up here on a rainy afternoon, reading our fave soul books. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What are you reading right now? We would love some good energy/soul/body/love/magic/fantasy/transformation suggestions! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #selfhelpbooks #healingjourney #energyandsoulmedicine #favouriteauthor #healinghands #soulmedicineacademy
Man, does it ever. I will never be someone to tell you the healing journey is easy. It’s not. Does that mean it isn’t worth the work though? It absolutely is worth it. • The deeper you go in self reflection, growth and transformation the more you come up against some really tough mindset blocks (and subconscious patterns). And honesty here is what really matters. Being honest with yourself about where you’re at, taking responsibility for what you may have done in the past. • Working through subconscious patterns, childhood conditioning and so much more. Healing and letting go. • That’s why it’s so important to move slowly, don’t try to change everything all at once - it isn’t sustainable to do things that way. Plus it’s incredibly overwhelming. • One thing at a time, one change, one shift at a time. And invest in a coach, therapist, support team to be there when things get tough. Sometimes you need an outside objective person that can ask you the right questions to get you through those blocks. • It’s so worth the work. To be authentically you and not what you were taught to be. It’s freedom. • PS. It’s a never ending journey once you start. But boy is it a rewarding ride. 😉 • • • #healingjourney #breaktheconditioning
Day 27 of #100happydaysexperiment and my highlights were walking with Dixie; stretching class; dog park; lots of sunshine; cleaning out some garden space to plant garlic. #100happydays #gratitude #healing #healingjourney #spoonie #spoonies #fibromyalgia #trigeminalneuralgia
oh so just tell me are you still hurtin and where did you come by all of those burdens 🎵 I am still hurting 💔 This week especially. Between switching meds & my period, I've been a shit show 😅 Every mental breakdown is a chance to heal. It's a release of energy. It's not about falling apart; it's about putting yourself back together 💓 To do this I first let it all out. I cry & scream as much as I need to. Then I breathe. Soothe myself. Remind myself of the bad ass warrior that I am 💪 #ptsdrecovery #healingjourney #yogaeverydamnday #mattmaeson #anxietyrelief #copingskills #breathe
Healing Progress!! Holy cow I could seriously cry from excitement. I traveled all day yesterday and had to eat out (which normally kills me for a few days) but for the first time in 7 months I woke up without bloating, had zero stomach pains and I haven’t even been taking my digestive enzymes🙌🏼 . For the last 2 weeks I’ve completely changed my healing approach and started following the @medicalmedium protocols for my specific health issues. The biggest changes? I’ve been starting my mornings with a glass of lemon water followed by 16oz fresh celery juice and then eating waaay more fruits and veggies throughout the day including a heavy metal detox smoothie. I’ve never eaten so much fruit in my life but I’m loving it! I’ve also been slowly cutting out meat products and all the other no good foods from his first book. . The fact that I can already tell a difference after less than two weeks is giving me so much hope. I’m getting ready to go all in and follow his 28 day cleanse which will be tough but I know the results will be worth it. I’m sick of being sick and so grateful to have found the answers I’ve been so desperately been looking for. I’ll be sharing more about my journey but would totally recommend anyone dealing with chronic disease or mystery illness check him out!💚 #medicalmedium #letfoodbethymedicine #healingjourney
I look so happy in this picture but sadness falls upon my soul when looking at it because I wish it was me today.. but this is not me today. I’m scared and worried all the time and the pain of life is unbearable. The anguish of being in my body is excruciating and not because I’m healthier. Not at all. I actually love having energy and looking like a young woman and not an old lady that’s about to keel over. But the sensations and feels of my yesterdays are haunting. I’m not one for the cliche quotes but ‘This too shall pass’ Xoxo I will live to see brighter days again. . . . #realrecovery #recoveringaussies #anorexiarecovery #ednos #hope #depression #anxiety #latte #hospital #inpatient #letyourlightshine #selfcare #selfcompassion #healingjourney #bekindtooneanother #bekindtoyourself #recovery #strongwoman #truth #mystruggle #bekindtooneanother #bekindtoyourself #grateful
Grounding Body Salve ~ Amazing for dry winter skin! Find it here: 🌺www.eclipsehealingstudio.com🌺 🌿🌼Our Grounding Body Salve is a deep moisturizer that will keep you feeling smooth for hours!  This body salve is packed with tons of natural ingredients, including beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils. This healing blend has a deep, rich scent of cocoa, orange, peppermint, bergamot & cinnamon essential oils and includes healing gemstones for grounding and balance.  This is a wonderful moisturizer for hands, elbows, legs and feet.🌼🌿
. Watching the changing light the mist slowly takes flight, my morning's gratitude. My energy may be low still I choose to enjoy the flow, of nature all around me. This beauty feeds my soul. . Today I want to play with friends yet my body won't pretend, that she requires slow. How long for? I do not know. . So I tango with this unknown, waltz with surrender, long dance with letting go, each day a little closer to 'at peace with what is'. . And then I physically dance my body welcomes the movement, the music, as I move in this amphitheatre of nature. . My soul drinks in the nourishment. and the magic of gratefulness. . The elixir that sustains my days. . . I lay in bed, with the French doors open, watching dawn recede, pulling the strands of mist as she disappeared into the growing light. My first noted gratitude for the day. I began watching my breath, breathing in the beauty and the gratefulness. And then I thought this might be a good place to re-enter the sharing of parts of my journey. . For weeks I have wanted to share, but not known how, or where to start. Do I write about the monotony of the rice gruel I eat at every meal, and how when I make vegetables for Harlan I crave the green and the variation, but if I indulge my body is not happy? Do I write about the joy of this rice gruel, because the alternative was fasting for days on end, my body light and swaying without food? How do I balance the reality of the dark cavernous struggle that some moments are, with the silver linings that I seek throughout the days? How do I share the truth of the darkness, while sharing the brilliant light that filters through the cracks? It takes energy to put that into words. Energy I don't have right now, and so I don't share... . To read the rest of this writing please follow the link in my bio 💕
5 and a half years ago I looked in the mirror and told myself what I needed to hear. You're choosing this. You're choosing to be unhappy. I was miserable. Heartbroken by family trauma, I was in an abusive relationship. Unsure of what my life's purpose was I numbed out, working double shifts and drinking too much. I was running away from myself as far as I could. A last minute decision to attend a meditation class changed the direction of my life and all I remember after that is growth. I had meditated as a child. It was a safe place for me. But one traumatic experience after another lead me to flee. I couldn't sit with myself. I began traveling alone, reconnecting and facing the loss that was inside. I spent extensive time in China and Tibet. Being alone in a foreign country I had no choice but to face me. I journeyed to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, hiking down to the roaring Yangtze. Fierce and powerful I felt its energy. Yelling out my pain to the river, I felt it wash away. This week marks the 5 year anniversary of my spiritual journey East and my 3 year anniversary of completing the Appalachian Trail. Hiking the Trail was another spiritual journey for me. Despite all the obstacles I had to keep heading north and that is a motto that is with me every day. In order to move on we must accept. My past is my past. It happened and I am here now. Healing is a journey and the first steps are speaking our truths. It's what's helped me and now I want to create space to help you. I'm excited to announce that I am leading a monthly Trauma Healing Circle @rootmammabk Our next circle will be November 14th. Please join me as we speak our truths in a safe sacred space with other survivors. You are not alone. I am with you. Love and light to all! ♥️♥️ Gaia Jae #survivor #traumahealingcircle #brooklynhealingcircle #nychealer #gaiajae #innerhealing #spiritualjourney #urbangaianyc #urbangaia #traumasurvivor #speakyourtruth #youarenotalone #healingjourney #nyccrystalhealer #nycwellnessguide #atthruhiker #appalachiantrailthruhiker #atnobo #backpacker #nychealingcircle
Do u still believe in the man in the moon 🌓 ♥️🙏♥️ oh good your a believer 👌💡🏎 we all still need lullabies and 🧚‍♀️ fairytales. Sleep delight... I’m back ✍🏽🙏♥️and staying ... got a bit lost.. sometimes I get so overwhelmed by stimuli and afraid and want to hide. thank you for all your beautiful messages in the real world 🌍 love Rachel ♥️♥️♥️ goodnight goodnight golden night to u all 🙏#experimentalmusic #peterpan #calmness #epilepsyrecovery #prayers 🙏 #communityovercompetition #makeartnotwar #mindbodyconnection #makemeachannelofyourpeace #yogisofig #grace #findingmyway #healingjourney #speakitintoexistence #fairytales #writingcommunity #makersgonnamake #magicrealism #bedtimestories #songwriting #poets #musiccommunity #musiciansofinstagram #moonlight #writefromtheheart #writerssoul #musicproducers #musicproduction #musictherapy
Dreams, vision, plans all take hard work and the blessing of the Lord to see them come to life. Today, well really the last several weeks, I have been working on more of the how behind becoming the person that I want to be, that God has called me and designed me to be. That person is incredible and awesome, kind, hardworking, full of adventure and passion for life! She is a woman inside of me kickboxing to get out! So today I'm listening to her. Which always leads me to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to be still and to know the Creator of the universe is GOD. In the STILLNESS there is so much wisdom. Today that is where I found not just the next step but the the next 3 steps for going after my dreams! God is GOOD. 🌌📖🌳🌲🤗😎🙏👣👣👣💞💥💟 Day 15 fall photo challenge, goals #goafteryourdreams #Godisfaithful #pursueyourdreams #dreams #goals #stephencovey #wisdom #soakinwisdom #keeplearning #keepgrowing #healingjourney #livelifenow #liveyourdreams #lifeisagift #bepresent #livewithpurpose #gratefultoGod #lifeisbeautiful #outsidetime #meditateoutside #thinkdeeply #peace #friday #freedomfriday #homemakingministries @jamibalmet
Go! Don’t fear the journey and what you might find. This is your healing journey.
Repost from @queenxlifestyle Hop over to the site and check out our latest blog post from Mr Fed Pen with encouraging words on how to bring a positive lifestyle into your daily routine slowly. It’s the little things that add up to the major changes. #queenxlifestyle #selflove #morningmotivation #selfvalue #houston #valueyourself #lovethyself #atlanta #expression #allowedtolove #mefirst #doubtfree #universallove #dallas #knowthyselfworth #spreadlove #shareahug #wichita #brooklyn #sandiego #blackminimalist #blackvegan #liberation #healingjourney #divineenergy #bodypositivity #empowerwomen #passionintopurpose #livingmybestlife #podcastingwhileblack
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